The Beautiful Young Girl and her Neighbor

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The Beautiful Young Girl and her NeighborOnce upon a time, there was this beautiful girl who lived all alone. The beautiful girl came home one day and as she usually did, she took off all of her clothes, got on her bed and began rubbing her hands all over her body. Her boyfriend was away for several months. Whenever she thought of him, her body would tingle all over. Her nipples would get hard, and her pussy would start to get wet. She thought about the last time they were together. He had made her cum several times using just his tongue on her sensitive clit.As she thought about his tongue on her, her eyes were closed. She did not realize her neighbor was watching her through the window. The window was very close to her bed, so he had a good view of what she was doing. As you can imagine, he started to have a reaction to what he was seeing. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, and started to stroke it. As she continued to rub herself, she spread her legs wide. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and sliding one finger inside herself. She licked on finger on her other hand, and used it to start rubbing her clit, imagining it was her boyfriend’s tongue. Her pussy was very wet by now.The casino siteleri neighbor’s cock is very hard now, watching her. He doesn’t want to disturb her, afraid that she would stop, or scream, or worse. But as he strokes himself, he leans in closer to the window to get an even closer look at her spread pussy. As he does, his head taps the window. She hears it and opens her eyes, seeing him staring at her pussy. But instead of stopping what she is doing, or screaming, she smiles and turns herself slightly towards the window, so he has an even better view of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. He looks up and makes eye contact with her, and realizes she knows he is there. Suddenly, she removes her finger from her clit and using that very finger, motions for him to come inside. He can’t believe it, but does as he is asked.As he walks into her room, his hand still stroking his cock, she asks him if he likes what he saw. Of course, he says he does! He is frozen, two feet inside the door. She tells him to come closer. He obeys, and moves to the edge of her bed. She removes her hands from her pussy and gently takes his cock, stroking slowly, then moves her head forward and takes just tip into her mouth. canlı casino He moans with pleasure. She is so horny at this moment, she imagines her neighbor is her boyfriend.Laying back, she spreads her legs again and asks if he would like to taste her. Of course, he does! He pulls his clothes off as quickly as he can, then gets on the bed with her, between her legs, and lowers his mouth to her pussy. Her head falls back, her eyes squeeze shut, as his tongue slides along the length of her wet lips, then making contact with her sensitive clit. She lifts her legs and places them across his shoulders. Her hands go to his head, pulling him in closer, deeper. She is so aroused at this point that she is moments away from an orgasm. But no other man besides her boyfriend has ever been able to make her cum orally! Sensing her approaching orgasm, his tongue moves faster across her clit. As her orgasm hits her, her legs squeeze together, trapping his face, and his tongue never misses a beat. He continues flicking lightly across her tiny bud as her pussy convulses inside.Her orgasm washes over her and starts to subside, but he does not stop. Just as she catches her breath, a second orgasm washes over her. Her legs kaçak casino clamp together again. And he still does not stop. Even before she can catch her breath, a 3rd orgasm hits her. Her hips are thrusting up into his face, her gushing pussy is flooding he face with her cum, and she knows she must have him inside of her right then. She pulls on his shoulders and he moves up her body. She greedily licks her own juices from his face as her fingers find his hardness and guide him inside her. He is so excited by having made her cum, his own orgasm isn’t far behind. She wraps her legs around him, digging her heels into his ass, pulling him in faster and deeper. Each of his thrusts is met by an upward thrust of her hips. She can feel yet another orgasm approaching. He tells her he is going to cum. She screams yes, yes, yes, cum inside me! With a final thrust, he shoots his pent up load deep inside her. As she feels that first shot, her pussy squeezes him and she is overcome by yet another orgasm. Not as powerful as the last few, but powerful just the same.As their orgasms subside, he collapses on top of her. They lay there for a couple of minutes as their breathing and hearts slowly return to normal. He softens and slides out of her, despite her attempts to hold onto him as long as possible. And as she feels some of his cum begin to ooze out of her and down the crack of her ass, she smiles up at him and tells him he can visit her any time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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