Taking the boy to the country

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Taking the boy to the country5:00 showed up earlier than I wanted. I got up, made coffee and toast, thinking we’d eat on the road. I went to get the boys up. I walked into Roberts room, turning the light on I see Robert had turned over and Danny was laying up against him. Pulling the sheets back I see Danny must of fucked Robert during the night, and now he has Roberts dick in his hand. I come over and sit on the bed, I run my hand over Dannys back and down to his butt. Kneading his cheeks, Danny moaned, and moved a leg giving me access to his hole. Fighting temptations, I just rub his butt and reach over and rub Roberts chest, sliding down to Dannys hand. I move his hand and take Roberts dick in my hand, stroking him a couple of minutes till he was hard. I used my thumb to circle the tip and trace the piss slit, down the bottom of the head. Robert moaned and took my hand. Realizing it wasn’t Dannys he woke up with a shocked look. “Morning sport, I’ll give you two 10 minutes to take care of your stiffy and get dressed. He nodded and took Danny’s hand and put it back on his dick. Standing up I gave Danny a little smack on the butt. He woke up and looked bursa escort around. I said you two need to hurry up and get ready. I grabbed the backpacks and put them in the back of the truck, an ice chest with food for two days, and some drinks. They finally came out and we headed off. It took a couple of hours to get to my uncles property after a stop in a small town for gas and breakfast. We drove down the dirt road a half mile till we got to the cabin. I told the boys to take off and explore while I unloaded the truck. I found the breaker box, turned on the power and put the things up. It was close to lunch, so I grabbed some fishing poles and went to catch some fish. Its been awhile since anyone was fishing and the fish were jumping. I had 3 in less then an hour. While cleaning the fish Danny came in and asked if they could go swimming. Sure, I told him. If you want your swim pants their in a backpack, or you can go skinny dipping. Really, he said? Yes I told him, there’s nobody for miles, and we’re nearly a mile from the road no one will watch. He hugged me and pulled off everything. I said to put your clothes in a room, I don’t want bursa escort bayan to trip over them. He ran squealing out the door and jumped in the pond, Robert wasn’t to far behind him. When lunch wise ready I called them in. We ate and I had them rest for an hour. While they waited I told them to let me put sun screen on them to keep from burning, especially their butts and dicks. I said I’d never hear the end of it since I bought new swim pants. Robert came over and stood in front of me, I told him to lift his arms and spread his legs. I rubbed the lotion on his chest and stomach, told him to turn, then did his back. Then I rubbed it on his butt cheeks and upper legs. I told him to bend over and spread them, he giggled and pulled his butt cheeks out. I rubbed each cheek on the inside and ran my finger down his center crack to his scrotum, back up to his hole and tickled it with my finger tip. He wiggled and laughed. I told him to turn. I rubbed some on his hips and his groom, making sure I put plenty on his dick. I didn’t have to call Danny over, he ran up and stood spread eagle. I did his chest and stomach, turned him and did his back. escort bursa Robert reached out and spread Danny’s butt open giggling. I put some in his crack and rubbed. When I got to his hole he pushed against my finger. I laughed and said you naughty boy. His butt was surprisingly tight for getting fucked so many times. Robert took the bottle and sprayed some on his hands and rubbed them on Dannys dick , then grabbed his hand and they ran off. I guess they wanted to be alone even though I knew I know what they do together.At dinner time I cooked some stakes and potatoes, then called them to eat. When we finished I sent them to shower. When they came out they were wrapped in towels and asked where their pjs were. I told them were, but if they wanted to they can just stay nude while they were here. They smiled and dropped the towels, came over and hugged me. I picked them up and set them on my lap. I pulled them close and hugged them back, and rested my hands around their butts. Robert reached over and started playing with Dannys dick till it was hard. Watching him I started to get hard too. Danny felt it and reached down and rubbed me through my pants. I took a deep breath and rested my head on the back of the couch and closed my eyes hoping the urge passed, no use. I told them to get on the floor to play, and I needed to do something. I got up and went to the bathroom to jack off.

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