Temptation Ch. 07

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Cum Covered

“Hey, Missy,” Nick shouted as Amy was starting for the stairs heading up to Nick’s apartment. She turned around as he came toward her. Now, the time was set. How should she act toward him? Would he think differently about her today, she wondered.

“Good news,” he said cheerfully. “Your door has been fixed.”

“What?” What was sogood about that, she wondered.

“So now you can move back into your apartment again,” he continued in a weaker tone.

“I can?”

“Yes, wasn’t that what you wanted after nagging about it the entire week?” he continued in a neutral voice. He sounded quite strange about it, as if he didn’t want to show any feelings whatsoever. Well, if he tried to forget, she wasn’t going to let him get away that easily. It was time to start the game, and this time she would end up on top.

“What a pity. I was even thinking about paying you back for last night. Well, there’s no need for that now, is there?”

He just stared at her. Completely gobsmacked. “Paying me back?” he finally said in a choked voice.

“Yes, an eye for an eye, and all that. Or you did me a favour, now I’ll do you one.”

“A favour? Is that what you call it?” his voice sounded a lot colder this time.

“Of course. My dildo was out of batteries so you actually did me a favour last night.”

“A favour,” he grumbled while he trampled passed her and continued up the stairs without looking back to see whether she was following or not.

Grumpy fellow, Amy thought. What was wrong with him? Men were supposed to be casual about sex, weren’t they?


The rest of the afternoon Amy moved all of her things back into her apartment again. Nick was clearly avoiding her, spending a lot of time in his room or sunk down in the coach in front of the TV. He was still as grumpy as she had ever seen him before. Poor Nick. And the evening wasn’t over yet. He definitely had a surprise or two to look forward to. She only had to do some preparations first.

Right now it was time to start some dinner, as her stomach growled in protest. But before that, she had more important matters to attend to. Walking into her bedroom, she located the underwear she had saved for a particular occasion. And this was that occasion. The lacy wonder bra was perfect for her present mood with the bright red colour that portrayed her feeling of being a female on the prowl. The bra was matched by similar lacy hipsters that fit her perfectly.

Next, she reached for a black-laced girdle and put on a silky pair of fishnet stockings. She felt as sexy as she had in ages and hoped that Nick would feel the same way. If not, he was blind, or dead, or would be really soon.

With regret she continued to cover the lace with a short shirt and a top which only concealed the most important portions but left most of her cleavage visible. She looked in the large mirror. Just perfect. She bent from her waist and noticed with satisfaction that the motion bared more than enough of her cleavage to prove interesting.

At the same time, her girdle was slightly revealed. Perfect, she smiled to herself. The basic plan had been set. Now, she only lacked the topping: A pair of high heeled shoes and some earrings and she were ready to hunt males – or definitely ready to face one particular male and hopefully turn his evening into something quite out of the ordinary.

“Preparation was, after all, the main key to success,” she chuckled.

Her stomach was growling again. Time to start the attack, and food was the best way to a man’s heart – at least she had read it somewhere. Now it remained to be seen if the theory had some grounds. Her own kitchen was not up to the task yet, so she returned to Nick’s apartment and started preparing some food.

“What are you doing?” she heard Nick shout as his voice was gradually coming closer to the kitchen.

“Preparing dinner,” she said nonchalantly as she bent down to open the oven just as she heard him entering the kitchen. She heard a gasp being uttered, before a colourful oath was heard.

She turned around and caught the sight of a spellbound Nick looking at her scarcely dressed body and taking in the sight of her cleavage. Slowly he managed to close his mouth again, and a fire was seen in his eyes before he looked her over.

“What’s going on?” he asked. “And what’s with the outfit?”

“Nothing,” she tried nonchalantly.

“Try again,” he sneered at her. “You going out or something, or just meeting a lover? Or is it lovers?”

“I haven’t decided yet,” she said enigmatically. “I just felt like wearing something different for a change.” And she placed a few onions on the table, before bending down to grab a cutting board from the lower drawer.

“It’s different, all right,” Nick mumbled behind her, without sounding too happy about her sudden change in appearance. Poor man, she chuckled to herself.

“Oh, stop being such a grumpy fellow. Here, make yourself useful and cut these onions,” she ordered.

Reluctantly escort ataşehir he did as she asked as she made sure to position herself right behind him as she prepared the rest of then food. The cramped kitchen space made them brush against each other several times as she reached for a knife in front of him and handed him a few mushrooms to cut as well.

She felt as if the temperature in the room had increased while she inhaled his scent and brushed her breasts against his back as she walked passed him. She thought she heard him take a sharp intake of breath as she walked passed him but she couldn’t be sure.

She placed herself beside him at the table and gave his crotch a quick sidelong glance. Oh yes, she thought triumphantly. Something good was definitely going on there. Relief and another more hungry feeling were starting in her body, as she felt her own reaction to his erection.

She wanted this man, she thought. She just had to find out how she wanted him, and for how long. But she figured it was much more important to figure out how to get him, then to worry about the other two.

She opened the oven and placed all the ingredients on a baking tray, making sure to give Nick a good look underneath her dress at the same time. She bent even deeper and not even the bobbling from the dinner could drown the harsh breath she heard coming from her companion.

She looked up and noticed his face had a strained expression as he held on tightly to the back of one of the chairs. His hands were whitening by the strain he seemed to be under. She gave him a smile as she dropped the ladle she was holding in her hand. It landed on the floor with a loud smack that seemed to penetrate the daze that was settling over her.

“Oops. Clumsy me,” she chuckled as she positioned her back to his and bent from her waist to retrieve the ladle. At the same time she felt a pair of hands grabbing a hold on her waist and a strange hardness was pressing against her backside. Slowly he rubbed his hard cock against her clothed body and she felt like gasping as warmth spread to her pussy, and making her moisten to his touch.

“You’re tormenting me,” he said in a strangled voice, as he tightened the hold he had on her waist, making her feel as if it was impossible to escape him now. Not that she wanted to either, and she made her feelings known by slowly rubbing herself against his hard front.

He groaned out loud, before he lifted her up and swung her around so that she was facing him. Just as suddenly, he kept coming closer and he lifted her onto the workbench, placing her in a height matching his own. Spreading her legs he moved between them and slowly motioned her body closer to the edge, letting her cunt touch his hard cock as he rubbed himself against her weak flesh. She matched his groan and opened her mouth as his mouth was placed on top of hers in a wet and hungry kiss.

She felt as if he was devouring her lips and her entire body screamed out in order to make him treat the rest of her body in the same manner. She raised her hands and grabbed a hold on the front of his shirt, trying to unbutton his clothes and roam her hands over his naked flesh. Frustrated by her lack of success with the buttons, she suddenly ripped open his shirt and placed her hands over every portion of his skin that she could reach.

“Oh god,” he groaned as she moved her left hand downwards and started cupping his hard cock through his jeans. “Don’t stop,” he begged her in a voice that sounded drugged. He caught her mouth in a desperate kiss that left her feeling as if she was being a feast and he was hungry as a wolf.

He slowly pushed his tongue into her warm mouth and she sucked him slightly, making him groan with need. She suckled his bottom lip and gave him several soft kisses as they fought to taste each other.

His hands moved over her thighs and she felt him lift her skirt higher, baring her thighs to the open air and warming her bared skin with his hands. She felt as if a switch inside of her had been turned on as she felt warmth pour into every portion of her body. She spread her legs wider in order to induce him to come closer to her aching body.

He moved his hand up along her thigh and she felt like screaming out her joy as he slowly and painstakingly moved closer to her core. Finally hitting the spot, he used his thumb to slowly massage her clit into producing even more moisture to coat his way. The cloth separating them felt even thicker than before and she wanted to scream out for him to rip her clothes away and enter her.

“Rip them,” she begged as he continued his leisurely rubbing of her clit and she felt as if every cell in her body had awakened and was anticipating his next move. “Just rip my panties off.”

Instead he continued stroking her slowly and purposefully. His breathing attesting to his calm only being skin deep and she longed for him to finally give in and lose himself to the aching need.

“Take kadıköy escort me,” she gasped, as she grabbed a hold of her own panties and ripped them off herself. Next, she moved to the zipper of her skirt and undid it so that her skirt could ride on her hips as she bared herself to him.

He breathed heavily as he stared at her bared flesh and he seemed to have been momentarily frozen in shock. Not suffering from the same inclination, she reached for his jeans and opened the top button before settling for his zipper. At the sound of his zipper being opened, he emerged from his shocked condition and he quickly lowered both his jeans and the bulging boxers he had underneath.

Immediately his cock was let loose and she gasped as she took in the size of his erect cock that would soon massage her insides.

She reached for his cock that was standing proud and large in front of her. She moved her hand across his cock head and she saw him move closer as she tightened her hand around his warm and hard flesh. He groaned aloud but let her look her fill and touch every part of him that she wanted.

She moved her hands along the ridge, following his entire length from top to bottom, trying to familiarise herself with every detail of his cock. Moving down she cupped his stones and felt his cock jerk to her every movement.

He reached for her top and slowly undressed her upper body. Moving his hand underneath her bra, he stroked her nipples so they tightened for him. She answered by folding her hands around his cock and squeezing him hard, making him moan as his every movement stilled and he closed his eyes in pleasure.

“So good,” he finally murmured and she continued squeezing him. He moaned again and moved his hands back down to her clit, massaging her hungry flesh. Now that her panties were gone, she felt every detail of his ministrations all the way to her bone and she arched her back in response to his slightest touch.

“Harder,” she pleaded with him. “Rub me harder,” and she moved her body forward and closer to his hard cock. She grabbed his cock head in a hard grip and motioned herself toward him. Placing his cock head against her entrance she felt her need increase into a desperation she had never felt before.

He adjusted his hips slightly and she felt the first inch of his broad member start to penetrate her moist cunt. She arched her back further and bent her pelvis, preparing herself to take every inch of him inside. She raised her legs and placed them behind his thighs, pulling him closer to her.

“Are you sure?” he gasped out as he suddenly stopped pushing his cock inside of her warmth.

“Yes,” she replied and she resolutely placed a hand behind his neck and motioned his mouth closer to hers. Obeying her command he lowered his head and she kissed him hard on the mouth, before he started answering her in full. Widening her thighs she felt him push another inch inside of her and she gasped into his mouth by the feeling of being stretched to her limit as she struggled to adjust to his size.

“Are you all right?” he asked as he lifted his mouth away from hers.

“Yes,” she groaned as he rubbed her clit at the slow motion, making her both frustrated and heightening her anticipation at the same time. “Harder,” she begged of him, and she felt him smile as she took another inch of him inside.

“God, you’re tight,” he groaned as he retreated a little away from her and at the same time she groaned out her objection to his leaving. He instantly repaired the damage by surging inside of her once again. This time coming even deeper inside. She gasped as she tried to adjust and he carefully lowered her back down on the work bench, allowing her body to take him more easily. Frustrated by the situation, she grabbed a hold of him and dragged him down to her.

“Take me,” she ordered him. “Come as deep as you can, but do it now.”

“As you wish,” he smiled at her and pushed deep inside of her at the same time.

“Oh, my god,” she groaned out loud and she felt herself aching to his every move as he started to withdraw, before plunging back inside of her tight pussy. She felt her entire body enveloping around his hard cock and she concentrated on keeping him inside of her, never to let him leave her warmth. But in vain. He kept on moving out, and then back inside of her, and as she tightened around him she felt every part of her body being rubbed and teased.

She felt him move a hand underneath her body and suddenly he lifted her upwards and she felt as if his cock was coming even deeper inside of her than before. She tightened around him in response and smiled happily as she heard his matching groan as he continued pounding into her body.

“More,” she almost sobbed. “Give me more.”

“With pleasure,” he answered and started moving with an even faster speed. By each plunge inside of her, rubbing against her aching clit, she felt as if her mind was escaping her body in the sheer maltepe escort bayan pleasure motioning through her body. She felt her climax coming closer and she struggled to take him with her as she prepared for the final plunge into oblivion.

“Come with me,” she pleaded as she angled her body to take on the last leap. She looked up to see his need evident on his face and as he pounded into her one last time, she screamed out her joy as her entire body exploded with pleasure. She felt contraction starting in her abdomen and at the same time she heard Nick scream out his own release and pound into of her body, pushing himself as deep as he could as her contractions milked away his strength.

Breathing heavily, he sank down on top of her, and she held him tightly to her as they both tried to catch their breaths. Amy felt the warmth and the pleasure from her release move into every part of her body and she felt a strong sense of ease and enjoyment as her body relaxed in full contentment.

Finally coming to her senses again, she felt the hard surface underneath her and the warm body of her lower on top and inside of her. She chuckled loudly. That had been some orgasm, she thought. She had felt as if she had just jumped off a cliff and forgot the parachute. Taking an inventory, she felt the presence of every part of her body return to her and in an instant she felt a warm liquid escaping her cunt and slowly seeping down toward her ass.

There was plenty of liquid to be had, she thought as she contemplated how wet she had become by their lovemaking, and how hungry she had felt for his flesh. It also felt as if he had added his fair share to the liquid as she felt another load escape from her soaked pussy.

As she chuckled once more, she felt him tense as if he had finally regained his senses. He made a startled sound and started to lift his body away from hers. Moving backwards and letting his cock leave her cunt. She let him retreat, but she took pleasure in feeling every movement he did as he slowly withdrew from her warmth.

“Oh god,” he groaned. “That was awesome,” he smiled at her. Then suddenly his smile stiffened as he slowly regained his senses. He looked down at her soaked pussy. “Are you on the pill?” he wondered, as he gave her a sheepishly look, looking as if he had just been caught with both hands in the cookie jar.

“Of course,” she answered quickly. “Don’t worry about that.” Although he didn’t seem to be as relieved as she would have expected him to be. Then suddenly it dawned on her.

“The food,” she gasped as she turned to look at the stove. He turned around at the same time, but everything seemed to be okay. He opened the door to the oven and declared happily.

“It’s ready.”

“Good,” she answered in kind and jumped down from the work bench, trying to adjust her wayward clothes at the same time.

Nick turned to her and helped her put on most of her clothes again, and she laughingly buttoned the few remaining buttons in his shirt. Luckily, there weren’t many left, and she contemplated removing all of them the next time so that she would have the pleasure of facing his naked chest from the other side of the table the next time.

They cooperated in laying out the food and set the table. An awkward silence had emerged and they both looked somewhat nervously at each other. None of them yet able to speak about the earth shattering event they had just experienced.

Amy felt more relaxed than she had felt in ages and she started digging into the food with an appetite that made every awkward thought diminish. She felt as if a smile was glued on her face and as she looked up to watch her companion, they shared a knowing smile that made her knees feel weaker. At the same time the heat was again felt in her cunt and she wondered if her body was starting to enjoy this new experience of having earth shattering sex and was now hungry for more.

Still, the hunger in her stomach prevailed and she concentrated on pleasing her other organs as well.

“Nice food,” Nick finally blurted out. “Deliciously good.”

“Yes, although I was worried there for a second,” she laughed. “I thought we might have a replay of my burnt out kitchen.”

“We would have if you had taken more time to climax,” Nick intervened.

“What? So you were only waiting for me to go first, is that it?”

“Yep. A gentleman always allows the ladies to precede him,” he joked.

“And I had only planned to pay you back from last night. Well, lucky me,” Amy blurted out.

“Pay me back?” Nick said in a more serious tone. “Was that what this was about?”

“Well…yes,” she had to admit. In addition to give her the upper hand and dominate him for a change, but she decided it would be a mistake to tell him that. Instead she tried to continue their light banter by adding. “And it felt really good, don’t you think? It was really fun. I feel so relaxed I can just go to sleep right now,” she continued, not noticing his expression had closed and his smile had disappeared.

He continued eating slowly and she sat nipping to a glass of wine he had offered her.

“Have you heard anything from Jeff, lately?” she asked him suddenly in an effort to start up the conversation again.

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