Ten Minutes Past Seven

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At 10 minutes past 7, I heard the soft knock at the door. As I stood from the sofa and walked across the sitting area of the small suite I smiled at the perfect timing of her arrival. She must know the effect that even 10 minutes of additional anticipation has on me. I must struggle not to show the overpowering desire I have.

I open the door and Marla is an absolute fantasy vision as always. She smiles and I try to moderate what must be an ear to ear grin on my face. I step aside and motion for her to join me in the warmly lit hotel room. As she passes me I note the delicious movement of her hips in the thin dark fabric of her dress. I almost cannot take in the entire vision at once and remind myself that there will be time for slow study in a moment. I note with satisfaction though, the high, black spike heels with the buckled strap around her delicate ankles.

I step ahead of her and walk to the lamp by the end table and press the small switch. This small adjustment to the lighting was the perfect modification. I turn to Marla and meet her smile. I gently take her small purse and place it on the edge of the coffee table. Offering her my hand I escort her a few feet toward the center of the room and turn her gently to face the full length mirror. The look on her face is inquisitive as she sees me move close behind her and now our world is the reflected image in the mirror.

I stand for a moment looking over her into the mirror and enjoy a close examination of her beauty. Her dark hair and makeup are, of course perfect. Just a bit more than would be appropriate for a business meeting, not enough to be considered overdone but just a hint of the sensual mission ahead.

The cut of the dress drops sharply over her shoulders exposing a deep “V” of beautiful skin in front. I struggle to move my eyes slowly and not fall to her delicious cleavage. I know she is watching my eyes and I won’t give her the satisfaction of knowing how she has captivated me; the vivid red of the dress, a stunning contrast to her dark hair and beautiful white skin. A row of gold illegal bahis buttons extends down the front, off center to define the wrap of the dress. It is perfectly fitted and I know Marla has chosen it specifically for me. The hem extends tastefully to mid-thigh; the dark silk of the stockings providing definition to the hem of the dress.

I drink in the reflected image but now I can move my eyes to the delicate skin of her neck. She sees me change my gaze and she feels my hands on her shoulders. She watches intently as my head lowers and my lips are drawn delicately to the skin of her neck. The scent that fills my nostrils is delicious and my lips explore the smooth skin; my face moving her hair aside to taste more of her neck and ears. I feel her relax against my grasp and she exhales deeply. I slowly move to the opposite side noting now that she begins to lean back against me, she must feel my hardness against her.

I raise my head and our eyes again meet in the reflection. My hands slide down and find the top button. I deftly unfasten the button but do not put pressure against her body. I sense she is not expecting this approach and I relish in a moment of advantage. I relax my knees to reach the bottom button and stand again with my hands on her shoulders. I pause to enjoy the image and our eyes meet. The dress hangs loosely but still covers her. She makes no movement and we both know I will define the moment when the dress is removed.

My fingers trace the outline of the fabric around her neck and gently down the front, carefully tracing the fabric without touching her skin. I can feel her warmth. I sense no weakness in her knees and she is almost defiant in her security with the impending display of her beautiful body. My fingers move back to the neckline and carefully hook my fingers under the shoulders and lift gently. The dress begins to open at her waist. I lift the dress back and over her shoulders.

My eyes are frozen on the delightful unveiling of her perfect form. I notice that her eyes are on mine in the mirror and I realize once again, illegal bahis siteleri she is in my mind and whatever advantage I thought I had was a fantasy.

The night is all about fantasy, so I continue.

As the dress opens I continue to pull it back and over her shoulders. She moves her arms slightly to assist and I know of course she chose this dress for just this type of unveiling. Perhaps she didn’t anticipate the mirror but knew that it would provide a perfect showcase for what was beneath.

I ease the dress off her arms and place it aside on a nearby chair. I stand behind her now and my breath is taken away by the image in front of me. A black bra provides unneeded support but serves to just cover her nipples and frame her perfectly sized breasts. My eyes move to the delicate curve of her waist and enjoy the top of a thin black garter belt. The straps are taught to the snaps at the top of her stockings and I follow the black silk to her feet.

She follows my eyes and as my eyes meet hers I read the hint of a sly smile. Our minds meet as we acknowledge her lack of panties and the beautifully trimmed hair, exquisitely showcased by the black straps.

We both know she has won the first round.

I must step up my game.

My hands once again move to her shoulders and ease the straps off her shoulders. As the fabric eases, my fingers find the small hooks at the back and unfasten the bra. I move the free ends and she flexes her shoulders ever so slightly to allow the garment to fall free. There is always a delicious moment to be relished by both man and woman as a woman’s breasts first move free of the cups. My hands touch her now and she tenses slightly as she realizes this is the first time tonight she has felt a full caress. My hands slide under the beautiful breasts cupping them and increasing the blood flow to her perfect nipples. As my palms move over her my fingers part and lightly tweak her hardening nipples. I feel her knees begin to ease.

I turn her around and in one smooth movement fall to my knees. He hands fall to my canlı bahis siteleri shoulders to steady her and my lips gently find her waiting nipples. I feel her softly moan and my lips and tongue explore the stiffening nipples and fullness of the sweet flesh. I try varying levels, experimenting to find the combination of delicacy and aggression that heightens her response.

Minutes pass and I can feel her leave the present and begin to drift to the place women go when they give themselves to passion. I feel her hand now at the back of my head pressing me against her.

I must have more. I move away from her and she pauses but understands this is just a movement to the next pleasure.

I ease her back toward a chair and steady her as she struggles slightly to walk. The room has a wide cushioned armchair and I move her back toward it. She sits on the edge of the cushion and I caress her legs with my palms. After a minute of exploring I gently grasp her right ankle and ease her leg up and over the padded arm of the chair. I ease her other leg aside, rotating her hips to expose her beautiful pussy for our enjoyment. I ease gently against her and my lips begin to trace her inner thigh. I feel her relax against the cushioned fabric and I know she enjoys being able to watch me as I work her sweet skin.

My lips find her lips and ease them apart as my tongue explores to awaken her clit. I feel her hand again pulling me toward her and I can feel that her passion will not take long to release. My tongue increases its tempo and I use her moans and sounds to isolate the exact center of her excitement. I do not want to be slow now. I want her to come fast and come hard.

She tenses and pulls me against her body. I hear and feel her as she reaches her climax, her body spasms as she pushes me gently away. He body now too sensitive to continue.

I stand and enjoy the sight before me, her legs still spread and her eyes closed. She smiles, opens her eyes and eases her legs closed to sink back into the chair. I lean forward and kiss her gently on the lips for the first time of the night. She nuzzles against my cheek like a kitten and I pull away and stand before her.

I stand now as her breathing steadies. Her eyes meet mine.

I begin to strip as she watches.

Not a word has been spoken.

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