Sylvia goes to a party near Golden Gate Park

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Sylvia goes to a party near Golden Gate ParkIda handed me the dildo and left me to soak in that lovely tub. I heard the doves and train whistles. I closed my eyes.Roger and Woody went home, Ida took then in the chicken coupe de ville and came home in the early hours of the next morning. “There were a few stops they didn’t pull out when they were playing the organ for me, so I showed them. I hope you didn’t mind..”I wanted to see both of them again, have some fun, have some SEX, but, somehow, I got caught up in events down there, and I wasn’t Brenda Whitlach, the f******n year old cock sucker and DP princess, I wasn’t even Sylvia Greenburg any more, and I didn’t see Roger for another twenty five years, when I was singing at a club in North Beach, San Francisco. Woody had died from AIDS, and Roger was sick from it, but, as he told me ” A long way from dead.”I hung out with Dulce and Ida. I saw Ida’s painting studio, at another house, and Dulcce’s HUGE pottery studio, also in a house behind a bigger house, the way it was set up in west Berkeley.The three of us had lots of sex, some with their women friends, Sharon and Cubbie. I went, on my own, to this party at ida’s friend Margo’s house in the city, Margo said to me on the phone:'”This is a DP party. I have quite a few friends that like that thing, and sometimes we get together. Would you like to come over? You don’t have to do anybody or anything you don’t like..”It was in a big house, on a residential street bahis firmaları not too far from the Panhandle in Golden Gate Park. Everybody was starting to go crazy for those big old Victorians out there. I don’t think this house was “Victorian”, but it certainly was big. I walked through the door in my jeans, and right away I noticed that there were maybe fifteen women and more guys than that there. Everybody was dressed in expensive night club clothes but me.At first, I was going to head right out the door, go to the East Bay terminal, and get a bus back to Berkeley,but Margo was right there, she saw the situation and told me to relax.”Have some hash, whatever it is that’s gets you in the mood, Let’sdo it. Yeah, honey, you’re cute, we can go in the other room. I know how to warm you up. I’m telling you, Sylvia, I want to be face down in your pussy in about two minutes. Is that okay? I like to fuck and I like sex with women, too, and i’ll bet if you are here, you are a little bit like me, so I don’t waste time being coy…”What could I say? i offered Margo my hand in the most ladylike way I could, and, as the party developed around us, we stepped into an adjoining room with dark painted walls and a hardwood floor and a bed with white bed linen. Get those dumb jeans and underpants off.Get on the bed on your hands and knees with your ass facing me. I’m going to really put some love on your ass and your pussy, Sylvia. I think you need some of that. I kaçak iddaa like your idea of doing your little f******n year old thing here. I think these folks will just love that, if we don’t all go to jail. How old are you, really?”” s*******n.””Well if anyone gets all pissy about your age, we’ll tell them you are role playing “f******n”, and that you are really eighteen. most of the people that come to my parties don’t care as long as you look as if you might have had your first period sometime in the recent past.””Get your clothes off and get up on the bed..oooohhh, you have such lovely large breasts for such a tiny woman. Oh, excuse me, but I’m going to have to give you some attention there before anything else happens…”And like that, Margo was out of her clothes,under me, loving my nipples on my hangy down boobs just the way I liked.Margo was true to her word. She loved me , well, all over my body, anyway. She was a short woman, dark hair, dark eyes, a ton of pussy hair (which I love, of course) Eyebrows (brow?) like the artist Frieda Kahlo, wine dark nipples and pussy lips, a nice woman’s wide ass and hips. She said that i didn’t have to do her, this after she had delighted all my love spots with her mouth, lips fingers words and a strap-on dildo, but I’m wired up so if I get enough, I want to give it back. Sometimes, I think the giving back part, or what seems like it, is just little Sylvia or “Brenda” going for more. The sensation I get from kissing, kaçak bahis licking, sucking, biting, tasting . touching and rubbing my body around is just as important for me as when I’m getting it.Margo put her strap-on on and fucked my pussy and my ass and my puss again with the thing. Later, I sucked it as if it were a real dick in my mouth, putting on a little show that “Brenda” might do if she were working on a real penis she was being paid to suck. Margo was one of those women who really loved that. I don’t quite get that, it still didn’t feel like a man’s warm cock, it felt like I was sucking a piece of plastic, but Margo loved it, and the sensation made me want to feel the size and weight and smell and fucking little bit salty taste of a man’s dick against my cheeks on the inside of my mouth. I was sucking the dildo, Margo was groaning, and that, amng other things, was getting me soaked, but I wanted to taste some semen, not the sweet cum, but the kind of bitter, salty stuff stuff that Roger had put all over me a few days before. I hadn’t thought too much about that before Margo “warmed me up”. but now i wanted to get up, go out naked into that room full of naked people I didn’t know, find some guy walking around with his hard-on bobbing up and down, like it was his fishing pole and he had a fish on his line…I wanted to find that guy, suck his cock before he even knew my name. and have him pop a salty shot all over me. I wanted it to look so slutty that the other women there were kind of disguised and talking to each other about it I wanted the men watching to need to jack themselves off. I wasn’t even out of Margo’s bedroom yet!I didn’t quite come from Margo

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