The Birthday Present -Part 2

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Brittney lays cradled in Catherine’s arms. Her head is resting on her chest, as Catherine’s hand strokes her back up and down.  Brittney has just found out that hidden in her sweet kind lover there was a Dom just waiting to get out. Brittney leans up and caresses Catherine’s cheek before she places a light kiss on her lips.  Kissing first the bottom and then top lips. She hears Catherine moan slightly for her and Brittney deepens the kiss her tongue sliding along Catherine’s lips before slipping inside. She stops and looks into Catherine’s eyes telling her,“Sweetheart that was wonderful. Thank you so much for doing that.” “Baby don’t thank me, I think I may have enjoyed it more than you did. Besides we are not done yet. The night is young and there is more I want to do with you.” She replies smiling at her lover.“Oh really?” Brit asks, looking up at Catherine.“Yes my love. Now you stay there, I will be right back.”Catherine heads into the bathroom grabbing a bag that was sitting on the dresser. Brittney looks at her quizzically wondering what is in store for her next. She is still surprised and pleased with Catherine dominating her earlier. She can’t believe how lucky she is to have found such a wonderful giving woman in her life. Someone open to trying new things and seemingly willing to try anything at least once for her lover. Brittney lays her head back on the pillow as kaçak iddaa she waits for Catherine’s return.Catherine looks in the mirror and shakes her head at herself. She has never worn a strap-on before and she thinks she looks ridiculous with this cock jutting out from her but she knows her lover has mentioned more than once she would like her to wear one and have her way with her. Although she has come to admit to herself that the idea of fucking Brittney this way is appealing to her she is still nervous and unsure of herself. But she loves Brittney and more than anything she wants to make her birthday something she will remember for a long time. So taking a deep breath she says to herself remember, be the aggressive name calling Dom your baby wants. And with that thought she heads back into the bedroom.Brittney looks up as Catherine comes out of the bathroom. She smiles as her lover walks out nude her beautiful breasts bouncing a little as she walks and looking lower her eyes widen as she sees the strap on her lover is wearing for her.“Is that for me sweetheart?” Brittney asks jokingly as she looks at the cock jutting out from Catherine.Catherine taking the cock in her hand and stroking it up and down says,“Yes it is you little whore, now come here and suck it.”“Yes ma’am.” Brittney crawls over to kneel in front of her and Catherine takes her head in her hands and starts kaçak bahis to push the cock into Brittney’s mouth slowly. She begins sliding the cock in deeper and faster when she feels Brittney’s hands on her ass.“You like it don’t you slut?”“Mm-hmm.”  Catherine starts to move her hips faster and harder. Forcing the cock deeper into Brittney’s mouth and throat she tells her,“Yeah take it you little whore. Suck it.”As the cock goes deeper and faster Brittney begins to struggle a little as she starts to gag on it. She tries to pull away but Catherine is having none of that.“You want to be my slut then gag for me you little cocksucker. Yeah that’s it… take whore… take it all.”Then suddenly she pulls the cock out and Brittney gasps for breath. Catherine pulls Brittney’s hair back making her look up to her saying,“Do you like sucking my cock you little whore? Do you?”“Yes…yes…mistress I love your cock.” Brittney quickly replies.Brittney’s body is quickly responding to her lover as she feels a dampness growing between her legs. She loves when Catherine calls her names. And the cock Brittney is so excited at the thought of Catherine fucking her with it she can’t stand it any longer. “I want your cock inside me… please fuck me… I need it.”“I know you want me you little slut but not so fast.” Catherine tells her stroking her face.“Now stand up.” Catherine grabs Brittney’s hair illegal bahis and pulls her quickly to her feet. She grabs her nipples and begins to pull and twist them slightly, making Brittney moan for her. Then she takes her head in her hands and kisses her hard on the mouth her tongue sliding in and out, making love to her mouth with her tongue. She pushes her cock against Brittney and feels Brittney respond moving her hips back and forth against her.Catherine steps away and finding the nipple clamps, she smiles turning back to Brittney.“Baby… I mean Mistress… please they are still sore from earlier.” Brittney says as her hands go to her breasts covering them.“I know they are, but I want you to wear them for me. Put your hands down now.” She commands her.Brittney lowers her hands excited and a little nervous as her lover comes closer. Catherine plays with her nipple again and then slips the clamps on Brittney’s nipples. Brittney cries out as each nipple is clamped. Loving how the pain turns her on making her want Catherine all the more. Catherine responds to the sound as well getting even more turned on by the moment. She can’t believe how much the sound of her lover in pain excites her. All she wants to do is throw her down and have her way with her. She pictures herself on top of Brittney thrusting her cock inside her making her moan and writhe beneath her. She wants to bite her and mark her as hers but she restrains herself wanting to draw this out just a little longer.“Come here and suck on my breast slut.” Catherine tells her.Brittney smiles more than happy to do as commanded.

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