The Best Laid Plans

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Holly Hamill was a little drunk. Not much, just a little tipsy and giggly. She walked into the living room of the old house with her husband Matt. Just behind them came her sister Riannon and her husband Sean. They had all been out to dinner and had had a few bottles of wine.

Holly was twenty five, tall and willowy with very long, coltish legs that went up to a very muscular butt. Her 34B breasts were just the right size for her slight frame. She had a pretty face with long brown hair and bee stung lips.

Riannon was twenty two, slightly shorter and much curvier then her sister. She had 36C breasts and a round, heartshaped ass. Her short black hair framed a pixeyish face with a pug nose and green eyes.

The Hamill sisters had been out celebrating their anniversaries. They had been married on the same day, but two years apart. Everyone still called them the Hamill sisters even though they were married. Holly had taken over the house when their mother moved out. Riannon and Sean lived in Durham and she was finishing college at UNH.

Holly had been married for three years and Riannon just a year. They had both decided that they wanted to start their families now and start having children. They had always been especially close, even for sisters, and had hatched the plan to try to become pregnant on the same day so that their children might be born at the same time. Their husbands had been enthusiastic participants to the scheme.

The first part of the plan had been to go out tonight and have a good time and get a buzz on to relax. Holly had worn a classic little black dress with spaghetti straps and black thigh-high stockings with four inch high “fuck me” pumps. Riannon had worn an iridescent green dress that clung to her curvy butt and boobs and the same heels as her sister. They were a stunning pair.

The plan was for them to all go back to the house and then Holly and Matt would retire to their bedroom while Riannon and Sean used the guest room downstairs. Holly poured them all another glass of wine and they sat down to chat and catch up for a few minutes all of them in anxious anticipation of what was to come.

Both Holly and Riannon were a little high and their inhibitions, and they didn’t have many, all were falling by the wayside. Riannon looked over at her handsome husband sitting next to Holly’s equally handsome man and smiled.

She leaned over to her sister’s ear and whispered “Let’s give them a dance to get them started. They’ll go crazy!”

Holly stood up and walked over and hit Play on the CD player and some jazzy blues started to fill the room. She walked back to her sister and took her hand and they danced to the middle of the room and faced their husbands.

Riannon and Holly started to move their hips and bodies to the music. Holly looked Matt in the eye and started to teasingly lift the hem of her short black dress and then let it drop back again. She let the straps fall off her shoulders and they caught on her upper arms stopping the dress from falling just by catching on the upper swells of her breasts. Both Sean and Matt had sizable tents in the front of their pants.

Riannon was finding it hard to move as sensuously as she wanted in the tight green dress. She looked over to Sean and licked her lips and hen reached for the side zipper on the dress. She slowly worked it down and the dress fell and pooled at her feet. She stepped out of it. All she was wearing now was a very brief pair of dusky rose boyshorts and a strapless see-through bra of the same color. A string of pearls and the slutty heels completed her outfit.

Holly looked over at her sister slightly shocked. Not by her semi-nudity, they were too close for that to be a surprise; instead it was because how turned on she was to see her own sister almost nude and moving to the music. Holly realized that her sister had grabbed the spotlight and she was determined to get it back. She let the thin straps fall down her arms and her dress was on the floor. Holly hadn’t bothered with any underwear, she figured it would be coming off soon enough when they got home and, anyway, it drove Matt crazy to know she was sitting in the restaurant naked under her dress. Holly stood in the middle of the floor in just a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings and her black “fuck me” heels.

Matt and Sean were squirming on the couch as the girls looked at each other and smiled. Curvy Riannon bursting out of her bra and panties and willowy Holly nude except for her spectacular legs encased in sheer black nylon. Each thought how sexy the other looked and their bodies moved towards each other.

Sean and Matt both groaned as Holly reached out and kissed her sister deeply on he mouth. Growing up, the girls had practiced kissing with each other and as they got older, some of the sessions had led to heavy petting. By the time Holly was fifteen, she would make thirteen year old Riannon cum using her fingers while gently sucking her sisters developing tits. They had started demetevler escoırt dating by then and their attention was transferred to other people, but they still occasionally enjoyed that intimate closeness with each other.

Their husbands were aware of their special closeness. The summer after Holly and Matt were married they had gone on a sailing vacation in the Islands with Riannon and Sean who were living down there that winter and had access to a good sized sailboat.

They had spent two idyllic weeks sailing and then anchoring for the night in secluded coves. They first day out both Holly and Riannon had shed their tops and for the remainder of the trip were topless all day long. Sean and Matt had enjoyed the sight of the tan and sexy sisters sunning naked on the deck. At night, Sean and Riannon slept in the forward cabin while Holly and her husband slept in the main cabin or on deck if it was a nice night. Except there wasn’t a lot of sleep involved.

The first night on the boat, Holly and Matt were laying on their bed when the sounds of Riannon and Sean having sex drifted down from the forward cabin. Not just sex, but nasty, dirty sex. Riannon kept moaning for Sean to fuck her harder and deeper and the boat rocked as he pounded her.

“FUCK ME!! FUCK ME LIKE THE LITTLE SLUT I AM!!” Riannon yelled out.

Matt turned to Holly with a questioning look. Holly just smiled and shook her head. Then she reached down for her husbands cock.

“My sister has always been a screamer.” She said as she slowly started to jack Matt’s cock up and down. “Wait until she cums.” Holly’s head sank down and she wrapped her lips around his cock. It took just a few minutes for Matt to blow a huge load in her mouth just as Riannon screamed through another orgasm. He fell asleep with Holly curled up at his side.

In the morning, they all had a long, frank discussion. Holly and Riannon had told the guys about their past history, some of the men and women they had slept with and how they always were taught that sharing was good. Matt and Sean, not being stupid, agreed and the rest of the trip had passed in an almost constant orgy of swapping and fucking.

Matt learned that Riannon really got off on anal sex, the harder the better. She liked to have her hands bound or handcuffed and to pretend to resist while he lubed up her muscular behind and fucked her ass hard. Her orgasms that she reached this way were off the scale, even for her. They had to make sure they were anchored way out in the cove every night.

Sean discovered that Holly’s pussy was shaved bald and that she had en incredibly long clit that stuck out of her pussy lips when she was aroused. She also ejaculated when she came hard after a long session of sucking her clit and fucking her hard. She loved to turn him on with dirty talk as he pounded her.

They had spent a couple of blissful weeks together but had not had a chance to repeat their exploits except for a brief couple of days at Riannon and Sean’s wedding. Riannon had been married with Matt and Sean’s cum seeping out of her pussy and asshole. And if anybody had checked, they would have caught the subtle odor of her pussy on Holly’s face and fingers.

Now, here they were on their shared anniversary and the girls slipped into each others embrace. Holly reached between her sister’s big breasts for the front closure of the bra. She slipped her hands under the cups and eased them off Riannon’s boobs and gently caressed and pulled at her thick nipples. Riannon slid her hand down between them and slowly stroked Holly’s long clit. Both of the Hamill girls started to moan into each other’s mouth.

Sean and Matt had stripped on the couch and were stroking their cocks. Matt had a thick seven inch dick that fit perfectly in his sister-in-laws ass. He was tall and in great shape from working out. Sean had a magnificent nine incher that drove girls wild. He knew it wasn’t just the size that mattered and was a very skillful cocksman.

Holly and Riannon looked over at their handsome men. They had agreed ahead of time that they would only fuck their own husbands this weekend as they wanted to become pregnant. They were sorely tempted as they looked over at their husbands masturbating on the couch. Riannon felt a tingle in her butt as she remembered Matt’s cock parked up there and Holly remembered the ecstasy of nine inches of cock packed in her spasming pussy but they had a mission tonight.

The girls tottered over to the couch in their high heels. They knelt before their husbands and gripped the cocks before them. Holly kissed the head of Matt’s cock and slipped her lips around it’s head. She slowly lowered her head and it hit the back of her throat. She bobbed up and down a few times, then bottomed out again and started to work her throat muscles. In a minute she had deep throated his big dick, her lips resting on his pubic hair. Matt groaned.

Riannon looked over when she heard the groan. She rus escort had been licking along the sides of Sean’s giant horsecock. It was so big, she had a hard time giving him head. When she saw her sister deep throating Matt, she tingled in her pussy and had a little orgasm. She had never seen anybody do that before. She watched Holly’s throat muscles work on Matt’s dick and reached into her panties to finger herself. She had had enough; she was ready to fuck.

“Sean, I want you to bend me over the couch and fuck the shit out of me! I want your big cock all the way up my tight cunt and I want you to shoot your white hot sperm deep into my pussy and make me pregnant! Come on honey, Fuck me! Fuck me now!!”

Sean reached down and pulled his panting wife to her feet. He bent her over the arm of the couch and tore the boyshorts from her hips. He held onto the torn material as he lubricated the tip of his cock in the moisture weeping from her pussy. Then he started to feed his cock into her cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you until your eyes cross, you dirty little slut! You’ve been teasing me for two days and I have a big load of cum built up for you. There’s enough to make three women pregnant! I’m going to stuff these torn panties in your slutty little mouth so you don’t disturb the neighbors. Now take it all!”

With that, Sean bent forward and stuffed the torn panties in her mouth. The ends hung out past her lips and her groans were muffled. He slid another two inches into her tight pussy and she let out a muffled yell.

Holly looked over at her sister. She had been lost in the pleasure of blowing her husband, but the muffled shout got her attention. She saw her sister sweating and red in the face with the torn lacy panties stuffed in her mouth and then watched as inch after inch of Sean’s cock packed her tight cunt. Holly got on the couch on all fours facing her sister and begged Matt to fuck her.

Matt slid all seven inched into his wife’s sopping pussy. Holly grunted and reached out and held her sister’s hands in her own. The two husbands started fucking their hot wives in rhythm.

“Fuck me Matt! Fuck my hot wet cunt! Give it to me harder, I won’t break. Shoot your hot cum deep in my pussy! Shoot a baby into me, that’s what I want! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEE!!!”

This last was a scream as she came. Riannon looked up through hooded eyes at her spaming sister. She looked so beautiful, her face was flushed from cumming and her boobs swung in time with her husbands thrusts. She pulled the tattered lace from her mouth and bent forward and kissed Holly gently on the lips.

“You look so beautiful.” she whispered to Holly “Your gorgeous long legs have your tight butt way up in the air, just the right angle for Matt to slam you good. You’re taking it like a dirty little slut. Do you like it? Do you like being pounded like a cheap slutty girl? I love it! I love to be slammed hard. Sean’s cock is way up my cunt. I’m full of cock! UGGGGH! UGGGGGH! I’m there!!!”

Riannon let out a piercing scream and her dirty words and sexy kiss set Holly off again too. Nobody heard their mother Emma come in the front door.

Emma Hamill was in her mid forties, tall and very slender with short brown hair. She still had small A cup breasts that rode high on her chest and a tight muscular ass. She had been divorced from the girl’s father for many years and had never gotten married again. She had gone back to school and become a teacher and lived a couple towns over. She had stopped by the house because she knew Riannon was visiting and the sight that greeted her stopped her in her tracks with a gasp.

Her younger daughter Riannon was a screaming sweaty mess bent naked over the arm of the couch and cumming hard. Her son-in-law’s enormous cock was plowing in and out of her wet spasming pussy. Emma had never seen such a long cock and was both fascinated and excited. Holly was shaking like a rag doll and also cumming hard, almost convulsing in pleasure. Emma felt her pussy starting to get wet.

Emma had grown up during the golden age of sexual freedom and had had many partners before she got married and had babies. Since her divorce, she had had a few partners, but for the past few years all her orgasms had been self induced. She had been very frank with the girls when they were growing up and they felt free, for the most part, to tell her of their sex lives although she had no idea of the orgy on the sailboat. She felt her body start to flush with sexual excitement as she watched her girls in such obvious orgasmic pleasure.

Suddenly Sean let out a yell and started to shoot his cum deep into Riannon’s wet pussy. She could feel his cock swell and the sperm hitting the inside of her cunt. She grunted and became light headed, almost passing out. Matt, watching the other couple, was overcome and started to shoot five days worth of cum deep into his wife. She fell forward with him on top of her gasping for air.

Emma had heard enough when she batıkent escort came in to guess what the girls were up to and she found it very erotic that she might have watched both her daughters getting pregnant. She had never seen them having sex before and the four beautiful bodies before her turned her on. She was surprised at her arousal, but turned on never the less. She cleared her throat.

“That looked like fun. Whose idea was it to try and get pregnant at the same time?”

Four heads snapped around to look at her. Holly, in a post coital bliss, looked up at Emma through hooded eyes and noticed her mother wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin shirt and that her nipples were rock hard. Holly had always admired her mother’s beauty and strength and realized with a rush she always had a crush on her. She knew her mother had been in a dry spell lately, sexually speaking, and decided to see how far she could press her mother.

“Mom, what are you doing here? Sorry you had to catch us like this. This wasn’t exactly our plan but we just got carried away.” Holly pulled herself off Matt’s cock, making sure Emma got a good look at it.

Emma had seen her daughters nude many times over the years, but had never seen them in a post orgasmic blush like this. Holly’s long legs ran up to her shaved pussy and it was leaking Matt’s seed. Riannon looked up through tousled hair at her mother and smiled as Sean started to snake his giant cock from her well used cunt. She could fell it as he withdrew every inch and Emma took it all in.

“I just stopped by to see Riannon and I guess I saw more then I bargained for.” She joked. Her pussy was getting very wet and she unconsciously rubbed her thighs together.

“Sorry Mommy!” Riannon arose and walked to her mother and gave her a big hug. Her big breasts crushed into Emma’s almost flat chest and her thick nipples rubbed against Emma’s taut nubs. Her mother shivered. The whole room reeked of sex and Emma was getting more light headed. “Let’s get dressed and we can talk.” Riannon murmured.

“Don’t get dressed on my account. I’ll just run along.”

“No!” Holly almost shouted “No, stay a minute.” She noticed Emma’s eye’s drift down to Sean’s still semi-hard prick. “I know what she wants!” Holly thought, smiling. She got up and walked over to hug her mother and her tiny buttonlike nipples dug into Emma’s chest just like her sister’s had.

Emma was starting to quiver with pent up lust. She knew she had to go, but Holly took her arm and led her to the couch. She sat down in one corner and pulled her mother down next to her. The air was heavy with the musk of cum and pussy and Emma lost all her normal reasoning ability.

Holly was still on an orgasmic high, her face and upper chest still pink with excitement. She knew her mother had been in a dry spell lately and she felt so much love towards her that she wanted her to feel as good as she did. Emma’s glance at Sean’s monster cock gave Holly the idea that she needed. She leaned over and whispered in her mother’s ear.

“Mommy, I saw you staring at Sean’s big dick. It feels so good inside you, I’ve had it in me many times. Wouldn’t you like some of that? Would you like Sean’s big cock way up your tight cunt. Would you like to be a dirty, slutty girl tonight? Would you like Sean’s cum coating your pubic hair and running down your thighs? HMMMM??”

The other three could hear Holly whispering to Emma and watched as her hands slid around to the front of Emma’s body and slid up her chest underneath her tee-shirt. They gently caressed her small boobs and she started to flick her fingers on her mother’s nipples. An electric jolt went from Emma’s nipples to her pussy and she started to moan.

“This is so, so wrong! This is my little girl! I can’t be enjoying this! Oh, God but I am. My pussy is soaked! Oh honey, please don’t stop!” Emma’s brain was a jumbled, horny mess.

Holly started to pull the shirt up Emma’s chest. The others could see her flat belly appear and then the underside of her breasts. Emma sat forward as Holly worked the shirt over her head. Emma’s nipples were hard and stood off her almost flat chest. Riannon walked over and kissed her mother, her tongue slipping into Emma’s mouth. She pulled back and looked at her mother with lust clouded eyes.

“Mommy, Sean would love to pack that big cock into your tight pussy. Let me help you get your pants off.” Riannon reached for the snap on Emma’s jeans. She unsnapped and then unzipped her mothers jeans. She reached up to the waist and slowly slid them off Emma’s legs. Now all she was wearing was a pair of bright blue panties.

They all stared at Emma for a moment. Holly gently played with her nipples as Emma writhed on the couch. Riannon moved between her mother’s legs and slid to the floor in front of her.

“You look so sexy Mom! Sean is so huge, I’d better help get you ready.” Riannon slid the panties to one side and could see Emma’s glistening pussy. She licked her lips and then started to kiss her mother’s upper thighs.

Emma felt a jolt go right from her daughter’s tongue to her cunt. She started to drip with excitement. Riannon slowly worked her lips around her mother’s lips and then kissed her on her clit. Emma screamed at the top of her lungs.

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