Tales of a Hustler—-Requim for a Welterweight

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Tales of a Hustler—-Requim for a WelterweightTales of a Hustler—Requiem for a WelterweightSunday morning had finally arrived. It was time. I sat at the coffee table sipping on coffee, and thumbing through the hundreds of pics from the last four years. Tommy, Kyle, Rick, Hunter, and now Joey, and the twins—Cole and Cody, and of course me and lil bro, Dustin. Lots of fine young meat, I added one day over 6.5 ft of dick ! With an average daily spillage of over 24 oz of the finest young jock jizz money could buy. But more so—some fine young men, with lots of heart, and love. Between us all there were 4 sets of Silver Gloves, from boxing; 3 black belts from various martial arts, 4 sets of golden gloves, a HS football championship, and a HS baseball championship. And a few blue ribbons from skateboard and soccer competitions. Lots of jocks—and I had fucked them all; well, ‘cept for Joey :)Dustin rose next, and came out into the kitchen, grabbing coffee as well, and sat down besides me In his red silk boxers, as I looked at the pictures. A warm smile came over his face, and ultimately a tear fell from his right eye. I put my right arm around his shoulder, and gave his mohawk a tease, and kissed him on the forehead. Many years later, CPT James T Kirk would say, ‘Enterprise feels like a house with all the c***dren missing’. That’s exactly how I felt at that moment.The room was cold with melancholy. As Hunter and Joey finally emerged, still in silence, (wait—did they sleep together ?) Joey speaks up first. “Whatcha doin Matt, with the calculator”? I held up my finger to represent ‘one minute’. All the bois waited patiently to see what I was figuring. After a couple, I finally answer, “In the last 4 and a half years, there has been apx 8200 pots of coffee consumed in this house”. Everyone just smiled, and we all raised our mugs. Joey spoke next with “Ya, and how much cum has been consumed in this house—ya buncha fags”? Everyone just roared in laughter, as I responded with no way to calculate that. “And by the way lil jock—happy fuckin birthday” Everyone whistled and cheered as Joey was now 15, and looking hotter and badder than ever before. Hunter jumps across the room, and grabbing Joey on each side of his face, runs his tongue down his throat, and smacks him on his now hard muscular ass. We each took turns grabbing him by his hair, and spit into his mouth. (it’s a football thing, actually) I grin at Hunter and just say “chicken hawk”. Joey blushes and flashes a smile towards Hunter. I catch this action, and just said ‘whut’ ?? Hunter replies with “what, what”? “Aight you two—cut the shit”. “Um, we don’t know what you mean, Matt.” Joey couldn’t help but grin, and held his head while blushing. “You might as well tell them Jo—-if he finds out he’ll be furious. If you tell him, he’ll be mad for a few minutes, then he’ll be happy for ya”. Frustrated now, I ask “OK did you two break something “? Joey again grinned real big, and answered “well, Matt, it was more like busted something” He and Hunter both start giggling beyond control. “OUT WITH IT” I lovingly scream at them.“Aight, aight dawg, güvenilir bahis this morning—I gave up my cherry to Hunter” “Wait—you what”?? “Busted me good too—got my cherry juice all over him” Joey replied with another smile. I leap from the couch towards Hunter, and he goes running down the hallway. “It was his birthday this morning Matt—I swear we was drunk n shit—-” “Drunk my ass, you m*****ed a 15 year old”. “Matt—Matt–please don’t beat him up. I wanted it—I wanted Hunter to get my cherry. I been wanting it—he did me what I asked him to do” I just glared at them without saying anything. Dustin walks over to Joey and slides the palm of his hand down the back of his boxers. Joey makes a slight face, then Dustin pulls his hand back out. Sticking his middle finger in his mouth, and sucking on it, Dustin just grins, like the rest. “Yup bro—that’s cherry juice—for sure—and a damm lot of it too “ 🙂 I just glare at everyone and continue with my coffee. With the boxing tournament only weeks away, again, if he wins, it will make his 3rd str8 Silver Glove win. He had put on considerable weight, and muscle since his first fight, and would now be a Welterweight. We all promised to be at the match.As we finish up, and the air grows calm again, I look at lil bro, and placing my arm, once again around his shoulder, say softly, “it’s time, lil bro”As we walk outside to the jeep, with duffel bags in arms, I rip my tee off and throw it to Joey. It was from the boxing tournament last year. I had signed it for him–‘To Joey—fight hard—Diamond Dawg Dillon’ He just smiled, and said thanx. “Fight hard lil dawg, and fight fair. Don’t become the bully. Eat right, work out, stay strong, and defend lil k I d s. Remember always, you were one too” “Ill take care of him Matt, dont worry” Hunter offers, as he puts his arm around Joey’s shoulder. With no other words to muster up, we quickly exchanged hugs with everyone, and jumped into the jeep. I cranked it up, and romped down on it a few times, roaring the glass packs into the soft morning air. Original AMC 305, Muncie 4-speed, and 33” Micky Thompson mudders, I ease it into first, and drive out onto Main St, and head for the interstate. It was only a 90 minute drive to home, but this time, it would be a long one. Dustin and I hardly spoke the whole trip. Kinda hard anyway with the top off, and 55 MPH. As we approach the city limits of Tyler, I notice a cop car had fallen in behind me, and now had it’s blue lights on. It wasn’t officer Kelso, and I just said ‘what the fuck’. I pulled in to the Walmart parking lot, and the officer walks up to the jeep. “You bois need to come with us” I just looked up with a questioning look—he didn’t tell us what was wrong, just ‘get out of the jeep, please’. I look over at Dustin and told him to do what they say. The two officers cuff us, and place us in the back seat of the squad car. “We will have someone watch your jeep, till we’re done with you, then bring you back” I asked the officer what was up, but got no reply. I was kinda worried, and Dustin looked even more so.As we enter county, we are finger türkçe bahis printed and booked. I started wondering if something had got out about us letting Joey hang with us. We walked down the hallway, past the commons, and were immediately shoved into a cell. The clanging of the steel bars slamming shut sent a shudder up my spine—this was for real, and had no idea what was wrong. There were several dudes already in the cell, so Dustin and me took a bunk—I told him to just get a nap—we would find out what the fuck was up in a while. With that, one of the dudes on a upper bunk piped up—”Damm, is that fresh meat I smell”? “Smells like it to me yo” offered another. “Been a few days since I got some shit on my dick yo” “Ya, me too dawg—and one of um smells real yung too” I pipe up offering, “there ain’t gonna be no shit on no dick today punks—just keep to urselves, and nobody gets hurt” A bit of laughter arose from the cell, and one of the bois replies—”ohhhh, daddy, please don’t hurt us—where just lil bois”. They all laugh again, then the dude from the bunk above me drops down to the floor. He had his enormous swollen dick out in his fist—I could only see from his waist down, and he simply said—”suck me punk, or die” I raised up from the bunk, and jumped up from underneath it. As I raised back my right arm, ready to throw a punch to his throat, I took 3 steps back, almost tripping. “KELSO ! KELSO, you mutherfucker “! With that, all the dudes in the cell started laughing—and there were my high school buddies—Kelso, Patrino, Jackson, Simmons, damm—half the fuckin football team. “Oh man—what the fuck is this” Dustin was now sitting up in his bunk, as he too knew most of the dudes there. “Welcome home punk—and you too lil punk” ! Dustin jumps up and exclaims “ahh fuck dawgs—you had us scared fuckin shitless ! How you pull this off “? “Not important lil dawg—now why don’t you two just turn around, bend over, and grab some sheets. This will be, uhhh, ur welcome home initiation” I flash a big grin at Kelso, and get met with a right cross I wasn’t expecting. “Now bitch ! “ Kelso screams. As the other grab both me and Dustin, and shove our faces into the cots, they line up behind us, 3 in each row. I feel a stream of liquid being dripped down the crack of my hairy ass, and two thick fingers began to probe my tite jock hole, lubing me up for the inevitable. “Now bois, this is gonna hurt you guys a lot more than it’s gonna hurt us” I hear both Kelso and Patrino giggle, and the felt the grasp of two strong hands on either side of my waist. With no warning, I feel the slam of thick hard cock invading my hole, and it plunges to the depths of my shit canal. As I let out a yell, I hear the same scream from my lil bro—guess they were gonna ‘two time’ us. The fucking from my unknown assailant wasted no time in slamming his huge jock cock in and out of my hairy greasy jock hole. I only assumed they were doing the same to my lil bro. I was getting a fucking so that I could detect the sent of my own ass, and the hard jock cock pulled from, and re-entered my still full ass güvenilir bahis siteleri from last night’s food. The pounding went on for-ever. I could feel more hands now, holding me down by the backs of my head. My dominator now picked me up by my ankles, and holding me in mid air, continued his assult on my deep jock ass. Managing to turn my head sideways—I see the same treatment being given to my lil bro. I can hear his cries of whimpering, and moaning at the same time.Suddenly My dominator cries out—”Im fuckin cummin Dillon—Cummin in ur all star jock ass, punk”. With that I could feel the hot jock jizz filling my ass—as it rocketed into my guts. Spurt after spurt, hitting so hard I could feel it hit the walls of my insides. Hearing lil bro cry out, I could only assume that he was getting the same. After a few moments, my assailant finally pulls his wet, greasy cock from my ass, but is met instantly with another fresh hard cock, that begins his own onslaught of my now wet dripping ass. As before, he fucked me like a banshee in heat. The relentless pounding, so hard I could feel his cockhead hitting at my second hole—you know, the one up top, at the end of ur guts. As the first, he unloads a stream of hot thick jizz into may ass, and continues pounding until the one next to him does the same to my lil bro. And finally for the third—except this time they went for mouth. With a strong grab of my mohawk, and another grab at my throat, I open widely for the cock that went straight down my throat to his pubes. With the same treatment as my ass, he pounded relentlessly into the depths of my throat, pulling my head up and down on his ass tasting cock, still grasping me by the hair. I manage to briefly turn just a bit to see that lil bro was getting the same treatment—then, finally they explode. Each at the same time—filling me and lil bro with mouthfulls of cum, so heavy, that neither of us could contain it all. I get a slap to the face, with one saying ‘swallow’. I do as told, and then feel fingers once again probing my now filled ass, then delivering to my mouth commanding me to suck um clean as well, which I did without hesitation. I see lil bro following suite, similarly. Then one gets the idea of moving us close together, and demands me to suck out my bro’s hole, till he is ‘nice and cleaned out’ I do so as commanded, thinking in the back of my mind how much I was truly enjoying my ‘prize’ Finally, the action is done, and Kelso hollars from the cell–”Hey dad—we’re done” !! In a few moments Cpt Kelso come down the hallway, and opens the cell door. He apologizes, on behalf of the Police Dept, saying “we got the wrong group guys—-please have a complimentary meal down at Marty’s diner”As we all stroll out of the jail house, and me and Dustin hop into the jeep—that they had actually drove over from the Walmart—Patrino hollars “welcome home punks” !! “See ya’s at the diner. A couple of weeks later, Dustin, myself, Kelso, and Patroni all went to East Texas for the boxing tournament. As anticipated, Joey won the match in the 15 year old Welterweight. A third pr of silver gloves was now his, and we were all so happy for him. I got just a few moments with him and Hunter. I asked had Hunter ‘hit that juvie hole again’. Joey grinned, and just said “45 times so far” I just stared, and did the math in my head—-jeeeez.

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