Teenager trapped into sex racket

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Teenager trapped into sex racketYesterday I wrote the first part of this story. I don’t know where it vanished! May be I did not post it properly. The gist of the story is this.This is the story of my friend, Pooja, who was lured into sex when she was barely 13 by one of her school teachers. She was taken to one madam’s flat where she was introduced to a good looking boy of 17. While waiting for the boy to arrive, the madam and the teacher shows her some porn movies, where for the first time she saw a girl and boy smooching and the girl doing the blow job. Madam tells her to learn the tricks of pleasuring men. But the madam tells her that there is no force, only if she is interested and likes the boy, then only indulge in any relationship. With her permission, madam brings her in front of the boy and they kiss. The boy kisses her (madam instructs her to open her mouth and have real tongue kiss and asks her to open her blouse for the boy to caress her breasts.)now the rest……Pooja was worried that her panties was soaking wet and the wetness will not wet the sofa. Then suddenly, Vicky puts his hand on her legs over her skirt. His hands goes inside and touches her panties. She stops him by holding his hands. But he already knew she was wet. He takes out his hand and smells it and gives her a wicked smile. She becomes red with embarrassment. Rekha madam comes back “OK. love birds, have u warmed up properly?, Would u like to go to bed room? Vicky stands up. Pooja was not sure. Rekha, pulls her up by holding her hand and tells, “dont worry, he will not eat u up. Or will you Vicky?”No””Hey, don’t u want to eat her?””Oh u mean that— that of course I would like to””mmm, give her your expert lick. From what I hear from Reema miss, u are an excellent licker.”She only taught me that””One day I have to test it myself””Any time maam, I am sure I would enjoy it and you would smell great.””Come on, k**s, go and enjoy yourselves in the bed room”She takes both of them to the master bedroom. “Don’t lock the door, I will ask Reema to get you some water”. Meanwhile you can continue with your activites. Pooja, make him happy and he also would make u happy. The moment Rekha goes out of the room, Vicky gives a tight embrace and once again starts kissing her. Now he started unbuttoning her shirt and slowly removes it. She is with only bra now. He unhooks it from behind and anadolu yakası escort strait goes to her right breast with his hot lips. while caressing the other. He sucks her nipples, first pulling it with his lips tightly and then opens his mouth fully and takes her small breasts fully into his mouth. Her breast becomes wet with his saliva. He tickles her nipples with his tongue. She felt as if she is getting electric shocks.Then her teacher Reema enters with a jug and tumbler of water. She laughs”Oh, so u have started drinking the milk, have her honey also later””Her honey is already oozing out and I am going to lap it up fully.””Pooja, he is an expert. He should be. Because I taught him”.”You should also teach her your tricks with the mouth, maam””Of course, I shall come later.””Bring some cigarettes too””Sure”As soon as Reema leaves, Vicks pushes Pooja on the bed and removes her skirt. He laughed when he saw her fully wet white panties and even though Pooja made a feeble attempt to stop him, he removes her panties. Her pussy is now exposed. She covers it with her hands, he removes her hands gently and brings his face close to it. He sniffs and says, God, this smells really good, better that Reema miss.” He spreads her cunt lips and licks her clit with his tongue. He gives strong and hard stroks. His tongues goes down to her pussy hole and comes up giving upward stroks. Pooja is in heaven. She shudders several times. She did not know then that it was her first orgasm. He pulls her legs up and keeps them pressed on her belly. Now even her ass hole is exposed. His tongue goes down and he started licking her ass hole. She was not sure how clean it was and wondered whether it stank. However he seemed to enjoy every thing. Then suddenly he moves up and removes his pants and underwear and lies down on the bed arms extending up. “Come on lick my nipples” he said.Pooja, now fully naked, climbs on him and started licking his nipples. His chest was smooth without any hair, but she could not get his nipples between her lips, so she licks over one. He pushed her face to the other nipple. His nipples became soaked with her saliva. Then she felt his hand on her head. He was pushing her down. Her face reached his naval. She puts her tongue into it. Then further he pushed her head down. Now she knew what he ataşehir escort wanted, but was not sure how to go about it. Her face is now on his pubic hair. His cock is pushing on her chin. He lifts it with his hand and gives it into her mouth. She opened her mouth and his cock enters it. His cock smelled faintly of urine. He had not gone to the bathroom to wash it, she remembered. But she liked the smell. She remembered the girl in the movie and extended her tongue to lick at the lower part of his cock. Then she covers it with her mouth. His cock was long but not very big. It fitted into her mouth.He caught hold of her hair and began to move her head up and down. Suddenly Reema entered the room with the cigarettes. “You love birds are very fast.” Now you enjoy your smoke, while I will teach her some tricks.Pooja had sat down hiding her face from her teacher. Reema asks Vicky to lift his legs. Now his balls and ass hole is exposed. Reema pushes Pooja’s face on his balls. “Lick them. Make them wet with ur saliva. Pooja lick his balls. One and then the other.”Try to take one into ur mouth”Pooja take his big one on the right into her mouth and pulls it tightly. Then she releases it. She found it funny that both are not equal in size. One was bigger.But she could not take the smaller and pull it like the other.”Now lick below them.,that is the place men are more sensitive”Reema lifts Vicky’s both balls up and makes place of Pooja to lick there. Pooja licks while knowing that his ass hole is just an inch below.”Lick with force, from down up.”Pooja obeys.”Now u can go little more down” Pooja knew what she meant, Reema wants her to lick his ass hole. Vicky gives a loud laugh. When her lips reached his ass hole she could clearly smell it. In any other time she would have been horrified. But strangely, she did not feel it disgusting and she remembered that he too licked her there. So what the hell, she started licking. “Wow, that is great, Vicky said.”She is a fast learner.” said reema.”Hey, miss, give me some milk, please.” Vicky asked Reema.”But u have to pay extra for that”Sure.Reema removed her top and lifted one side of her bra.She climbed on the bed and gives one of her nipples in his mouth. Vicky, throws down the cigerate and started sucking her breast, while Pooja was licking his asshole. “Pooja, u can come up ümraniye escort a little and attend to his cock for some time, and then go back” Reema gave instructions to Pooja.”Hey don’t bite off my nipple buddy”. It seems due to his excitement Vicky was little hard on her breast. He began to slurp on her breast giving loud noise.”Don’ u want to fuck her”? Reema asked.Sure. I want, other wise I will come all over my belly.”Pooja get up, now lie down, let do what he wants.Pooja was now really nervours. She never expected the things will reach real fucking. Till now she is a virgin. She lies down closing her eyes. She felt Vicky climbing on her. He pushed her legs apart. She could feel his cock on her belly.”Wait, let me get some jelly, I dont want her to feel any pain” Reema gets the jelly and applied it on his cock. Pooja felt his hot cock touching and rubbing on her clit for some time and then it moved slowly down, and then it reached the mouth of her pussy, it started entering into her. Her belly and thy muscles became tight. “Relax, dont worry, you are going to enjoy it. Reema said stroking her nipples. “Push it slowly”He pushed and suddenly it was inside her. She felt sudden pain inside, but he had started pumping in and out. She wanted to push him away, but he had put his arm around her and started pumping in and out. One of her nipple was inside his mouth. He was sucking it and the other was being pinched by Reema. She was in heaven. She hugged him tightly and began to shudder unable to control herself. Reema laughed aloud. Hey look she came. Wasnt it great, Pooja?”Vicky was in full speed. He began to moan and then Pooja felt something warm spreading inside her. He shuddered several times. Suddenly he became heavy on her and he fell on one side, totally exhausted.She felt something oozing out of her pussy. He has come into her. She realized it with shock.”Dont worry, u r not going to have any baby. Rekha maam will give a tablet to take care of that. Reema seems to enjoy seeing both the teens after having a terrible sex. Vicky, do u want me to suck u clean? But that also will cost u.Be my guest. Please.Reema bends down and took his now soft cock into her mouth and began to suck. After licking the wet cock dry, she smacks her lips and said, “Vicky, your cum always tastes good. And Pooja, your pussy smells and tastes really good. I could get both your taste on his cock. That was the first experiece of Pooja. She continue to visit Rekha’s flat for several months. For more than two months, Vicky was her partner, they were almost falling in love. But one day, madam introduced her to another boy. He was much older than Vicky. That is another story. (Readers, please give ur comments.)

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