The Breakdown

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There is a knock on the door. You open it to a woman about five and a half feet tall. She is dressed in a skin tight dress that barely covers her ass. The glint from the necklace she is wearing causes you to glance down at her round and perky tits. You can’t tell how much of her height is because of the heels she is wearing.

“Can I help you?” you ask the woman at the door.

“I have a flat tire and my phone is dead. I just need to call triple A. Can I use your phone?”

You look her up and down again and then glance at the time. It’s almost 8:00pm. She will never get a tow truck at this time of night.

“Sure come in,” you say as you hold the door open for her to enter.

Looking behind her first, the strange woman cautiously walks into your house. After using the phone she has a panicked look on her face.

“What’s wrong” you ask.

“They say they can’t get anyone out until noon tomorrow. What am I going to do? I don’t have funds for a hotel room for the night.” She replies.

You start to take pity on this stunning woman standing in front of you. You offer elvankent escort to help her change her tire. Following her to her car, you watch as her ass occasionally peeks out from below the short dress. She isn’t wearing any panties!!!

Finally, the two of you approach the car and you realize that if you don’t fix the tire she has nowhere to go. You take the flat tire off and then ask her where her spare is. She looks at you blankly and says she doesn’t have a spare that’s why she needed to cal Triple A. You respond “without a spare, I can’t fix it”

The woman gets an angry look on her face and says “Idiot, if I had a spare, I would have fixed it myself”. Her degrading words instantly causes you to get hard. So you can’t help yourself when she bends over to pick up a lugnut. You walk up behind her and just grab onto her ass. Mortified she turns to you and slaps you across the face. “What are you doing?” She demands.

“I… I… I was just going to offer to let you stay with me for the night. I am sure we can work something out” you say as you emek escort again grab onto her ass, this time one of your fingers actually rakes across her anus.

The woman looks at you again and slowly a smile spreads across her face. Almost shyly she says “sure” and then waits for you to head back to the house. She follows along.

As soon as the door closes to the house you push her against the wall face first. Her ass is sticking out only partially covered by the skimpy material of the dress. You hike the skirt up al the way to her lower back and just stare at the big ass that you set free. You drop to your knees and begin kissing her ass. Using your hands you spread her cheeks to allow your tongue to graze her tight anus. Circling around it, you attempt to push your tongue in. At this point the woman says “stop, I need to use the restroom”. Even though you don’t want to stop, you do. Then you lead her to the bathroom. A few minutes later the door opens and the woman is standing there and she looks at you with derision. “What the fuck? There is no tp in here, eryaman escort how am I supposed to use the bathroom?” You start to make excuses and she shushes you.

“I have a better idea” she says. “Since you have no TP, you will be by TP. Better yet, your tongue will be my by TP. Strip and lay on the floor!” She orders.

Not knowing what else to do, you comply. She comes over and squats over your face. “Lick my ass until I’m ready to go again you worthless fool.” She orders. Immediately your tongue comes out and starts licking her ass. She is obviously enjoying it as she grinds her ass into your tongue. Suddenly she stands up and comes and squats over your chest. She slowly starts shitting right on top of you. You can feel the heat from her poop as it hits your chest. She finishes and then stands and comes back to your face where she once again squats and tells you “clean my ass like the the worthless tp you are. You start licking her ass with gusto. Cleaning every crevice. Just as you finish, you decide to see if you can sneak a taste of her pussy. You quickly dart your tongue into her hot wet slit. Her response is to pee all over your face and into your mouth. “Swallow” she commands. Without thinking you do as your told.

Standing up now, she says, “well know that I relieved myself, I’m ready to fuck. Clean yourself up then come fuck me properly, if you can!”

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