Teacher to perform – part 3

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Teacher to perform – part 3Chapter 6 (see photos of Zara try http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/1020580/dressed.html )Henry continued “First I want to fuck your virgin ass. Go get bent over the coffee table and spread those pretty legs wide.”As I knelt on the floor and bent face down over the table. Henry caught sight of the juice running down my thigh. He said “Well look at all the pussy lube this whore produces!! She’s gonna be a nice slick ride! Now bitch I want you to reach back here and hold your ass cheeks nice and wide so we can all see. Keep looking over your shoulder at the cameras and keep smiling.”The cameras were moved into place and Henry knelt down behind me and the guys all shuffled around to get a view. First he ran in penis up my thigh to collect my juices. Then someone passed him the beer glass with my two inches of juices in it. He dipped his thick stubby workman’s fingers into the juice and started to rub it around my anus. He repeated this a couple of times until he thought there was enough. Then he move his penis up and down my thigh, then right up to the top where it touches my very wet labia. I could feel his large glans moving around my sex lips. I could also see this on the screen too. He then said “Open up your cheels nice and wide bitch. You can relax your ass. I ain’t gone to fuck it hard today. This is only to take your ass virginity and get a few nice photos of the white bitch teacher taking some black cock in the butt and liking it.”He moved the glans up to my anus and started to push slowly into me. I felt, and saw, my anus start to stretch. It was uncomfortable as I had never had anything this big inside me previously. He paused for a moment and I relaxed slightly. Without warning he jabbed his penis forward and I felt the large black plum of his glans slip inside me. My anus contracted imediately at the shock. He laughed as he felt me clamp down on him. The tightness around his penis aroused him more and I could feel the glans swell up more inside me. He push my hands away from me buttocks and give my left buttock and hard slap. It didn’t really hurt but stung and suprised me and my anus tightened down some more. This was what he had intented because I could feel the glans grow some more.My anus was so tight on his penis shaft now that I could feel the pulse in his penis. I was certain that until his erection went down some there was no way his glans would come out of me.He reached under me and lifted me off the table, took a step backwards and sat back down on the chair I’d performed on earlier. He was sat on the front edge of the chair and he then leaned back until he was rested on the chair back. He pulled me back with him. He pushed my legs outward, so one was over each arm of the chair. I was still impaled on his penis shaft. I could still feel his pulse throbbing in the shaft of his penis as it passed thru my anus.He now started to arrange me for the photos, all the while Phil was still videoing. ultrabet yeni giriş He told me up pull my labia out and then spread them so that my vaginal hole could be clearly seen to be open. I was given the whisky glass with the sperm in it, and told to drink. It had the usual effect but no orgasm this time. My vagina started running with juice that run down toward my anus where Henry’s penis was. He laughed as he said that he could feel my vaginal muscles tightening with the effect from the sperm in my mouth. He could also feel my juice running down the shaft of his penis to his large black sac. The big screen was showing all this clearly. My juice was glitening on the shaft as it ran down. It started to form a small pool on the sac between where the two testicles lay inside. This filled until it overflowed and ran down the sac and dripped off.He then got four or five of the guys around to get thier penises out and stand around the chair. I was to smile at the camera and take one penis in each hand, whilst two more penises where to be near my face and hair. I did as I was told. I posed and smiled as best I could for about five minutes while the pictures were taken and Phil zoomed in and out with the video camera. I felt humiliated but worse was to come.Chapter 7 (see photos of Zara try http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/1020580/dressed.html )Henry then said ” I think it’s about time I made this bitch pregnant. Carl how long will the d**gs keep her womb open for? ” Carl said about 4 more hours. Henry said “Good that’s time for all of us here to have had at least one big cum inside her and maybe even a second. Who knows maybe even a third in some cases.” They all had a good laugh and he started to push me off his penis. The glans was still wedged inside my anus and although I didn’t want it inside me, I couldn’t get off it because it was now too large to pass back out. I pulled but couldn’t get off. Henry said “Looks like the white bitch is knotted to the old black dog.” They all laughed at his comment. He put his hands on my buttocks and gave my a good hard push. His glans came out and I nearly fell across the room. Henry said “It’s time you cleaned my cock up. Kneel between my legs and lick my cock and balls clean. Someone pass me a beer it’s thirsty work all this bitch training.”He sat there drinking his beer as I started work. I licked all of my juice off his penis and moved down to his sac. There was still a small pool my juice colected there. I licked all around his sac until it was all gone. I have always found the taste of vaginal juice stimulating and this time was no exception. I started to feel aroused as I cleaned his genitals with my tongue. I knew my juices were still flowing but also expected that my vagina would be open too.He told me to suck on his testicles for some more photos. I tried but couldn’t get both in my mouth, so I took the left on into my mouth and rolled it around for a while. I ultrabet giriş then repeated this with the right one. When they had finished with the filming and taking pictures, I was told to lie down on the coffee table so that my vagina was just clear of the table edge and a bowl placed beneath me. A cushion was placed under my hips . Phil explained that they wanted my hips up so that all their cum would stay inside me; the bowl was to catch any sperm that leaked out me. He showed me a funnel with a clear plastice tube attached. When they had all finished using me, any sperm that was collected in the bowl would be poured back into my vagina using the funnel and tube. I was horrified at the thought of being pregnant at all, much less so by this barbaric method.I tried now for the first time to plead with them not to do this to me as I really didn’t want to be pregnant. Phil said “It’s not about what you want. It’s what we want.” That was the end of the argument.Henry got to his knees between my legs and took a close look at my vagina. He said “Your cunt hole is still nice and wide open. Looks like you’re ready. Has anyone cum inside you before?” I replied “No.” He said ever had unprotected sex before? Again, I replied “No.”He said “Looks like you’re in for a real treat tonite then. You’re gonna have all these loosers cocks shooting their cum inside your pussy!”He started to move into postion to enter me. I noticed that he had left his foreskin folded back behind the glans. It really did look like a large black plum. I could see the slit in the tip of it and I knew it would soon be squirting his fresh semen into my womb. I had no protection and no defense. He made some final adjustments to my positon on the table and took hold of his penis and started to guide it towards my vaginal hole. As his glans got closer to my labia I could feel the heat radiating from it. It touched my labia, which were very wet with my juice, and started to slide towards my opening. He was moving slowly but there were no pauses. I could tell he intended to go all the way into me with just one long movement. The glans touched my hole and started to push me open further. On the big screen I could see his plum shaped glans starting to dissappear inside my body. I was stretching wider until my vagina was uncomfortably wide. There was no slowing or pause.Then the glans was gone inside me. I knew it wouldn’t be coming out again until he had emptied his testicles inside of me. Then what? The neck of my womb was dilated. It must all flow in there, there was nowhere else for it to go. The long slow push down inside me continued until his penis could go nor further. It had reached the back of my vagina and his glans with it’s slit in the end was pushed up against the neck of my womb. He could probably even feel it. There was still about an inch or two of his penis still showing outside me. He move in and out a few times to make sure his glans was right ultrabet güvenilirmi at the back on my vagina.Then he said ” That’s nice and tight in there. But I want you to drink some more cum so your pussy does it’s squeezing thing. So I want you to keep sipping it all the time I’m fucking you. Don’t stop till I say.”I took a sip of the sperm and held it in my mouth and my vagina started it’s usual contractions. Now with a penis inside it sort of hurt a bit but it was plainly excitng my vagina as it just kept on rippling and contracting it’s muscles without me conciously doing anything. My vagina was definately enjoying itself but I wasn’t. I was thinking of the consequences of all these men squirting their sperm inside me.I knew that my vaginal contractions were giving Henry’s penis pleasure as I felt his penis flex and expand some more. He held still inside me for a time whilst enjoying my vagina’s performance. He looked down at me and then said ” You’re tit’s are too small but I like your stiff nipps. Maybe when you’re prenant with all these black babies your tit’s will grow some.” He reached down with his thick rough fingers and took hold of my left nipple. I looked down to see his stubby fingers rolling my pink nipple between them. He pulled it and then released and watched it still standing stiff.He then started to move inside me. I sensed that he was preparing to orgasm. He started slowly at first moving in and out and then his movements grow more rapid. My vaginal spasms continued as he pushed in and out. Suddenly he pushed in very hard and held his penis firmly at the back of my vagina. He started to orgasm and I was sure I could feel his semen squirting into my vagina. I could feel his penis flexing as his semen was being pumped deep down inside me. I was sure that my own contractions were helping to draw more semen from him. I wanted my vagina to stop helping him empty the contents of his sac into me. I thought of all the sperm now being jetted from his glans being forced thru the open neck of my womb. I tried to squeeze down in the vain hope of making my cervix close up just a little. As soon as I did it I realised I’d made a mistake. As I had squeezed I felt his penis respond by expanding and flexing again and dumping more semen into me. I though of all the sperm he had realeased inside me now all swimming further into my womb and up the falopian tubes looking for my eggs to fertilise.He kept his penis pushed full into me until his orgasm started to fade. He said “You’re a good fuck bitch. Your pussy was really pleased to see some cock in there. I never thought a white racist pussy would like fucking my black cock so much. I shot a bucket load of cum into you just now, but now your pussy needs to milk the last dribbles out of it. Take another sip from the glass. I’m just going to leave my cock in your pussy for a while to let it have a nice long soak in your white pussy juices.” My contractions hadn’t actually stopped they had just weakened slightly but a sip of the sperm from the glass got them going again.I could feel his penis getting smaller but the new muscle activity made it grow slightly and flex again. The last of his semen was being milked out of his shrinking penis by my vagina.

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