Tales of a Hustler—Snot, Puke, and other Bugs

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Tales of a Hustler—Snot, Puke, and other BugsTales of a Hustler—-Snot, Puke, and other BugsSo it’s a typical Saturday. Im chillin on the couch, playing with the remote. Tommy keeps pacing back and forth, and jumping up and down, with his hands down his pants. ‘What the fuck is he doing” I thinks to myself. I hear a couple coughing, and sneezing in the background. One of the newer bois walks to the kitchen, holding his forehead with his hand. He gets a glass of ice-water. ‘Ice” ?? ‘Really’ ?? Phone rings—it’s Cole saying Cody just took a piss on the wall, and nearly doubled up in pain. Boi with the ice water suddenly bolts for the bath room, puking his guts up. Gross.I look at my watch–it’s 4:00 in the afternoon. Why isn’t everybody out working. Then it hits—“Ahhhh holy fuck !! “Ya’ll been in a cess-pool” ?? “damm it to fuck !” “Jeez Taz, what’s up”? “Everything’s up that’s what” “Yo Tommy—go down to the street, and tell them bois to go to the pharmacy—go to the back door. Rest of you—get up, and let’s go—NOW”I call the pharmacy, and ask for ‘Doc”–tell him it’s Taz. I tell Doc we got an epidemic going on—might better sneak us in the back for quarantine . Doc repsonds with ‘oh my god’ and I says back to him ‘more like oh my devil, Doc’.. He says ok, bring um in.As we walk down to Walgreens, in single file, lol, Im cussing them all the way. You could tell they were nervous, like they done something wrong.We get there, with the other three at the back door. I knock on the door, and the nurse opens it, and ushers us into the ‘cold room’. And yup—it’s fuckin friged. The bois start in on me–‘what’s up dawg—we do something wrong”? “Fuck ya’ll—you fuckin sick and don’t even know it”? “Are ya’ll this fuckin ignorant, or just plain STUPID”? “You don’t tell nobody you don’t feel right?? Fuckin stupid”!!! Now we got a fuckin melting pot”. The bois just got quite, guess they didn’t know how to handle me at the moment.Finally Doc walks in. “Hey bois—so Taz, what’s up”?I start by pointing at each dude– dumb fuck number 1 got bugsdumb fuck number 2 got pink eyedumb fucks 3,4,5 got the flu—and maybe pink eye as wellsuper dumb fucks 6 and 7 , the twins, got the fuckin CLAPKyle and Tommy (cept for the bugs) and me the only one’s that ain’t sick—and that may not last”The bois look at each other, hanging their heads, ashamed. Doc says we will have to test everybody for everything, and then treat as necessary. Those with the clap—bad news, you gotta take the needle—in ur dick ! It’s gonna get pricey Matt”. “No problem Doc, I brought a grand”The deal takes about 90 minutes. Cole and Cody scream their shit out when they got the shot in their dicks. Lol, you could hear them around the block. I holler at the Doc “Yo Doc—long as they in all that pain might as well check their prostrate, lol—get ya a free feel” Later I told them they was lucky it wasn’t still the old days—where they put ur dick up on the counter, and then smash it wit a hammer” They looks at each other like “whut”? LOL it was priceless. I go out into the store for ‘supplies’. Cough medicine, ben gay, alkaseltzer, Tylenal, Theraflu, rubber gloves, clorox, hand stuff, Lysol, etc.Back at the crib, I order everyone in the commons. “you guys with the flu, or the clap—hit the shower when Im done—hot hot hot—as hot as you can stand it, for about 20 minutes. Lucky we live in a motel—lots of hot water”Everybody—wash illegal bahis ur hands, do some sanitizer, and grab some gloves. Put them on, and don’t take them off. Me, Kyle, and Tommy got the job of cleaning this place—faucets, knobs, counter tops, bathrooms—ye haa. We got some paper toilet seat things—use them, every time. After showers—hit the bed, and you dont come out of your fuckin room. Cole, u and ur brother bunk up. Ya’ll probably got ur shit together anyway. Freaking twins. Hell, I guess I’ll start some chicken soup—no fuckin junk—and no jackin off. For the next two weeks, everybody is on lock-down. And If I catch any of yo’s shit–Im gonna beat the fuck outta yus for bringing it i here. The bois were miserable, but obeyed. I explained to them that I wasn’t just mad at them—I was just really upset that all this shit could happen at once. I told them that they Must start taking better care of themselves. Good food—working out—easy on the dope–using rubbers—and report anything that didn’t feel right. Health is paramount—all you guys are hot as fuck, got bods to kill for, but were just simply yung dumb and full of cum. But we want that cum to be healthy, and our customers to get a quality product. As it got later, most had dozed off. I could actually hear some snoring, lol. One of the twins came out saying he was burning up. I took his temp—102. “you will be ok—just go take another shower—and get some Theraflu. Get some fresh gloves when you get out. And get off ur brother—get in ur own bed. He nodded, and did as I told him.Meanwhile—I get a chair in the kitchen, and tell Tommy to come in. Kyle joins us with an grin–—he knew what was comming, and wanted to watch. I sat him in the chair, and pulled out the clippers. It wont hurt dawg—and proceed with the buzz cut. You might call it a military cut. “Damm dawg—you sexy as fuck ! Tight pair of jeans, barefoot, shirtless—fuck ya—you be ripe for pickin!” Tommy blushed, and just said thanx Taz. “Ahhh cheer up dawg—it’ll grow back—just like all this hair on ur nuts.”“wow—what the fuck ?”” Sorry dawg—it’s gotta come off, so we can see the bugs better. We’ll pluck out the ones we can get a hold of. “Ahh hell dude—you just wanna play with my dick” he came back at me with a smile. “Out to the commons—lay back on the coffee table” As I proceed to shave Tommy’s pubes, I swear I saw a tear fall from his right eye. I felt for him. “Fuck dawg—are you crying”? Tommy, embasrrased, just grinned. I decided to go ahead and take his happy trail, it was pretty thick. After getting him nice and smooth, I get the tweezers and start plucking the bugs from him as I could see them. The redness, and his squirming from the slight pain, was making me grin with each one. “You are a fuckin ass-hole you know, right”? I smile again, and just tell him be glad he didn’t have a hairy hole. Tommy shuddered, and took another swig of his beer.After about an hour of his special treatment, he asked was my dick really as big as ‘they’ say. I told him ya, and he asked to see. “Aight dude” I stand up on the table—towering over him, and drop my b-ball shorts, and jock. He eyes widen at the sight of my thick jock cock ‘hanging half way to my knee’ The thick black bush surrounding it, and my low hangin balls, were moist from the day’s heat, and glistened in the sunlight comming in from the windows. I played illegal bahis siteleri with my cock-head, gently rubbing it between my thumb and middle finger. It only took moments for the fuck juice to start oozing from my piss slit—and it’s long thin strands dripped down to Tommy’s belly. He shuddered as it hit him. He was so turned on that he clentched his stomach with every drop. By this time, Kyle had re-appeared from the showers. With a big grin, he walked up to Tommy, who’s head was hangin backwards now, off the edge of the coffee table. Mimicing my every move, he started to thumb his dick head as well, teasing Tommy into a vein poppin rock hard teenage stud. Tommy went for his dick, but I took my right foot and playfully knocked his hand away. Kyle shook his head back and forth—”uh-uh” I couldn’t help but laugh.With my thumb, and first two fingers, I wrap them around my swollen mushroom head, and slowly stroke it up and down. Tommy had posistiond his head back flat on the table, so he could see more clearly. Kyle followed suite—again following my lead. Kyle didn’t leak juice from his slit like I did, but actually few did that. Tommy begin squirming under my legs, and went for his dick again. As before, I knocked his arm away with my big ass sz 13 foot. I stepped up to his belly, and put my foot in his face. “Damm homie—damm ur funky” I laughed at him, and rubbing my toes back and forth across his lips, ordered him to suck them. He stuck his tongue out like a snake, and eagerly did as told. He started panting some—like suddenly he’s all into funk now. Kyle grinned at him , and climbed up on the coffee table with me—facing me. He squated over Tommy’s face. He grabbed me by the waist, and pulled my now swollen dick into his mouth. At the same time, he says to Tommy “there ya go dawg—u like it dirty now too—-munch my funk” Tommy sneared, and told Kyle that he was ripe. Kyle just responded telling him “eat me punk”As Kyle went back to the attention of my 11” jock cock, his swirling tongue was really bonning me up. The veins were popping, the juice was juicing, and I was pumping his throat deep. Tommy was now tonguing Kyles ripe hole like an ice cream cone. It seemed to be getting pretty hot in the room. Even fresh out of the showers, Kyle was sill a little musky. It only took a few minutes for the heavy breathing to start with all three of us. I could feel my abs tighten up. “Getting close yo—Kyle, jump in behind me, and blow ur jizz in my crack” Kyle jumped, and replied “sweet” . I look down at Tommy-shaking now, as he was close himself. I gave him a grin, and said “you can grab it now” Tommy grabs his dick, and starts pounding his fist into his pubesand pulling down hard his nut sac with his other hand. I turn my head back towards Kyle—and tell him he gets a rare treat—to stick my ass hard as he could. Him, with a pretty average, 7 ½” dick, smiled, and did as I told him. He jumped down quickly, and runs his tongue in my ass crack. Munching me out good, to get it wet. He jumps back up behind me, and asked “now”? “Ya dawg—hit it”.Kyle pops my jock hole like it was his first piece of ass. I squeez hard, and roll my eyes, and arch backwards. I see Tommy’s abs clentch up as his breathing became heavy. He began to pant–”uhh, uhh, uhh”. I told Kyle to “hit it”. As he popped my hole with a vengence, I unloaded, with my first volly canlı bahis siteleri flying over Tommy’s head—passing it about three feet, and my unbroken rope of junk hits the floor. Another 3 shots do the same—leaving a trail of thick hot jock juice across Tommy’s face, chest, and belly. I let out a Rebel yell it was so intense. Kyle blasts his load of jizz deep up into my hole with such a force I could feel it. He pops my ass hard about 4 more times, crying out himself in ecstasy. As I finished up nuttin on Tommy, he now was blowing his own load all across his chest and belly. Damm, that boi was soaked in hot dripping jizz. As Kyle finishes unloaded his thick nut in my ass, he pulls out, and falls to his knees. He grabs my ass cheeks, and slightly spread them. I feel his tongue zeroing down to the center of my well juiced, hairy hole. As he swirles his tongue around my greasy hole, he starts to munch on my crack, like a hungry pig. “Oh fuck that feels good” Tommy, now spent, is just laying there, still under my towering frame. Kyle is driving me crazy eating out my ass. I look down at him between my legs and ask him “You want it dawg”? He nods his head up and down, with his nose now running up and down my hairy soaked ass crack. With a grin, I give a gentle push—just a bit, and out flows Kyle’s juicy ass slimy nut right into his mouth. He tongues my hole deep, sucking up all his nut from my guts. Dirty as fuck, he swallows down his own jizz. He cries out “Oh fuck” and blows yet another nut all over Tommy, still laying at my feet, and catching my balls and crack with his powerfull eruption. I just exclaim, “damm boi”Still wanting for more—Kyle spins me around, and gobbles up my hangging dick again. He swirles his tongue around my piss slit, while sucking the leftovers of my jizz off my cockhead. I place my hand on the top of his head, and once again smile at him. “You thirsty dawg”? He nods his head up and down, never dropping my dick from his mouth. As I stand up on tippy toes, and relaxing my abs, I cut forth a heavy stream of fresh jock piss. It came out strong—like a pressure washer. Kyle pigs out, swallowing gulp after gulp. It was so fast, that it started running out of his mouth. Yankin still on his now soft cock, he starts moaning yet again. Tommy, fasinated at Kyles sudden piggynes, chants at him—drink—drink–drink. He suddenly comes up off my dick, with me leaving the last of the stream across Tommy’s dick and balls and belly. Leaning back now on his haunches, Kyle lets out yet another yell, and blows out a 3rd load—hitting me in the ass and lower back. Im so impressed at this point I just dont know what to say. I never seen anybody that turned on. And to go from so squeaky clean to down rite pig in under an hour—he must be on something, but I was diggin it :)As the action chilled down with everyone spent—there suddenlly arose a loud cheering and clapping from the rooms surrounding the common area. “Fuck” I says to myself, and then “Hey you dope heads—ya’ll sposed to be asleep “!! One responded with “sleep hell—ya’ll got the whole fuckin house boned up” There was a mild level of laughter and I respond “aight you anim als, back to sleep. An Im telling ya—no jackin off—you’ll regret it”As the rest of us drag ass off to our respective rooms, I pause, and pointing at Kyle “Yo dawg—if I wake up in the moring with ur bugs, I’ll thow a fuckin on you that ur k**S will never forget”A slight level of giggles now echoed through the commons, and there was a cry out like a shot banshee. I couldn’t help but giggle. “I told ur dumb ass no jackin off—one day you will learn to listen”

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