The Birthday Present

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I ordered you a special gift for your birthday and it has arrived just in time.

It is a special collection of toys for your pleasure.

I get them wrapped up and present them to you when you get home.

You open the package excitedly and become even more excited when you see what is inside.

It is a bondage kit and has all the things we need for a night of fun and pleasure.

You pull all of the new toys out of the box and lay them on the table.

Locking cuffs for your wrists and ankles and a paddle for your ass and more.

We both are excited to try it all out and gather it up and head to the bedroom.

We both strip down and go into the bathroom to get a shower.

As we wash each other we are getting more and more excited.

My soapy hands slide over your body and I gently massage your breasts.

Your nipples are getting harder and I lightly pinch them.

Sliding my hands on down your body I slide one between your legs.

My fingers glide over your lips and softly brush over your clit.

Feeling your clit getting harder I gently rub it as our excitement builds.

Putting more pressure on your clit as I rub it you begin to moan.

As you start to tremble I slide my finger inside you and rub your clit with my hand.

You tense your body and you begin to shake as casino şirketleri your orgasm moves through your body.

After we shower I get my shorts and shirt on but have you stay nude.

I put your collar on your with your leash and then the cuffs and shackles.

I pull your arms behind you and lock your hands behind your back.

I lead you to the living room and have some of the toys in my pocket.

Having you lay down across my lap I softly rub your ass.

Taking the lotion and putting some on your ass I rub it around and down around your asshole.

I lubricate you asshole good and slowly slide a finger inside it.

I work my finger in and out a few times then push another finger in with it.

As you asshole loosens up I take the butt plug and slide it gently into your asshole.

As it gets into the point your asshole closes around the handle I softly rub your ass again.

Then I take the paddle and give you a gentle spank on each cheek of your ass.

After each spank I move your but plug around then spank you just a little harder.

You try to get up and I grab you by the hair and hold you down.

When you settle down I take the dildo and slowly slide it inside your pussy.

I tell you to tighten your pussy around and hold it as I spank you again.

Every time I spank casino firmaları you I slide the dildo in and out of you then have you hold it again.

When your ass is good and red I have you lay on your back on the couch.

You raise your ass up so that I can put a couple of pillows under it.

I spread your pussy lips and pull them back to expose your clit.

Taking the small whip I begin spanking your pussy and clit.

Every time the whip hits your clit you jump and try to move.

I place my hand on your stomach and hold you in place.

Again I push the dildo inside your pussy and move it around in circles.

Getting the vibrator I put it against your clit and in only a few seconds you begin to tremble.

Your orgasm moves through you like an ocean wave.

When you settle down I help you up and lead you to the bedroom.

I unlock your hands and put them in front of you.

I lock them back together and lay you in the middle of the bed.

I take the rope and tie your hands to the top of the bed.

Then I tie your ankles to the bottom corners of the bed.

I get on top of your and lean down kissing you passionately.

I kiss down to your neck and tell you how much I love you.

I kiss my way down to your breast and run my tongue around your nipples.

Gently güvenilir casino I wrap my lips around then suck them into my mouth.

Lightly I bite them with my teeth and pull on them.

Then I kiss my way down your stomach and kiss your belly button.

I kiss your body down to your pussy and around it.

Kissing up and down each side of your pussy you try to move around.

I run my tongue all around your pussy then up along your lips.

I push my tongue between your lips and taste your sweet love.

I gently start to pull the butt plug out of your asshole.

When it is out I run my tongue around your asshole.

Going back up to your clit I lick it and rubbing it with my tongue.

Wrapping my lips around your clit I gently suck it into my mouth..

As I suck you clit I slowly push my fingers into your pussy.

When they are wet with your juices I move one to your asshole.

Softly rubbing your asshole I begin to push my finger inside it.

Tenderly I bite your clit as my fingers move in and out of you.

You quickly begin to tremble as another orgasm moves through your body.

Not giving you time to recover I move up and slowly push my erection inside you.

My excitement is out of control and I push into you hard and deep.

Loosing all control we both begin to tremble and shake and we explode in a wonderful orgasm.

Fireworks are bursting in our minds as we shake all over.

Exhausted I collapse and lay down beside you.

I unlock your wrists and we hold each other kissing passionately.

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