The Brave Force

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The Brave ForceThe Brave ForceBy: Londebaaz ChohanThe Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong and at such a God forsaken time that nothing could hurt more in life.Leo was unable to understand, if something was wrong with him or what, because as he was growing in age, his interest in men was much more than in women. It was not until late that his bisexuality got materialized. He was younger than his sister Mia by almost 1 year but his sister was much taller. Of course; he had suffered a fever for over 6 months and his parents believed that his natural growth was stunted. Mia was not only taller but also much larger to handle him any time with zero problem. Maybe that was the reason that she was left in charge of the house whenever parents had to go out. The most things in family were going alright when nature thought to impose the Murphy’s Law on them. It was a rainy afternoon and dad was to pick up Mia from school. Mom had called her, not to take the school bus because dad was coming back from town and he had to pass by her school any way. Hardly 5 minutes on the way home out of the school on the parkway, the tragedy struck when a crazy driver ran over the median and hit them head on with over 80 mph. Dad was killed instantly and Mia died 1 day later without ever recovering from being u*********s; leaving mom and Leo alone to face the world.In the school, Leo was never large enough for any of the contact sports or games, so he got into the swimming team and his small and agile body paid good dividends. He became stronger but still did not gain much weight at all and remained much slimmer, looking much younger in age. Somehow, special diets and even working with weight exercises changed nothing a bit. With no other choice for mother and son to accept it as the fate. Although k**ding but his mother would also remind him that Mia could kick his ass anytime and it was not going to change anyway in her lifetime. She was very sad to know that his boy was called a ‘Sissy Boy’ in school; looking like a girl in his swimming trunks.Suddenly the coin of luck took a turn and mother was informed on the phone about the large insurance money that was coming to the family. Soon, they were much better off financially, when mother and son decided to move far away, not only from the bad memories but from the school environment as well to get a good handle on life. Leo made good grades in his studies and also continued with his swimming exercises at the new, larger and better facility. There were a lot of young and healthy, strong and bigger bodies around all the time to watch as they took a shower and changed clothes in the locker area. Leo just seemed to know the best timings for watching the big and macho guys and envy them for their big and strong muscles everywhere. His all grown groin but still looking smaller like the rest of his body; would come alive and churn the erection while he sat on the bench watching them intently. He was careful though, to be alert and keep the towel pulled over his bare penis and waited for the erection to soften and he quickly vacated the room after changing the dress and rush home for enjoying a long session of jerking himself. One afternoon; Leo saw his mother doing the most difficult task of disposing the clothes of his dad and sister. She sorted dad’s clothes and other things; put them in a bahis firmaları larger bag for the charity organization to pick it up. Next she came to Mia’s things. Leo watched carefully as she piled her stuff on the floor and started digging through. Leo noticed that she was separating all of her panties from the other stuff. Now Leo being a sissy; Mia had become the tomboy and mostly wore the cotton panties that looked like his undies but they had lace for distinction. Mom looked at Leo, telling him that he should take them all because the size would not fit her. There were almost a dozen pair that he took to his room and dropped them in the drawers before going out to ask mom if she needed any help to put the piles out on the porch. Later that night as Leo was getting ready to sleep, he took out those panties and started to inspect them. About half; though cotton but had the lace all around the opening at the waist and even at leg openings. 4 of them were nylon and very silky looking. Leo just could not resist and decided to put the silky one on for trying to see how they looked and was amazed to feel the softness of the material around his penis, making it hard. He was enormously happy because the masturbation session tonight was something altogether different. He was just unable to separate his hand from his cock. He moved his uncut and relatively thicker organ under the silky material to feel it extra sensitive. He knew; he would love to wear those panties all the time even when he had to go to school. Each day, he would leave his own underwear at home in the drawer and slip on one of those silky soft panties. During the period for swimming, he had to be careful; he always made sure that he had his locker away from others during changing and sometimes if possible he would start swimming a bit late making sure; the crowds were gone. The only person; Leo could not avoid was his swimming teacher Mr. Ivan Rove who was almost like a father to Leo after the death of his father. He had always offered extra ordinary lessons about swimming to Leo and reaching senior year in high school; Leo was very grateful about that. Maybe a week or 10 days later, for some reason Leo got late in leaving his class but he rushed to the pool for couple of laps before the custodian came and locked the doors. In a hurry; he stripped, leaving all his belongings on the bench in the locker room. He was almost sure, nobody except him would be there at that time. Of course he was wearing a pair of Mia’s silky panties with lace that day and inattentively; he left it on the bench too. He was quick in completing just a couple of laps in the water and came out, pacing fast to the locker room. He had a towel wrapped around his waist but as this pool was for gents only; men usually did not bother about dropping their towels and start drying themselves being on the way to locker room and same did Leo being totally naked.Rounding the corner to his locker; he suddenly gasped to see Mr. Rove stood up in front of his locker with those silky panties of Leo, in his hand. Nearing Mr. Rove; Leo could hear him say, “Very nice. I bet you look pretty in them as you are built like a young girl anyway”. By now he had rolled the panties of sexy material all over his hand. Now they were hardly inches away from one another when Mr. Rove asked Leo to put it on for him because he wanted to kaçak iddaa see; how sexy, Leo looked in them. Leo knew refusing this big man was not an option and yes, he dropped the towel; he was carrying in front of him with his face turning bright red with shame. Mr. Rove saw Leo’s soft penis length majestically dangling in front and did not take a moment to remark that he must have at least 7” when it was in the complete glory of length and width. “Not bad for a guy of your size, Leo”; he added and tossed the panties to Leo. After Leo had the panties on; he was asked to parade around in the locker room so that Mr. Rove could have a good look at his butt. “What a gorgeous little fem ass, you have” was the compliment and with that Mr. Rove jumped to grip one ass-cheek of Leo and squeezed it tight. Leo was kind of stunned but some other thoughts also popped in his mind as Mr. Rove turned him around for standing face to face. Mr. Rove took a seat on the bench between Leo’s legs, directly in front of him and boldly reached to grab the naked cock of Leo to start working on it causing it to erect and grow big. Leo looked worried and looked towards the door repeatedly but he was told, not to worry because Mr. Rove had met the custodian on his way in and took the keys from him; telling him to take it easy and go home assuring him of the lock up all secure. “We are all alone here”; said Mr. Rove to Leo and gently pulled Leo’s panties down and leaned in one swift motion to take at least 6 plus inch cock in his mouth to the Leo’s balls making him faint for a split second while the experienced mouth started working on the hardening cock of Leo. Soon Mr. Rove made Leo stretch on the bench, face up and let him have the best of the best climax ever. Just before Leo started shooting in Mr. Rove’s mouth; he felt a finger enter his ass painfully and quickly reach the prostate. Leo was in an awe feeling his body lose control and sensations began to jolt his cock and balls area causing a squirt after squirt of sperm juice in Sir’s mouth, who kept the suction at high speed until the balls did not push up any more for him to guzzle and lick Leo clean and dry and with a loud plopping sound the young cock reluctantly came out of the sucking mouth.It must not be 5 minutes that Leo lay there with his eyes closed trying to catch his breath, when he felt Mr. Rove move over his small frame of body on the narrow bench and he opened his eyes to find himself looking directly into the very thick and long barrel of a cock; no less than 9 or maybe even 10” long at least and thicker than his fist. It had a big drop of pre cum hanging at the tip; as Leo looked up with wonder and right then the drop fell on his lips and Sir Rove asking for the return of favor from his girly boy. “Now it is time for Daddy to feed you”, Leo heard Mr. Rove loud and clear starting to use him as his fuck toy. Mr. Rove started slow but quickly raised the pace of fucking Leo’s face calling him Sir’s ‘Little Whore’ and Sir’s ‘Cock Slut’ and many more names for the very status of the teen Leo. Mr. Rove told Leo that he belonged to him and he was going to take his ass soon. Leo whimpered with the thought of the monster in his throat going to be shoved up his tight virgin ass hole but he also knew deep in his heart that Sir Rove was not going to do wrong and he will soon be making a woman out of Leo for kaçak bahis repeated use. After gagging, guzzling and swallowing on the first sperm load of Mr. Rove; Leo was hardly regaining his composure, when he was pushed towards the workout room next door and forced onto a low workout horse. Leo was also enjoying the entire new feeling of being abused and controlled in humble and total submission setting him free of all hesitations and shyness. Suddenly Mr. Rove remembered something and he rushed back to the locker room and to reappear soon with a small tube of Brylcreem to be used as a lube for ass fucking of the teen boy.Mr. Rove took a liberal coating of the lube on his fingers and forced them into the tight virgin asshole. Leo moaned loud with the pain shooting up his spine but Sir was on a mission and paid no heed to any protest and kept shoving his fingers deeper inside Leo’s ass to the 3rd knuckle and making sure the lube was rolled all around the getting ready and willingly violated ass. It was a very short lived relief when Mr. Rove pulled his fingers out but to line up his big mushroom with the relaxed opening. “Ahh Fuck”!!! With a sharp and sudden stab, the ass was penetrated to the hilt like it were being fucked the millionth time. Leo screamed in pain as Sir thrust for the second time wedging all his cock length into the once virgin ass hole. Leo’s screams echoed through the workout room as the cherry ass was ripped and torn, destroyed forever. Sir Rove kept yelling, “You are mine now and I am going to fuck you blind whenever and wherever I need my sex, my selfish sex satisfied. I shall do it every chance I get” and with the force and power of his thighs and hips; buried his last inch or so in the already tight stretched small ass canal, making his balls rest on the hole. With about a 30 seconds break; he held Leo like a chicken skewered on the fire for roasting inside out with the searing pain in the depths of the rectum. It was more like a pig roasting on Sir Rove’s cock skewer. He was telling the student to be in a late class every evening in his office; to leave for his studio apartment only few blocks away for fucking on his command for as long as his cock and balls endured. Leo’s panting and crying like a whore because of his sore ass did not do any good for him and the brutal fucking abuse just kept widening the rectal gash to the newer size. Sir Rove was relentless and his fucking machine was also insatiable. Soon the once virgin ass was now fucked so much that its opening began to hang open and look like a fucked up vagina fucked by miles long hard male sex meat. Soon Sir Rove started to share this pussy with a very selected friends of his and Leo was always introduced with respect as a willing faggot ‘Pussy Boy’. Most of them men stressed that they be called ‘Daddy’ by Leo. Soon Leo realized that serving 5—6 daddies every evening including Sir Rove, flooding his mouth with their climaxing brew and 5—6 men lining to fuck or fist him was impossible to take and with a very heavy heart he decided to leave and join the brave Army force to somehow get away from the loony crowd. Sir Rove was absolute livid and furious but he could not do a thing he knew and only requested for one last chance for banging Leo senseless and take out the last wrath on that ‘Ass Pussy’ he helped in making.Leo could never ever forget the facial expressions of the Army doctor; who examined Leo for his physical. Doctor kept shaking his head as he stamped ‘PASS’ on his papers and signed them.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Sept. 12, 2019.

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