Tales of Lotus Island – The Telephonist

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Tales of Lotus Island – The TelephonistElizabeth De Vere, Director of People for Lotus Island Resort was working her way through the tiresome paperwork that she couldn’t leave to her two assistants or secretary. As always, they had problems with staff turnover not because people were unhappy but because the guests formed relationships with the staff and then left with their lover in tow. Admittedly it was good for business as guests kept coming back in part to meet their lover before they leave. Look at Tomas and Ruth the fifty-year-old retired businessman had visited the resort four times in seven months before finally proposing to the girl who was half his age. Inevitably she said yes and now that she had c***dren Lotus Island was not a suitable holiday destination after all it was a very adult resort.A knock on her door gave her a good excuse to pause. It turned out to be Phil one of the commis chefs.“I wanted to ask you a favour Miss Elizabeth” It always amused her that some of the staff who didn’t deal with her often called her that, it sounded so archaic, she didn’t mind people using her first name, none of the directors did as all were very informal. Respect didn’t require formality in her book.“All of us are proud of the liberal and inclusive atmosphere here.”“I would hope so, we do try and encourage it from the top.” OK here came the ask, having manoeuvred her first.“Does it go as far as employing someone who is physically disabled. In fact, in a wheelchair most of the time.” Is that all thought Liz? “Yes, provided the person is a good fit for the job. We can easily make adjustments. Whilst Lotus Island is not under UK law I do try to obey the British Equalities Act on the simple grounds that it is just plain right. Who have you in mind and for what job.”“My cousin she has a genetic condition that makes her leg muscles weak. Exercise would help but the only practical one is swimming. In Montreal for a lot of the year that means indoor pools. Jill doesn’t really earn enough to swim as much as she should.”“Where as here she could swim for free and have help on hand if she needed it. What does Jill do?”“Sorry I didn’t say she is a telephonist though she does reception work and admin as well.”“Hm if she is prepared to multi task then I think we could use someone like her. The datacentre means we have more telephone traffic that in the past. How about I have her a telephone interview to see if this could work.”“Thank you so much. I was nervous about asking because I know you are careful who you employ.”“That is the one thing, how will she handle this.” Elizabeth was by island standards formally dressed in a blouse held shut by one button and stretch shorts. Phil since not working was nude like a lot of staff and guests during the day. Lotus Island was not merely a nudist resort in fact in the evening most people wore something but something revealing but also openly sexually free. All right nobody shagged on the sun loungers but anywhere slightly more discreet was fair game. Staff were encouraged to sleep with guests as long as both parties wanted too and if you propositioned someone they may say no but would not be offended.“Well she has a pretty good idea and I did sound her out. One thing though she doesn’t expect that she will be included in the games. I think she might get a pleasant surprise.”“Let’s hope so I think you are right I am rather pleased that somehow our inclusivity has led to people caring about having fun than judging people by their appearance. Is she unattractive for some reason?”“Not really, a bit chubby because of lack of exercise which of course would change if she comes here but other than that being disabled seems to discourage people. Its not as though she can’t walk its just not more than a few steps. Oh, another thing being from Montreal she is bi-lingual ”The phone interview went very well and Liz found she really wanted to give this young lady the chance to get less chair bound as well as liking her cynical wit. It also highly amused Liz that when she switched to French halfway through Jill switched as well without missing a beat. Since the director who was in charge of the infrastructure was also her partner getting accommodation sorted for Jill was easy. In the time it took Jill to hand in her notice and tidy up her affairs they had converted some spare ground floor office space into a staff room that had direct wheelchair access to the outdoors near the biggest of the pools. As it was also close to the administrative space this all worked out fine. The entire resort was fairly wheelchair friendly as some of the tuzla escort guests had mobility difficulties.* * * * * *Jill flew in from Miami on the company jet along with some new guests. As was normal with people who required assistance Jill waited until other passengers had disembarked. Part of the agreement was that she would have an powered wheelchair provided on the island so she only had a folding un-powered one with her. Jill was excited as they seemed so nice. That they should contact her to see if they could find her a job because it was for her health said it all. The bit about the nudity also was fun. Even if she didn’t get to lose her virginity at least she could ogle the men.A really big West Indian guy came up the steps. “Hi you Jill.” She nodded. “I’m Wayne and as you can see I am the local heavy lifting gear. How would you like some help getting off?”“Thanks for asking I could probably get down the steps under my own steam if I can have a rest or two.”“Fine if that want you want.”“Well sure if you can we weren’t certain. Will you need me to hold your arm or anything?”“No, I have plenty to hold onto and its mainly because my muscles are weak and out of shape. So, unless you are planning to sweep me up in your arms and carry me.” The last was said with a bit of a giggle as she quite liked the idea Wayne was definitely in the gentle giant category.“It sounds as though you like the idea so I can if you want “she nodded excitedly. “I didn’t want to be inconsiderate of your abilities. My granny doesn’t walk much now but always likes doing what she can.”“Thanks, I do appreciate that but yes the idea of a handsome hunk carrying me down the steps is rather nice.” So that was what they did at the bottom of the steps was an electric cart that every one on the island used. The airstrip was built on an extended key off the main island so was a distance away by a causeway. Jill thanked her assistance with a kiss taking the opportunity to kiss this nice guy on the lips. It was intended as a quick peck but Wayne happily responded with rather more passion than she intended. Oh, that was a very nice introduction to the island.“Getting into the swing of the place right away cous?” Phil had come to meet her. Much to her disappointment Wayne waved goodbye and started handling the larger bits of luggage.As they drove across the island Phil told her about the place but after the standard spiel she turned the subject around to Wayne who she had really taken a liking to.“Wayne’s a nice guy, local to St Anne’s which is what goes for mainland hereabouts. If you talk to him he will suggest he is just stupid muscle. Not true at all he hasn’t had much education and its true he is really strong but he is bright and he takes great care to be delicate so he is brilliant for handling luggage as heavy items that other might drop he lifts easily so I suggested he lifted the most valuable item of all.”“Thanks Phil it makes me feel better about myself. I think I am going to like this place. Its warm and you can wear as little as you like. No more struggling to get on jeans whilst sitting down. Hey that’s a result.”Her accommodation pleased her as well. Whilst in many ways a standard staff bedroom the Lotus Island idea of standard was hers of luxury. A queen size bed with ample room to manoeuvre her wheelchair around it plus a sitting area again designed to be easy for her to sit down, a desk that the wheelchair could get up to, the same with the bathroom all easily accessible for her. “Wow someone has gone to town to make this good for me.”“I’m glad you like it. Chrissy did all the research herself to get it right. I’m Liz by the way and this is Chrissy who is Director of Infrastructure who made sure this was right.” Jill hadn’t noticed that a tall woman with a very posh English accent had come in behind her.“Thank you, eh how should I address you.” Though she had spoken on the phone in the flesh this lady was not exactly intimidating but impressive. A very buxom red-head wearing a yellow tee shirt with tropical flowers on it that just about operated as a dress. With her was what she would have guessed was an identical twin if it wasn’t clear that she was younger. Chrissy wore a blue tee short with London’s Tower Bridge printed on it. That one didn’t cover much either.“Oh, good heavens somebody who asks about such things, well done. Just use my name I am not bothered neither are the other directors. Actually, Vicky isn’t either but most call her Lady V, she owns this show.”“Thanks again for all the trouble you have gone too.”“I’ll tell you a secret dear. Once I had decided tuzla escort bayan you would do well here I then wanted to prove to myself that we put our money where our mouth is. We go on about inclusiveness and making reasonable adjustments so OK prove it.”“I think you can take satisfaction in having proved it rather thoroughly. When do you want me to start working”?“Goodness not today. I know Jana our Chief Receptionist and your line manager plans to come around a bit later to welcome you and ensure you are not alone your first evening since Phil will be working. Oh, by the way we put the wheelchair in here.”“Chrissy pushed a button and what had appeared to be a cupboard slid open to reveal an electric wheelchair that looked very new and shiny.“I got one of our technical bods to fix it up so that the charge automatically connects if it is in this docking bay. Its close to the chair we intended for you to use and made sure that the chair is stable if you have to grab it.”Jill was overwhelmed these two women her were running this large business had gone to so much trouble. Even if Liz was trying to prove to herself that she came up to her own ideals it just reflected so well on her and the whole lot of them.“You do realise that you may never get rid of me. This room is by far the best place I have ever lived in as its been designed for someone with my need for extra room.”“Good we don’t want to lost any of our staff if they are happy and do a good job. This place works because we look after each other and this is reflected in friendliness to our customers which is as important as excellent service. Anyway, we tend to behave like an extended family. Let’s leave you in peace to unpack.” This they did though in all honesty there wasn’t much to unpack. Jill never saw the point of buying more clothes than necessary its not as though she needed to look nice for anyone and it money had always been tight though now it might be easier. The pay at lotus Island didn’t look that special until you realised that your accommodation and food was in addition to your salary. Throw in the free healthcare (which they did) then it looked very good indeed.There was a knock on the door which turned out to be Jana her new boss. Jana was a tall brunette from Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. Dressed in a sort of uniform of very short blue skirt and a see through blue blouse. Jana had the kind of figure that Jill would like curvaceous without being chubby.“I just wanted to say hello. I’m Jana and responsible for what passes for a reception in this place. To be honest we don’t work much like a normal hotel in that my little crew of tarts take new guest straight from the plane to their suite or villa so the desk is only for those who want to talk to one of us in person. Do you need any help in unpacking?”“Actually, that would be nice if you have the time.”“Of course, I do or I wouldn’t have offered.” Jana was surprised and dismayed at how little in the way of clothes Jill had.“You should have some pretties to wear. During the day we don’t where much if anything but at night we like to have something to get the boys hearts racing.” I won’t thought Jill, thirty-one and still a virgin not even a good snog.“Come on we have a few hours lets go and see Arabella she enjoys dressmaking and it might not be tailored but I bet she can knock something up for you to wear this evening. I shouldn’t tell you but we are going to throw a welcome party for you.” Jill wanted to cry, these people who had never met her were so nice.Arabella was indeed able to knock up a dress in next to no time. It just pulled over Jill’s head just about covering her fanny and hiding some of her tits. It was very simple and utterly outrageous and Jill loved it. The fact that she had a lot up top didn’t faze Arabella one bit as she was quite a bit bigger.“Busty Bella that’s me though I will admit that unlike your these aren’t natural. Come on girls lets eat and then see what fun we can find.” After a lovely meal that was of a quality that Jill had rarely had before she was led down a path to a clearing in the jungle. “This is where we have a dance and before you say you can’t we have though of that. We are going to do the kind of folk dance where we dance as a group and the stronger lads can help support you so no excuses we are going to party. “This they did mainly circle dances where she had a man on each side taking most of he weight. Later on, there were some slow dances and Wayne came over and asked her to dance with him. The big man proved more than capable of supporting her so that her feet were hardly escort tuzla on the ground. As the dances progressed a lot of smooching was going on and couples disappeared off into the undergrowth. Earlier on it had been explained to her that the gardening staff deliberately created bowers where couples could ‘Enjoy each other’s company’ and not all were just couples.Much to Jill surprise Wayne quietly asked her if he could kiss her. Resisting her normal response of refusing she said yes please. The gentle giant clearly had a lot of experience but was very gentle and considerate. Jill relaxed in his embrace and just nodded when he suggested they find some privacy. Wayne carried her back to her room and she was glad that she had got an implant before coming to the island. Jill realised that unless she was stupid enough to say no she wasn’t going to be a virgin by morning. Wayne had clearly worked out that she was very inexperienced and he was exquisitely gentle with her. Laying her on the bed having subtle rucked up her dress clear of her buttocks first. In seconds she was naked. Jill lay back and stretched luxuriously. Wayne clearly thought this was very sensuous and Jill realised that probably it was. Looking at her for a few second Wayne then joined her on the bed kissing her first on the lips before showering her neck with little pecks. Then he moved down to her breasts kissing and sucking each one in turn before moving down to her bush sucking and nibbling her in a way that drove her wild.When Jill was very turned on and wet Wayne moved up beside her caressing he breasts. “I reckon that if we do it like the missionaries I might squash you so turn on your side and rest your top leg on mine. This allowed him to enter her very gently at first. Jill expected pain but her hymen had long since gone thanks to her toys. This warm cock was so much better than any dildo and Wayne was so strong that he easily manoeuvred her into the easiest position for them both. Jill’s breathing got faster and faster before she experienced the most intense feeling of her life the thrusting continued before Wayne climaxed too. They separated but only a bit and fell asleep together. For the first time in her life Jill spent the night with a man.The next morning, she awoke at her normal early hour to find him still beside her. Jill thought she would get up and have a swim whilst the rest of the island was still asleep. Slight problem though her wheelchair was probably down in the clearing still. Grabbing a walking stick for support she made it over to the docking cupboard to info that someone had got it back for her. In getting it out she must have woken Wayne as he came out the bedroom. “Hi gorgeous where are you off to.”“I was going to have a swim to try and get fitter and hopefully less fat.”“As long as those gorgeous tits don’t get much smaller. Let me come with you its not a good idea to swim all alone even in a pool.” That he clearly meant it about her tits made her feel very good they certainly had received a lot of attention last night.At the large pool that allowed for some serious length swimming Wayne just swept her into his arms and carried her down the broad steps into the water. Oh, the pleasure of tropical swimming pools it was so warm. They swam length after length and Wayne was impressed that she could keep up with him. Not only was a big guy but a very strong swimmer. On the other hand, Jill’s only real exercise had been swimming for years and even if she didn’t get enough up to now she was still used to long distances. Though after a while she began to tire and Wayne spotted it“Don’t push it lovely you have plenty of time to get stronger let’s chill out in the jacuzzi.” Relaxing in the bubbling waters Jill couldn’t resist asking why Wayne had chosen her last night.“Hey there are lots of fun chicks around here but you are special I show off my muscles by carrying you around and you like it. What man doesn’t like a hot girl in his arms also you have very nice boobies I like you boobies they are just the right size.” Wayne demonstrated by cupping her tits in his big hand. Jill had to admit they were a good match for size. It was funny it was her disability that had attracted her to him he enjoyed being needed and, in this place, where human flesh was on view constantly her less than prefect body didn’t seem to bother him.Oh God him playing with her tits was exciting her she wriggled in his lap and realised she wasn’t the only one. “Isn’t out here a bit to public to get away with it.”“Not this early in the morning, nobody’s window overlooks this bit.” Wayne lifter her out of the water and lay her against the edge with her calves dangling in the water at for the second time in her life Jill had a mans cock inside her. Jill was definitely settling into Lotus Island just fine.

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