The Christmas Gift Ch. 02

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Christmas Night

Marilyn Lehman stood at the patio door watching her two sons in the back yard. Jake, 12 years old, was astride his brand new trail bike. Andrew,18, was showing his younger brother the controls. Both boys were dressed warmly. Although it was early afternoon and the sun was coming out, it was still cold. Several inches of snow covered the yard. It was a picture postcard Christmas Day, full of blue skies, cotton clouds, and white snow.

Andrew stepped away from the bright green bike. He got the video recorder ready. Jake made one last check of his helmet, tugging the chin strap tight. He half stood off the seat. He kicked the starter. The engine roared to life. Gingerly, the boy tried the accelerator. The roar took on a different pitch as the motor sped up. He twisted the accelerator the opposite direction. The engine slowed.

Marilyn saw her older son gesturing. Jake nodded and held up a thumb. He eased the trail bike forward off it’s stand and put it in gear. With a jerk, the bike started across the yard. Jake steered in a wobbly circle. Andrew shouted encouragement. The wobble firmed up. His path through the snow became more certain and, after a few circuits, Jake was riding like a pro.

Proud, the mother turned from the door. She would have rather watched from outside, but Andrew had suggested her presence might have made Jake too nervous. So she had stayed inside to watch, hidden from her sons.

She touched the heart shaped diamond pendant Andrew had given her for Christmas. It had been a total surprise, just as the motorcycle had been for Jake. She hadn’t realized her older son could be so thoughtful. Since his father had left, Andrew had gone through a difficult period. Rebelliousness and difficulties in school were just two signs of the distress he was experiencing. Was this Christmas marking the return of the son she knew and loved?

Marilyn went through to the kitchen to check dinner. It had been hard to find a turkey small enough for just three people and since they all disliked leftovers, she had bought a glazed ham for their Christmas meal. It was just about done. The mashed potatoes on the stove were ready. She turned on the oven to bake some rolls.

She went back to the patio door. Outside, she clapped a few times when Jake could see her. Then she called over the noise of the dirt bike to Andrew that the food was almost ready. She wanted them inside in ten minutes to wash up. Andrew waved an acknowledgment. He watched his mother return to the warmth of the house.

She was an attractive woman who looked younger than her 43 years. She was slightly taller than average height and had a graceful figure. Tennis kept her in shape. Marilyn wore her dark hair in a short bob and was careful to see her hairdresser to help fight the battle against gray hair. She had deep brown eyes, mysterious pools that could sparkle with laughter or blaze with anger.

Back in the kitchen, Marilyn tossed the salad. She stopped to tug at her brassiere. It was uncomfortably tight and the action of tossing the salad made it cut into her flesh. As she had noticed last night, her breasts seemed larger; certainly the pressure from the cups of her bra pointed to an increase in size. Sometimes during her time of the month she had problems with water retention, but that usually didn’t manifest itself this way. She wondered if she needed to make an appointment with her doctor to discuss the change. It was probably only temporary, but she tried to stay in tune with her body.

Thinking of her swollen breasts, she was reminded of last night. She couldn’t believe that she had actually let Andrew make love to her. Make love? Oh, no, it had been a long and satisfying fuck. Her first since the boys’ father had left, the best in an even longer time because the year before he finally moved out, her husband hadn’t come close to satisfying her sexually.

Was that why she wasn’t ashamed, wasn’t horrified at breaking the incest taboo? Before he fucked her, Marilyn would never have considered sex with her older son. Now, she had no regrets at all. She relished the dreamy blow job she’d given him and was amazed at how hard she’d orgasmed when he fucked her. Was she a terrible mother for wanting more? She didn’t think so. Had she harmed Andrew? Of course not. A 18 year old male was a bundle of hormones and suppressed sexual energy. Better he unleash that energy than keep it bottled up inside. Or find some high school tramp to fuck and catch all sorts of horrible diseases. Or knock her up.

Marilyn smiled at the rationalization, for she realized that was exactly what it was. Despite that, she knew that if he wanted her, she’d fuck Andrew again.


The Lehman family sat around the fireplace. Darkness had fallen outside. The only light in the house came from the fire. There were Christmas carols playing softly in the background

“This,” Marilyn said as she hugged her youngest, “is what Christmas bahis firmaları is supposed to be.”

“It was great, mom. I really love you.” Jake returned the hug, even harder. “I don’t think it could be any better.”

“I’m glad, darling. I think it’s been great, too” She patted her son on the leg. “But I think it’s time we start a new tradition. If you gentlemen will excuse me…”

Marilyn got up from the sofa. She left the den, headed for the kitchen. She quickly returned carrying a small bottle of champagne, three glasses, and a towel.

“You’re the man of the house now, Andrew. Will you do the honors?”

He took the bottle from his mother. “I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s time you learned. Tear off the foil… See the wire? Twist it off and toss it in the fireplace… Point the bottle in a safe direction and using the towel, put your thumbs at the base of the cork… Watch it… now push with your thumbs, slow pressure but constant… More… Ah!” she exclaimed as the cork popped free and a bit of the sparkling wine burbled out of the bottle. “Excellent. Now my glass, then your brother’s, and finally yours.

“Jake you get just a taste. I don’t want you to turn into an alcoholic.” She handed her youngest his glass. “Stand up for the toast, guys. For the best Christmas ever and may all our future Christmases be filled with the love we share tonight.”

She clinked the rim against her son’s glasses. They did the same with each other’s. Marilyn took a sip and watched as her sons followed suit.

“It makes my nose itch,” exclaimed Jake.

“That’s the bubbles. Well, Andrew?”

“Mine, too. It’s good.”

“Nobody,” his mother said, “ever got to first base with a bum wine. Remember that, dear.”

Andrew looked at his mother over the rim of his champagne glass and nodded.

“Now, I’d like a little more and we can all sit down.”

Andrew filled his mother’s glass and topped his off. The family cat came in and hopped up on Andrew’s thigh. Harley stretched out, rubbing his cheek against the teen’s knee. He got his ears scratched.

Jake asked why the champagne had bubbles. His older brother gave a quick and simple explanation. He added at the conclusion, “It may make you a little tipsy.”

Marilyn nodded as Jake goggled at the glass. “I think it has already.”

“A little more won’t hurt you. Just remember, this is a special occasion.”

“OK, mom.” He took another cautious sip. When his mother asked about his first ride on the motorbike, he put the glass down and began to describe in excited terms his ride. “Andrew says that maybe next week he’ll take me to the lake to ride. He says they don’t allow dirt bikes at Langham Park.”

“I think that would be fine,” Marilyn said. “Just remember your promise.”

“Oh, I do, mom. I promise I’ll remember.”

They talked of other things. As they did, occasionally Marilyn and her older son shared a glance. Once he saw she look down at his crotch. A couple of times he stared at her chest. She knew each time he looked there. Did he realize how tightly the cups held her boobs, chafed her nipples? Made them hard? He couldn’t see them; the bra and her heavy shirt hid the protuberances, but did some instinctive awareness exist? Her pussy started to moisten. Could he smell her arousal? In her imagination, she tasted his cum in her mouth. She felt his fingers entering her cunt in preparation of his cock. As he pet Harley she thought how appropriate, since he’d soon be entertaining a different pussy.

Conversation lapsed. Silence grew. Marilyn looked at her youngest. Jake’s head was nodding.

“I think you’ve had enough excitement, and bubbly, for one Christmas.” She got to her feet. “Let’s march you up to bed.”

“OK.” Jake slowly rose. His mother playfully smacked him on his butt to hurry his progress to the stairs. She followed him up.

It was almost twenty minutes before she returned to the den. She saw Andrew sitting patiently.

“Do you want some more champagne?”

“Is there much left?”

“A couple of glasses.”

“Let’s share.” Marilyn took a sip from Andrew’s glass and put it aside. She shooed away the cat. Took his place. Kissed her older son.

“That was brilliant, planting the idea in Jake’s head that the champagne would affect him.”

“The power of suggestion? I didn’t even realize I’d done it until afterwards.” Andrew fondled her tit.

Upstairs, safely behind the closed door of her bedroom, she had removed the confining bra.

“That feels so nice,” she said, kissing lightly his face and ear.

“Is the scamp asleep?”

Marilyn unbuttoned her son’s shirt. She kissed his chest, licked his nipple. “Softly snoring. You’ve changed the last few days.”

“For the better?”

“Definitely.” Marilyn turned, throwing her leg over him so she straddled him. She felt his bulge as she slid against him. She suddenly regretted not having worn a skirt. A skirt without kaçak iddaa panties, so her juices would soak his crotch as she rubbed.

Andrew filled his hands with her boobs. “I never knew you were hot.”

“Now you’ve hurt my feelings.” She squirmed against his hard on. She kissed him. Fiercely, on the lips. Massaged his tongue with hers. Pressed her tits against him. Moaned in pleasure and anticipation.

“No, you were always good looking. But now you’re hot. Fucking hot.”

“Baby, I need you. Please.”

He stood, cradling his mother in his strong grip. He started to set her on the rug, where he’d fucked her in the early morning of Christmas Day. Gave her his hard cock, his molten lava cum as special presents.

“No! No, I want us in my bed.”

“All right.”

Effortlessly, he carried her upstairs and down the hall. The door to her bedroom was ajar. It opened fully with a nudge of his foot. The room was lit by numerous, almost a dozen, candles. The soft scent of lavender filled the room.

The covers of the bed were already pulled down. He laid his mother gently in the middle of it. He followed her down and pressed his lips against hers. Slipped his hand under her blouse, tickled her tummy. Added the warmth of his hand to the heat of her breast.

She pushed Andrew’s face away from her, but not in negation. She guided him to her her tit. He sucked her nipple through the cotton of her shirt. Soaked it with his saliva while he fought open the buttons and could feast directly. Then the hard teat was in his mouth and she felt a small orgasm blossom from her cunt as he

bit and suckled.

Her fingers tore at his belt, ripped at his fly. She struggled to get out his cock. He had to help her with one hand before his raging beast was free. It was as big and hard as she remembered. She rubbed her thumb over the smooth flesh of the flared head. Under the rib of its crown. Along the thickly veined shaft. She reached his balls and felt their fullness.

“Please, darling,” Marilyn gasped.

Andrew laughed softly. He got off his mother and shed his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and stripped away his socks. Undone, his pants along with his boxers fell easily to the floor. While he stepped free of them, his mother took off her blouse. She undid her trousers. Naked, Andrew grabbed her feet. He pulled off her shoes and socks, grabbed the legs of her pants, and tugged them clear. She was down to a pair of tiny lace bikinis and she looked the most beautiful, the most stimulating woman in the world.

He fell on her. He gave in to an animalistic impulse. He ripped her panties away with his teeth. Then his tongue found her clitoris.

“AH-h-h-h!” she moaned as he licked. Another orgasm, stronger than her previous cum, shook her.

Having never smelled, never tasted pussy, Andrew was prepared to dislike it, even be repulsed. He was surprised, however: the taste and aroma were heady, unlike anything he’d experienced. And his delight was heightened as he ate out his mother, because he knew she was getting even more pleasure than was he.

Marilyn felt his hair in her hands, pressed his to her core. Last night, this morning, she had denied him this feast in her desire for his cock. Now, however, she wanted this, wanted his tongue, his teeth, his lips as they all explored the center of her sexual being. And when his fingers were added to her cunt and he started to fuck her with them, she came again.

“No more. Too much, ” she gasped.

“I’ve just started, darling,” Andrew assured his mother. He let his face come away from her cunt but continued to use his fingers.

“No, sweetheart. Fuck me. Please? I’ve had too much of your mouth. I need your cock.”

Her desperation was too evident. He moved up her body, kissing as he went until he reached her lips. He hesitated to kiss her; his lips were coated with cunt juice. She might find it unpleasant. Marilyn didn’t hesitate, though. She pulled Andrew down, pressed her lips to his, searched his mouth with her tongue. She let him suck on her tongue as he moved his body into the V of her thighs. Her hand groped for his cock.

“You want it bad, don’t you mom?” he asked and speared up inside her. Fully entered her in one smooth motion.

“Oh, fuck! ” Although she was wet and open for her son, the sudden thrust shook Marilyn. The hardness filled her. Her eyes, open wide, smiled up at his. Her legs went around his waist., hugging him tightly. “Oh, darling. That’s so fucking good. “

“Shit, yeah, mom.” Levering himself up by his extended arms, he worked his hips in up and down, in and out motions. Periodically he dipped his head down to kiss her mouth or nip at her knockers. At first, Marilyn was satisfied to lie there and accept his thrusts. Before long, though, she was moving to meet his thrusts. She even added a circular motion to her hips, so the path of his cock was a corkscrew. And when he quickened his pace, so did she. kaçak bahis

“Mom, I gotta cum.”

“Oh, yes, my darling. I want you to cum. Don’t hold back, son. Let yourself go.”

“But I want you to cum with me.”

“Darling, I’ve already cum three times,” she admitted as she looked up at her son’s strained face. “And when you shoot off, I’ll cum again. I guarantee it; I’m that fucking close.”

“You want my cum?”

“Yes. I want it so damned bad, baby.”

Exercising a level of self-control he didn’t think he possessed, Andrew pulled nearly out of his mother’s pussy and held himself there. Just the head of his cock nudged apart the lips of her hungry pussy. She jerked her hips upward to fill herself again. He teased her by further withdrawal.

“Oooh, you bastard. It’s not nice to treat your poor horny mother this way. Do you want me to beg you?”

“You don’t have to beg, mom,” answered Andrew as he slid his entire length back inside Marilyn. He regretted the way he teased her, so he resumed his steady pace. That slow, methodical rhythm quickly gave way, though as he built up to a rapid, frenetic jerking of his hips.

“That’s right, darling. That’s the way to fuck your horny mommy. Um, yeah! Stick it in me long and hard. Fuck your cum in my cunt. Yes! Yeah, goddamn you! Motherfucker! Fuck your bitch mama! Cream your bitch mommy’s cunt!”

And he did. Shot off in her gasping pussy, filled it as she buried her face in his shoulder to keep from screaming. Came in her cunt as she came, too, flooded by the heat of his semen…


Freshly cleaned, Marilyn came from her bathroom. She carried a damp washcloth. She kissed her son’s cock and gave it a few licks before wiping their combined juices from his groin.

“Isn’t that gross?”

She knew what her son meant. “No, not at all. I like the taste.”

“I don’t know…”

“Next time, I’ll save some for you. The way you went to town on my pussy, I think I can promise you that you’ll like it.” She returned the soiled cloth to the master bath. When she came back this time she carried a small red hand towel. She turned on her bedside lamp and draped the towel over the shade. The room was filled with a warm reddish glow. Before snuggling next to her son, Marilyn went around her room, blowing out the candles.

Safely back in the arms of her son, she said, “I can’t believe this. I never thought I’d be fucking my own son. I should feel terrible. Where’s my guilty conscience?”

“It’s weird, but you don’t know half of it,” Andrew offered. He told her about the previous night’s strange occurrence with Kris Kringle.

“What were you smoking?”

“He asked me the same thing… Look, mom, it happened just like I said it did. He disappeared. Time started back up. I fell asleep. Then you came downstairs and, well, you know the rest.”

Marilyn propped herself up on one elbow so she could look directly at her son’s face. “You don’t usually tell lies. Well, you used to not, but lately – ”

She shook her head. “And Kris told you that he’d do something for you as an incentive to improve your behavior?”

“That’s right. And you and I, uh, did what we did. Then Christmas morning, well, there was this diamond pendant, ” he touched the only thing his mother was wearing, ” for you and that trail bike for Jake. Mom, I didn’t buy those. I swear I didn’t. I had no idea they were there.”

“And my boobs got bigger,” she said, thinking through what her son was saying.

“And my cock did, too. I mean, it was OK, but not like now.”

“Right now,” his mother teased as she prodded his flaccid cock, “there’s not much to brag about.”

“You know what I mean.”

“OK, maybe I believe you. It’s unbelievable, but maybe I believe you anyway. I’ve seen a change already in how you relate to Jake. And you’re different around me, too. And I’m not talking about the sex!” she added with a smile. The smile disappeared, though, as she got serious.

“I’m not going to ask you to stop – ” She paused and looked intently at her son. She laid her head against his shoulder and went on, “I’m not going to ask you to stop smoking dope, but I wish you would.”

“Mom, I stopped doing weed officially as of, ” He turned his head to look at his mother’s bedside alarm: it was1:30. “As of approximately 24 hours ago.”

“Then, this is the new Andrew Edward Lehman?”

“Totally new. For as long as you want me.”

“Oh, damn, now I’m going to cry.” And she did sniffle. She rubbed her nose against his chest before going on. “I want you for a long, long time, son. But, now I want us to sleep. I’ll wake you in about an hour and you’ll go back to your room. I don’t want Jake getting up early and finding us like this.”

“No, that would be bad.”

“It would be a disaster.”

“But we’re still going to have sex, won’t we?”

“Do you mean, are we still going to fuck like rabbits? Oh, yes, my darling motherfucker. Exactly like rabbits.”

She lay there and listened to her son snore and thought about what he’d told her. Kris Kringle? Did she really believe in Santa Claus? She nodded to herself. And fell asleep.

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