The Charity Auction – A route into Cuckolding Part

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The Charity Auction – A route into Cuckolding PartThis is purely fantasy.There had been no stopping my wife on this path, and it was probably my fault for in the past telling her I had fantasised about being a cuckold and wondered what it would really be like. Now my wife had met Bill she had embraced the cuckold lifestyle, for at least one day in every 2 weeks. I did not worry about Bill as it was clearly just sex with her and an old guy was getting satisfaction from my wife’s body. After a few months the Saturday mornings had become a routine, but on this Saturday things started to change. During the week a package had arrived when we were at work. My wife asked if I could go and pick it up from the Post Office but she wouldn’t tell me what it was. On the Saturday morning I found out. It was a metal cage that fitted over my cock and balls. She fitted it on me and used a small padlock to shut it. It was uncomfortable and my wife told me she would only release me from it when she got home and had started to tell me what she had been up to ….. and yes I had to go and do the shopping wearing it. She wanted to make sure I couldn’t wank. Again I had to walk with my wife to Bill’s home and this time there was no pretence about what was to happen as Bill opened the door naked. My wife went to him and kissed him whilst fondling his cock. My wife said she would be home after she had drained Bill’s balls of all their juices. As the door closed I could see Bill’s hand squeezing my wife’s tit through her dress. I then walked to the shops with the bulge of my cock and chastity cage. I got a text from my wife at 5.30 telling me to cater for my own dinner as she was still busy and would be having a takeaway with Bill. She didn’t get home until 9pm, spending almost 11 hours with Bill. She told me to go and get naked in bed and she joined me. She took the key for the chastity cage on my cock out of her purse and put it on her bedside cabinet. She leant over and darted her tongue over my knob but the cage prevented me getting a hard on and she revelled in her teasing. After about 5 minutes of this teasing she stopped. She then started to recount what happened. When they had shut the front door they had gone into the lounge where bill stripped her and they spent some time kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their fingers. They then fucked in the missionary position in the lounge and he filled her pussy with cum. He then went down on her pussy and licked her clean bringing her to an orgasm. They then sat and talked about what they had been up to since there last meeting and she had told him that she had brought a cock cage for me and I was wearing it right now to stop me getting hard thinking about Bill fucking her. Bill thought that was funnyBill had been suggesting he take some photos of my wife for a while and today She Bill there was no time like the present and if he had a digital camera she would pose for a photo shoot now, as long as she could wear his wife’s old mask. She said Bill jumped at the chance and ran downstairs to get his camera. He gave her the mask and said he might have more props. With that he opened the cupboard and took out a small hand luggage bag. He put it on the bed and said to my wife that the contents had belonged to his wife and that she could use anything out of it. Bill said his wife had called the bag ‘her play bag’. My wife cautiously opened it to find it had a range of sexy underwear (all too small for my wife) and several sex toys including a variety of sizes of dildos, all looking like cocks, a vibrating rabbit, and a few other things. My wife asked Bill if he was sure as he might want to remember these items in the last place they had been … his wife’s pussy but he said that his wife probably wouldn’t mind someone else getting pleasure from her toys. My wife had refused to pose for me in a similar role and as she recounted what happened it surprised me she was so willing for a virtual stranger to photograph her. She went on to say that she started posing seductively, naked but not open leg. Then she went to open leg and he took some very close up shots of her pussy. She then inserted each of the toys into her pussy and wanked with them as he clicked away. He was even able to catch her arch her back in orgasm. She then said that when she had recovered he positioned his cock at her pussy entrance and then took photographs of his cock going in and out of her pussy. He stopped photographing for a short while to concentrate on fucking her, and he then took up the camera again to photograph his withdrawal and the creampie. My wife then held up a thumb drive and told me that all the photos were on here and I could see them later in the week if I was a good boy. She then said they lay cuddling for a while and lost track of time. They had forgotten to have lunch and dinnertime was approaching. It was then that she had texted me to say she was staying for dinner …… and, she added, that whilst she was texting, Bill started to lick her pussy and carried on until she had orgasmed. They had then phoned the local Indian takeaway for a delivery who had said it would be about a 45 minute delivery time. They had gone downstairs after about 30 minutes as their clothes were still in the lounge but the takeaway delivery arrived early. She told me that when the Indian takeaway arrived both her and Bill were naked in the lounge. She gave bill her phone and set the camera to record film and she put on the mask and went to the door naked. He filmed her as she took in the food and paid the delivery guy. She showed me the film he had taken and it then surprised me that this delivery guy had delivered to our house in the past so hopefully he didn’t recognise my wife and my wife offered him an extra tip – she said if he wanted he could suck on one of her nipples, which the guy did, but steadied himself by placing a hand on her naked ass. My wife laughed and said thank you and shut the door. She said they ate dinner at the kitchen table naked and then watched some TV, still naked. My wife said at 8pm that it was probably time to go home but Bill started to kiss her and finger her clit. She became aroused again and as Bill sat on the sofa she mounted him and rode his cock. In this position her clit was in constant contact and she quickly orgasmed, with her walls of her pussy gripping Bill’s cock and making him cum. She had then dressed, whilst Bill quickly copied the photos on a thumb drive for my wife. As we lay in bed she asked me if I was jealous. I replied a little but it was a turn on hearing about what she had done. She undid the padlock and now my cock sprang to life. She told me to lie down and she mounted me. As she rode me she told me that Bill had a lovely karşıyaka escort cock, knew how to use it, his tongue and fingers were like magic on her clit and when he came not only was there a lot of cum but also she could feel him cum inside her. She didn’t want to compare us but Bill was better in several areas than me. She then sped up shouting for me to fill her pussy with cum just like Bill had done several times earlier in the day. I shot my load and we collapsed into bed and sleep. 2 weeks later my wife went off to Bill’s and before going had put my cock in its cage. I did the usual chores sometimes wondering what Bill was getting up to with my wife. I made my own dinner this night as my wife was later than normal. At 9.30pm I got a phone asking me how much of a cuckold did I want to be? I asked why. She told me it was my choice but if I was to be sitting on the low wall opposite Bill’s house in 15 minutes then I might get to see something. I rushed out of the house and was sitting on the wall within 10 minutes. It was dark and at this end of town there were few street lights. The downstairs curtains were closed at Bill’s house. Then a light came on in an upstairs room. My wife appeared naked at the window, I assumed naked but all I could see was her top half. She turned away from the window and my phone rang. She said she could see me outside and she told me that Bill thought that a real cuckold should get to see his wife being fucked. My wife thought that would be too much of a treat for me so instead had planned this. She then moved into the window and started fingering her nipples and then Bill started to caresses them from behind. My wife had left her phone on, placed it on the window sill she was leaning on and I could hear everything. She told Bill she was loving the feeling of his hard cock rubbing against her ass. She then bent down, out of my view but I could see Bill’s top half. I could hear a lot of slurping and it was clear she was sucking his cock and I could hear Bill sighing. She then stood up and faced the window again and she told Bill to push his hard cock deep into her pussy. She let out a long sigh as he pushed into her. For the first time in my life I then heard my wife talk really dirty. She was telling Bill to fuck her and how this was better than her husband’s cock. Bill was holding onto her tits as he fucked her and then he said very loudly he was near to cumming. He let go of her tits and held her hips and my wife told him to flood her pussy with his cum and with that I could heard Bill orgasming and shouting ‘I am cumming’. I watched as her tits swayed and she orgasmed loudly. She then disappeared out of view, but I could hear squeaking which was them get onto the bed. I could then hear a lot of kissing and then heard my wife say that she was happy to have met Bill and his cock and she was having the best sex of her life now. There was some squeaking, my wife appeared in the window with her phone in hand and asked if I had enjoyed the show. I said I had but my cock was hurting as it was caged and it was trying to get hard. My wife laughed and then said unfortunately there was going to be no release for me tonight as she was staying the night with Bill. She hung up and waved goodbye. At about 11am the next morning my wife walked into our house. She ordered me to get on the floor and lie down and she squatted over my face. She was knicker less under the dress and her pussy had a heady smell of cum. She ground her pussy onto my mouth and told me to taste Bill as I cleaned her up. After I had brought her to orgasm she got up and went and had a long bath. She came downstairs dressed and recounted how Bill had licked and fucked her throughout the whole of the Saturday and again this morning. I was a little jealous as I had missed out on my usual Saturday night fuck. Boy, was it a mistake telling her that. She told me that now I was her cuck it was her decision when I could fuck her, and in fact she was thinking about making my cock cage a regular thing. She also then said that my comment had made her mind up. She told me that Bill’s only c***d lived in Canada so he didn’t see him much. However, he was very close to his 20 year old grandson, who also lived in Canada, and they skyped regularly. He had jokingly told him that he had to give plenty notice of his next visit as he now had a lady that cleaned the house naked. His grandson wouldn’t believe him. However, his grandson was coming to stay with Bill for a few days in a few weeks’ time during a visit to the UK.Bill had suggested I give that weekend a miss and my wife had agreed. But, she then picked up the phone and called Bill. She told Bill that she would come over in a couple of weeks to clean his house and she how far she would go with his grandson in the house, if Bill didn’t mind sharing her pussy with his grandson. On her regular day she left our home, my cock all caged up, and made me walk to Bill’s house. His grandson opened the door and he was tall and muscular. She waved goodbye to me and I went off shopping. My wife called me at around 6pm to say she would call again when she was ready to leave Bill’s house. At around 11pm I got a phone call from a strange number. I answered and it was my wife telling me she was having too much fun and was going to stay the night. I said I wasnt happy but she told me that as her Cuck she didn’t care what I thought.When I awoke next morning there was still no sign of her and she didn’t get back until late morning. She walked in and told me to strip and go to the bedroom. We both got onto the bed naked and my wife was like a naughty schoolgirl, all giggly. She told me that when she went into Bills she went to the kitchen and chatted to Mark, Bill’s grandson, while she got out the cleaning stuff. Bill was sat in the lounge and waited for her to finish cleaning the kitchen. She said that when she and Mark entered the lounge Bill commented that it was a shame I was over dressed this weekend. Mark called him an old pervert and laughed. I told Bill that I didn’t want to embarrass Mark. Mark replied it wouldn’t embarrass him and he didn’t want to spoil his grandfather’s titillation by watching a naked woman clean. My wife then said she started to strip and when naked Mark had a good look he excused himself and went to the spare bedroom. Bill then crossed the room and played with her nipples. He then looked at her and told her that if she wanted to see if Mark wanted to fuck her he wouldn’t mind. My wife said that the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. Bill said that Mark had planned to go out for part of the day so I had better hurry so as not to miss the chance. When she had gone upstairs she heard the shower escort karşıyaka running so she went into Bill’s room. She heard the shower stop and then the spare bedroom door close. She waited a few seconds, picked up the vacuum cleaner and walked into the spare room. Mark was stood there naked drying himself and my wife blurted out an apology saying she had thought because Bill was normally alone and she had free run of the house. Mark told her not to worry and he didn’t mind people seeing him naked. He moved to sit on the bed to get out of her way. She made the pretence of cleaning the room and when she started to hoover the floor she asked Mark to lift his legs out of the way. He lay on the bed and was clearly watching her, so my wife bent over as much as she could to try and flash her pussy at him. It had the desired effect and his cock started to stir. To my wife’s surprise he didn’t try to hide it and they carried on talking. My wife then said she had finished the room and better leave him to ‘take care of himself’. He laughed and said he now understood why his grandfather liked her coming round to clean. My wife stopped and re-entered the room. She looked at him and asked if his grandfather had said anything about what else she does for him. Mark smiled and said that he had guessed there was more to these cleaning visits. She then told Mark that Bill had told her that she was to make Mark comfortable, and seeing the state of his cock she was willing to help release any tension. Mark laughed and said any helping hand would be appreciated. My wife then said she sat on the bed and stroked him. It was the biggest and hardest cock she had ever touched. She bent down and started to suck him and then slowly moved so her pussy was above his face and they 69. He quickly brought her to orgasm and when she had recovered she sat atop of him and lowered herself onto his cock. It was painful to start with but when his knob had pushed in he easily slid into her. She slowly rode him for one of the longest fucks she had ever had. He then said he had better pull out as he was about to cum, but instead she rode him harder until she felt a powerful jet of cum hit her cervix. She started to orgasm as well. She laid on top for a while and then rolled off him. She thanked Mark and went to tidy herself up in the bathroom, and he asked if he could take one full body photo as a memento. She obliged and posed for a couple of shots. As she walked past Mark’s room she saw him dressing and she went into Bill’s room. Only a few minutes later mark shouted goodbye and left the house. Bill came up to the bedroom and asked if Mark and she had had a good time. My wife said yes and told Bill to undress and give him a cuddle. This of course ended up with Bill fucking her. They then went out for a drive to find a pub for lunch and after they had eaten Bill had offered to drive her home but she asked if it was OK for her to fuck Mark again and would he be back this evening. Bill said he was planning to return at about 8pm. When they got back my wife had stripped and she and Bill played a little, she giving him a blowjob and swallowing all the cum he could give her. At 8pm my wife went upstairs and laid on Mark’s bed, naked. He arrived a short time later and she could hear them chatting downstairs. Then Mark appeared. She told Mark that Bill had agreed that she could be Mark’s for the night if Mark wanted. Mark laughed and said it would be a great idea. My wife then recounted how she had stripped Mark off and got his cock hard. She was amazed at how big it was and she wanted to have fun with him. As she started to suck his cock he asked about me. She told him that I had fantasized about her being with other men and if she hadn’t known that then she would not have considered any of this. But Bill had opened her eyes to new pleasures and it appeared that her pussy being used by Bill was turning her husband on as well. He asked her if she knew how far her husband was willing to let her go, because fucking an old guy like Bill was one thing but maybe younger guys would upset him. She told him that she had come to Bill’s today and her husband had known a younger guy was here and would probably fuck her and her husband hadn’t complained. Mark then said he had met up with a few friends who had left Canada a couple of years earlier. They were married and when the wife left he told the guy about Bill and the arrangement and when he didn’t believe me I showed him the photo of you. I then told him that I had taken the photo after I had just fucked you. His mate was a bit jealous.Mark then asked how our relationship worked and my wife said that she told him the agreement was that she would come to Bill’s and then when she got home she would recount what happened to her husband and then he would fuck her. Sometimes she was dominant and insisted that her husband would lick her pussy clean tasting any of Bill’s remaining cum. Mark then suggested that rather than telling him what she had been up to she should record a whole session on her phone and make him watch as another guy pleasured her. Of course he then suggested he would let her film this evening with him if she wanted. My wife said she wasn’t going to tell me anymore ……. she left me on the bed alone and left the room and went and got the laptop. Back in the bedroom she attached her phone and downloaded some very big files. As they downloaded she played with cock which was still in its cage, and asked if I wanted to watch as a real man, with a massive cock use her pussy for his own pleasure. My wife then started the video, but warned me there would be several hours. It started with Mark holding her phone and filming her pulling his foreskin back and licking a big dollop of pre cum from his hard knob. She then licked around his knob while staring into the camera. She then spoke to the camera and said that she hoped watching her with this wonderful cock was going to satisfy my cuckold desires. She then took the whole knob in her mouth and sucked on it. It was large and her cheeks bulged as her head moved and the cock went into her mouth. I watched as my wife sucked his cock, running her tongue over ever millimetre of it. She then rolled off Mark and he got up off the bed and started to film my wife lying there. As Mark filmed her lying naked on the bed she held her pussy lips open for him to film and as he zoomed into for a close up I heard my wife say ‘oh, I am about to have a real man inside me. A real large cock filling me and bringing me to ecstasy.’ With that Mark moved onto the bed and filmed as he rubbed his knob along my wife’s pussy lips. I watched as his massive cock parted my wife’s lips and he slowly edged his knob karşıyaka escort bayan into her. It looked very tight but then her pussy gave and opened to take his whole cock as he slowly pushed it deep into her. He filmed his cock fucking her like this for a few minutes and then pulled out …… leaving my wife’s pussy wide open. I heard my wife telling him to lie down and then I saw her position her pussy above his cock and then sink down onto it. Mark filmed her rising gently up and down on his cock and every so often focused on her swinging breasts of her face. He then held phone pointing at her face as she said loudly, looking straight at the phone, this was the best cock she had ever had …. It was filling her and reaching places no man’s cock had ever been. She then positioned herself so her clit was getting rubbed and soon orgasmed very loudly. When she recovered she rose up off Mark’s cock and propped the camera on the side. The camera was well placed as when she remounted him it caught her face and boobs, and also the reflection in the mirror of her ass rising up and down on his cock. As I watched, my cock was trying to harden but the cage was stopping it. I watched as she continued to ride him and was getting more vigorous. I then heard Mark say he was about to cum and my wife shouted at him to fill her pussy up with his hot spunk. I heard Mark groan and in the mirror I could see him thrusting his seed deep into my wife. I had to watch 10 minutes of film as my wife just laid on top of him and his cock stay in her.She then rolled off him and she told Mark to get the phone to film the creampie. I was amazed at just how much cum was inside, and I could hear my wife on the film say that was the most cum that any guy had pushed into her and that she had felt the spurts hitting her pussy walls. As I laid on the bed with mixed emotions going through my mind my wife stopped the film and asked how I was feeling. I tried to explain the mix of lust, jealousy, envy etc but it was hard. She looked down and grabbed my caged cock and told me that she hoped I didn’t mind but there was more film that she was going to make me watch ….telling me that this is what a cuckold husband gets. She let go of my cock and said she might take the cage off later but only after all the films were watched. She turned the film back on. I watched as she pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy and then licked the cum from them, tasting his sweet cum. I then heard Bill’s voice. He must have been stood outside the door. He was saying goodnight and that from the noises he was sure they were enjoying themselves. Mark invited his grandfather in and Bill was in like a shot. He stood at the end of the bed looking at my wife’s open pussy and watched as she removed more cum and licked her fingers clean. Mark apologised for monopolising my wife but she was a good fuck and he understood why his grandfather looked forward to her visits. Mark then said that her husband must be really stupid if he cant satisfy such as sexy woman. Bill then said he better go as the effects of my wife naked body was having on him was become apparent. Mark suggested that he left the room so Bill and my wife could have some fun, and my wife said that shouldn’t she have a say. Bill and Mark clearly thought they had upset her, but in fact she then surprised them. She said she wanted Bill’s cock in her pussy and Marks cock in her mouth, but before that she had always fantasised about having her tits sucked by two guys at the same time. Mark propped up the phone again in the same place giving a good view of the bed and the action in the mirror as well. Bill stripped and started sucking her left breast, and Mark her right. They took turns in fingering her clit and soon she was bucking her hips and then screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through her. I had seen my wife orgasm many times but this was so different, so uncontrolled and brought on by lust. Bill and Mark watched as my wife recovered and then she told Bill to fuck her Bill positioned himself at her pussy opening, and then pushed in, clearly using the remains of Mark’s cum as lubricant. As he fucked her, Mark positioned himself so my wife could suck his cock. This went on for a few minutes until my wife suggested a change in position. She told mark to lie across the bed and she then got on all 4s and she started to suck Mark’s cock and Bill started to fuck her doggy style. In this position it was clear Mark was interested in watching his grandfather fucking my wife. They took a while and then Bill said he was cumming. After he shot his load he stayed in my wife as she sucked on Mark’s cock, until he shot his first jet of cum into my wife’s mouth and then the rest over her face and into her hair. Bill then pulled out, grabbed the phone and filmed a close up of his cum in my wife’s pussy and then filmed Mark’s cum on my wife’s face. Bill then put the camera back and suggested he left the room and go to bed to leave Mark to fuck my wife through the night. I then heard my wife ask Bill for his phone and he left and came back with it. She dialled a numberAs I watched the film I realised this would have been the call she made to me at around 11pm. I watched as she looked at the camera on her phone and talked to me on Bill’s phone. I watched her on the film telling me she was having too much time of a good time and was going to stay the night. She then said ‘I don’t care what you think, you are my cuck and I am going to stay the night until my pussy is satisfied. She then told me to go to bed and just think about the cock in her pussy and her mouth. On the film I saw her signal to Bill and Mark to come closer. She continued to talk to me on the phone saying she had been well used throughout the day and then sucked on Bill’s cock and then Mark’s. She said down the phone that there was going to be a cock ready to fuck her in a few minutes and she needed to go and hold her pussy open for it. She then hung up. On the film I heard Mark and Bill laughing and my wife telling them it was my own fault as this had been my fantasy. My wife then said that she would remove my cock cage and I could fuck her well used hole but she would only do this if I promised her that I would not try to stop something she had agreed to do with Mark. I was intrigued and as my cock was so in need of releasing the cum from my balls I agreed. It wasn’t a long fuck and to I think my wife had no interest in the fuck, she was just using her pussy now to get what she wanted. She rolled me over and mounted my cock and rode me, as fast as she could to get my cum spurting as quickly as possible. After I came in her she laid on top and told me that Mark was returning to Canada soon and there was no time for him to fuck her again. Mark then suggested that if she wanted, he had a week’s leave booked in a couple of months and he would pay for her to fly over and stay with him, and of course this would be a week filled with sex. My wife said she immediately agreed and that there was nothing I could do to stop her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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