The Christening of the Fire Engine

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**I’m giving something a try, readers. I can tell you that I’m a woman, but I wanted to try my hand at writing a story from the man’s point of view. I always welcome feedback and comments. Men, please let me know how I did on this one from a man’s point of view**


For those of you who are in the emergency services, you’ll have to excuse my wife. She’s not living in “our” world of pagers, sirens, light bars, late calls in the cold, and brotherhood (or sisterhood). She just doesn’t “get” it. She doesn’t get a thrill out of it like we do.

It had been an exciting few weeks for me. I had been voted by the department to Chief; the youngest ever at age 30. A few days later our volunteer department had received our brand new, customized rescue truck. It was big, shiny, and had the brightest light bar. We all were in awe of it. The rescue captain suggested we have a dedication ceremony for the public. I figured it made sense since we would be using it to save them.

The ceremony was set for one of the Fall evenings. The sun was just beginning to set in a fiery ball of orange as I stood in front of the mirror adjusting my tie. I admit, I was a bit happy to be back in my parade uniform: shined black boots; black belt; navy blue pants with a 1 inch gold stripe down either side of the legs; a white dress shirt; black tie; navy blue coat with department patches and silver buttons; white dress gloves and navy blue parade hat.

My wife, Hanna, came into the bedroom buttoning her blouse. Of course, I sneaked a peek at her chest: 38Cs covered by a black and pink lace bra. I felt myself stiffen in a certain area. I smiled as I helped her brush her long auburn hair. It smelled of rose Herbal Essence shampoo — my favorite of all scents. I said, “Thank you for agreeing to come tonight.”

She smiled and rolled her eyes. “You know, I really don’t understand what all the pomp and circumstance is about. It’s just a truck, Aidan.” I proverbially bit my tongue at her last statement of utter blasphemy. I set the brush down and kissed her on the nape of the neck. I lightly pinched her ass as I exited the room. She gasped with a smile.

I sat on the couch watching TV until she was ready; my uniform coat unbuttoned and white dress gloves hanging out of my back pocket. I heard her high heeled shoes come across the kitchen and then soften as she got into the living room. “Do I look okay?” she asked.

Hanna looked more than “okay”! She left her long, auburn hair free flowing. She had light rose colored eye shadow which made her chocolate eclair colored eyes pop. Her iridescent blue blouse had a low V-neck, giving me a glimpse of her sexy cleavage. Her black skirt came down to just below mid thigh. I almost noticed her freshly shaved legs weren’t confined to stockings. Her feet were in strappy sandals that had a bit of a chunk heel to them. She even painted her toe nails.

I said nothing, but crossed the room and kissed her soft lips sweetly then hungrily. Without breaking my kiss, I ran my hands up the back of her sexy skirt. Imagine my surprise to find my wife wearing Anadolu Yakası Escort a lacy, tiny thong! I could feel her legs become weak. I tightened my grip on her. I pulled away and commented with a smile, “You tell me if you look ‘okay’.” I pointed to my zipper that was beginning to bulge.

“Oh!” was all she could say as she blushed, looking at it. I figured by the time we got to the fire station, it would soften.

I was right. I was able to make it through the dedication ceremony without feeling distracted. I would sneak peeks at Hanna every now and then. She would sit, looking a little bored, with her legs crossed at the knees, causing her skirt to hike up a bit. We concluded the ceremony with a customary breaking of a champagne bottle over the bumped of the rescue truck. Finally, I could be with my wife … and show her a little about the proper way to “christen” a fire truck.

Once the party was over, it was my duty to lock up the station. The silver moon had risen in the night sky. I check my watch: 11:13 PM. I walked into the truck bay to find Hanna sitting, looking bored, on the bumper of the new rescue truck. “There you are!” I said, my voice echoing off the cold cement floor. She looked over at me with a smile.

“Sweetie,” she began. “I have to admit; I love you, Aidan, but I just don’t understand all this,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. “What so exciting about a fire truck?”

I tried to hide a smile as I took her by the hand. “Oh, come here!” I said, opening the passenger door to the rescue truck. I climbed inside and sat in the leather seat. I advised Hanna to take off her shoes for easier climbing. I think it was pretty amusing to watch my wife attempting to climb into the fire truck. Like a gentleman, I helped her in.

“Where am I supposed to sit?” she asked.

“On my lap, I guess,” I said as I gently pulled her backwards. She giggled softly as her curvy ass hit my hips. She rested her shoe-less feet on the dashboard. We gazed out the windshield at the closed bay doors. Through the those windows, you could see the moon reflecting off the lake. Wrapping my arms around her, I smiled. “You know, only an officer is allowed to sit in this seat.”

She countered, “Does that include Chiefs?” I nodded. “What about Chiefs’ wives?”

I sarcastically answered, “Well, I guess I can make an exception for you.” She lightly tapped my cheek with a smile. I took off my parade hat, tie, and unbuttoned a few buttons. Hanna ran her fingers over my brush cut, chocolate brown hair. “That feels so relaxing,” I said. Hanna stayed facing forward. It was silence.

Slowly, I trailed my fingers over the nape of her neck and then to her collar bone. She relaxed into me and put her head on my shoulders. Her eyes were closed. I brought my fingers lower and traced her breasts over her pink and black lace bra. Hanna gasped slightly, so I unbuttoned a few of her buttons on her blouse, revealing her bra,

I moved my kisses to her outer ear. She dropped her hand to my knee; eyes still closed. Gently, as I kissed her Pendik Escort ear, I ran my other hand up her silky leg to her inner thigh. A little smile appeared. I went up her leg farther, until I traced the front of her thong. I could feel her whole body relax into mine. I even thought I heard a soft moan.

“Does that feel good?” I whispered. Hanna nodded. I gently pulled her skirt up, revealing her lacy black thong. I instantly got a hard on. Hanna could feel it as she wiggled her ass against it. That certainly made it better. I decided to keep my fingers between her legs. I moved the crotch of her thong aside. It was already wet. To my surprise, Hanna had shaved the underside of her tight little pussy. That was cool.

I kissed her neck as I slowly slid one of my fingers inside her pussy. She was even wetter on the inside. I brought my finger up to her clit as I wrapped my hand around one of her full breasts. Hanna whispered in ecstasy, “Oh, Aidan.” It was almost as if the words got caught in her throat. She slightly grinded her hips, causing her clit to rub against my finger. I graciously took up the slack. I glided my finger in an up and down motion. Then I added a second finger, much to her pleasure. Her breathing became much heavier.

As I played with her clit, I pulled the cup of her bra down, freeing on her breasts. Her nipple was very hard. I really wanted to suck on it, but she was facing the wrong way. Instead, I messaged her breast and gently tugged on her nipple. An audible moan escaped her delicious, kissable lips. “I see we like that,” I smiled. Hanna softly giggled. She was dripping wet for me. I wanted so much to taste my wife.

I began to rub her clit even faster. Whenever she masturbates for me during sex, she always does it at a quick pace. (Who says men don’t pay attention?) This brought a rise in her ecstasy. “Oh, Chief Smith,” she moaned, trying to catch her breath. She arched her head back against my shoulder and spread her legs a little wider for me. I could see a slight reflection in the windshield. That was kind of hot to see.

I stopped for just a moment to slide her black lacy thong off. I tossed it on the driver’s seat of the rescue truck. When Hanna opened her legs for me again, I could see her upper inner thighs glistening with wetness. She begged me to keep rubbing her clit at the fast pace. The more I rubbed her, the more she wiggled against my erection. It was actually starting to hurt as it was pressing against the zipper. Hanna shifted enough for me to undo the zipper. It felt better, now only pressing against the flannel boxers. Her grip tightened on my knee. I smiled since I knew what that meant. “Come for me, Hanna,” I encouraged. “Please come for me. Come in my fire truck.” I was so turned on by the sight of her exposed pussy and her about to get off. Finally, she moaned my name as I rubbed my thumb against her clit and slid my index finger insider her as far as it would go. I could feel her inner muscles tense around it for several moments. Hanna’s pussy became even more wet.

She turned around to Kurtköy Escort face me. Her brown eyes frosted in ecstasy. “Your turn, Chief Aidan Smith,” she cooed in a sultry voice. I truly wasn’t expecting that. I was fine with getting my wife off and then jerking off in the shower later. I wanted her to be taken care of; but, then again, I wasn’t about to argue if my wife was going to fuck me in my fire truck! It’s every fire fighter’s fantasy.

Hanna quickly unbuttoned my dress shirt, revealing a navy blue t-shirt. She undid the pants button and quickly popped my dick out from the slit in my boxers. She even took the time to fold the fly of my uniform pants under so the zipper wouldn’t pinch (I love my wife!). Hanna wasted no time as she slid me into her pussy. I gasped with delight at how easily I entered her. She was dripping wet now. I groaned as she rocked her hips back and forth. She wanted to make me come hard. I knew I was going to.

I freed her other breast from the cup of the bra. Her 38Cs were big enough to where I could suck on both her nipples at once. I knew she loved that feel. I twirled my tongue around them together, and then licked them separately. I pulled my wife to me and smiled, “Hanna, you’re being naughty girl tonight!” trying to catch my breath. She grinned and grinded her hips against mine. That almost made me come.

I lifted her skirt and playfully swatted her curvy ass. The reflection in the windshield was like my own life porn movie. She giggled at that feel as she rode my dick. I leaned my head back against the leather seat. I cupped her ass in my hands. Gently, I began to slide my finger into her ass. “Oh, Aidan! Please!” she begged.

How can I tell my lady no? Hell, not to that request! I loved doing that! Even back there she was well lubed from her own wetness. My index finger was the perfect size for her. She tilted her hips backwards to allow me to slide my finger all the way into her tight ass. She shuddered with a smile. Hanna adjusted to the knew erotic feel and then kept riding my dick. By the look on her face, she was going to come.

“Hanna, will you masterbate for me?” I asked, breathlessly. With a vixen smile, she dropped her hand to pussy. Quickly, she began to rub her clit. Damn, I loved that sight.

“Aidan, this feels so good with your finger in my ass,” she said, breathlessly as well. I worked my finger back and forth as she rubbed her own clit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded in ecstasy. Hanna quickly followed as she kept riding my dick through our powerful, mind-numbing orgasms. I swear, I thought I was seeing stars.

I slowly slid my finger from her ass. My vision was even a little blurry. Hanna smiled at me. “Oh wow!” she sighed. “That was incredible!” I smiled and nodded. I was about to say something but Hanna cut me off. “Aidan, are there anymore fire trucks that need to be ‘christened’?”

I smiled, “Yeah, the tanker.”

“Which one is that?” she asked.

I pointed to my right. She smiled. “Whoa. That is a big fire truck,” she said in a sexy voice.

I grinned, “I thought you didn’t like or ‘get’ any of this, Mrs. Smith?”

She put her bedroom eyes on and said, “I think I changed my mind,” as she yanked me out of the rescue and over to the tanker.

And just think. We have a total of 5 other fire trucks in that station…

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