The Best Of My Life Part 2

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The Best Of My Life Part 2If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 so you’re not lost if you’re feeling lost.—Her mom would be gone all weekend until Monday morning and I could see it in Stephanie’s eyes. She knew what wanted and she wanted it NOW. She made a leap and I caught her in my arms easily. We started french kissing and necking heavily for a long time. “My bed. NOW.” Stephanie whispered, finally breaking the silence. I was more than happy to comply with that and carried her over to her bed, a full-size queen bed. How they managed to get it through the cellar door, down the concrete steps and into the basement, I will never know for sure. I had no idea either if she was still a virgin or not, but I guess I would find out soon enough. I could smell it in the air: she wanted me REALLY bad. I kicked off my shoes while I let her do her thing. “Hey now, what do we have here?” she said, touching my wood through my jeans. I started to unbuckle my belt. “Mm-mm.” she said, moving my hand away. “You just relax and let me get that.” She was grinning from ear to ear again as she started unbuckling my belt and lowering jeans and boxers as I stepped out of them. “Whoa, not bad. Not bad at all.” I was at most 6, maybe 6 ½ inches hard and 2-3 inches wide and clean-shaven around the base and stones for Erin. Stephanie, all of a sudden, got up and I thought that was the end of it, teasing me and then telling me that it was all a joke. “Lay down.” she said as she let her hair down out of her ponytail and took her headband out. I laid down as Stephanie knelt down on the bed beside me. I let out a small canlı bahis gasp under my breath as her delicate fingers wrapped around my hardness. “Blow or hand?” she said. I thought about it for a moment. “Surprise me.”“You got it.” She started to nurse the tip at first, which was already wet in the first place and began to go to town on the shaft by stroking it gently at first, then increased speed gradually. She was doing such a good job as I stroked her hair gently. She was experienced, alright. As much as Erin, even. (I’ll get to Erin later on). “I’m about to come!” I said. Stephanie stopped sucking, removed her mouth, but kept on stroking rapidly. I came a few minutes later in a small rapid-fire fountain of sticky, white hot come.“Wow.” was all Stephanie had to say in amazement at my feat. “Say, how do you think you can last? Normally, I mean.”“Eh, about 35 minutes or so. Why?”“Just wondering.” Stephanie said with a smile.I smelled something like I had smelled earlier: musky in odor, yet sweet like honey. I knew exactly what it was: Stephanie was starting to get wet. “My turn.” I said after a few minutes of reveling in the release while getting up, getting my dick licked clean, helping Stephanie get her track shorts and panties down and off, getting her shirt and bra off while she helped me unbutton my shirt and get it off. “Lay down.” she did as I said and laid on the bed. “You a virgin?” I finally asked after enough courage. “Yep.” she said matter-of-factly. “Never got far enough into a relationship for anything serious, not even with Adam or Tim. Tom,” she said, referring to her bahis siteleri last boyfriend, Tom, a senior this year. “couldn’t get any from me, so he decided to dump me for that two-bit whore he was with.” I knew who she meant: one of the junior guys I used to sit with at lunch had also dated her for a long time. I thought she was hot to trot at first with her bleach-blonde hair, perfectly bubble ass, and D-cup breasts. Hell, even I wanted a go at her. But after she fucked him, gave him a blowjob, had sex with him in one of the school bathrooms, before finally dumping him, I started to share the guy’s point of view of her being a whore for dumping him for Tom. All the while, I was getting Stephanie even more wetter than she already was. I gave her puss a few licks at first to taste her, which was sticky, but sweet as honey and elicited a few low moans out of her, so I continued by using a technique shown to me, then stopped and began to finger her while I sucked on her breasts. She threw her head back in ecstasy and began to moan even louder while I swirled the areola with my tongue and occasionally went back to French kissing while squeezing and kneading a handful of breast. “Oh, Will…” she moaned quietly. “I’m gonna come soon…” Without missing a beat (pun intended), I began to speed up my two fingers going in and out repeatedly. After about 5 minutes, Stephanie cried out in pleasure, “SHIT! I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!…”, as her first orgasm ripped through her like a bat out of hell, leaving her breathing raggedly afterwards, then holding me in a long, steamy kiss that seemed güvenilir bahis to last forever. “You’re a great lover, Will.” she said once she got her breath back. After about another 5 minutes, I was pumped (again, pun intended) and ready to go. I got up on the bed and pulled Stephanie by her ankles closer to me. I looked her straight in the eyes, shared a long, deep kiss, and smiled. “Ready?” I said, back again at being hard as a rock and at full-length. “She nodded in assent. I went slow at first, then began to build up momentum for that one big push. I began pushing up against her hymen. “You ready?” I asked her solemnly. “Yeah! Ready, Freddy!” I rammed at full speed once and that was all it took. Stephanie screamed into a pillow as I entered her and began to fuck her good. After about half an hour, I felt myself about to come big time. “I’m going to come soon.” I said. “Yeah, me too!” Stephanie screamed back in between pants.”You on the pill?””No!””Don’t worry.” I said, now thanking God that all those hits, kicks, and humourous accidents to the crotch had made me that way.“I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna COME!” Stephanie cried out again as her second orgasm ripped through her again, the last word ending in a squeal. A few seconds later, I felt my come explode and wash through her. I collapsed on the bed next to her after a little bit and began to comfort her as we fell asleep on her bed. I stayed with her until she woke up and morning came around. I crept back home under the cover of darkness as the few first rays of the dawn began to poke through the trees. I made up a story that I went out and partied till 3am and my parents believed it.That night, I got a call from Erin saying she wanted to see me again, which in her tone of voice that she was using meant, “Come and fuck me again, Will.”

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