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Subject: Taking Down The Challenge Champs – Chapter 1 Summary: Big Brother star Paulie Calafiore makes his mark on MTV show “The Challenge” by taking down Johnny Bananas and the other big stars on the show. “And that’s how you do it!” Paulie Calafiore announced as he re-entered the Challenge house with a big smirk on his face, coming off fresh from his win in the first Daily Challenge of the show. The rest of the cast trailed in behind him sharing various looks of disappointment. Paulie winning the Daily meant that he could choose who was going into elimination tomorrow, and the last thing they wanted was for him to have control in this game. Fortunately for most of the case there was one person that Paulie was targeting above all others, Johnny Bananas, the 6-time Challenge Champion. “This is fucking bullshit man, can’t believe we let that Big Brother scrub take the win!” Johnny said angrily to his friend Leroy. The male veteran cast members had previously agreed to form an alliance and target the rookies, talking a big game about how they would easily run the house. Now they were all at the mercy of Paulie, an embarrassing position to be in. Bananas knew that he was one of Paulie’s targets so he had to think of something fast to avoid being sent into elimination. “I gotta set that clown straight and let him know what a big fucking mistake it would be to vote me in!” That night the whole cast was drunk & partying in the Challenge house, filling the rooms with the sounds of hook ups, yelling and rough-housing. Bananas was doing his usual thing playing the big alpha dog in the house, flirting with all the women and talking shit to the rookies. He was used to running the house and everyone falling in line behind him so that he could make it to the Final and win the money. This time there was one big fucking problem named Paulie that was getting in his way and he refused to let that happen. When Johnny saw the Big Brother rookie stumble off into a separate room he stopped what he was doing and followed behind. “Hey Paulie! Wait up I got somethin to say to ya!” Bananas barked through a drunken slur as he caught up to the rookie, grabbing Paulie by the arm and pushing him against the wall. Johnny had a decent size advantage over the Big Brother star, standing a few inches taller and weighing more thanks to his muscular build. “Listen I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but this is my game! So if you know what’s good for you keep my fucking name out of your mouth!” Paulie grunted as he was pushed against the wall by the Challenge Champion, looking him in the eye before shoving him backwards. “Ughh get off me bro!” the smaller man growled while walking forward until he was once again face to face with Johnny, both standing in the middle of the empty room shirtless wearing just their swim trunks. “Sorry Johnny boy but your days on top are over, this is my Challenge now. The audience is gonna have to watch their golden boy put in his place!” “What did you just say to me?!” Bananas scowled in drunken anger, unable to believe that some Big Brother rookie was talking shit to him like this. There was only one way to settle this. With a grunt Johnny charged forward, knocking Paulie back onto the floor and landing on top of him, pinning him down. “Well Big Brother bitch guess I’ll have to welcome you to the Challenge the old-fashioned way!” Johnny smirked while looking down at the smaller man before lifting his arms into the air to flex his biceps over him. He then crawled his way up Paulie’s body until his crotch was right in the Big Brother star’s face, grinding his bulge against the rookie’s nose and mouth, “That’s right Paulie be a good rookie bitch and learn to treat daddy good.” “MMphh!” Paulie groaned out, his noises muffled by Johnny’s crotch. There was no way he was going to let Bananas bring him down. Thinking fast, he brought his bursa evi olan escort head back and then slammed it forward into Johnny’s bulge hard. The bigger man grunted in pain, stumbling over to the side while holding his crotch. Paulie took the opportunity to lean forward and slam his fist into the Champion’s face knocking him over even more. He then jumped to his feet, grabbed Bananas and threw him against the wall, thrashing him all around the room until the Big Brother star gave one final shove that sent the veteran crashing down onto a side table, breaking it and collapsing in a groaning heap on the floor face-down. With a smirk Paulie jumped on top of Bananas pinning the bigger man down, using one hand to grip Johnny by the hair and the other to reign down smacks on the Challenge Champ’s big bubble butt, “Now THIS is more like it, think it’s time someone showed Mr. Golden Boy who the real alpha is!” “Ughhh” moaned Johnny on the floor, head in a daze from the alcohol and abuse, trying to process how this had happened. He underestimated Paulie and he was paying the price, squirming his muscular body around in an attempt to fling the Big Brother star off of him. Paulie’s hard spanks just made the situation even more humiliating for Bananas, “Arghhh get the fuck off me bro! You don’t know who you’re messing with arghh stop!” “Oh I think I do big boy” smirked the rookie as he reached down and yanked Bananas’ trunks off exposing his muscle glutes. *SMACK* *SMACK* Spanking the Challenge star even harder, “The one thing I’ll give you credit for Johnny, you got a nice fucking ass, about time someone put it to good use.” The bigger man’s grunts of pain were music to Paulie’s ears, it was only a matter of time before he would break. “Now Champion *SMACK* tell me who the real Challenge alpha is *SMACK*” “Mmhmmmmm” Bananas tried to bite his lips to muffle the grunts coming out with each hit to his exposed glutes. *SMACK* *SMACK* He wanted to yell for help but he couldn’t let anyone see him being humiliated like this by a rookie. Eventually the pain became so unbearable that he couldn’t fight it anymore, grunts and yelps escaping his lips. “ARGhhh fuckkk stop ARGHHHH you can’t do this to me man FUCK ARghh you gotta stop!” Johnny groaned out, his masculine voice starting to quiver and turn into whimpers, fighting the tears that were forming in his eyes. *SMACK* *SMACK* The Challenge Champ’s mind was already cracking, no one had ever made him feel so weak and helpless. Unable to take anymore, with tears running down his face Bananas sobbed, “Okay okay you’re the alpha Arghhh please just stop!” An evil grin flash across Paulie’s face from the sound of Johnny’s pathetic sobs. “There ya go big boy, was that so hard?” the Big Brother star laughed, spanking Johnny’s fat ass one more time before rising off of him to flip the Challenge Champ over onto his back. The sight of the Challenge Champion’s tear-soaked humiliated face made Paulie’s cock stir inside his trunks. With a smirk, he leaned down and ran his tongue over Bananas’ bare chest, up his abs, across his pecs until he reached the veteran’s neck. Sucking and nibbling on the skin while he worked his way up his chin before running his tongue all over Johnny’s face and lips. Paulie paused to stare Johnny in the eyes, he could see that Bananas was mesmerized and helpless. “You’re mine now Johnny boy” the Big Brother said while running his hands all over the Champ’s big pecs, leaning down to force his tongue into Johnny’s mouth, passionately making out with the bigger man. Johnny’s eyes went wide, “Mmmphhh” he groaned into the kiss, unable to believe that he was letting the rookie do this to him. He tried to tell himself to fight it but there was something about Paulie that made him want to give in. Closing his eyes he felt himself kissing the Big Brother star back, altıparmak escort their tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths. Feeling Bananas kiss back, Paulie knew that he had won and it was time to take his prize. Pulling off the kiss he smacked Johnny in the face, “Time for you to show me how much you want to be my bitch boy”. The rookie grinned as he yanked down his own trunks exposing his rock hard 9in cock, way bigger than Johnny’s. Gripping the base he brought it up to the Champion’s lips, smacking it across his face a few times. “Open up Johnny boy, I know you want this.” “Mmphhh” Bananas groaned while the big cock smacked his cheeks. His last bits of resistance were telling him to stop this but his head was too lost in a daze to think straight. He couldn’t stop staring at Paulie’s dick hovering just inches away, breathing in the musk which messed his mind up even more. Shaking his head he tried to fight it, “I’m not your bitch…I’m not your bitch..I’m not your-mMMmMPHHHH” Johnny tried to say as he found himself leaning in and parting his lips, taking the fat purple cockhead inside and slobbering all over it. “Hahaha fuck yeah big boy take it all, taste a real man’s cock!” barked Paulie from above, pushing his dick farther and farther until all 9inches were buried deep in Bananas’ mouth. Taking in the sight of Johnny Bananas, the 6x Challenge Champ, lying there with his lips stretched obscenely wide around the rookie’s cock. The broken look in the veteran’s eyes just made Paulie hornier, thrusting in and out of the bigger man’s throat. “Suck it bitch! Slut out on my dick!” “GURGGGLFF” Johnny gagged around the dick stretching his throat to the limit. Saliva dripping down his spread lips as wet, retching sounds filled the room. The Challenge Champ’s eyes glazed over while his head bobbed up and down trying to keep the pace. “MMMPHGURFLLFLF” choking even harder with each thrust. “Ohhhh fuckk yeah you were born for this bitch boy” moaned the rookie, continuing to fuck the shit out of Johnny’s big mouth until he felt himself on the verge of cumming. With a sigh, Paulie pulled his cock out, strands of saliva clinging to the veteran’s ruined lips. Bananas looked pathetic kneeling there, his proud face covered with tears and drool, eyes glazed over. “It’s time for me to break the Challenge Champion for good!” Paulie barked, shoving Bananas over until he was on all fours and bent downwards with his fat sore ass in the air. The rookie grinned while spreading Johnny’s beefy glutes and exposing his tight pink pucker. “Damn look at that Challenge pussy, by the time I’m done it’s gonna be looser than all of the other sluts on this show” Paulie smirked while lining up his big wet cock, slowly pushing forward letting it spread the Champion’s asslips wide. “Ughhh it’s not a fuckin puss-ARGHHHHH!” Johnny tried to say when he suddenly felt Paulie’s dick push inside of him. His mind went blank from the sensation, eyes rolling to the back of his head. The Big Brother’s cock sank deeper and deeper into his guts, spreading his hole wide. Bananas began to whimper from the pain and pleasure, his own smaller dick leaking, “Oh fuckkk it’s too fuckin big…you’re too fuckin big ARHHHHHH!” “That’s right bitch boy, I’m big where it fuckin counts, now take it!” Paulie growled from above, slamming in hard over and over again, destroying the veteran’s hole. “I’m gonna turn this ass into a sloppy gaping cunt Johnny” he continued to talk dirty to the bigger man, loving the sounds of Bananas’ bitchy moans and whimpers. Filled with pride knowing that he had brought this Champion down so easily. “Mmphhh I want to hear you say it again big boy, say I’m the real Champ and alpha and you’re just a muscle bitch boy for my cock!” Johnny was so lost in the heat of the moment that he could barely speak, babbling uncontrollably while Paulie bursa merkez escort wrecked his hole. Any remnants of resistance had faded and all Bananas could think about was being filled with Big Brother cock. His fat muscle ass jiggling with each thrust, “Mmmphhh oh fuckk you’re the alpha Paulie, you’re the fuckin Champion MMMphhh ughhh I’m just your bitch!” Bananas moaned like a total slut while thrusting his glutes back on Paulie’s crotch. The champion’s admission of defeat was enough to drive Paulie over the edge, “Oh fuckkk yeah gonna fill up your cunt!” he growled as his cock burst, flooding Johnny’s hole with cum. At the same time, the veteran’s own cock came as well from the relentless pounding of his prostate. Both men collapsing down in exhaustion, Paulie laying on top of Johnny’s broad sweaty back breathing deep. “Ughhh damn that’s some good Challenge pussy” the Big Brother star grinned, pulling his dick out and smacking Johnny’s ass one more time. The rookie rose to his feet, taking in the sight of Bananas laying there groaning with his stretched hole leaking cum onto the floor. “Who knows…now that you understand that you’re my bitch, I might just keep you around..” Paulie said with an evil grin before pulling up his trunks and leaving Bananas alone in the room. “Ughhhh yes…sir…” Johnny groaned out weakly, mind totally fried as he passed out on the floor, his muscular used body totally exhausted while cum leaked from his big ass. ———–The Next Day (elimination) The entire Challenge cast gathered around the Elimination arena anxiously waiting to hear Paulie’s decision about which two castmembers would be battling it out to stay in the game. They could see that the Elimination was Hall Brawl where each castmember would charge forward through a narrow hallway trying to knock each other over to get to the other side before the other person. The host of the show, TJ Lavin, appeared and began his speech about the rules of the elimination. Johnny was usually talkative during this part of the game but he was still recovering from the day before, barely able to walk straight. All he could hope for that is that the humiliating experience paid off and gave the Big Brother star a reason note to vote Johnny into the elimination. Paulie stepped forward and turned to the cast, staring down the eyes of all of the veteran men before speaking, “It was a tough decision, especially with some new developments from yesterday…” he smiled as he turned to Johnny and winked, “..But I just can’t resist..so my vote is for Bananas to face off against his best bro Leroy!” Johnny’s heart sank as he turned to Leroy, both exchanging a frustrated sigh at the fact that they had to face each other in the elimination. Trying to muster his strength Bananas stumbled to his side of the Hall Brawl, his sore ass still affecting him deeply. The disgraced Challenge Champ stared down the hall at Leroy, seeing the competitive edge in his face knowing that he wasn’t going to go easy on him. TJ sounded the whistle and both men charged forward, Johnny did his best but was too off of his game to stand a chance. Leroy crashed into him hard sending his body flying backwards until he landed in groaning crumpled heap on the ground. Another whistle blew sounding that Leroy had made it to the other side and won the elimination. “Ughhh” Johnny groaned as he slowly rose his bruised body to his feet and stared at the faces of the cast. Most of the cast was shocked that a Challenge legend like Bananas was being sent him first, but then there was Paulie standing there with a proud grin on his face. Johnny scowled seeing the Big Brother star, “Arghh you’ll pay for this Paulie!” he yelled out in defeat before turning and leaving the elimination ring in shame. “Have a nice trip home Bananas!” Paulie announced sarcastically, “I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other soon..boy.” The other male veterans stood there in confusion, not wanting to admit that the Big Brother rookie successfully making a big move like this made them nervous. Paulie smirked, he just broke the biggest Challenge Champ on this show and these other guys had no idea what they were in for…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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