The Birds and the Bees Ch. 02

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It had been amazing. What had started with our parents giving us a simple lecture on the birds and the bees had turned into…well, if you read the first part of my story, you already know.

First we saw dad fuck mom. That was an eye-opening demonstration they hadn’t originally planned. Then mom gave my brother Mike a blow job. Then dad started touching my almost bald pussy. (Yes, I’m 18, but I’m not overly developed – I still have baby boobs really. Not like my mom’s beautiful tits.) He was doggy-fucking mom at the time and had started to get really excited. Dave still hadn’t cum, and I was suddenly feeling really hot, so mom and dad let Dave do it to me. It felt so good, but he shot his load into me so quickly that I really, really, really needed more. So, eventually, I persuaded mom to let dad do it to me. Well, his cock was so big that I needed a lot of help from mom to get it into me, but when it slid all the way in – my head just exploded. It was AMAZING. Mom got so excited by watching me ride my dad’s monster cock that she helped Mike fuck her ass.

But when it was all over, mom came to her senses.

“Yes, this was fun,” she said, “But this is the last time it will happen. Okay, everyone? The class is over. No more of this will be happening. And I don’t want either of you to have sex with anyone until after your 21st birthday. Understand?”

We went to bed soon after. Even though the Birds & Bees lesson started at only 7.30, it was after 11.00 by the time we finished. But even though I was tired, I could hardly sleep. First, my pussy was soooo sore. I’d fingered myself regularly, but never had a cock in it – especially one as big as my dad’s. But mainly I was just buzzing. I’d often thought a about sex but never dreamed it could be so good.

So for a long time, I just lay there in bed. My hand was on my pussy, softly rubbing it, like a bruise, but a lovely bruise, remembering having my dad’s cock in it – and Mike’s. Without really noticing, I started to rub my clit. That was one very useful lesson mom had taught me. Why hadn’t I thought of doing that before now! Suddenly I found myself moaning softly. I hadn’t wanted to, but I was making myself hot again. I kept on thinking about how I lowered myself down on my dad’s cock, how mom lubricated my pussy to help, and good it felt when I slid all of his nine inches into me.

I crept out of my bedroom, down the hall, and stood outside the door of my parent’s room, rubbing my clit every step of the way. I don’t know why, maybe I just wanted to be near my dad’s cock. The door wasn’t fully closed, and I was surprised to hear that my parents were still awake. They were talking, and my mother sounded very concerned.

“That was terrible. We should never have let that happen. We’re awful parents. How could we do that?”

My dad didn’t say anything. Mom kept talking.

“Poor little Julie. You almost split her in half with your huge cock. I hope we haven’t put her off sex. How could you do that to her.”

My dad didn’t want to take all the blame.

“It wasn’t my idea. She wanted it. And you were the one who lubricated he pussy for me. You seemed to enjoy that a little too much, I thought.”

Mom went quiet for a moment, then spoke.

“She has a lovely little pussy. I wanted to lick it, but that would have been awful of me.”

Dad laughed.

“Well you didn’t seem to mind sucking Mike’s cock.”

Mom kept her tone serious.

“Well, I was impressed by his cock. It was so big and firm. He’ll be just as big as you one day, maybe bigger.”

Dad agreed.

“Yes, he’s a chip off the old block. And he certainly didn’t mind using it, either. He gave it to Julie real good. And to you. I was surprised you let him fuck you up the ass.”

“Well, I suppose we’d gone so far by then that nothing seemed to matter anymore. But we’ll have to keep on eye on them for a while, in case they want to do it again. They seemed to enjoy it a little too much, if you ask me, and I don’t want them fucking each other every time we turn around. That goes for you too. “

Dad laughed.

“Okay, I’ll leave Mike alone.”

But mom was having none of that.

“You know what I mean. You seemed to like Julie’s tight pussy an awful lot. So leave it alone.”

“Okay, I’ll leave her pussy alone.”

Mom saw through him right away.

“Leave all of her alone. That includes her mouth and ass. She’s still an anal virgin and we should leave her that way. And anyway, there’s no way your cock could get into şişli escort her tiny ass. You know that.”

Dad suddenly changed his voice to a funny, deeper sound.

“But my cock fits just right in your ass…”

Then they both laughed and I heard some shuffling and grunting and right away I knew exactly what was happening. Suddenly I heard a whispered voice at my ear.

“Dad’s fucking mom’s ass.”

I almost hit the roof, I jumped so high with fright. It was Mike. He’d been standing behind me the whole time, listening into the conversation.

“Mike! You scared me! What are you doing here?”

“Same as you. I couldn’t sleep. Hmmm…lucky dad. I loved fucking mom’s ass. It was so tight.”

“Well dad says my ass would be much tighter.”

Mike laughed.

“Of course it is, it’s never been fucked. What are you doing?”

Mike had suddenly noticed that I had my fingers in my pussy. I hardly knew it myself, but I’d been fingering my pussy the whole time I’d been listening to mom and dad talk. I made an excuse.

“It’s just…um…it’s sore, so I’m rubbing it.”

Mike smiled.

“I could rub it for you.”

That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Okay. But be gentle. It really is sore.”

We were still standing in the hallway, outside mom and dad’s bedroom. Mike quickly put his hand on my pussy, but I stopped him.

“Wait. It’ll be easier if I lie down.”

I pulled my nightie off and lay on my back on the hallway carpet, totally naked. The cool night air gave me goosebumps. Or maybe it was the excitement. Mom and dad had started to get noisy – they were going at it hard and mom was moaning into her pillow, trying to keep quiet. Mike put his hand softly on my pussy.

“Where was your clit, you know, the bit mom talked about.”

I showed him the way. He was a quick learner – he soon had me tingling with sexual tension. I reach down and slipped my hand into his pyjama pants. His cock was rock hard and throbbing. And suddenly I had an idea.

“If you kiss mine, I’ll kiss yours.”

He didn’t have to be asked twice. He slipped out of his pyjama pants and quickly pushed his cock into my face.

“Slow down – not so rough. If you lie on your back, it will be easier for me.”

He did as he was told. I swiveled around and straddled my legs either side of his face, then took his cock into my hands. It felt huge in the dark. I gave it a little flick with my tongue, just getting a taste. It tasted odd. Then I ran my tongue the full length of his cock. Mike moaned. I suddenly realized that I was in the perfect position of power. I was in control. I lowed my hips, positioning my pussy directly onto his lips.

“Lick me. On my clit.”

I felt his tongue on my hot spot and started to shake. Ooh, I felt good. I pushed my pussy down hard on his face and in one move took his cock into my mouth. He gasped with pleasure, and I pushed my pussy down onto his open mouth. It was heaven! He started pumping his cock into my mouth, but I was able to control his thrusts with my hands. I was learning fast. And so was Mike. His tongue was going overtime on my pussy and I could feel my pussy juices pouring over his face. In the bedroom, the moaning was getting louder and louder.

Then Mike had an idea. I felt my ass cheeks part. He started to lick closer and closer to my asshole. Then his fingers started to probe around my asshole. I knew exactly what he had in mind, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. Hadn’t mom said my ass was too tight yet? But that was for dad’s cock. Maybe I could take Mike’s six inches. The idea got me very excited. As Mike started to slide a finger into my asshole, I started to grind my hips against his hand, making him push further and further into me. With pussy juice all around my asshole now, he was able to slide in a second finger. I was sure I was ready. I said it:

“Do you want to do it to me there?”

Mike didn’t have to be asked twice. Without saying a word, he pulled his cock from my mouth, got onto his knees, and turned my over onto my belly. He moved around behind me, then pulled me up to my knees, so I could feel his hot cock pressing against my ass. He slid his hand back into my pussy – four fingers went in easy now – and wiped pussy juice all over my asshole, swirling it around, then plunged two fingers deep inside my ass. I groaned. It hurt, but I still wanted it. Badly.

“Come on Mike, do it, fuck my ass, please, do it now.”

“Just a little escort ankara more cunt juice, Julie.”

Mom wouldn’t like him using that word, but it only made me hotter. Now he slid three fingers into me. A moment later, I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my asshole.

“Ready Sis?”

“Doooo Itttttt!” I groaned through gritted teeth.

And he did. He pushed hard against my asshole, and two inches rammed into me. My asshole felt like a red hot poker was being jammed into it. I groaned. Mike was concerned.

“You okay.”

But I wasn’t looking for sympathy, I wanted his cock up my ass.

“Do it! Fuck my ass! Do it.”

He slid his cock out a little way, then rammed it all the way in – six inches, all the way to the hilt, so I could feel his balls against my clit. I didn’t want to, but I could help it. It was just so good. It hurt, it stung, it stretched my ass further than I thought it could ever stretch, but it made me cum instantly. It was beyond anything I could imagine. And even though I clenched my teeth, I could help screaming out.


Suddenly the lights were on.

There were my mom and dad, both naked, dad still with a massive hard on, looking down on their son and daughter, on their hands and knees in the hallway, with their son ramming his cock hard up their daughter’s ass. And they didn’t stop.

I looked up at them through glazed eyes, but I was only interested in Mike.

“Harder, harder…fuck my ass harder. Pleaaase…Oh God fuck my ass harderrrrmmmmmmm.”

And he did. He kept fucking my ass, even though my mother told him to stop, told us both to stop. But we didn’t. And then Mike groaned out loud. I felt hot cum squirt up my asshole, then drip down my thigh. And I just kept cumming and cumming. And I wanted more, much, much more.

“Daddy, please daddy, now you, now you. Please fuck my ass just like you were fucking mommy.”

My mother was shocked.

“No, no, no. This has to stop.”

But I was crying. Mike had slumped onto his back, his cock shriveled, but I needed more. Tears were pouring from my eyes.

“Please mommy, make daddy fuck my ass. Pleaaaasse!”

By now I was howling. My mother didn’t know what to do. But my dad did. I was still on my knees, my ass raised desperately waiting for another cock. Dad walked around behind me. Mom tried to stop him.

“No, don’t, you can’t. We talked about this. We’re not doing this anymore.”

But dad was on my side.

“Look at her honey. She’s a wreck. She needs it. You, of all people, know exactly how she feels. She’s just like you and you know it.”

I just kept crying.

“Please fuck my ass daddy, pleeeeasse!”

Mom slumped down on the floor. She sat naked with her elbows on her knees, legs apart, eyes looking upset. She gave in.

“Okay. Fuck her ass. But be gentle. You’re just so big.”

And dad was big, huge in fact. But when I felt his cock against my asshole, I didn’t care.

“Put it in daddy, please, just put it in.”

And he did. There was cum pouring out of my pussy, and dad rubbed some on his cock and over my asshole to lubricate me a little more, but Mike had stretched my asshole nicely, so even though dad’s cock was thicker and much longer, it still slid in easily.

I exploded. I took a fat nine inches in my tiny asshole as if I’d been doing it for years. And dad loved it too. He pounded me harder and harder, and I just kept cumming and cumming, screaming with pleasure.

Just watching dad fucking my ass got Mike all excited again, and when he saw mom sitting with her legs wide open, he decided he try out his new skills. He sat down beside her and put one hand over her shoulder, then slid his other hand down between her legs, expertly finding her clit. Mom’s eyes popped open in surprise. Then Mike kissed mom’s nipple. She was about to stop him, when he slid his head down to her pussy and flicked her clit with his tongue. Instead of pushing him away, she opened her legs wider. He had found the key to the door.

And while dad fucked my ass, I watched, half in a dream, as my brother slipped his tongue into my mom’s pussy.

Suddenly dad groaned. I felt a huge gush of cum squirt into my asshole. Then I had another idea. What would dad’s cum taste like. I pulled myself free from his cock, swiveled around, and took his cock into my mouth just as the last squirts of cum shot out. Even then, it quickly filled my mouth. It was hot and sweet. ankara escor Without thinking, I swallowed. For a moment I thought I would choke. I coughed. But dad, surprised by what I had done, wasn’t going to give up this pleasure lightly. He held onto my head and pushed his cock further into my mouth, giving me more cum – where was it all coming from!

Now my ass and pussy were facing Mike and my mom. Mom reached out and gently touched my pussy, still moaning with Mike licking her clit. She looked up at my dad, who was now pumping my face – his cock, which had started to go soft after cumming in my ass, was rock hard again. Then mom spoke.

“Okay, we’ve gone this far. We might as well give our little Julie the full treatment.”

I took dad’s cock out of my mouth – something he didn’t’ like – but I wanted to know what mom meant. Mike stopped licking mom’s pussy to listen. Dad looked quizzical.

“What do you mean, honey?”

Mom reached over, put her hands round me, and cuddled my hps.

“You know exactly what I mean.”

Then dad’s eyes lit up.

“Is she ready for that?”

Mom shook her head.

“I didn’t think she was ready for any of this, but it seems our Julie is a very special girl. Come on everyone, onto the bedroom.”

Mom made dad lay on the bed on his back. His cock stood up like a flagpole.

“Okay Julie, you know what to do next.”

I certainly did. My pussy was sore from the fucking it had received only a few hours earlier, and now my ass was red raw too, but I wasn’t going to miss any chance to have my dad’s beautiful cock inside me. I mounted him carefully, but with all the pussy juice dripping from me, his monster slid into me easily. I sighed as I felt him stretch my insides. But what did mom have in mind next? I soon found out.

“Move to the edge of the bed, so you dad’s legs hang over. That’s it. Now lift your ass in the air.”

I did as I was told. I felt my mom’s hands parting my ass cheeks. For a moment she slid a finger into my ass.

Now Mike, it’s your turn. Come and fuck your sister’s ass.

Wow! I was going to get two cocks in me at once. Mike almost fell down, he was in such a hurry to do as mom asked. A moment later he was pressing his cock against my asshole – and then, suddenly, there were two cocks pumping into me. My body turned to jelly. How much pleasure can anyone take without erupting! I was the meat in an amazing sex sandwich. And even though I had cum and cum so many times already that night, I came again – and again.

But mom wasn’t finished yet. She got onto the bed, She got on her hands and knees over my dad’s head and pushed her pussy towards my face.

“Come on you little bitch – lick mommy’s pussy!”

I was shocked to hear my mom call me a bitch, but her dripping pussy was too much to resist. I held onto her hips and pushed my face against her cunt – I’m starting to like the sound of that word – and flicked my tongue into her. Her pussy – her cunt, her juicy, delicious cunt – tasted just like heaven. Then I went one better.

With a cock in my cunt, a cock in my ass and a pussy in my mouth, I decided not to let my hands go to waste – I rammed three fingers into my mom’s ass. She squealed like a pig, and then I felt cum pouring out of her pussy into my mouth. A moment later Mike and dad groaned, almost at the same second, and I felt an explosion of hot cum in both my holes. I had cum in my mouth, cum in my cunt and cum in my ass. It was dripping down my legs, my belly, down my chin, everywhere. And I was cumming and cumming and cumming.

And then there was silence.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow we all slumped down on the bed and almost instantly fell asleep. We were utterly exhausted. And no wonder – it was 4am and we’d been fucking almost non-stop since 7.30 in the evening.

When I woke up, I saw dad’s shriveled cock just a few inches from my face. He was still asleep. I turned my head and there was mom’s pussy. She was still asleep too. I looked to the other end of the bed, and there was Mike – he had a huge hard on and was trying to put it in mom’s mouth.

“Don’t wake her. I’ll do it. Let’s go into my room.”

We left our parents there, asleep. I looked at dad’s cock, still huge even when it wasn’t erect. I felt my pussy and ass tingle. Mom’s legs were apart and I remembered just how good it had tasted. Mike grabbed my hand.

“Come on, let them sleep. If you swallow my cum, I’ll lick your pussy again.”

I smiled.

“Okay. Do you want to have a shower together afterwards? We’ll see if we can fuck standing up.”

There was so much for us still to learn. We tiptoed out of the room and continued on our adventure into the new world our loving parents had introduced us to.

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