Teasing Seduction

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Double Joi

It had been a very busy week…I was looking forward to finally being able to relax this weekend. Just a few more hours and it would be time to meet the girls at the bar. I had more than enough time to get into the shower, grab a quick bite to eat and head out the door. I was really looking forward to spending some time with the girls, however I was not looking forward to going out to the club….too many people, all seemed to be so much younger than we were. Oh well….I really needed this night out…maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

I was just getting out of the shower when the phone rang. I grabbed a towel and ran for the phone “Hello?”

“Are you ready yet?” said the voice on the other end of the phone… I knew it could only be Julie, one of the girls I was meeting later.

“Just getting out of the shower…won’t take me much longer and then I will be on my way. What time do you want me to meet you guys and where?” I asked

“Ummmm change of plans, how about going to a house party instead? A friend of mine is having a party and she wants us to go…might be more fun than going out with all those young kids at the bar!” I agree with the change of plans and copied down the directions and told her I would see her there in about an hour. “Oh I almost forgot…it is a pool party.. bring your suit!”

I was just pulling up to the house when I spied my friends waiting for me outside. They had just got there too. We went inside and the hostess introduced us to a few people and said to make ourselves at home. “Everyone is out back…grab a drink.”

We were sitting by the pool when I could almost feel someone staring at me, I looked as saw my friend Rob…I hadn’t expected to see him here. I went over and gave him a kiss and said hello. This was after all not the same kind of parties we were used to going too…had to behave ourselves. Too bad…I had really been looking forward to seeing him again; push his buttons again…maybe more! Oh well…just seeing him again was great. We laughed and talked for awhile, and then my friends came over so I said my goodbyes and got up to follow them.

After a few drinks, as per usual, my friends managed to find some hot guys to talk too, leaving me sitting by myself. I should be used to it by now, it always happened when we went out together. I glanced around and no longer saw Rob….he must have left.

I decided that I might as well go too..It was getting late and I was no longer having fun. I found the girls, told them I had a headache and was going to head home. I admit it was a lie; I just wanted to get out of there. Hanging out with “normal” people just wasn’t as fun anymore. I made my way inside..It was quiet, everyone still outside. The lights were off in the living room, but I thought I heard a noise, so I went to see what it was. Straining to see in the dark, I looked around and saw nothing. Must be my imagination.

Just then, I feel the presence of someone behind me, Bostancı Escort I try to turn around but a hand covered my mouth. I try to scream but no sound comes out. No one would hear me even if I did..The music was too loud and everyone was outside. No one would even come looking for me because they thought I was leaving! I try to stay calm, the shadowy figure pushing me up against the wall. He has a hold of my hands, I can’t move. With his free hand, he slowly rips open my shirt, his fingers sliding over my bare skin, finding my nipples and teasing them to hard peaks. I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he slowly nibbles and kisses just under my ear. I should be afraid, but for some reason I’m not. I’m completely helpless, my hands trapped, his breath hot on my neck as his other hand slowly moves lower with the lightest of touches. Instead of being afraid, I am so turned on, I can feel the wetness pooling between my thighs. I feel his hand slide up under my skirt and slide under then edge of my panties…..sliding a finger slowly inside me. “mmmm so wet….so hot, you’re on fire!” That voice…I know that voice….Rob. So he hadn’t left after all….should I play along with the game? Or should I let him know I have figured it out?

“Please don’t hurt me,” I say, deciding to play along for a little while longer, “I’ll do anything you want.”

I feel something against my wrists, a rope or a tie of some kind, he is tying me up, apparently he doesn’t trust that I won’t put up a fight. “Stay against the wall, keep your hands above your head!” Now both of his hands are free to tease me, one gently pinching my nipples, one sliding lower. My god how much of this can I stand? I feel his lips on my neck again, starting at the side, and then moving to the back. I shiver, I can’t help it. He knows it drives me insane! He is pushing all my buttons at once….I am so close to losing control. He stops and I feel myself being pulled backwards. He sits in a chair, pulling me down on his lap facing away from him. My hands still pinned behind me, he pulls me backwards against him and puts my legs on the outside of his, forcing mine apart. Slowly he slides his hand up the inside of my thigh, then dipping a finger into my wetness…. “Sooo wet,” I hear him say as he removes his finger, slowly bringing it to my lips. I suck his finger into my mouth, tasting myself. I feel his cock stiffen under me, so hard, straining against his jeans. I want to feel it inside me. I slowly move against him, letting him know that he is driving me crazy. He is nibbling on my neck, playing with my nipples and his other hand is sliding in slow circles on the inside of my thigh, barely touching, tracing the edge of my panties. I lift my hips to his touch, begging for him to touch me, needing for him too.. Finally he slides them to the side and his first slow touch of my clit makes me jump. I know if he keeps this up, I am not going to be able to fight him; I am Kadıköy Escort too close to losing control. “Please, make me cum,” I say… “Give me what I want, please!!”

“And what do you want?” he whispers in a low voice in my ear. “Do you want me to slide my fingers inside you?” He says as he slides first one then two inside, stroking my wetness

“oh god’ I moan as his fingers slide in and out of my wetness, slowing bringing me closer to the edge

“Or do you want me to do this?” he says as he slowly circles my clit with a touch that is not too hard, but light enough to tease me even further.

Oh god, how much more of this can I take….he keeps bringing me just to the edge and then stopping. I am so close my whole body is shaking, begging for the release it craves.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispers….

“Oh god Rob, please make me cum, I need to cum!” I moan, no longer being able to stand the teasing. Slowly he strokes my wet pussy, rubbing my clit with just enough pressure to bring me to the edge

“Is that what you want? Cum for me Stacey!” he moans in my ear just as I can no longer hold back. Hearing the need in his voice is enough to send me over the edge. He slides his fingers deep inside, my pussy squeezing them as he works them in and out. “sooo wet, sooo hot he moans, sliding his thumb across my clit, making it stand up to his touch, wave after wave till I can’t take it anymore.

“Untie me please, let me suck your cock” I say, wanting to drive him as crazy as he has me. I lean forward as he unties me and then slowly slide to the floor. There is just enough light in the room now to see the need in his eyes. I unfasten his jeans and quickly take them off, tossing them to the side. Starting at his knee, I kiss softly up first one thigh, nibbling here and there, feeling him jump when I near his hard cock. I give him a playful lick of my tongue before moving to the other thigh, giving it the same attention that I did the first, pausing to look up at him before sliding my lips up the length of him. He holds my gaze till the sensations are too much and he closes his eyes briefly, opening them again as if not wanting to miss a single minute. Slowly I swirl my tongue along the head, flicking at the tip, making him jump. Sliding my lips over the head, I suck gently as I lower my mouth on him, taking him inch by inch till I have it all in my mouth. Round and Round my tongue moves as I slide my lips up and down his hard shaft, with light teasing touches at first, then more and more pressure. I want to tease him and make him want it as much as he has to me. I can feel his cock stiffen and I know he is getting close. I look up at him, my eyes reflecting the same need I can see in his. Faster and faster I stroke him, my hands massaging his thighs, moving higher and higher, stroking his need. When I am sure he can’t take any more, I stop, that devilish look in my eyes as I kiss my way up his chest to his Göztepe Escort lips. I straddle him, my skirt riding up, my wetness soaking through my panties onto his hard cock. I kiss him deeply, running my fingers through his hair. My hips start to move against him as if they have a mind of their own. I kiss my way down his throat, nipping lightly, moving to his ear.

“Do you want that hard cock inside that wet pussy? Do you want me to slide it inside, feel how wet I am?” I whisper. I slide my hand down between us and slowly slide a finger inside, bringing the wetness to his lips. He sucks my finger inside, tasting me.

“I have a better idea.” He says, moving me down to the floor in front of him. Kissing his way up my inner thigh, teasing me once again. Sliding my panties to the side, he looks up at me and says “I want to taste you NOW!!”

Long, slow strokes of his tongue, tasting my wetness, teasing me back to the edge again. Sucking lightly at my clit, swirling his tongue around it, I can’t take much more…I want his cock inside me so badly.

“Please Rob; I want your cock NOW! I can’t wait anymore!”

Giving a few more teasing licks; he gives in, sitting back in the chair once more. I slowly stand, he takes my panties off, and I straddle him once more. This time there is no material in the way, just my hot wetness on his hard cock. I rub against him, teasing him just a little more. Finally I can’t take it and I slowly move above him, feeling his cock pressing at my pussy, begging to be inside. I lower myself slowly, inch by inch. He raises his hips, but I resist

“I have waited too long to rush this…I am going to take my time and fuck you slowly, till you are completely insane….or I am.”

Inch by inch, his hard cock slowly filling me till it is completely buried inside me. God it feels soo good. He moves his hands to my hips and guides me to rock on his cock, grinding my clit against him causing my pussy to tighten.

“Oh my god your cock feel soo good inside me, “I whisper in his ear, feeling his cock stiffen at my words. Slowly I start to move, raising myself up just a little, fucking him slowly, teasingly. His hand goes to the back of my neck, sliding his fingers through my hair, pulling my head back. It feels so good I can barely focus on his eyes, but the look I see there tells me he is enjoying this as much as I am. He kisses me hungrily, thrusting upwards to match my downward strokes. It feels so good I can’t take the teasing slowness anymore, I move faster above him, I can feel my pussy tighten, knowing that I am going to cum again.

“Oh god Rob…I’m gonna cum….don’t stop, make me cum.” I moan. His thrusts matching mine as everything shatters “Oh god…Fuck me Rob….cum with me!”

His cock stiffens and I know he too is close, my pussy squeezing his cock pushes him over the ends and he explodes, his cock throbbing, my wetness soaking him as I fall forward against his shoulder.

I can hardly move, I don’t want to move. Trying to bring things back to focus once again, I hear him say “So when did you know it was me?”

“The minute you touched me, I knew. How many people would know so many of my weaknesses anyway? “I laughed.

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