Taken by the Cleaner Ch. 03

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It has been a few weeks since I learned that my wife is cuckolding me with the neighbor and training me to like sloppy seconds by paying our cleaner, Anna, to have sex with me, while other clients’ cum is still in her pussy.

Since the day my wife revealed the truth, I’ve continued having sex with Anna weekly, but haven’t touched my wife. I assume she’s finding fulfilment with the neighbor.

My wife usually makes herself scarce when Anna arrives to clean, but today is different. Soon after Anna arrives, my wife sticks her head in my office and suggests we go upstairs. In response to my questioning look, she says “It’s time to further our arrangement.”

My wife holds out her hand. I take it and she leads me upstairs.

We find Anna in the master bedroom. Rather than cleaning as I’d expected, she’s laying out bath towels on the bed and floor. She glances at us and continues spreading towels.

Clearly something is up. I look to my wife for an explanation but think better of saying anything when I see she has already started to undo the buttons on her white silk blouse. I experience a ripple of excitement.

My wife undresses quickly. Her blouse drops to the floor and I see she was not wearing a bra. In her early 50s my wife is tall and slim, her grey hair cut short. She has a runner’s body, with muscles taught and sinewy under the skin. Her breasts are small with dark pointy nipples.

Naked from the waste up she exudes a commanding presence. Not for the first time it flicks through my brain that she is not my type, and that if I’m honest, I’m a bit afraid of her.

My wife kicks off her shoes, and unzips her wide-legged black trousers, letting them fall in a puddle around her ankles. She is not wearing panties. I realise that despite her cool demeanor, she’s anxious to get on with whatever she’s planned.

I steal a glance at Anna. The two women couldn’t be more different. Anna is in her mid-20s, shorter than my wife, her body soft and curvy. Her breasts are large, and I know from experience her areola are large and pink.

My wife seems impatient that I am just standing there and commands me to strip. I feel awkward under her glare and have trouble getting my jeans off quickly.

My wife sits primly on the side of the bed and crosses her long legs. Anna is done with the towels, and stands a bit to the side, like a servant waiting for instructions. She is still dressed but isn’t wearing her usual bursa escort yoga pants and t-shirt. I recognize her short-skirted dress — it’s the same one she wore the first time we had sex.

My wife speaks, sounding a bit gentler than she looks: “I need to explain why we haven’t been having sex.” Pausing a moment, she continues “I don’t want to hurt you, but the truth is I don’t like having your cum in me. I don’t know why. But I’ve been sleeping with the neighbor, and its not the same with him. I love having his cum in me, but yours makes me feel gross and disgusted.”

I feel a rush of anger and imagine showing her all the places I’d like to put my cum. Reading the anger on my face, she quickly continues. “Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of your cock inside me, and we can continue to have sex. But you must pull out before you cum. I don’t ever want your cum in me again.” Then she reveals her plan to pacify me: “I know that isn’t satisfying for you, so that’s why Anna is here. She will be your cum dump.”

I am speechless, my emotions quickly swing from anger to excitement. Not waiting for a response, my wife nods to Anna who slips her dress over her head and climbs onto the bed on her hands and knees. I register that like my wife, Anna wore no underwear, and realize this was carefully planned.

My penis leaps to attention at the sight of Anna’s ass and puffy pink pussy, and her breasts hanging pendulously beneath her. In comparison with the hard angles of my wife’s body, Anna’s is soft and welcoming.

Meanwhile my wife has lain back on the bed and started masturbating. “I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you” she says. My eyes dart between watching my wife and taking in the details of Anna’s luscious body. I’m not sure what I am expected to do but start stroking myself to get harder.

My wife arouses herself quickly. Breathing heavily, she commands “Get in me now.” Then practically screams “BUT DON’T CUM IN ME”.

I get between her legs and use my hand to guide myself inside her. She is warm but her vagina feels snug and the lubrication thin. As I pull back and thrust forward again there is a lot of friction.

My wife continues rubbing her clitoris as I pump in and out. Her pace quickens and she uses her hips to push back against my thrusts, driving me deeper inside her. I hope she climaxes soon as I am having a hard time keeping myself from cumming.

Anna turns her head to watch us, but otherwise görükle escort has not moved or said a word, her head down and bum up waiting to receive me. I want my wife to finish so that I can plunge into Anna’s waiting pussy.

My wife tenses and gives a small moan. I stop thrusting, but it takes all my concentration not to cum as the spasms of her orgasm ripple along my shaft. Seconds later she relaxes, and immediately her vagina starts to close, pushing me out.

I pull out and get off the bed. I moved over behind Anna and without preliminaries thrust my penis against her pussy. There is no resistance, her labia are already slightly parted and slick. I know from previous experience this is not just her own lubrication. Anna has an arrangement with others she cleans for, including two roommates whose spunk is often still in her when we have sex.

The contrast is amazing. While my wife’s vagina was tight and barely lubricated, Anna’s is loose and slippery. I can’t feel anything but its warmth. Already aroused to the point of bursting, I grind into her trying to get the last bit of friction needed to take me over the edge.

I explode deep inside Anna. My orgasm seems to go on forever, pushing string after string of cum into Anna’s already well drenched pussy. As my last spasm starts to subside, I feel my wife’s body pressed against my back. She reaches around to grab Anna’s hips and squishes me hard against her so I can’t pull out.

Trying to get my breathing under control I will myself to relax. My penis starts to shrink, but unlike my wife’s vagina, Anna’s pussy isn’t trying to push me out. My penis feels like it is suspended in warm water. I’ve never stayed in my wife long after orgasming. She always pushes me away and jumps up to clean my spunk out of her. Now I know why.

My wife continues to hold me firmly against Anna. Bending to speak close to my ear, she commands “Now pee in that little cum slut! Wash your sperm out of her pussy”. I am shocked and try to turn, but she holds me firmly against Anna. “Anna’s OK with it” she whispers into my ear.

My mind is racing. I’ve heard about people who are into water sports, but I have no experience with them. I certainly didn’t know my wife had ever thought about such a thing. Realizing that I’m turned on by the idea and that my wife isn’t going to take no for an answer, I concentrated on relaxing my urethral sphincter. It is hard enough escort bayan peeing after sex, let alone while still inside someone!

Eventually my muscles start to relax, and a bit of urine begins to flow. Then the dam gives way, and I am peeing at full force. It feels like peeing in a warm bath. I am in full stream now and Anna’s vagina is stretching like a water balloon. Anna lets out a low groan, and contacts her muscles trying to form a seal around my shaft. But soon warm pee begins dribbling out of her vagina and dripping down my scrotum. It seems like I am peeing forever, and I realize I haven’t gone to the bathroom for a long time.

Eventually the stream slows and stops. “I’m done” I manage to croak. My wife lets go and steps back. I withdraw and a gush of pee mixed with sperm spills from Anna’s pussy. Anna slowly backs off the bed putting one foot on the floor and then the other. As she stands up, another flood of liquid runs down her legs. She puts a hand between her legs and holds her labia open allowing the dregs to dribble out.

The towels on the floor are soaked. Anna picks up a dry towel from the bedside table and holds it between her legs, then sits on the bed to wipe her legs and feet. Standing up she grabs her dress and pulls it over her head. Looking at Anna, you’d think nothing had happened. But I feel ashamed. No longer under the spell of arousal, I am disgusted, a feeling my wife no doubt wanted me to experience.

My wife breaks my reverie, telling me to clean up the towels and floor. While I am on my hands and knees wiping the floor, she stands naked in front of me, pointing a finger as if to lecture me. She speaks sternly: “Remember, from now on you can’t cum in me. We will pay Anna and you can cum in her if you want. But I don’t want Anna having to put up with your disgusting sperm either. So, you must always clean her afterward by licking up your sperm or washing it with your pee.”

I steal a glance at Anna, whose face is passive and gives nothing away. My wife says quickly “Anna already knows the rules and will do whatever we pay her to, but you need to agree not to cum in me and to clean your disgusting cum from Anna.”

I look up at my wife’s stern face and then at Anna’s luscious body. I know a good deal when I hear it, so nod in agreement. “Say it” my wife commands. I lower my eyes and speak to her groin, now only inches from my face. “I promise not to cum in you.”

“And?” my wife encourages.

“And I will clean up any of my disgusting sperm from Anna.”

“Good” she responds, moving to pick up her clothing. “Now I am going to see the neighbor. Make sure everything is cleaned up by the time I get back.”

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