That Little Black Dress

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Knowing that you were working late again today and would be in the office alone, I decided to give you a little surprise break. You had been working so hard recently putting in late nights and early mornings and as a result our sex life had diminished in recent weeks. Well that was about to change in a big way.

I spent two hours in the bathroom primping and pampering myself in readiness for you. I trimmed my pussy so that the lips were bare with only a little landing strip of hair and slathered my body with lotion. I painted my toenails a vivid shade of red and my fingernails matched. After blow-drying my hair, I slicked it back into a ponytail, fitted gold hoops to my ears and a gold ankle bracelet then began applying my makeup. Black eyeliner and lashings of mascara highlighted my eyes, and the red lipstick on my lush lips made them look even poutier than normal.

Laid out on my bed were the black lace thong and matching plunge bra that you loved so much. I slipped into these and immediately my C cups were thrust up even further with a delightful cleavage that I knew would drive you mad. I then pulled out my trusty little black dress — the wrap around one that crossed over in the front — all the better for you to see my cleavage. Completing the outfit were 4 inch black suede open toed stilettos. After a spritz of perfume and a final look in the mirror I was ready to go.

I called a cab and once on the way to your office I lay back thinking and fantasizing about the night ahead. I could sense the cab driver looking in the mirror at my cleavage and I took a deep breath in allowing the girls to spill over a little more. May as well give the guy something to jack off to when he got home that night.

We pulled up outside your office and I alighted from the cab and walking around to the driver’s side, leant in the door to pay the driver allowing him a bird’s eye view of my tits. I could hear a hitch in his voice and I saw a growing bulge in his trousers as he tried to count out my change. On the third try he got it right and I turned and walked towards your office, putting a little extra sway in my hips as I did.

The security guard knew me and waved to me with a jaunty greeting. I asked if you were in your office and he confirmed that you were the only one working on your floor as everyone else had taken off for the weekend. I smiled and thanked him before walking up the stairs, feeling his eyes on my backside as I did.

I reached your floor and the carpet muffled my footsteps as I made my way to your office. Your door was open slightly and I could see your head bent over your desk as you pored through some documents. I entered as quietly as I could and closed and locked the door with a little snick.

That little sound caused you to look up and as you realised it was me, you looked up with a puzzled expression on your face and enquired whether we had plans for tonight. I replied that if we didn’t have them before, I certainly had plans for you now. You looked quizzically at me, and then took in my appearance and understanding dawned on your face. We had used this fantasy previously when you were away on trips. It made for hot phone sex and we invariably both came pretty hard. Now it was time for your fantasy to come true.

I walked over to your desk, perched on the corner and crossed my legs, dangling one shoe slightly and as I did my skirt parted giving you a view of a good bit of my upper thigh. As I did I softly asked how your day had been? You replied that while it had been somewhat tedious, it looked like that was all about to change. Boy were you right!

I içerenköy escort slid across your desk until I was right in front of you and as I did you leant back in your chair a little. I looked down and could see the slight bulge in your pants. I lifted my legs and placed my feet on your chair on the outside of your legs and as I did my dress feel apart and you could see my lace covered pussy, the thong disappearing under my ass. Through the lace you could see that my lips were bare and as you unconsciously licked your lips, I reached down and pulled the thong taut between my lips, sitting just over my clit.

You could see my pussy was glistening and you made to move forward, but I stopped you with a gentle foot to the chest, pushing you back in your chair. This was going to be all about you — well at least that was the plan. With that I reached for the clasp that held my dress together and released it, allowing the dress to fall apart and reveal my black lace enclosed tits in all their glory. Wriggling my shoulders, the dress dropped down my arms, leaving me clothed in nothing more than my bra, thong and shoes.

I took a moment to just let you look at me and seeing the lust in your eyes only made my pussy wetter. With your eyes on me, I slipped my finger into my mouth and then slowly lowered it to my dripping pussy, lightly running it up my slit. I heard the sharp intake in your breath and noticed that the bulge in your pants had grown considerably. Taking this as a sign that you were enjoying the show, I shifted my feet to the arms of your chair, which only served to spread my pussy even wider to your gaze and you could see my pink glistening lips, split in two by my lace thong.

I reached down and pulled the thong aside and you could see my clit peeking out slightly and I saw you licking your lips again. I imagined your tongue swiping over my clit and a fresh wave of juice leaked out of my pussy. I reached down and scooped it up and then tasted it. I thought your eyes were going to pop out of your head as you watched me clean my finger off.

I then reached down again and once again dipped my finger into my juices, running them up and down my slit, carefully evading my aching clit. Up and down I went spreading my juices all round my slit until it was absolutely glistening. Only then did I touch my clit. That first touch was like fire and I hissed with the contact. You could see the flush on my face and chest and knew that I was seriously aroused.

Closing my eyes I began to rub my clit — the sensations were amazing and knowing that you were watching was an even bigger turn on. My breath was coming unevenly now and each time they did my tits seem to grow bigger, trying to burst out of their confines. You could tell I was close and you didn’t want to miss being a part of it. You grabbed my thighs and pushed them to the floor from their resting place on your armrests and grabbing the hand that was busily playing with my pussy hauled me to my feet.

Turning me around, you throw my dress off the desk and pushed me forward, telling me to put my hands flat on the desk and not to move. You then moved my legs apart and told me that they should not move either.

Sitting back down in your chair, you placed your hand in the small of my back and pushed down. This caused my ass to jut up into the air. Then you sat back to look at the picture you had before you. Me with my hands flat on the desk, tits spilling out of my bra, with my ass in the air and the black lace splitting my pale cheeks. Below that you can kadıköy escort see the puffy lips of my pussy, glistening with my arousal and my clit peeking out desperate for attention.

You roll forward slightly on your chair and blow lightly on my pussy. I shudder and unconsciously move back to you. You stop me with a light but firm slap on my cheek and I jump in surprise. You then lay another firm slap on the other cheek and I jump again, but can feel my juices leaking anew from my pussy.

You lean in and run your tongue down my slit. Time and time again you do this and I am now a bundle of nerve endings, quivering every time you do. I try to push my clit against your tongue, but once again you deny me and just lay another short sharp slap on each of my cheeks. I am so close to coming and you can sense this so you avoid my clit totally and start to move backwards running your tongue up to my little hole.

You nudge my thong aside and give my little hole a gentle flick with your tongue. I nearly fall over from the strange sensations but manage to stay upright. You lick up my slit and once again flick over my little hole. I jump again, earning slaps to both cheeks.

You can tell I am close to coming and you know that my pussy walls will be tight and wet with wanting. You press a finger into my pussy and I immediately clamp down on it, milking up and down and I can hear you groan, imagining how it will feel around your cock. You add another finger and I am breathing hard, getting so close — too close in fact.

I stand up and I can feel your fingers locked in my pussy walls and I can only imagine the view you are getting now. I reach down and reluctantly remove your fingers from my pussy before turn around with your hand still in mine. I bend slightly and you can see my luscious tits spilling out of my bra as I raise your fingers to my mouth. Looking you straight in the eye, I take your fingers in my mouth and start to run my tongue around them, licking all my juices off them. I lave them with my tongue, running it up and down each digit.

After I am satisfied that I have cleaned your fingers totally, I free them from my mouth with a pop and slowly sink to my knees in front of you. Your trousers are tented now and I can almost feel the heat emanating of your cock from here. I lay my hand gently over your cock and you buck with that first contact. Looking up into your eyes, I reach for your belt buckle and slowly undo it. Never breaking eye contact, I undo your trousers and lower your zip. The rasp of your zip is the only sound in the room apart from our breathing. Lowering it slowly and carefully I can see the head of your cock poking out of the top of your underwear. A perfect mushroom head that is leaking precum.

I lower your underwear along with your trousers, lifting each of your feet in turn to remove them. Your cock is sitting up against your belly, begging to be touched. I grab it at the base and still keeping eye contact with you snake my tongue out and give it a little swipe. You react like you’ve been hit with electricity and your hips buck up off your seat.

Putting a hand on your belly, I push you back onto your seat and with a devilish smile I slowly lower my head and take your head into my mouth. You immediately feel the warmth and wetness of my mouth as I engulf the head of your cock. Sucking slightly I use my tongue to run it around the underside of your cock, maintaining a firm grip at the base with my hand. Over and over again I swirl the head of your cock around my mouth, occasionally making kartal escort my tongue into a point as I concentrated on the slit in your cock head. I can feel you getting harder in my mouth, and I want to take you to the edge.

I look up at you and as I do I take the length of you into my mouth. You can see me struggling to take you, and I have to move back to take a breath. Once again I dip down to the root of you, my nose buried in your pubes. You can feel my throat caressing your cock head and grabbing my ponytail you hold me there until you feel me struggling for breath and you release me.

Your cock is slick from my mouth and as I once again start to suck on the head of your cock I run my hand up and down your shaft. You feel so hard and hot in my mouth and I reach down and palm your balls, rolling them in my hand. I can feel you getting close to cumming and I gently pull your balls down away from your body. You cry out in frustration, as you really wanted to cum in my mouth.

I look up at you and smile angelically at you. Oh poor baby you didn’t get to come… That is all that it takes to push you over the edge. You haul me up by the shoulders and spin me around. Once again you push me over the desk. You reach up my back and undo the snaps of my bra. Pulling it down my arms, you can see my tits swinging free and this seems to spur you on. I hear you open the drawer and wonder what you are doing. I feel cold metal on my ass and then hear a snip sound on either of my cheeks.

You grab my thong and drag it along my slit as you remove it. The contact on my clit after being neglected so long is electrifying and I thrust my ass back towards you. You grab your cock in your hand and run the head up and down my slit, making sure that you hit my clit with every pass. I am breathing like a marathon runner now and I know it won’t take much for you to get me off. I want to feel you inside me when that happens so I drop my shoulders a little further on the desk so that you have a perfect view of my ass and my wet pussy.

That is all that it takes and you line your cock up at the entrance to my pussy and plunge in to the hilt. It takes my breath away and I clench tightly around your cock. It feels so good and I can feel your balls swinging up lightly tapping on my clit. You pull out slowly and slam into me again and I am clutching around you, feeling your balls slapping my clit. I know it is not going to take much more for you to make me cum.

You pull back again and then start ramming into me slowly, each thrust taking you deeper into my pussy and making your balls hit my clit. I can’t take much more and I push back hard on you, clenching my muscles around you. You can feel me getting ready to cum as my pussy clamps down on your hard cock, using my pussy muscles up and down your cock.

You grab my hips and start to thrust — once, twice, three times and I start to clench around your cock and I cum hard, drenching your cock in pussy juices. That is all it takes for your and you pound one last time into my pussy and let your load go deep into my pussy. With my orgasm still happening, I am milking your cock for all it is worth and you can feel the ripples up and down your cock.

You slump down on my back, sweat pouring of both of us as we lay there breathing hard. The air conditioning soon begins to chill our bodies and you move off me reluctantly. As I stand up, your cum runs down my leg and you run your finger up my leg and scoop it up to feed me. I lick your finger clean tasting a mixture of both of our juices. You lean over and kiss me, running your tongue around my mouth and sharing our taste.

I stand up and dress, minus the thong. I tell you it is time for you to leave work and you agree and pack up for the weekend. I walk ahead of you and you can see my cheeks wiggling cheekily under my dress, knowing that I have no panties on.

You can feel your cock hardening again…

But that’s another story…

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