Taboo Hypnosis 04

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This is only linked to the previous stories in the series by theme and all standalone. The characters are all at least eighteen years of age and it is pure fantasy. This continues my departure from my preferred subject matter as far as who is in control, but I felt that after having done mother/wife, daughter/sister and son/brother that it would be good to complete the run with father/husband. After this I will be going into other genres, although the theme of hypnosis will crop up from time to time. This will be my last in this series for a while as I have several others that I want to do, but I won’t entirely abandon it.


Kuno was forty, but didn’t let this affect him, he was vigorous and fully of life. He had just reached the point where he only needed to go into the office three days a week, his firm was really taking off. The firm had originally started as extra work, because his company always had trouble finding companies that provided the services they needed. Because of this he had to work more finding the companies, which either seemed to fold or provided poor service, so next time he had to look all over again. The long hours had paid off and three years ago he had officially opened Network Inc., a company that kept track of other companies so that they could make one phone call and get the service they needed without wasting time looking, for his company that was all they did. With more free time he spent more with his family, but was also engaging in hobbies and taking courses to learn new things. Currently he was sitting in a hypnosis class given by the lovely Miss Collier.

Kuno would never cheat on his wife Darinka, but the teacher was lovely to look at. Originally he had started the course because he felt that it was so unlike him that it would be fun. At the start he had been convinced that hypnosis was complete foolishness, however after he had successfully hypnotized a few people he changed his mind. Now however he wasn’t really focused, the problem was that he was having issues with his wife. Although he loved her dearly and wouldn’t trade the marriage, their life together or their two children, Nicolao and Kateryna, for anything. The problem was that she wasn’t adventurous in the bedroom. Sex occurred regularly but was the same every time, missionary position and he couldn’t be too long. Kuno had once asked about anal, but she refused to even discuss it and as for oral, she wasn’t a vehement, although she still said no. So, in the past year he had tried a different tact by suggesting that they vary the position a little. On their sides, maybe her on top occasionally, but she was unyielding, even when he offered to go down on her, which didn’t bother him. Miss Collier called his attention back by standing in a position that showed a bit more leg, he doubted it was purposeful or at least if it was that it wasn’t aimed at him.

“Now class, hypnotism is very useful, some therapists use it to help clients sort through issues, such as fear and guilt that interfere with sexual enjoyment. Not all therapists agree, but many use it to great results.” She continued to add to this, but Kuno was no longer listening as this penetrated, he could use hypnosis to help his wife get over her hang-ups about sex and then this one source of stress would be removed from his life. As he headed home he considered how he would get her to let him hypnotize her, it wasn’t that she didn’t trust him, it was just that if he didn’t have the right approach she would be resistant and it wouldn’t work as well. Once he was home he remembered that his wife wouldn’t be home until evening, meaning it was his night to cook dinner, which gave him an idea, if he cooked roasted lamb under bell and Gibanica Cake for desert, her favorites, she would want to relax and be willing to put up with anything he’d want to try, well hypnosis anyway. Kuno quickly ascertained that he had everything he needed and determined that he should start about three if he wanted to be ready when she got home. Kuno realized that his daughter Kateryna was home and decided to practice on her. Kuno knocked on her door.

“Honey, can I come in?” He though he heard a sigh and could imagine her rolling her eyes.

“Okay, come.” Kuno smiled briefly before entering her room. Kateryna was sprawled on her bed listening to music and apparently texting. Kuno looked her light skin and blonde hair, taking note of the swell of her breasts under her shirt, guessing them to be about average, however if her mother was any indication she would probably get a full size bigger.

“Kateryna, would you let me practice for my hypnosis class on you?” She stared wide eyed, but tapped a message into her phone and set it aside.

“Really? Hypnotize me?” Kuno waited, she at last deflated. “Sure go ahead.”

“Good now relax and listen to the sound of my voice.” Kateryna made a face, but soon she was breathing shallow and her eyes closed. “From now on when you are in a trance pendik escort you will call me master and when I take your hand and call you my “pet” you will return to this trance state, you will not remember what happens in this trance until you return to it. Finally if I am involved you will ignore what is happening, no matter what I am doing or who is involved. Do you understand, pet?”

“Yes, master your pet understands.” Kuno was now committed to this and wanted to see more.

“Strip, pets do not wear clothes.”

“Of course, master I’m sorry I will remember next time.” Kateryna undressed revealing her breasts, which were actually somewhat larger than he had guessed and finally she removed her panties to reveal a pussy free of hair, Kuno guessed that she shaved and like the look. I think I’ll have her mother shave as well, he though. Kuno took in the soft delicate teen body for a moment before deciding how to begin. “On your knees pet at my feet, where any good pet should be.” Kateryna immediately got off the bed and dropped to her knees at his feet, looking up at him with wide eyes. Kuno opened his pants and beckoned her closer.

“Pet, I want you to take my cock in your mouth, use your tongue, lips and hands, do a good job.” Kateryna reached into his pants to pull his cock out, she licked his shaft, gently mouthed his balls while she stroked his shaft and finally took him in her mouth. Kateryna deep throated him in almost one go and Kuno thought briefly about how many boys she had done this with. However the feel of her wet, teen mouth quickly dispelled all other thoughts, he wanted to grab her head and thrust into her mouth until he came, but he wanted to take her completely, to possess all of her holes.

“Stop pet, now you will ride my cock, but turn away from me so that I can watch your ass.”

“Yes, master.” Kuno lay down on her bed and Kateryna straddled his lap. Kuno pointed his cock up and Kateryna moved into position and lowered herself onto his cock, however he stopped once his head was in. “Are you a virgin, pet?”

“No, master but I am still very tight.” She seemed almost worried that he might be disappointed.

“Pet, I am glad, if you were a virgin it would be messy.” So saying he patted her ass and getting the message she finished descending on his cock, squealing as she completely impaled. Kuno began marveling at how tight she was despite the fact that she obviously know what she was doing. As Kuno thrust up into her, Kateryna slammed down into his lap, Kuno watched her ass moving up and down on his cock. The sight of her asshole made him curious and he reached between her cheeks to rub his thumb against the hole. Kateryna moaned louder. Kuno pressed his index finger to the hole, working it inside and pushed until it was all the way in. Kuno pumped his finger in and out of her anus as he continued to fuck her pussy. Kuno pulled out licking his middle finger and pushed his first two fingers into her ass, there was resistance, but both entered and he continued pumping her ass. Kuno spread his two fingers opening her wider and moved a third finger into her. Satisfied that her ass was suitably loose he stopped thrusting into her pussy.

“Pet, on your hands and knees, it’s time to give up your ass. Have you ever taken a cock there?” She shook her head. Kuno smiled as this was one virginity that he wanted from her. His cock didn’t seem to want to go in her ass, even as loose as it was. However Kuno continued pushing until with a gasp from Kateryna the head entered. Now that the head was in, Kuno slowly pushed forward until he felt his balls making contact with her wet pussy. Slowly he withdrew from her until only the head was still inside her and then thrust back in eliciting a moan from Kateryna. Kuno moaned softly as he felt her ass clamping down on his cock and he didn’t know how long he could hold out. He gripped her ass tightly as he fucked hard, picking up speed as he did so. At last he felt her ass clamping harder on him as she let out a truly loud moan and he guessed that she had cum. The sudden tightening of her ass caused him to cum and he filled her ass. Kuno pulled out feeling a little winded, but invigorated.

“Clean up pet, and continue with your day, but don’t forget your instructions.” Kuno got dress and left her room, with a spring in his stride. It was time for lunch so he got a quick bite as he considered what to do until it was time to start work on dinner. His son, Nicolao’s arrival interrupted his thoughts and he was just dealing with his lunch dishes as he double checked that he had everything ready for dinner. Kuno was about to encourage his son to be out after dinner when a though struck him, what would sex with a handsome young man be like? It wasn’t as if anyone would know and if it wasn’t very good it would be a one-time thing. Kuno turned to intercept his son on his way to his room.

“Nicolao, my boy could you do your old man a favor and allow him to hypnotize escort pendik you for his class practice?” Nicolao stopped and didn’t speak for a moment before turning to him.

“Dad, do you have to call me that it’s Nic, okay?”

“Nicolao is your name, but it’s not important, so will you be my practice subject?”

“Alright, what do I need to do?”

“Just get comfortable, wherever you want.” Nicolao set down his bag and kicked off his shoes, before sitting on the couch. Kuno ran through the induction process until Nicolao sat back, eyes closed and breathing shallow.

“Now, when you are in a trance you will call me master, only remember what happens in a trance when you return to it and when I put my hand on your shoulder and call you my “slut” you will return to this trance. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master I am your slut.” Confident that his wife wouldn’t be home until dinnertime and his daughter had instructions not to even notice what might otherwise shock her, Kuno undressed and sat beside his son.

“Now, slut undress and get on your knees at my feet, like a good slut.” Nicolao moved to comply and once naked, revealing his toned somewhat tanned body, he kneeled at Kuno’s feet. “Now use your mouth and hands to pleasure my cock, do a good job slut.” Nicolao clearly had never handled someone else’s cock, but as he had one of his own he knew what he liked and used that. Nicolao move quickly to sucking Kuno’s cock, but could only manage about half of it before he started to splutter. Kuno wasn’t really surprised and wondered whether he should just wait until he was ready to cum and do so in Nicolao’s throat. Kuno decided that he want to try more in order to know if he truly liked this or not.

“Stop slut, up on the couch on your back. Use your spit and fingers to loosen up your ass.” Nicolao pulled off of Kuno’s cock and lay on the couch, where he sucked on his index finger, before moving it to his ass. Nicolao fucked his ass with his index finger, occasionally stopping to add more saliva. Kuno watched, thinking how cute Nicolao looked, somewhat effeminate. Nicolao moaned as he worked two fingers into his ass. Kuno stroked his cock slowly as he watched his son now using three fingers to wildly pump his ass. At this point Kuno had had enough and pulled Nicolao’s fingers out, replacing them with his cock. Just as with Kateryna there was resistance, but Kuno continued to push until Nicolao’s ass surrendered and the head penetrated. Kuno was amazed, Nicolao’s ass might have actually been tighter than Kateryna’s. Kuno pushed forward until his balls hit Nicolao’s ass and Nicolao whimpered, which Kuno thought so cute. Kuno Hesitated only a moment before he started moving his hips, watching as his cock emerged from Nicolao’s ass and disappeared into it again. Kuno felt his cock was about to burst it was being held so tight, to his his amazement Nicolao’s cock was very hard, oozing so much pre-cum it was as if he had already cum.

“Stroke your cock slut, but don’t cum until I do.” Nicolao took his cock in hand, fisting it and tensed as he struggled not to cum. Kuno felt amazing and grunted as he began filling his son’s ass with his cum, moments later his son came on his own chest. Kuno pulled out and stood to walk over to Nicolao’s mouth.

“Clean my cock slut.” Nicolao’s mouth opened and Kuno thrust inside, amazed that this time he managed more than half. Nicolao’s tongue moved against the cock and when it was pulled out he swirled his tongue over the head. At last the cock was clean and Kuno gathered his clothes.

“Clean up slut and don’t forget your instructions, additionally anything involving me, no matter how unusual, just ignore.” Kuno dressed and went to his room to make preparations, his wife would be relaxed and happy after the meal, but that may not be enough, so he decided to employ what he had learned in a massage class (his choices of things to learn had been pretty eclectic). Kuno ran over the evening in his mind, dinner, desert and hypnosis during the massage. He saw that it was almost three, so he quickly moved to the kitchen to begin work on dinner and dessert as both would take some time. The kitchen was soon filled with the wonderful aroma of good things cooking and baking. Darinka arrived just as the lamb was finishing and he was making the final preparations for dessert. She entered the kitchen and Kuno swiftly moved to embrace her. However she stopped him when he moved into kiss her.

“That smells like roasted lamb under bell and Gibanica Cake, what are you up to?” He stared open-mouthed at her.

“Since when have I become known for scheming and having ulterior motives?”

“You don’t think much of Gibanica Cake.”

“But you do and we haven’t had it for a while so, I thought since it was my turn to cook, I would do something nice. This was kinda the point when I was working those long hours building up the business, that I could do nice things for you and we could pendik escort bayan spend more time together.” She nodded not entirely convinced but went to their room to change while he called the children for dinner. The children had always enjoyed food from their mother’s side and even when he cooked they never complained, well not about the cooking at any rate. Darinka’s mood noticeably improved and she even had some wine, she had never been much of a drinker. After dinner he led her to the bedroom and lit the scented candles, she put both hands to her mouth and hesitated before speaking.

“Forget what I said if you want to be spontaneously romantic, go right ahead.” She lay down on her stomach and he kneeled next to her, massaging her neck and shoulders. Once Kuno had been massaging for a while she removed her shirt and he added oil as he worked his way down her back and began speaking to her. Her responses were intermittent, but it wasn’t important, by the time he reached her lower back, she had stopped responding at all and he noted that her breathing had become shallow as if she was asleep. However she responded when he called her name and her voice was in a monotone. Kuno smiled as he realized that it had worked.

“Now, there are going some changes around here, first if you are in a trance you will call me master, what happens in a trance stays in a trance, you will have not memory outside it and when I pat you on the head and call you my “bitch” you will return to this trance. Finally if I am involved you will ignore any unusual behavior around here, regardless of what it is. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master I am your bitch.”

“Good finish undressing, you are a pet and pets don’t wear clothes.” Darinka stood by the bed and revealed her lithe body to his hungry eyes, she had always been fit and while two children had made it a challenge she had managed to get back in shape after Kateryna had been born and had maintained it ever since. Her breasts were not super large, but bigger than medium and he had always liked them, at last her dark bush came into view and he remember Kateryna’s smooth lips.

“Now, my little bitch you will go into the bathroom and clean your pussy of all hair and keep it that way.”

“Yes, master I promise to be smooth for you.” Darinka went to the bathroom and was in there for almost twenty minutes. “Sorry, I took so long master, but your bitch has only trimmed her bush before, never shaved.” Kuno beckoned her over to him.

“That’s alright, but I must punish you for other things, one you never took me in your mouth, or in your ass and two you never allowed for any variation in our love making. A good pet should always desire to be taken by her master in a variety of positions. Now lay across my lap.” Eyes down in submission Darinka lay across his lap, her pussy in his crotch and Kuno struck her right cheek with his hand, followed by her left. “Bitch, as I spank you I expect you to apologize for your disobedience and promise to do better in the future.” He spanked her a little harder gratified at the impression his hand left on her ass.

“Sorry, master. Please forgive me my ass, mouth and pussy are yours to use in any way you want. I promise to be a good pet and to enjoy every way that you decide to take me. Master please forgive me.” Once he was satisfied that her bottom was red enough he stopped spanking and realized that her pussy was soaking.

“Pet, did the spanking turn you on?” Her response was in a high girlish voice, as if she was a child caught being naughty.

“Yes master, at first I didn’t like it, but then I began to really get into it.”

“Have you ever been spanked like this before?”

“No master, only childhood punishments.” This was something to think about, but not now. Kuno pointed to the floor and once she was clear he stood and undressed.

“Now you use your mouth on my cock.” Darinka leaned forward, bathing his cock with her tongue, including his balls, Kuno put both hands on her head, indicating that he wanted in her mouth, she immediately stopped licking and opened her mouth. Darinka’s mouth engulfed his cock, she clearly wasn’t as experienced as Kateryna, but her determination to please him would soon make up for it. However it really didn’t matter, because if he didn’t stop her, he would probably cum anyway.

“Stop my little bitch, I want you to bend over the bed to receive my cock.” She had a look of disappointment as she pulled her mouth off of his cock, but she smiled and took one last long lick of him before standing up to assume position. Kuno stood behind her and smacked her ass a bit harder than before.

“Now, that was cheeky little bitch, but I do appreciate that you like my cock so much. You spend time getting to know it very well.” Kuno moved in to place and easily slid into her sopping pussy. Darinka moaned and eagerly pushed back against him as he thrust into her. Kuno was excited to be fucking her like this, which made up for how loose her pussy was. Kuno decided that he would have her look into exercises to tighten it up, but in the meantime he eyed her ass and decided to use it instead for the foreseeable future.

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