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Subject: The Basement (Gay/dult Youth, oral, anal, b/bbbMMM) Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/bbbMMM Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2018 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. The Basement By Wolf When my mother divorced my father our standard of living decreased substantially. Mother found a job as a file clerk for a company and we had to find cheaper living accommodations. We found a place in an old motel that had been changed to rental apartments by adding small kitchenettes. When the new interstate highway bypassed our town, the motel was no longer viable as such. There were twenty units and a manager’s office. All of the units were occupied by families and singles living below the poverty level. I had attended a school for gifted children, so when I was forced to attend a public school in the neighborhood. I was upgraded to high school even though I was only 10-Ten- years-old. I was also a redhead with wavy hair and freckles across my nose. The bullies resented a twerp being smarter than them. I was subjected to a lot of harassment. The worst was the time I was in the boy’s bathroom and a group of guys stripped me of all of my clothes and shoved me into the hallway. The humiliation was terrible. I tried to avoid the guy that lived in the motel, but there was a 14-year-old guy that went out of his way to befriend me. I liked him because he was such a good- looking guy. John was about five-foot-eight, with sandy brown hair. On the occasions I have seen him without a shirt on his chest was hairless. I envied his looks. As we became friends, we talked about a lot of things, but eventually, sex came up. I admitted that girls frightened me. John told me that there were other ways to enjoy sex. He did press it. I assume he was waiting for me to ask about it. My mother had her own sexual needs and would bring home her dates. I slept on the couch and they would come in late on Friday or Saturday nights. I would pretend to be asleep as the made their wat to the bedroom. I would hear muffled voices and hear the headboard banging against the wall. I asked permission to spend those nights she felt the need to go out to be able to sleep at John’s. siirt escort I found out that John’s mother was a dunk and usually passed out by 10:00 pm. The first night I slept with him we watch old horror movies on the local station when in bed. John was behind me and he reached over my body and stuffed his hand into my tidy whites and took hold of my dick. He started masturbating me. It felt so good I didn’t object. Of course, at 10 I only was able to have dry orgasms. When he turned me to face him, he kissed me on the mouth. It was strange being kissed like that by a guy. While he was kissing me, he took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock. His cock was a lot bigger than mine and bigger around. It felt almost like warn velvet and the skin was lose as I started masturbating him. When he was about to cum, he pulled my head down to his lap and told me to open my mouth. When I did as I was told, he stuck the head of his cock into my mouth and squirted his warm cum into my mouth. He told me to taste and swallow his cum. I found that the taste wasn’t bad at all and swallowed it. Afterward he told me that tomorrow he would show me what was in the manager’s office. We drifted off to sleep until the next morning. We made our own breakfast before his mother woke up. Then he walked me to the office. As we approached the front door John told me the story about the place. Apparently, the man had bought the motel and converted it into apartments and remodeled the office into a home but he prefers to live on a farm out of town. Oh, he does come in on weekends to party with the boys. He had a key to the door and we entered the place and it had been remodeled into a comfortable home for a male. But John quickly showed me to place because he was impatient to show me something special. When we got to the laundry room. There was a locked door that was almost hidden by the clothes rack for rain gear. When Jon opened the door, I saw the staircase leading down to a basement. As we descended John turned on the lights. I was impressed because it didn’t look like a basement at all. The walls were freshly painted and there was a large LED screen attached to a wall. The credenza below the screen had a cable box and a blue ray player on it. Facing the TV was a leather diamond tuck couch. There were additional chairs and even a full-sized bed in the room with a waterproof fitted sheet covering it. John asked me if I would lie to watch a dirty video. I was still horny thinking about my first taste of his cum, and quickly agreed to watch the video. sincan escort John opened the credenza and selected a DVD case by title to fare away for me to read. He inserted it into the player and joined me on the couch. He started using the remote to turn on the TV and the blue ray player. The screen went from blue and credits appeared. The video was shot in Australia n a community south of Sydney. It opened with two young boys playing with toy trucks on a sandy mound. They were only wearing shorts. They looked like they were about six and nine-years-old. When they grew bored with the game, they chose to go for a walk into the local eucalyptus forest. They went off trail and walked through the thick mat of eucalyptus leaves until they were well out of eyesight from anyone walking in the forest. They set about playfully taking off all of their clothes and started playing with each other’s dicks. They sucked each other’s dick. The screen faded to black. I looked over and John had his pants open and was masturbating. He encouraged me to take my dick out and play with it. By the time I had my pants open and my underwear pulled aside the video returned. This time the two boys were in a room that was a trophy room. There were heads of game animable on the walks. The younger boy was naked and laying on a glass table in front of a green leather wingback chair. The boy had his legs spread wide and he was playing with his dick. Then the camera panned around to show what was in the chair. The older boy was sitting naked on the lap of an older man. The man looked to be about thirty and he was as hairy as a bear. The man was playing with the boy’s dick. Then he stood up and approached the prostrate boy and guided his stiff cock to the red opening and stuffed his cock in the boy’s asshole. The boy whimpered but didn’t beg the man to stop. When the man was ready to cum, he pulled out and squirted cum all over the boy’s body. John reached over and took hold of my cock and jerked me off. Clothes were shed and we watched a variety of videos. There were teens having sex with each other, And there were older men of all shapes ducking and sucking. We moved to the bed where we could still watch the videos. We took turns sucking each other’s cock. Then John got on his knees and presented his butt to me and invited me to fuck him. I mounted him from behind and thrilled at the feeling of my cock in the tight confines of his asshole. I ducked him while he jerked off. When I had a dry orgasm, I pulled out. John stuck a finger into my asshole sinop escort and told e that I should allow him to fuck me. I was reluctant to agree but agreed and I was laid on my back and John placed my heels on his shoulders and guided his cock to my asshole. It hurt but I endured my first fucking. We sucked cocks again before he fucked me again. This time I enjoyed it more. We eventually washed up and straightened up the basement. We left the office and had dinner. We talked about what took place and John told me that there would be a party that night in the basement and asked me if I would like to go to the party. He assured me that if I wasn’t ready, we could dit another time. I was curious to meet all of his friends, so I agreed to go. As the sun went down, we waited for his mom to head for the bars before we changed clothes and went commando. Then we walked to the office and found the door open and headed for the basement. The lights were on and there was music coming up the stairs. When we entered the basement, I recognized a lot of boys from the park. There were other guys from school. A lot of the young boys were paired up with teenagers. They were clinging to the older guys’ cocks or were actually sucking cocks. Older men began to join the party. The variety of types of men covered the spectrum. John soon cornered an old man with balding gray hair. He was about six-feet tall. He was wearing khaki pants and an untucked Hawaiian sports shirt. The front hung free of his pants that were evident that he sported a potbelly. When he introduced me to him, I found out that he was the owner of the complex. He instantly took an interest in me. The three of us found a location where we could enjoy the antics of the other party-goers. The old man got busy removing my clothes. He was ecstatic about my package ad tight asshole. We lay on the bed and he stuck his cock into my asshole while John stuck his cock in my mouth. I got to watch other boys being fucked and sucking large cocks. Boxes were delivered upstairs and the party lasted into the morning hours. Naked bodies were sprawled all over the place. In the morning the toilets in the house got a lot of business. When I took my turn and returned to the bed the old man wanted to hug and kiss me until we both had bones. He wanted to fuck me again. N His potbelly rested on my butt. John got behind him and inserted his cock in the old man’s ass. When John thirsted forward it drove the ma’s cock deep into my ass. I attended a lot of such parties before my mother found out that I was involved in gay sex. She was devastated but eventually accepted that I was going to continuing to have sex with men and older boys. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to ail

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