The continuing tales of Joyce, my second wife

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The continuing tales of Joyce, my second wifeIt took a couple of weeks for us to get together with Terry, work schedules made it difficult. But it gave Joyce and I a chance to talk more about it, what she wanted and what I wanted to do also. She had never had two men at the same time before and every time we talked about it, she would ask a bunch of questions. Like who was going to do what and what was she supposed to do. When I told her that I wanted to stick my cock up her ass while Terry fucked her pussy she got a bit nervous, she had never done anal before. So I told her to get her ready for it we should have anal sex a few times before that night, and she agreed. I have to say that the first time we tried it she fell in love with it. We did some bar hopping with a few friends and they were making her horny dirty dancing with her. When she got good and drunk I took her home, put an extra sheet on the bed and massaged baby oil all over her, paying extra attention to her ass and pussy. Then I would finger her pussy until she would almost cum, I did that a few times until she was begging me to fuck her. I laid her on her belly and came up from behind and slowly started fucking her pussy, when she was just about to cum I pulled out and stuck the head of my cock up to her asshole. She was so hot that she started pushing her ass against my cock until it slowly slid in. The whole time it was sliding in she was moaning and groaning. I started out real slow so she could adjust to my cock up her ass, and before too long she started thrusting her ass against me. Knowing that I wasn’t going to last too long I started pounding the shit out of her. What surprised me was that she had an orgasm before I did, and it was a screaming orgasm at that. From that night on she fell in love with anal and wanted to do it as often as we could. With Joyce all ready and having her hopes up that Friday finally came. She said that she didn’t want much foreplay ’cause she’d rather spend more time on the hard stuff. I told her okay but Terry may need to get worked up before he could do anything. She said that she would take care of that problem. We decided to skip the bar hopping and went to the liquor store and bought her favorite, tequila and would do some shots. After going to the liquor store and doing giresun escort a few shots to loosen her up I went over to pick Terry up and brought him over to our place. Terry and I talked about what was going to happen that evening and that Joyce wasn’t interested in any foreplay or anything like that, he said that he was fine with that but you could tell he was nervous. He had never been in a threesome before either and wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. I told him not to worry about it that everything would fall into place. He felt a little better, plus the fact he knew that I had been in some threesomes before with other women so at least someone knew what they were doing. Joyce had several more shots while I was gone so she was pretty lit up by the time I got back. She had also gotten herself a shower and had on just her short silk robe that just barely came down past her ass. Terry and I sat down and had ourselves a few shots while Joyce sat on the couch in front of us. We started talking about what was going to happen that night and Joyce gets up, walks over to Terry grabs his hand and leads him back to the bedroom. I went and stood in the doorway and watched. She had dropped her robe halfway down the hallway and started unbuckling Terry’s pants before they were even in the bedroom. She told him to stand still while she undressed him. As he stood there, she was basically almost ripping his clothes off him. Takes his hand and backs over to the bed and lays back and spreads her legs. He kneels down on the bed and starts licking her pussy. After only a couple of minutes she grabs his shoulders and says “Enough of that, I want you in me.” He climbs up on the bed and she grabs his cock and guides it into her pussy. She was so wet by then that he just slipped right in without any effort. You could tell he hadn’t been layed too many times because he started pounding her as hard as he could and lasted only about a minute or two. You could tell Joyce was pretty disappointed. I took my clothes off and walked over to the bed and told her “this is where I can help out.” Terry rolled off of her and got up off the bed and sat down on the chair by the window. I rolled Joyce over and lifted her ass up and started slowly fucking her from behind. gümüşhane escort I paced myself until I could tell she was getting ready to cum and I pulled out and stuck it up her ass. After a few minutes of loud moaning and a screaming orgasm, she looked over and saw that Terry had gotten hard by watching us. She motions for him to come over to the bed. He comes over there and we get up and she tells him to lay on his back, then she mounts him grabs his cock and guides it back into her pussy as she slowly slides down on it until she could get it all in her. She slowly slides up and down on him while she kept leaning down and kissing him and he’s grabbing her tits. She starts going faster as she is getting ready to cum again. This time, since Terry had already shot a load, he was able to last for quite some time. As she started cumming she looked up at me, smiled and looked back down at Terry who started having his orgasm at the same time she was. I could tell she was enjoying herself when she was cumming because she was staring Terry in the eyes, screamed out “Oh God yes, I love this,” and collapsed down on top of him. She rolled off of him and laid there smiling and basking in her glow. I looked at her, smiled and said that I need another drink and went back out in the living room. I wasn’t out there very long and Terry comes out to join me. We were having a few drinks and he was saying how good Joyce was in bed and that he had a good time. After about half an hour Joyce comes out and joins us. She had gotten another quick shower and was nude when she entered the room. She sat down and asked Terry if he enjoyed himself. He said “Aw hell yea,” she smiled and said “Me too.” After a few more shots she asked if anybody wanted to go back in the bedroom for more. I told them I wanted to try something before we got too worn out. We go back into the bedroom and I laid down on the bed, cock in hand and told Joyce to climb on and sit on it. She climbed on the bed and straddled me and started to put her pussy on the head of my cock. I told her to turn around and face the foot of the bed and stick my cock up her ass. So she spins around and tries to stick my cock up her asshole, but since she had cleaned up it made it almost impossible. So I had her ığdır escort lay back on me while Terry poured baby oil over her pussy and let it run back to her asshole. He was rubbing her pussy as it ran down her crack, and I was working her asshole with my fingers. Finally we were able to fit my cock up her asshole, and I was slowly gyrating my hips and moving my cock around in her asshole. I told Terry to get on top and fuck her pussy, he got a puzzled look on his face but climbed on anyway. As he started to slide his cock in her I could feel it pressing against the back of her pussy which made her asshole a lot tighter. As he was sliding it in Joyce was moaning and muttering “Oh God” a few times. It took a minute for us to get situated so that everybody was comfortable, and when we finally did I told Terry to “Fuck her like you mean it.” With that he started pounding the shit out of her while I was underneath gyrating and sliding my cock in and out of her ass. Joyce was moaning loudly and making odd noises, but you could tell she was loving it. Her holes were so tight that I knew it wouldn’t take me and Terry long to blow our loads, I was just hoping she would get off before we did. I could tell Terry wasn’t going to last much longer and about that time Joyce lost all control. She started letting loose with noises like you hear out of a loud porn movie. Her orgasm was so intense that she wrapped her arms around Terry and kept saying “Thank you,” and kissing him while she had tears rolling down her cheeks. Terry and I shot at about the same time, both of us letting out a couple of loud moans of our own. Everybody collapsed and I rolled them over to the side without either of us removing our cocks from her holes. We were so exhausted that we fell asleep that way. When we woke up the next morning we left Joyce still passed out on the bed while Terry got me to give him a ride home. On the way he thanked me for sharing and wondered if we were ever going to do something like that again. I told him that it was up to Joyce but I feel she would be eager to have some fun again. When I got back home Joyce was just getting out of the shower. She walked over to me, nude of course and laid on hell of a long kiss on me, thanked me and asked if I wanted to do it again sometime. I told her sure as I was reaching down and playing with her pussy, which was still very wet by the way, even after the shower. I led her back to the bedroom and we sexed each other for most of the day. We did eventually hook up with Terry again but some things happened along the way. Those stories for another time.

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