Tenancy Inspection Part 2

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Tenancy Inspection Part 2It was just after lunch the next day when I got a call from Sally, we chatted a bit and she sounded flirty before she got on to the reason for the call, it would appear that when she put her report in she made mention of the loft and as they had no pictures of the loft on file she had to come back and take some, she was very apologetic and blamed it on her being new to the job but she wanted to set an impression and do the job right so she asked if she could drop in on her way home and finish the task, she promised that it would only take 5 minutes of my time, like that would happen but she sold it well.She was very pleasant and there was certainly a click between us so I told her that I was happy for her to call back and take the necessary photos adding in a joking way that she could take some of me in my robe, I certainly wasn’t expecting her reply, “I might just do that if you wear it again” which confirmed that this wasn’t going to be a 5 minute visit.I came off the phone with a warm and fuzzy feeling running through my bones, I liked Sally. There was something about her that just hit the right note, she wasn’t what I would call a stunner but had good looks and a kind of charm that would melt ice. She had a great body with 34b’s which were firm and a lovely tasting pussy with just the right amount of pubic hair, I hadn’t seen her arse yet so can’t comment but I was certainly looking forward to her getting up in the loft again, be just my luck she wears trousers.I put some wine in the chiller and took a shower to freshen up and then lounged around with a beer or two waiting for Sally to arrive, I didn’t have to wait long before the doorbell rang. Sally looked stunning in her white blouse which was thin and slightly see through I could see her bra and navy pleated skirt which was quite short, her perfume filled the air as I invited her in and again she was very apologetic that she had to return. She looked down at my tightly tied robe and smiled, it was touch and go who had the shortest item on but her legs were definitely better than mine.We entered the kitchen where I took the wine out the chiller and saw her eyes light up as I opened it, “Oh yes please” she said, “I could certainly use one of them” she continued so I guessed she had a hectic day.“Busy day?” I asked as Sally got up on the stool drinking half the glass of wine in one gulp, “You wouldn’t believe it Frank” she said slowly relaxing, “But at least I get to see you again” a comment which seemed to perk her up a bit. “Would this help?” I said as I took a joint out my tin and lit it up, “OMG Frank, you are the best” she said as I passed it to her, she took two or three quick hits and almost immediately the mood softened.She then started giggling for absolutely no reason and saw the confused look on my face, “I just hope that after smoking this you make sure I am safe up that ladder” she said and I hadn’t even given it a thought which is a bit of a lie as I had thought of nothing else, I was just so glad she wasn’t wearing trousers.“Oh don’t worry Sal, I will make sure you are perfectly safe” I said reassuringly giving her knee a quick playful squeeze. “Thank you Frank” she said as she finished her wine.We finished up the joint and decided to get the pictures done and both walked out to the hall, “After you” Sally said as we got to the bottom of the stairs so I slowly walked up taking pendik escort my time knowing that Sally was behind me, “Mmm” she said softly, “That robe really suits you Frank” and I could hear a slight giggle in her voice which confirmed that she was looking at my bare arse and balls hanging down. We got to the top and I could see on her face that she enjoyed the view and then looked a bit nervous as I got the ladder out and placed it under the hatch.“You will hold me Frank” she said again as she started to climb up with her iPhone in her hand, I held on to the sides as she climbed up and she stopped to reach up and open the hatch and her arse was now at eye level, the ladder wobbled a little as the hatch door opened “FRANK!” she cried as she took another step up.“I’ve got you” I said as I put my hands up the outside of her thighs up her skirt and held on to her hips and looked up to see the bare cheeks of her arse, she had an even smaller thong on today and as she adjusted her position to take the photos she arched her back a little which pushed her arse out right into my face.I brought my hands round a little and was now gripping her cheeks widening them which gave me the first sight of her cute little arse, her shaded little starfish was staring at me and I could smell the sweet aroma from between her legs.I held her tight as my nose was wedged into her crack and my tongue tasted her sweet hole, I heard her gasp and sigh softly as contact was made and she wiggled a little as I widened her cheeks as wide as they would go and probed around her pert little hole. Mmm she did taste good.“Oh YESS!” she cried as I heard her phone click taking pictures and my tongue was now going from her arsehole to her pussy and back up again and she was pressing back on my face quite hard, “OH YESS!” she cried again as my tongue teased her little brown hole.“OK, done” she said looking down at me, “Help me down slowly” she said softly as she stepped down a rung, I held her waist which inadvertently untucked her blouse and my hands slipped up inside. My cock was raging as she came down another rung and my hands slipped up her belly to her chest and before I knew it they had slipped up under her bra and I held both of her perky little titties in my hands and the nipples were stiff, my cock had poked out the front of my robe and as she came down her skirt rode up and I found my cock had wedged between her legs. OMG I could feel her damp panties rubbing my helmet.“I’ve got you” I said softly as she turned and smiled and readjusted her clothing. “Oh dear” she said noticing my cock had appeared out the front which I quickly adjusted and we put the ladder away and returned downstairs to get her another glass of wine.She sat back on the stool and I handed her the wine and took another beer out for myself and she was in a cheery mood having now completed her task. “Come here” she said softly and grabbed the robe tie pulling me towards her, “Oops” she said as it came undone and opened showing me in all my glory,“How about that ‘other’ pic then Frank” she said as she took out her personal phone. My cock was semi hard and I was happy to oblige and she took a couple of snaps as my erection grew, “Wow, now this is looking good” she said with a laugh as it grew bigger with every snap, she reached out and gave it a gentle squeeze and took a couple of her holding it and kartal escort then handed me her phone and slipped off the stool, ‘No she isn’t’ I thought to myself as she bent down taking the head into her mouth and I quickly took a couple of snaps of her sucking me, OMG she was in love with it.“Let’s go in the lounge” I suggested and she basically pulled me along by my cock!!She was like a dog on heat and I was in no way complaining as she stood in front of the sofa and slowly undid her blouse, off it came as she reached around her back and unhooked her bra, she had nice rounded perky tits and her nipples stood proud, my cock stood hard as I watched Sally’s strip show and now she was topless smiling at me. She reached around her waist and unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor and now she was just in her little white thong, it looked so sweet and not even big enough to cover her pubic mound, I smiled at her as she stood there posing and motioned to her to remove the thong, “I will if you will” she said laughing and off came the robe and off came the thong, we both stood there naked looking at each other like teenagers.Sally was first to walk towards me and pushed me back into the chair, legs out stretched and wide she knelt down in front of me looking at my erect cock laying against my stomach, “Mmm” she sighed softly as she reached out and took hold pulling the skin right back exposing the swollen purple head, she pulled it upright and bent forward and began licking around the head and then down the shaft to my balls, her other hand came up cupping my wet balls as Sally’s tongue explored every inch before putting my rigid cock into her mouth, slowly it disappeared until she gagged and come up for air, she smiled seductively and then went back deepthroating me.Sally had a good technique and was intent on edging me which was driving me crazy but she was so good at it bringing me to the boil and then cooling me off while all the time smiling that devilish smile.Suddenly she rose up and clambered onto my lap, her boobs tight against my face which gave me the opportunity to pay attention to her stiff poking nipples, the were like bullets under my tongue as I flicked, licked and sucked making her moan loudly.Very gently she lowered herself down and I felt the head of my throbbing cock push against her outer lips, she gasped as it slipped in and I immediately felt her muscles tighten as I slowly slid inside her.OMG she pulled my head up and started kissing and nibbling at my neck as she slowly gyrated on my lap, our lips met in one of the most sensuous and passionate kiss I think I have ever had, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth and when she started so softly suck on my tongue it nearly blew my mind.This was passion, this was lust and Sally took control, she was in charge as she dictated the pace and I loved it as our deep kiss continued, Sally started to quicken the pace as her first orgasm shook her whole body sucking harder on my tongue and I felt her hard nipples running up and down my chest as she rode me. “OH FUCK YESSS!” she cried feeling me so deep inside her, I was speechless and gently thrust in time with her.She was tight as she gripped my sliding cock, the squelching increased as she spasmed to another orgasm and I knew I was close, we had the rhythm and she bounced at a good pace but I felt my balls tighten maltepe escort and the flutter in my stomach as my cock started to pulsate and Sally moaned loudly as she felt the hot cum hit inside her belly, “OH YES FRANK!, MMM” she cried out and the second spurt hit home.When the passion subsided and my cock softened she very slowly slid down my body licking and kissing every inch of my chest, nibbling at my nipples as she worked her way down to my belly where she rubbed her face in my pubes and then without a word she took hold of my soft cock still wet from the mix of juices and gently licked around cleaning off the remnants of our lovemaking.Sally looked up at me with a beaming smile looking fully contented, “Wow Frank, that was HOT!” she sighed as she stood up picking up her empty glass and walking out to get her own refill and bringing me in a beer on her return. She even handed me my tin in an obvious attempt to get me to light up which I obliged with as Sally sat on my lap which for both of us seemed very comfortable, both naked, both drinking and sharing a smoke, had I died and gone to heaven?“Why don’t you have a girlfriend Frank” she asked partly through curiosity and partly through fishing, I told her I had a daughter who was only a few years younger and the right person hadn’t come along yet, she kissed my forehead and I could see the look in her eyes, maybe.. just maybe.We chatted about many things and the connection that we had was amazing and we spent a good couple of hours just drinking, smoking and sitting naked and it was like we had known each other for years.I think we had reached the point where Sally wasn’t going home as it was late and we were both a little worse for wear, we headed for the stairs and this time she had no hesitation in going up first and I have to say she had the most perfect arse I had ever seen and she knew and loved the idea of me looking at it as we climbed the stairs. What was nice is that we just got into bed and cuddled up chatting about nothing in particular until we both just drifted off into the night, so comfortable and so cosy.I woke up early and knowing that Sally had to go to work I made some coffee and sat on the edge of the bed just looking at her sleeping, she opened her eyes and that beaming smile came across her face as she saw me sitting there still naked. “Aww bless you” she said as she saw the coffee and then sat up in bed, boobs on full show and sipped away at her caffeine shot.Her hand ran up my thigh as we sat there and I could feel it getting closer to my balls and when she got to the top she gave them a little squeeze and then took hold of my chubby, I could see her nipples start to harden as she slowly squeezed and massaged my cock to erection, she had such a nice touch it was almost instantaneous.She put her cup down and adjusted her position pushing me back on the bed and then with her mouth still warm from the coffee she put my cock in her mouth which sent shock waves through my entire body, OMG as she took the whole length into her hot mouth, I squirmed and wriggled as the immense pleasure she was giving me as she got into her stride, nothing better than a good blow job first thing in the morning and I didn’t waist too much time before I could feel myself cumming, OMG it was intense as I shot my hot cum deep into her mouth, “Mmm breakfast” Sally murmured as she swallowed the lot and then tried to suck more out of me as she cleaned up.Sally showered and dressed while I made some fresh coffee and soon she was gone, was this the start of something good? All I knew was that I liked her and certainly wanted to see her again which being my property manager was an almost certainty.

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