THAT SUNDAY (a lesbian tale)

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THAT SUNDAY (a lesbian tale)THAT SUNDAYThe car stopped at the usual place, alongside the narrow sidewalk, and next to the fire hydrant. It didn’t matter. Louisa wasn’t staying long.“Did they give the signal ?”, asked Louisa nervously“Yes they did”, answered Jenny, “as soon as we arrived”.“They must have been watching from the window”, stated Louisa“Yes…they must have been”, Jenny sighed loudly.“It’s just that I don’t like you going there on your own…you never know”, said the older woman.“It’s been going on for years now and nothing has happened”, said Jenny calmly.“But it’s just that you’re alone”, continued Louisa“Oh for Christ sake mother, do you want to come in with me ?”, suddenly screamed Jenny“Oh…Oh….no …of course not….I’m sorry”, whispered LouisaJenny was wrapped up in a long fall coat and was getting very hot on this humid summer evening.“I’ve got to go now mom”, said Jenny quietly, “I’m getting really warm”.“I’ll be here at midnight”, said the older woman reassuringly“Yes..that will be great…Thank you mother”, said Jenny who even made a gesture to kiss her mother on the cheek but she stopped herself in time.———————————————————————————————–The woman who walked out of the car on this warm sticky night in a dingy part of town was a schoolteacher. Jenny had reached 50 a few months ago and had been teaching elementary school for the last 30 years. She still lived with her mother Louisa who was just over 70, but didn’t look it. Jenny never married. She was not what you would call attractive, but then she was not ugly by any means. She was just rather plain, although her breasts were full and, even when they were covered by her thick blouse and a few layers of clothing, as they usually were, one could imagine some pretty hefty tits and nipples to fit. Her hair was slightly curly and she let it grow sometimes so that, when it wasn’t in a bun, it would fall all the way to her ass. Her ass was rather dull but still showed some fine firm buns to anyone who cared to take a closer look. But nobody really did. Jenny and her mother were white as can be. ————————————————————————————————Even though it was warm, Jenny tightened her coat around her body as she crossed the street. Someone could have walked by and recognized her, even in this part of town. The door of the one-time rooming house was opened, before she could knock, by an older black woman with a shawl around her head. She had large brown eyes and a warm smile. “I can take that from you Jenny”, said the lady“Thank you Violet”, Jenny answered as she took off her coat, folded it and handed it to the lady.“How’s your mother ?”, asked Violet“Oh..she’s ikonbet giriş fine…thanks”, answered Jenny with a nervous smile.Violet reached behind her and took a small white sailor’s hat and put it on Jenny’s head. Before she could continue, a middle-aged woman appeared from nowhere, gently pushed Violet aside and reached for the ribbons which she tied under Jenny’s chin. The white hat went well with Jenny’s white dress, buttoned in the front, and with long sleeves with ended in frills. Her dress was slightly above the knees and looked like something she hadn’t worn since she was a teenager. She took some white gloves out of her side pockets and Violet handed her her small handbag before the younger black woman could do it.“Doesn’t she look pretty ?”, said Violet to her daughter Donna.“She looks so pretty, I could eat her”, cried Donna, jumping up and down, her large breasts jiggling and magically supported by a thin blouse knotted on her tummy.“Oh…you…you… you tease” shrieked Jenny, jumping in front of Donna like the teenager that she had become. Violet turned off the light in the stairs. “Maybe you girls should go play now”, she suggested.Jenny ran up the stairs in the dark pursued by Donna dressed in a short black skirt. Jenny fell halfway up and Donna tried to grab her but the white girl freed herself in time and ran up until she reached the top of the stairs, where a door suddenly opened. Another middle-aged black woman grabbed Jenny by the waist and pinned her to the wall. “Don’t be nasty Amber”, cried Violet from downstairs. “Remember to share”. Jenny’s attacker was a little taller and bigger than Donna and her tight black dress showed off a large round ass. Amber had a very pretty face but she was pudgy enough. Donna was thin and bony except for her tits and ass which she was quite proud of.“Help…help…”cried Jenny, her screams muffled by Amber’s mouth crushing the white girl’s lips in a rough kiss. “ you don’t want to play anymore, don’t you ?”, screamed Amber“You wave that white cunt in our face, you tease, and then you play hard to get”, added Donna, spitting in Jenny’s face.As the trio stumbled into the room and closed the door, Violet shook her head, smiled, and walked back to her kitchen.———————————————————————————————Once inside, Amber pretended to chase Jenny who ran around the room with her handbag in one hand and her hat in the other. She finally collided with Donna who grabbed her by the wrists. The two black women sandwiched Jenny, Donna facing her and Amber squeezing her from behind. “Oh please…let me go…Please…” yelled Jenny, trying to imitate Marilyn Monroe’s high-pitched voice.“No point in trying ikonbet yeni giriş to run away sweetheart”, yelled Amber trying to keep from laughing out loud.“What are you lesbians going to do to me ?”, groaned Jenny rolling her eyes“I’m gonna lick your white clit”, whispered Donna in a throaty voice.“Ladies do that to other ladies…do they ?”, asked Jenny looking incredulous“I bet your panties are wet , white girl”, added Amber trying to lift Jenny’s dress from behind.“Ain’t got no panties”, cried Jenny as she opened her mouth wide. Donna spit in her mouth as Amber lifted Jenny’s dress up around her waist exposing a pair of white buttocks.The women were going wild. Donna wiggled her hips, pulling her tight skirt down until her black hairy cunt was exposed. Amber had slipped completely out of her dress and was rubbing her naked body against Jenny’s white party dress. Donna began to unbutton the front of Jenny’s dress while Amber was busy playing with the schoolteacher’s ass.“Be careful not to lose any buttons”, whispered Jenny to Donna, “Can’t find those anymore”.“Oh my…you black lesbians are soooooo naughty”, cried JennyDonna had finished unbuttoning the top of her dress and tried to lift the whole thing off. “Let me keep it….please…”, whispered an excited Jenny into Donna’s ear.Donna began sucking on Jenny’s milky white tits while Amber’s head disappeared under the white dress.“What is my sister doing down there ?”, cried Donna into Jenny’s face.“She’s licking my asshole”, screamed Jenny licking Donna’s face“Did your mother lick my mother’s asshole ?”, cried Donna“Your mother must have asked for it…my mother is too proper to do that”, Jenny answered, raising her head proudly.Jenny opened her stance as Amber’s tongue roamed Jenny’s hairy crotch. Jenny twisted Donna’s tits and Donna was pinching Jenny’s nipples.“That’s what you get for bringing us to watch our mothers fucking ”, screamed Donna“It was your mother who was on top mating with my mother’, yelled Jenny, as she fell on her knees in front of Donna, Amber’s mouth still connected to her crotch.Donna grabbed Jenny’s head and flattened her face against her pubic patch. Amber had turned on her back and was licking away at Jenny’s triangle, the schoolteacher’s wide asscheeks jiggling as she moved her hips against Amber’s waiting mouth.“It was your mother who fucked my mother”, kept yelling Donna forcing Jenny to eat her.Jenny moved her head away for a minute and screamed “It was black on top of white”.Amber stuck her finger up the mature white woman’s ass while she was eating her.Suddenly Jenny screamed her pleasure as she pulled away from Donna’s cunt for a few seconds. She had sprayed Amber’s face with her juices. Donna came as she ikonbet güvenilirmi slammed Jenny’s nose up her cunt crack and rubbed it against her clit. a****ls, all three of them.Then there was a scuffle. Donna thought Jenny had pissed on her sister. She threatened to retaliate. Amber was frustrated since she was the only one without an orgasm. The black sisters exchanged insults with Jenny who suggested their sisterly love went beyond what was allowed. “Your mother’s always been a cunt-licker”, accused Jenny. “It was your mother who attacked her behind the farmhouse”, answered Donna, fake tears rolling down her cheeks.“Our mother was pissing and your mother jumped her”, added Amber who pretended to be angry.“She invited her to piss with her”, Jenny answered, as she did every time they met, “and things got out of hand”. It was the signal for Amber and Jenny to walk to the bathroom. “Don’t close the door”, reminded DonnaDonna could only see Amber’s back on the seat and Jenny legs resting on either side of her sister’s waist. They weren’t moving much, just adjusting their position a bit. She didn’t know if they were also kissing or spitting. When they were both finished, they got up and took a quick shower. Donna had put her tight skirt back on and her flimsy blouse supporting her large tits. Amber slipped on her long black dress over her clean body. Jenny took longer and the two black women helped her put on her white dress and button up. It wasn’t too wrinkled but Jenny’s hair was a mess and Amber put a brush through it.“I still remember your mother on top of mine”, whispered Jenny quietly, afraid to provoke another scuffle.“God I remember large hairy pink cunt lips and I don’t remember who they belong to”, laughed Amber“It was a big fuck though…remember ?”, asked Jenny“Sure was…longest and noisiest one I’ve seen,” mused Amber, “they both came hard at least 3 times”.“They both had a mouthful of cunt hair, like two cows”, laughed Donna“You exaggerate…”, winked Jenny.“Hardly…they ate before they rubbed”, added Amber“You have to credit me with getting you there on time to see the whole thing”, stated Jenny proudly“We were just lucky. You had a tummy ache, Jenny, and our pastor got drunk so we had to come back from church early,” Amber reminded everyone.“Did they…?” began Jenny but stopped before she could continue“Never asked”, answered Amber———————————————————————————————-Jenny picked up the handbag and hat and walked down the stairs slowly since there was no light. She paused at the bottom to see if Violet was there. She wasn’t. She put on her coat and left the hat and the bag where they were always stored.When she crossed the street, her mother turned on the car lights. “Did you have a good time ?”, asked Louisa“Yes mother, I did”, answered Jenny in a neutral voiceBefore she left the curb, Louisa turned to Jenny and said:“How is Violet ?” in a slightly shaky voice.“She’s fine, mother, she’s just fine”, answered Jenny. THE END

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