The Baseball Trip Pt. 01

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First Inning

First part of a nine part series! This one was really tough to categorize — you’re going to find almost everything eventually: masturbation, exhib, group sex, reluctance, cheating, girl/girl, oral, some light BDSM, first time, even a bit of romance… Eventually I gave up and slotted it in Erotic Couplings, the liberal arts degree of Lit.

As always, everyone is over the age of 18. Hope you enjoy!

“Fuck her, fuck that, and fuck you!” Julia screamed into her phone. I guessed it wasn’t good news.

“Jim’s out,” she told me, hanging up the cell. Her long brown hair, usually kept well controlled in a ponytail, was escaping at all ends. She blew a wisp out of her eyes and sighed, exasperated.

“Jim’s out of what?” I asked, “Out of milk? Out of ideas? Out at third? Help me out here.”

“Out of the trip,” Julia said, “Fucking pussy.”

Myself, my high school buddy Jim, and Julia, my current college roommate — baseball fanatics all — were supposed to be leaving the next morning for a roadtrip across the Midwest. We’d been planning it for months. Seven cities and six ballgames over ten days.

But losing Jim meant we had to forfeit. Even if we managed to scalp his extra tix online, we still couldn’t afford to split the trip only two ways. Cancelling wouldn’t save our finances, either — just ruin our summer.

Julia stood there, dressed in her usual tomboy t-shirt and jeans, chewing her lip at me like I’d just blown her big game. And of course, because I’m me, I couldn’t help but think how hot she looked in that moment. We’d been living together for almost a year and been friends since freshman orientation. Even though we’d been slotted into the ‘just friends’ lineup long ago, I’d always appreciated her abilities.

Julia was a very pretty girl, athletic, with haunting green eyes — a ninety-nine MPH fastball of a woman that made you forget her lack of curves. Julia and I were both high school athletes, both loved baseball (and video games, and fried meats), but we’d always been buddies and nothing more. I guess sometimes things just work out that way.

But I was still a guy and sometimes that lithe body and perky smile kinda got to me. Or maybe it was easier to perv on my roommate than it was to face the awful truth that our dream trip had just gone full-on nightmare.

“So, what, he just up and dropped us?” I asked.

“Pretty much. Something came up,” Julia said this in ‘Jim voice,’ which basically meant she just used a deeper register and sounded dumb. “Tell Ben I’m sorry that I’m a massive asshat.”

“He said that?”

“Close enough.”

I let out a sigh. More of a growl. Julia held her hand up in supplication, her cute midwestern twang breaking through as she talked.

“He offered a… well, he called it a peace offering. I think it’s a stupid idea. But… Well, maybe?”


First, the good news. Jim had a way to fill his spot and, in fact, make the whole thing even cheaper for me and Julia. That was also the bad news.

“He invited his sister to go in his place,” Julia said.

“Kelsey?” I remembered Kelsey. At 18 years old, she was three years younger than Julia and me. Skinny — scrawny, really. Coke bottle glasses. Always buried in a book. Super smart, super quiet. I didn’t remember her being much of a baseball fan though.

“She’s not,” Julia said. She’d finally calmed down enough to stop pacing and sit next to me on the couch. I could smell her hair — peaches and cardamom. “I guess the idea of a road trip appealed? Jim said she was game, whatever that implies. I get the feeling he’s making it up to her in twenty dollar bills.”

“Well, I guess that’s…” I was trying to be open minded.

“There’s a catch — Kelsey doesn’t want to go alone. She barely remembers you, doesn’t know me at all, and the thought of being cooped up in a car with two strangers kind of freaks her out. And their parents wouldn’t agree to it that way anyway. I guess they think we’re going to force feed her drugs or abandon her in Canada or something.”

“Man, you hook one Quebecois into heroin, the reputation never goes away.”

“That’s not funny, Ben. Anyway, if we bring Kelsey, we have to bring her friend. Some other chick named Sarah. A freshman at Rutgers. I guess they were best buds in high school?”

I didn’t remember any girls hanging out at Jim’s house with his little sister, but then I didn’t really remember much about Kelsey at all. It hardly mattered. Either we brought the girls or we cancelled the trip. Jim told Julia that both girls were willing to pay their own way. They’d be in charge of getting the extra, fourth ticket at each ballpark. As to the hotel rooms well, I figured we’d just squeeze?

Squeezing. That was the other thing I hadn’t thought about. But by the time we put two and two together, we’d already agreed to save our baseball trip and bring both girls along.


We met early in the morning in an empty Wal Mart parking lot. The sun was still bluish and cold. Our cars faced each other, bahis firmaları like getting ready for a showdown. Jim opened his door first and waved, but stayed by the car. That was probably for the best — Julia had been a brown belt in high school and had already told me several times what my old friend could expect if he got within arm’s reach.

Julia and I got out of the car and stood there, mirroring Jim. Did I have to throw over a bag of cash before he’d release the hostages?

Then Jim turned and opened the back door. A pair of tan legs swung out, followed by a woman. Kelsey’s friend, Sarah.

Oh my God. Kelsey’s friend, Sarah!

She had a real ‘girl next door’ face — just pretty enough to break your heart. Brown hair that ran like rivulets down her back, a cute, round nose and thick, almost perfectly kissable lips. But it wasn’t her face that got me going. Oh no.

This woman was voluptuous. I don’t mean fat, though I bet some idiot boyfriend had told her that once. She was big in all the right places. If that meant that Sarah wasn’t wasp waisted I mean, who cares when the nest is full of so much sweet, sweet honey.

Large breasts bulged out from under a light blue dress like they were staging a breakout. Her rounded hips and prominent bottom were doing the same in the other direction. The dress she was wearing was sleeveless, revealing long brown arms and nice, shapely legs. This wasn’t a couple of nice features and a good face. This girl was the total package, forcing the blood to rush right out of my head and straight into my… head.

Holy fucking fuck.

I was going to be spending nearly nine days cooped up in a car with that. I immediately and completely forgave Jim for ditching us. Jeez, if he’d just told us he was going to switch himself out for Sarah, I would have begged him to. This was like the chef substituting your ground chuck with filet mignon.

Then the other back door opened.

Ever since Julia told me Kelsey was coming with us I’d kept trying to picture what Jim’s little sister would look like. All I could come up with was the human equivalent of skim milk. The woman who stepped out of Jim’s back seat, though? She was cream, all the way.

Kelsey was tall with dirty blonde, poker-straight hair that dangled down to her shoulders. Her signature glasses were gone, revealing deep blue eyes that seemed to shine across the parking lot. She was still thin, but no longer skinny or awkward — the difference between a pencil-sketched stick figure and a masterwork oil painting. She had on a pink cami with a pair of super short cutoffs and it all came together like fucking magic.

If Sarah had made me feel warm in all the right places, then Kelsey nearly singed my skin right off. These women were gorgeous. Incredible.

I looked over at Julia as if to say ‘dude, are you checking this out?’ My roommate was straight as far as I knew, but sometimes she was such a boy I’d forget and treat her like one of the guys. I raised my eyebrows, suggestively. Julia just frowned.

“I know — look at all that luggage!” Clearly we were not on the same wavelength.

The girls came over and introduced themselves. I knew Kelsey already, of course, but took the opportunity to steal a hug. Her breasts weren’t nearly as prodigious as those of her friend’s, but they pressed into my chest nicely, all the same. Next to the Himalayas, even the Alps look like hills.

I settled for a handshake with Sarah. Her eyes were so deep and caramel she’d make a candy bar blush. I wanted to feel more than her hands, of course, but the hug with Kelsey had already awakened my slumbering snake and I figured the distance was probably safer for everyone.

Jim waved goodbye to all four of us in a way that seemed both wistful and dubious, then peeled out of the parking lot like he had a hot date to get to.

“We might have a problem,” Julia said, the echo of Jim’s acceleration still reverberating over the parking lot.

I looked at the suitcases strewn in front of Sarah and Kelsey. I looked back at Julia’s silver, late ’90s edition VW Bug. Then I looked at the luggage again.



When it was going to be me, Julia and Jim, we figured it would be a bit tight in Julia’s tiny two-door. When we’d expanded to four, well… OK, clearly I didn’t think this through.

We spent the next hour loading the trunk, unloading it, then loading it all over again. We tried everything, but even if everyone’d packed light (and they hadn’t) that little car wasn’t built for four people’s-worth of stuff. Like a male porn star ploughing a jockey, the poor little thing just couldn’t fit it all.

What we came up with in the end worked, but not in a way that anyone would call comfortable. The front seats were smooshed all the way forward. The back seats were (mostly) taken up by our wheeled, hard-backed passengers.

Thus, the people in the back got one full-sized spot with zero leg room and one spot called the “middle seat” which was code for squished between a pile of four kaçak iddaa suitcases and the person sitting next to them. The people in the front, on the other hand, got an intimate experience with the dashboard and zero view of the back.

We had somehow created this seemingly impossible situation where everyone was practically on top of each other, yet no one could see anyone else. But it fit.

We all stopped and stared at the car like it might be booby trapped, then Julia broke the seal.

“It’s my car, I’m driving,” she said and jumped in. I dashed for the passenger seat, letting Kelsey and Sarah figure their way into the back. Doors shut. People placed.

Our adventure was about to begin.


We drove for about an hour before anyone started talking. We were all tired, but Julia kept the pedal down. It was a long drive to Detroit from Buffalo, by way of Canada, and we had a 1pm game to make. Once we crossed the border, however, everyone seemed to liven up.

“So we’re going to baseball games, like, every day?” Kelsey asked.

“It’s a baseball trip,” I said, “Jim told you that, right?”

Kelsey sighed and sank back into her seat. “He said we’d be driving around, seeing the country. I thought we’d see, like, a couple of games. Not like, every night or whatever.”

I had to laugh a little, ruefully. My perfect adventure, months of planning — adding Kelsey and Sarah was supposed to save the trip. Instead they were killing it. No one likes being cooped up with a complainer, I don’t care how beautiful she is. It was going to be a long 9 days.

I hoped Jim’s reason for ditching the trip was a good one. A really hot girl or something. Speaking of hot girls…

“What about you, Sarah? You like baseball?” Julia asked.

“My Dad was more of a football guy,” Sarah said, “Big Penn State house. Baseball, the only thing I really know is the sex thing.”

“The sex thing?” Kelsey asked.

“You know, first base is kissing,” Sara said, “Second under your shirt. Third in your panties. You know.”

The way she said panties made every organ in my body stand at attention. I swear even my pancreas got a little hard. My arousal got a hold of my mouth and I started talking before my brain could interject.

“Did you play often?” I asked.

“Ben!” Kelsey’s cheeks and chest went hot pink. Oh man, did I want to see that happen as often as possible.

“What? We’re just talking about baseball. I actually lettered in high school,” I said.

“What position?” Sarah asked.

Holy fuck! I thought I was just being dumb, but… that was full on flirt-mode. Alert! Alert! All men to battle stations!

“He was a pitcher,” Julia answered.

“Nice. Did you score often?” Sarah asked.

“Ben’s job was to prevent scoring,” Julia said. Sarah giggled. Then the entire back row broke out laughing. I turned and gave Julia a punch in the shoulder.

“Dude, what was that for?” she asked. I just glared.

“What about you Kelsey?” I asked, “Play any ball in high school?”

“You mean like…?” Kelsey asked, “No, I don’t have a boyfriend or anything.”

She said it like it was obvious, like no one would ever think a boy could be interested in her. I guess she was so used to being the ugly duckling, no one had told her she was full-on swan. That wasn’t going to last for much longer.

“Well I’m happy to hear that,” I said, “That is… I mean… It can be good. At college. To start fresh, I mean. You know? Julia, you had a high school boyfriend and broke up, wouldn’t you say it was better?”

She punched me in the arm. “Dude. Shut up.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, either,” I said, still scrambling.

“Shocking revelation, Ben. So we’re all single, then?” Julia asked.

“Not Sarah,” Kelsey said, in a teasing sort of voice.

“Oh yeah?” Julia asked, “Someone serious?”

“I don’t know, I mean…”

“Oh, come on,” Kelsey said, “They’re practically engaged.”

“Well I think that’s great,” Julia said.

“Oh yeah. It’s awesome,” Sarah replied.

The car went silent.


We stopped at some tiny rest stop for a bathroom break. There wasn’t any difference between this and an American rest stop, but all the brands were different and it made the whole place seem like a weird, parallel dimension gas station. The day was turning warm and the smell of clean, warm air mixed with gasoline seemed to reek with promise and potential.

After I peed, I went for a quick walk to stretch my legs. I found Sarah perched by the far side of the building. She was hiding behind a camera, squinting through the viewfinder. Her knees slightly bent. Lost to the world.

Click. Click. Click. This was no amateur taking a few quick shots for her evening scrapbooking project. For one thing, her camera looked like it cost more than my car.

But even beyond that, there was something about the way Sarah paused before shooting, how she fiddled with every little thing, then went rapid fire before stopping and framing all over again. I felt like I kaçak bahis was watching an artist, someone with passion, and it made me want her so much more than gigantic boobs or a fantastic butt. Not that those were any less alluring, let me tell you.

Sarah was clearly appreciating the view — the road rambling past green fields towards the horizon — and I couldn’t help but appreciate what I was seeing, as well.

“I didn’t know you were a photographer,” I said after she took a short break from taking pics.

“Just a hobby,” she said without even turning her head.

“That’s a heck of a camera for just a hobby,” I said.

“It was my Dad’s.” Sarah dropped the camera to her side. “Probably time to move on,” she said, giving me a sort of half smile. I remember thinking, if that’s a partial, I don’t think I can handle a whole one.


When we got back to the car, I found Kelsey sitting in the passenger seat. I gestured for her to get up but she shook me off. Great, she was a wet blanket and a seat stealer.

“My legs are too long for back there,” Kelsey said.

“I’m taller than you.”

“We’ll all take turns,” Julia said.

“Great, then I’ll drive.”

I reached my hand out to take the keys.

“Nuh uh. My car. I’m driving.”

I started to retort, then stopped myself. I’d learned long ago that arguing with Julia was like yelling at a stone wall that occasionally punched you in the gut.

Head down, I loped over to the back seat and lowered myself in. The backseat of Julia’s little Beetle was a punishment at the best of times. Now I wasn’t just sitting next to piles of luggage, I practically was luggage folding myself into the car. I made a point of kicking the driver’s seat as I sat.

At least Sarah had the decency to squish herself into the middle seat, pressed tight between the suitcases on one side and me on the other. Our arms touched and I won’t lie, I kind of didn’t mind.

Once everyone was belted in as best we could, we started to back out of the lot. Julia reached to adjust the rearview mirror, then stopped herself. There was no rearview mirror. It had fallen off a few months back, then gone missing entirely. I kept asking her to get a new one, but it was too late now.

“I’ve still got the side mirrors,” she said, defensively.

“Great comfort when we rear end some poor grandma in Evanston.”

“Shut up, and let me drive, dude. Bad enough I can’t see backwards at all.”

Great moments in driving safety, this was not. Julia pulled out with a screech of tires and smoke. The poor Beetle was barely holding it together and the trip hadn’t even begun. I said a prayer to the Beetle gods to keep us safe.


Canada was taking forever and I was bored. The old car’s tape deck (Yes, really. Tape deck.) had died some time ago and the radio was only giving us static. I tried to go to sleep, but in that scrunched position it was impossible. It didn’t help that Sarah kept fidgeting next to me.

“What’s up?”

“Tight back here, can’t get comfortable. With me and Kelsey it was OK, but you and I…”


“It’s OK.”

I did my best to be a gentleman, but my eyes kept wandering Sarah’s ample attributes and my mind went with them. I imagined pressing Sarah’s lips to mine, squeezing her bottom tight to my body. Her breath catching in her chest. Feeling her little pink tongue just draaaaag down my skin. Hefting her breasts in my hands as those plump lips wrapped around my…

Sarah’s phone buzzed, insistently.

She just sighed at it, then tucked it away under her bag. Like putting it down for a nap. Then she muttered something to herself that sounded like a couple of curse words strung together.

“What was that?” Julia asked.

“Nothing,” Sarah said, “Just talking to my phone.”

“Ok… Well if you need something, speak up. You guys could be strangling each other and I wouldn’t know. Between all the suitcases and the road noise we can’t hear shit up here.”

“Got it,” I said.


“Never mind!” I looked over at Sarah to share a smile, but she looked all sniffly. Her eyes were kind of red and she was still sort of looking over to where her phone was now buried.

“Everything OK?” I asked, low, like sharing a secret.

“Fine,” Sarah said, “Just fine.”

“Well OK, then.”

“Hey, do you want to see the pictures I took?”

“Hell yeah!”

Sarah reached into a nearby bag and pulled out her behemoth camera. She’d taken the lens off, but the thing still looked like a monster. I was afraid to even look at it too long, lest it break beneath my gaze.

Sarah leaned in close to me and my whole body skipped a beat at her touch. Then she flipped the camera around so I could see the little viewscreen on the back. It felt so intimate, looking at the images together. Exciting yet also oddly comfortable.

Sarah scanned through pretty quickly — a sped through slide deck of unfamiliar faces and locations. Finally, she settled on a shot of the rest area where we’d just been. Except it looked nothing like the place that I had seen. The sky looked deep and brooding, the light giving the dingy gas station this strange dignity — like it was the Acropolis instead of the Gas ‘N Gulp.

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