The Beginning Part 4

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The Beginning Part 4All you can eat ChineseKaren and I have been doing the family thing for the past couple of months. When together as a family Karen will dress like how a plump married mother should. In this mode we do visit her mother who always bugs her to lose some weight. I always tell mother-in-law it will take a lot more than a little extra weight before I would leave her daughter. If mother in law would know the truth…… Any way mother-in-law offered to watch the baby next weekend if Karen and I wanted a little free time to our selves. It was night time when we got back from mother-in-law. Time for our son to have his bath and put him in his bed. Karen was getting ready to shower and I told her I would be joining her. Karen said she would love for me to join her.Once we were in the shower I started to wash her beautiful body paying extra attention to her breast. Her breast were fat and full of milk. They were sagging low, her nipples pointing downward. I can see the blue veins traveling thru her breast with them being so pasty white. Of course I had a ragging hard on.“It looks like you were enjoying washing my breast. I bet you were thinking of our black men sucking on them. I can tell by how hard your dick is“ Karen said with a chuckle.What that being said I moved my face down to her pussy. It had a short patch of hair on it from not being shaven in a couple of months. I started to nibble on her clit.“Don’t worry I will shave myself smooth for the weekend. I know how much you love seeing a black dick buried in my bald white pussy. Besides it makes it easier for you to lick me clean after a black cock dumps his load in me” Karen said.I started sucking on her clit and licking her pussy harder. She camed in no time. I looked at her and told her we better finish up our shower so we can make real plans for the weekend.I dried Karen up. I did our nightly routine of body lotion and nipple crème on her. She walked over by the bed and hook up the breast pump. While pumping her breast we were making plans for the weekend.“I figure if I pump my breast dry today they should be plenty full and ready to be sucked on by the weekend. I don’t want our black guest to go hungry” Karen said.“It has been a while since we went to the casino. It would be perfect. Just a little distance from the house, we could gamble, have some great food and drinks. As an extra bonus we will be staying at the casino’s hotel and you will have a good choice of young black men to pick from for you to fuck while I watch” I said“All you had to say was a good choice of young black men for me to fuck and I was on board” Karen saidYou just got to love my wife. So easy to please.Saturday morning rolls around. Karen is in the bathroom shaving her pussy . I passed my hand over it after she was finished.Smooth I said“You know my pussy will be smooth for our black men. I sure did not want to block the view for you honey “Karen said.We got ready and loaded up the car .We drop off our son to Karen’s mother. Now we are on our way to the casino.We get to the casino to check in. The place was packed. I notice a lot more young black men walking around than usual. Karen had a big grin on her face,As we were checking in I pass a remark to the woman behind the desk it sure looks like the casino is busy today. “The casino is hosting the YBBA this week end” she said“YBBA” I asked?Young Black Businessmen Association “she saidOnce we were in the casino hotel room Karen wanted to take a shower and change into her dress for the evening. She steps out the shower. She asked for me to apply lots of nipple crème so her nipples would be soft and suck able . I am starring at her admiring the fat full sagging breast, wide hips and cute round tummy. A white woman made for black man fucking. She looks over at me.“I know what you are thinking. I can tell by the tent pole in your pants” Karen said as she laughs.She puts on pair of red crotch less panties. Then a matching bra that just gives a little support to under her breast with out covering them, Then she tops it off with a low cut red dress and wears red high heels. Her ass and tits looked great in the dress. Karen sure had a lot of cleavage showing. It will look like a black man’s buffet when Karen hit’s the casino floor.We split up at the slot machines. I sit on the edge of the row . Karen goes across the isle a few machines down . She checks to make sure I get a good view. We nod to each other. All looks good. I bet the over head security camera is catching a great view of Karen’s breast. A young Asian woman sits next to me while I am playing slots. She starts playing slots too. Karen was playing the slots when a young black man walks up to her. I glance over bahis firmaları to watch and the young black man leaves. If Karen does not like the way they come on to her she will send them on their way. Karen nods no to me. I nod back okay. This slender young Asian woman with long black hair sitting next to me had a puzzled look on her face. In very good English she said “If you don’t mind me asking but I notice the white woman across from us had a black man talking to her. I notice you were looking at them and the white woman nodded to you after the black man left.”Well first off let me introduce myself I said which I did.I then ask her for her name and where she is from.“My name is Jia and I am from China. My husband and I are on vacation . This is the first time in the United States. I am trying to learn all about the different cultures here” she said.Just then 2 young tall in shape black men walked over to Karen. Now Karen had not only my attention but Jia too. Karen started talking to them and you can see she was starting to relax with them. Next thing you can see one of the black men started to lightly rub Karen’s ass while the other one was taking a good peak at her breast. Karen nodded yes towards me.“What does that mean” Jia asked.“The white woman we are looking at is my wife. We have an understanding she can do what ever she wants as long as I can see a video of it or be there in person. In fact I lent out my wife to a black friend of mines for a weekend once. He had over 2 of his black buddies and all 3 took turns with my wife.” I said figuring if I offended her she would just get up and leave.“You let your wife have sex with black men“ Jia asked?“I sure do. I like the idea of a black man using my wife” I said not wanting to usethe words like fucking a black cock or sucking a black dick to her.“I sure wish my husband would look after me like you look after your wife. He just gets on top of me and grunts for a couple of minutes. I always have to finish myself off while he is sleeping. He would rather go gamble than fuck me” she saidI was taken aback by some of the words she was using but I guess I was talking to a very sexually frustrated wife here.“I have to ask. In China we do not get much porn on the internet. I have heard that a black man has a big dark penis and he can do it a long time. Is this true?” Jia asked.“Yes it is true. My wife loves me and she also loves a black penis. She just likes the feeling of a black penis in her for the two reasons you asked about” I said.“Would you please introduce me to your wife? I want to learn more of this culture. I am curios about how you leave your wife have sex with black men and want to know more .” Jia said.“I would love to, If you want you can come up to our room where you can watch Karen service the 2 young black men she is talking to” I said.“Why yes I want to come watch” Jia said.“I think it will be no problem. . Lets go over and talk to Karen about this” I saidKaren and her 2 new black friends were laughing and cutting up good as Jia and I walked up to them. They had my wife in the middle and a black hand on each cheek of her ass. One was whispering in her ear while the other on was getting a good look at her white breast as Karen was leaning over. “Karen. This is my new friend Jia. She is from China and she would like to watch you and your 2 new black friends fuck “I said thinking I might as well get to the point.Karen laugh and her 2 new black friends gave me the WTF look. “I sorry honey. I did not get to the point that my husband likes for me to fuck black men and watch. I have no problem with you having a friend over to watch with you. Now I have to ask if Leon and JD they are cool with it” Karen said.A look of relief came across my wife’s 2 black friends. They held out there hands to shake mine and Jia’sWhen shaking Jia’s hand she would rub up and down their arms pulling a little of their skin. I guess she wanted to see if the black color would rub off on her . Kind of funny to watch. “Looks like ever thing is a go. Lets get an early start to watching my wife get fuck by some good looking black meat” I said .Karen walked arm and arm with Leon and JD. Jia and I followed behind them.I asked Jia if that was the first time she ever touched a black man. She said yes and it was very exciting for her. Once inside the hotel room Karen places Leon and JD sitting on the bed. She leans over and gives each black man a wet kiss. They instantly reach up and each grab a white breast with their black hands to pull them out of her dress. My wife steps back and pulls her breast back into her dress.“You guys got to wait a minute . I want to go slip into something a little more comfortable. kaçak iddaa Besides I want to see 2 naked black men sitting on my bed when I come back .” Karen saidLeon and JD wasted no time taking all their cloths off and sitting on the bed. Their large black cocks semi hard arching downward.Jia and I was sitting on the sofa about 5 feet from the bed.“Those black penis are so big! Your wife’s breast are so large! Can you take a picture of me touching the big black penis and touching your wife’s large breast?” Jia asked“Of course we can. We will take pictures after Karen finishes servicing the 2 black penis” Besides those 2 black penises are not fully erect yet. They will be once they start entering my wife. I said thinking Karen fucking black men will be the new tourist attracted for Chinese peopleMy wife steps out the bathroom wearing the red under support bra and matching crotch less panties.She walks over to the two naked black men sitting on the edge of the bed. She places a nipple in each of their mouths and starts to squeeze her breast hard squirting her breast milk.Leon and JD respond back by grabbing Karen’s milk laden breast with their black hands squeezing hard and biting her soft nipples. The harder they squeezed and bite the more excited my wife got. Breast milk is leaking out both Leon and JD’s mouth Karen reaches down and strokes the two black cocks to full erections.“Your black cocks are so big and hard. My husband and I like to make our black men well fed with the milk from my breast and your black nut sacks well drained into any openings of our white bodies. I know my hubby will agree with me“. Karen said.Karen rolls over on her back spreading her white legs open. Leon gets on top of my wife placing his black dick into my wife’s pussy and starts to fuck her. JR starts to feed his black cock into Karen’s mouth.“Your wife looks like she is enjoying all of the black cocks in her body, I think I now know what she is saying “our black men” which includes you. Jia said.“Yes it won’t be long till you see what is meant by “our black men” but I don‘t do a black cock up my ass““ I said,I pull out my dick and start rubbing it. Jia nods in approval as she watches me rub myself furiously as a black man makes my wife cums on his black dick. I could tell Leon was about to dump a load of black seeds into my wife. He does and moans hard as I can see his black cock milking itself into my wife’s pussy. I then removed all my clothes. Jia is the only person still dressed. I position myself to get between Karen’s legs waiting for the big black cock to pop out. It does. I get betweens my wife’s legs and start to eat the black man’s cum out her. She has another orgasm. She is still sucking on JD’s black cock. Leon is laying on his back next to my wife. I get between his legs and start cleaning up his black cock. I took the head of his dick into my mouth to suck out remaining black seeds. I was sucking it dry while I was on my hands and knees. Then I felt something entering my ass. I was like WTF as I turned around to see Jia completely naked. She had a finger in my ass. It started to feel good. First time I ever had something like that happen.Must had look like a United Nation’s meeting with a black man feeding his cock into a white woman’s mouth next to another black man getting his dick suck by a white guy while a Chinese woman was fingering the white guys ass. Whew, got that?“White boy suck that sambo’s black cock. Make it hard for me. I want that jigaboo to fuck me till it hurts. I want your white mouth to service both of us while we fuck.” Jia said in a very controlling manner.Wow! We were all lost for words from what Jia said. Jia pushed me out the way . She made Leon lay on his back. She straddled him reverse cowgirl and grabbed his black cock rubbing the head of it into her hot tight Chinese pussy. Her hairy pussy slide down over Leon’s black dick. I did not realize how pale looking Jia was. You can really notice it with her on top of a black man.Her breast were small but she had these large eraser looking nipples. I went up to suck on them while she was fucking a black cock but she pushed my head down to lick her clit and the black cock fucking her.Of course I did. But I was wondering why her “color “ was yellow when she was just as pasty as Karen.Jia told JD to lay on his back next to Leon. She then told Karen to mount JD’s black cock which Karen did. My wife and JD started fucking. The two women were facing each other as they were riding black cocks. Jia reached over and was tongue kissing my wife as she was tugging hard on Karen’s breast . Breast milk was spraying all over the place. My wife was cumming hard on top of the black cock.I was still kaçak bahis licking and sucking on Jia’s clit. I was getting a couple of Jia’s pubic hairs in my mouth. I did not mind because it sure looked erotic seeing a black cock work its magic inside a Chinese woman’s pussy. Ever now and then Jia would push my head farther down to make sure I was licking Leon’s black nuts.“Nigga I am about to cum. You better not stop fucking me you muther fucker.” Jia saidJia started to cum. “White boy bite my clit now “ Jia screamed out.I started to bite hard on her clit. She was cumming hard and she was a big squirter too. I sucked all her juices running out her pussy as it rode on top of the black dick. I could sense Leon was about to pop a black load. Jia sensed it too and jump off to place Leon’s black cock into my mouth.“Shoot that load of cum black boy. Shoot that black cum into my white boy’s mouth” Jia said.I started to work the black cock with my lips and suck it with my mouth. Just right before Leon busted his nut into my mouth Jia reach under Leon’s ass to place her finger in it. Leon explode into my mouth. I thought Leon was going to blow the back of my head off with is orgasm being so strong. This Chinese woman sure knows how to make a man cum good. My wife and JD stopped fucking to watch us 3 do our thing. After we were finish Jia motion JD over . Jia got on all fours and made JD mount her from behind. I could see his black body arching over Jia’s pale Chinese body. JD started a good hard rhythm fuck. Jia told me to get underneath her so I can eat her pussy while she was fucking. Again I had a great view of a black cock fucking her.My wife started to suck on Leon’s black dick. He got hard again and started to fuck my wife for the second time. I was too busy servicing Jia and JD. I think my wife was finally getting some black dick in her being the side show. I can hear her cumming with a black man in her. This makes me happy. They fucked undisturbed for about an hour with Karen cumming many times. I was stuck eating Chinese pussy with a black dick in it for close to a hour. Both cummed a couple of times with me cleaning up all the mess. It will be a while before I eat Chinese food again. Jia was hurling ever racial slur I ever heard and a few that were new to me. Each time she did JD would fuck her harder, pinch her nipples till they were swollen and pulled her hair back. Jia loved ever minute of it being abused by a black man.Seems like as fast as all this started that’s how fast it ended. Jia looked well black fucked. Karen looked so-so blacked fucked. Leon looked fuck out and must have been thinking white women are fun to fuck. JD was fucked out and must be thinking yellow fever. Me? I only got to eat my wife’s pussy one time today while she got black fucked. Eating another woman’s pussy while it gets black fucked is not the same to me.When you love the woman who is getting fuck by a black man it just taste better.All 3 of our guest got dressed. I had a robe on and Karen was still naked. Karen walked Leon and JD to the door . She gave them a goodbye kiss and they were still groping her. My dick was getting hard again.Jia saw my hard on again. She told me I could fuck her . I told her I only wanted to fuck my wife. She was about to leave when I did mention we did not take any pictures of her touching a black cock.She laughed and said she had her phone on the whole time videoing the action. I walked her out the door.Then it hit me. Now there is a video out there showing me sucking on a black dick while a Chinese woman finger fucks my ass. I can see it now. 1 billion views in China.I grab Karen and layed her down in the bed. I got between her legs and started to eat out all her and Leon’s sex juices. It was delicious. Karen camed in my mouth. I mounted her and started to fuck her. I asked her how it felt when Leon was fucking her. She told me his black cock was so big and made her pussy feel so full. I could not hold back any longer after hearing my wife talk about how good a black cock felt in her white pussy as she fucked him. I was about to cum when all at once I felt a finger in my ass………. I camed hard.After I camed we both laughed. I told her I was about to look for Jia when I felt a finger going into my ass. Karen told me to next time leave my Chinese made toys at home.Karen wanted to know what were we doing Sunday morning. I told her what ever you like.“Leon said there is an early basketball game on cable Sunday. He wanted to know if we would like to come over to his hotel room so I could entertain him and his 6 buddies. His room is just down the hall from us. I could just wear one of the hotel’s robes to the room. JD won’t be there. Jia is going to introduce him to her husband.” Karen said.Lets see. 7 horny young black men and my white wife only wearing a bathrobe and who will be the only entertainment? Let me think about this as I mounted my wife again………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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