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The Bribed Fuck Toy…Here I was, standing in the forth floor broom closet of my high school, looking out the window on to the playing field wondering if any one looked up could make out my face. My pants and underwear was down below my knees around my ankles and Billy, one of our school brutes, was behind me.I heard Billy as he cleared his throat and spit, then could feel the movement of his hand behind me and heard him spit again and more movement. Then he spit a third time and this time I felt his very wet fingers slid between my buttocks massaging my bootie hole.Billy removed his fingers and I felt a huge wet rubbery blunt object press between my buttocks spread them wide. It was no mistaking what it was, Billy was now pushing his mammoth cock head between my buttocks searching for my anal opening.His enormous huge dick head pressed against my butt hole and begin to spread my anal flower open. I grunted and groan slightly, mindful that school was still in and I did not want any one to hear my anguish groans. Taking quick short painful breaths I pleaded ‘…Billy, no, not here, not now, your dick is big as hell…’ Billy whispered back ‘…just let me get the head in, that’s all I want, just to put my dick head in your ass pussy for a little while. I promise to take it easy. tell you what let me do this and I’ll not let any one bother you the rest of the school year…’My anal opening was opening as I tried to rise up on my tip toes to ease the pain as Billy sort of crouched down to align his sinop escort cock with my anal chute. With a grip of my hips and a hunch of his, Billy’s dick head popped thru my anal sphincter chute and into my rectum.In agonizing pain, my eyes clinched shut, my mouth opened to scream and I thought of being heard by my fellow students, I inhaled deeply. Billy stood up and his huge thick dick head slid effortless deep thru my anal sphincter tube and up my ass hole spreading it open for the rest of his thick elongated dick shaft.As the pain subsided I opened my eye and found that my fingers were clutching the opened window and I could plainly see the students four floors below as they exited the building. Worried that some one would look up and see me I tried to release my grip.Billy, holding my hips tight, hunched up in my anus again and my hands flew back over my head and grasped his head just above his ears. I tried to lean as far bock away from the window as possible to keep from being seen, this only heighten Billy’s pleasure.Billy was now grinding and hunching deep up my anus like a wild a****l, I was sure that anyone in the hall could hear our flesh striking together. Sweat was now forming on my face and neck and Billy’s cock seem to be getting thicker. With a deep groan Billy lunged deep up my butt and I felt his huge thick cock begin to throb and something striking my insides. I knew without a doubt, Billy was cumming in my bung like his dick was a water sivas escort hose.Billy did not stop hunching and grinding his cock deep in my bowels as his dick continued to explode squirtinghis baby batter in my rectum. My knees weaken and I could barely stand as I braced against Billy’s wide chest, his huge arms embracing me and holding me tightly close as he grind deep in my ass/pussy.I could feel Billy’s cock throbbing and twitching in my rectum and then instead of continuing to soften I could feel Billy’s cock begin to get firmer and firmer till it was like a solid rubber tube lodged up my butt. I panic and tried to push Billy away, but Billy only held me tighter and leaned forward pushing me against the window sill.I looked and could see students as they milled around talking and I knew it would not be long before some one look up and saw me in the window. I braced my palms against the edge of the window sill and pushed back lowering my upper body and bending at the waist. Billy was now behind me with his huge male member lodged deep up my anal chute, I dared not make much of a sound, as I could hear people moving in the hall way. Billy took advantage and begin to pound away at my open anus so hard that I almost passed out. Billy hunched, pounded and grind his dick as far up my ass chute as he could till he grunted again and once again his dick exploded and filled my anus canal with his seed.This time Billy slowed his rhythm and allowed his dick to empty it’s urfa escort load…his dick and my anal cavity making obscene sounds of lust as the two of us moaned, groaned and gasped. As Billy’s cock slowed it’s throbbing and I could feel his cock begin to soften again I begged.’…Billy, please, you got what you wanted, let’s stop now before we get caught…’ just then Billy pulled his flexing cock out my ass/cunt making an obscene wet sucking sound. I dropped to my knees copious amounts of Billy’s seed exuded from my gaped anal opening as air entered and escaped. Billy took hold of my head and twisted me around to face his now flaccid splooge covered male member.Billy snarled and commanded ‘…come on clean me up so I can put my dick away…’ reluctantly I opened my lips and engulfed his dick and begin to suck, lick and clean his cock of our co-mingled juices. Humiliated and disgusted I continued till he pushed me away and said ‘… count to fifty and then come out…’Billy went to the door and cautiously peeked out, once he was sure it was clear, Billy exited closing the door behind him. I found some discarded paper and wiped away Billy’s seed from my achingly tender bung hole. Adjusting my clothes I begin to count back from one hundred(100), I wanted to make sure I followed Billy’s instructions clearly.When I had reached ten(10), I went to the door and listened closely. Hearing no one I slowly opened the door and peeked down the hallway, seeing no one I quickly stepped out into the hall way closing the door. As I turned there stood Billy and seven other of the schools thugs all with a conceited smug on their face. Billy spoke saying ‘…y’all thought I was lying when I said I was fucking a Bitch, well there he/she is…’ they all started to laugh and high five Billy.

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