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teen chavsLiving in the north east of the UK is great, there’s loads of reasons why I love it here but for now, I’m only going to talk about one of the reasons.Filthy chavvy sluts. If you aren’t from the UK, you’re probably unfamiliar with the term “chav” and if that’s the case, give the term a quick google search.If you can’t be bothered to do that, I’ll just quickly tell you that chavs are often portrayed as benefit scamming thugs who have a taste for cheap rip-off designer cloths. I’ve met enough to know that this description can sometimes be an untrue and cruel stereotype but in the story I’m about to tell you, just assume that the stereotype applies, it just makes it more of a turn on for some reason.The story I’m about to tell you is only half true, the rest is what I made up in my head. This will make sense when I explain the context, so I’ll begin.I was on my way home from College at around 6 o’clock as it was a late finish on that particular day. Winter was setting in so it was starting to get dark a bit earlier and already, the streetlights were starting to turn on.I was making my way to the bus interchange when two chav lads turned the corner about 10 metres in front of me. They were talking quite loud and were obviously quite rowdy. I was expecting to get some grief off them, but It didn’t bother me too much, I’m capable of looking after myself so I didn’t make any attempt to avoid them.I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time and as I looked down at my screen I heard one of the lads shout “oi oi sexy!”. I looked up and saw them looking across the road at two chav lasses (girls), one of them was a bit overweight, with long bright blonde hair wearing a purple hoody and tight black and white striped leggings. The other also had dyed blonde hair but with the odd black streak (probably extensions) and was wearing a tight top which did a great job of showing her perky big tits, but her tits where nothing compared to her amazing arse which was also perfectly visible thanks to her black leggings, the kind that seemed to be in fashion and thankfully still are in fashion.The best thing about these leggings is that in the right lighting conditions, you can see right through them, often giving you a great look at the sexy thongs these chav lasses always wear.Hmmm, my dick is dribbling just thinking about it…Anyway, granted, one the chav sluts was way sexier than the other but I’d still pound the fuck out of both of them, just for being the dirty sluts they are.After the chav lad had shouted, both lasses stopped and looked over at the two chav lads, the one in the stripy leggings shouted something along the lines of “fuck off ya bell-end” which made the other lass laugh.The two chav lads had now stopped to stare at the lasses and I slowed my pace so I could watch the situation unfold and so I could get a good look at these two sluts. I think the lass had genuinely surprised the two lads when she shouted at them, so they stood there just staring at them for a few seconds, laughing and joking to each other as they did.The two lasses giggled at each other as they walked away, the sexier one turned to get another view of the two lads, as she turned back around to walk away, one of the lads shouted “ya probably couldn’t take my 10 inch cock anyway!”.This obviously peaked the lasses interest, the two lads turned and walked off but a second later the sexier chav lass turned around and gave the lads a second look before saying something to her friend.The two lads continued to walk away, making their way into the bus interchange but the bigger chav lass jogged over the road, hopped up onto the curb about 3 metres in-front of me and shouted at the two lads “wait! me mate wants ya number!”.The two lads turned back and walked over to her, I couldn’t hear what they were saying but as I walked past them, I overheard the lass say “there’s no way you’ve got a 10 inch cock”.The two lads and the lass in the striped leggings walked straight in front of me and crossed the road where the sexy big titted chav was waiting for her friend to come back.I turned after walking past them and got one more look at the four chavs, I knew what i’d be thinking about on the journey home.Now, the above is all true, but the next part of my tuzla escort story is my imagination and what I think actually happened when the four chavs grouped up. Here goes, I’m trying so hard not to jerk my hard cock as I write this, its about to tear through my jeans. That’s how much I love these chav sluts.Anyway, when the two lads and the fat chav lass reached the stunning chav whore, the chav lad who claimed to have a 10 inch cock came up close to her and said “want me to prove av got a massive cock?”The lass eyed him up and said “fuck aye, haven’t had a massive cock before”. The fatter girl interrupted and said ” if ya really do have a massive cock we’ll both suck ya off and ya mate as well”.The to lads looked each other and the group then walked off down the street, heading towards the river which separates Newcastle and Gateshead.A while later, they finally got to a quiet road which had loads of paths leading into a dimly lit wooded area. The area was mostly used by cruising gays and d**g addicts who shoot up where no one can see them, but tonight, the place was quiet.The journey there had clearly got the whole group horny, they all occasionally stopped to feel each other up and stick each others tongues down the others throats.One of the chav lads grabbed the stunning slut and pushed her in front of them as they walked up the small path leading into the wooded area.The fatter chav lass said in a flirty tone “Becca’s got a proper sexy arse hasn’t she?”.Becca turned her head to see all three chavs looking at her arse, she lifted her top to reveal her sext curvy hips and lower back and pulled up her leggings as she walked. Her arse lifted up and tightened as the lifted the leggings, making her arse look irresistible.The chav lads both went to grab it at the same time.The lad who claimed to be well hung, knocked other lads hand out the way and said “am goin first mate, remember, its my massive cock that’s getting us a blowjob”.The other lad didn’t argue and let the other lad grab her sexy arse, she continued to walk slowly as he squeezed and gently slapped it as the others watched.As he continued to play with her arse, the other chav lass, put her hand over the other lads jogger bottoms and felt up his hard cock, “i’ll look after you when he’s playing with Becca”.Finally they reached an area in the woodland where a tall rail bridge cut through the forest, underneath the bridge where several arches which held the bridge up, most of them where inaccessible due to the foliage, but the footpath cut through underneath one of them, it was the perfect place to stop and have some fun.The area was obviously popular, it was thick with graffiti and there were used condoms strewn left right and centre as well as the odd cum covered tissue.The apparently hung lad walked in front of the group and stopped underneath the arch, leaning against the graffiti covered wall and saying “C’mon then, come and see what I’ve got”.The two lasses walked up to him and looked at each other, “you go first Becca” said the fatter chav slut. “no way, av never seen a massive cock before, you’ve gotta help ya dafty”.The fatter chav didn’t need telling twice, she stepped closer and got on her knees right in front of the chav lad. Becca copied but she decided to act first and put her hand on his huge bulge, grabbing his cock underneath his track suit pants and moaning as she felt the size of it.”fuckin hell, Becca, it looks propa fuckin massive”. Becca giggled and looked up at the lad and said “I cant wait to suck on it”.The other lad leaned against the wall opposite and watched the action as he slid his hand down his pants and rubbed his cock, getting a great view of both lasses arses as they crouched down.”Laura, have a feel of that” said Becca. Laura smiled and grabbed the lads hung cock underneath his pants, “hmmm” she moaned, as she rubbed the length of his dick up and down.Becca slid her fingertips down the lads pants and slowly pulled his pants down, his stomach was well toned and he kept his pubic hair trimmed and neat, finally, she pulled his pants down to his knees both lasses jumped and shouted “fuckin hell” at the same time as the biggest cock they had both ever seem sprang out and settled right in front of them.They both stared at pendik escort his cock in utter amazement, it was fully hard and actually looked at little bigger than 10 inches, maybe more like 11 or 12.Becca’s eyes started on his thick knob, then slowly traced up his huge fat shaft, his foreskin was still covering his knob, and as she got further up his shaft she noticed that it began to get thicker in the middle, she tried to imagine wrapping her hand around it. She imagined that there would be at least a inch and a half between her finger and thimb.”c’mon then, start suckin” said the chav lad.Laura grabbed his cock and moaned at how thick and heavy it felt in her hand “hmmm fucking hell, this is propa fucking huge!”She slowly started to jerk his huge thick cock, making his foreskin stretch over his bell-end, she aimed his cock at Becca who then placed her hand on top of Laura’s and took his thick knob in her little slutty mouth.Becca moaned as she slurped and gagged on his oversized chav cock, “hmmm that looks so fuckin sexy Becca” moaned Laura, as she began to stroke his dick faster while her friend sucked on it.Becca was starting to get used to the size of his knob, she took his dick slightly deeper, leaving a trail of spit on his shaft as she bobbed her head back and forth on his meaty fat cock.Becca pulled his cock out and took a deep gasp of air “hmmm, I fucking love your huge cock. Have a try Laura” she said, as she pointed his cock in Laura’s face, who then moved her head forward and took his dick in her mouth as quick as a flash, moaning as she opened her mouth as wide as possible to accommodate him.Laura took his cock even deeper, managing to squeeze in about 5 inches, which is where his shaft got thicker.”Hmmm it gets propa thick in the middle, you’ll never swallow that Laura” said Becca as she watched her friend suck away on his hung tool.Both girls bean to rub their pussies under their leggings as they took turns sucking and kissing the chav lads dick.”suck it at the same time” commanded the lad, which made both girls even hornier. shuffled to the left slightly and turned so she was directly facing Laura and the chav lads cock was right between their faces.They both leaned forward and opened their mouths around the thickest part of his cock, they slowly sucked and kissed his huge and impossibly thick shaft, sliding to the hilt, where they felt his soft trimmed pubic hair against their cheeks then all the way to the very tip of this soaked bell-end where their lips met for the first time.They stopped as their lips touched and looked into each others eyes, paused for a second and then began to passionately kiss each other, keeping the chavs dick between their mouths so he could feel their tongues sliding together over his knob.Laura pulled back and spat on the shaft of his cock, then began to stroke it as Becca continued to suck on his knob. As Laura jerked his shaft, she forced his foreskin forward, making it half cover his bell-end and press up against Becca’s lips.She caught his foreskin in her mouth and sucked it hard, pulling it fully over his knob so she could suck on it properly.She continued to suck and gently bite his foreskin before pushing her mouth forward, pushing his foreskin back across his knob where it rested at the point where his shaft met his bell-end.The three chavs where so busy having fun that they had completely forgotten about the other lad.”come on then. Come and get ya dick out” shouted Laura.The other lad shook his head, “Naa, its alreet, i’ll just watch”. “Fuck off, cmon man!” ordered the hung chav lad. “are ya scared?” said Becca.The lad stood there awkwardly as he looked at the two sluts stroking his mates unbelievably huge tool.”Am, not that big though, i’m not gonna be able to compete with that” he said as he nodded towards his friends huge hung cock.”That’s fine sweety, just get over here and get it out” said Laura in a sexy voice. “urm, naa, I’ve gotta go anyway” he stuttered.He slid his hand out his pants, which they all realised was covered in cum, he awkwardly stood there with cum dripping off his hand before he quickly shoved it in his pocket and walked off out of the arch. “I’ll see ya later mate” he shouted before leaving.”fuck him” the hung chav said, “get back kartal escort on my cock girls”.The two girls giggled and immediately got back to sucking on his now soaked cock.”do you have a condom” asked Becca. “we don’t need one” interrupted the chav lad”i’ll just pull out before I cum”.Laura smiled and said “you go first Becca, I wanna watch your sexy pussy get fucked by him”.Becca smiled and stood up, immediately pulled down her leggings and stepped out of them, It was quite cold outside but under the arch there was orange tinted lights which lit the footpath and actually provided quite a lot of heat, plus, the arch was nicely sheltered so Becca hardly felt the cold as she stripped naked.Her perky tits sprung out as she pulled her top over her head, The chav lad grabbed her and pulled her back into his chest, he towered over her and leaned his head over her shoulder, getting a good view of her nipples as he played with them using both hands.”sit between my legs with your back to the wall Laura” He ordered. “then you can watch me fuck her cunt”.Laura did as she was told and looked up to see the amazing view of Becca’s sexy shaved pussy and firm bubbly arse pressed up against the chav lads monster cock.”hmmm this looks so fuckin good Becca” moaned Laura as she reached up to play with Becca’a arse.”Hmmmm shove it in me Laura”.Laura moaned and grabbed the heavy hard cock, slowly lined it up to Becca’s pussy and then pushed it in slowly.Becca moaned loudly and eased her pussy onto the huge thick cock. His cock was so big, it barely fit inside her.The chav lad took over by taking hold of Becca’s hips and forcing her onto his hung meat. Becca began to moan louder as her pussy eased its way onto his bell-end. Finally her pussy accepted the monster cock and it instantly slid inside her all the way.Becca screamed as she felt his dick slide inside her inch by inch. she could feel her pussy stretch, first when his thick knob penetrate her cunt, then when the thick centre of his shaft forced it’s way inside of her.He began to thrust in and out of her slowly, Becca could feel his foreskin sliding across his knob as it pushed her pussy walls wide apart.Becca’s sexy arse was slapping again the chav lads pelvis as she fucked his huge donkey dick.he took her arse in both hands, bringing one leg up in the air. Laura began to suck on his balls as they bounced inches from her face. Before long, Becca was cumming over and over again from the massive dong fucking her. Her pussy juices ran down his length and onto his ball-sack. Laura licked off the juice, moaning at how good Becca’s pussy tasted.”hmmm i’m gonna fuckin cum” the chav lad moaned.”awwh fuck, cum inside me!” yelled Becca. “i’m on the pill so it doesn’t matter, just please cum inside my tight cunt”.Before he could answer, he was already cumming. As Laura licked and sucked his balls he squirted jets of cum inside Becca’s tight dripping pussy. As he came, he reached his hand around and rubbed Becca’s clit. Becca moaned as she felt his thick knob swell up inside her as it shot loads of thick hot cum into her sexy chavvy cunt. She moaned and came even more as she felt his hot chav cum shoot against the walls of her pussy and fill her womb.”OH FUUUCKKKK!!” screamed Becca as she had the best orgasm in her life.If anyone else was in the area, they would have surely heard her. But it felt too good to care.The jets of cum seemed to never end, she stood there, leaning against the chav stud as he came inside her, finally he began to slow his thrusts to a stop. He moaned loudly and pulled his soft but still huge dick out of her cum filled cunt.He had filled her up so much that as soon as he pulled out of her, buckets of his cum dripped out and landed directly on Laura’s face, who happily licked up the strangers cum, moaning at the delicious combination of Becca’s cum and the lads cock cream. Becca, collapsed back into the lads arms, her pussy felt so empty with his cock not inside her anymore.”hmmm we’ll definitely have to do that again some time girls” said the chav stud.”aye, and next time, I’m gonna have your dick inside me as well” said Laura, who was clearly a bit sad that she never got to ride him.The three sum, hung around under the arch till for a bit longer, before they separated they all exchanged numbers so they could easily arrange another meet up.Well, there it is. A part of me wishes I had of followed them so I could have seen what really happened.Let me know what you think of my story in the comments 😉

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