Swingers, Fuckers

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Swingers, FuckersChris was very pleased with himself. He recentlyreceived a promotion to regional sales manager alongwith a very nice raise at the Thompson InsuranceCompany, the company where he worked. He could hardlywait to tell Jennifer, his lovely blonde wife of tenyears.One of the VP’s knocked on the door to his office.William Tyndall, the VP over the department came intoChris’ new office and closed the door. Mr. Tyndallcasually sat on the edge of the new executive’s desk.“Hello, Chris,” he said. “Congratulations on yourrecent promotion. You have moved up very nicely now andhave even greater promotion potential within thecompany, if you play your cards right. Do you know whatI mean?”“Ahh, no, Mr. Tyndall,” replied Chris. “I’m not exactlysure what you mean by playing my cards right.” Chriswas really quite naive.“Now that you are an executive, Chris, please call meBill.”Chris was surprised at Mr. Tyndall’s lack of formally.It was almost always grounds for termination if anemployee didn’t call Mr. Tyndall, “Mr. Tyndall.”“Bill” also had the derogatory nickname of “Billy Boy.”It was rumored that if you were ever caught calling himthat derogatory name, you would be fired right then andthere on the spot.“Chris, the company has great plans for you. If youplay your cards right, fortune and fame will come yourway. Well, no, not really, but your future bonuses willdepend upon you and your wife. Now that you are one ofus, you and your lovely bride, what’s her name?Jennifer isn’t it? Will be invited to participate inother Reindeer Games,” he joked.“Yes, sir, my wife’s name is Jennifer.”“You two have been invited to join our exclusive clubwhich meets for drinks and dinner every Saturday nightat the Thompson estate. You and your wife should reallyget dressed up for an intimate night of dining anddancing. Ol’ Man Thompson really knows how to throw ahelluva party.”“Let me check with my wife to see if we can make it,okay?”“Sure, sure. Go ahead and check with the little lady.Oh, by the way,” Bill said. “Have you two ever done anyswinging before?”“My wife’s the dancer in our family. I can do a littleFoxtrot or a two-step sometimes but I don’t know how toswing.”Bill laughed.“Chris, I not talking about dancing. I’m talking aboutwife-swapping. We’re a tight-knit group here, Chris,and we always take care of our own.”“Oh,” was all that Chris could mutter.“Don’t you think that my wife, Tiffany, is pretty?”“Gee, Mr. Tyndall, I mean Bill,” Chris stuttered onceagain. “She’s very pretty.”“We both swing within the group. I enjoy the company ofother women and my wife enjoys having sex with othermen. She has already told me that she had designs onyou. All of the wives are beautiful. That was one ofthe criteria for hiring you. Your own wife is gorgeous.Wouldn’t you like to sleep with my wife?”The question caught Chris off-guard.“Wow, Bill, I never considered it before,” Chris lied.He lusted after Tiffany Tyndall from the very firstmoment that he had laid eyes on her.“After you and your wife join our little group, my wifecan be yours anytime you want,” Bill explained. “Now,of course, remember that when you join the group yourwife joins as well. I think that your wife is verysexy. Do you have a problem with other men seeing yourwife at times?”“How often are we talking about here?” inquired Chris.“Maybe once or twice a week. Sometimes more when a newcouple joins but remember whenever your wife is withone of us guys, you get to choose who you would like tobe with. You like that idea?”“It’s as simple as that?”“Sure,” Mr. Tyndall replied. “We even have an onlinescheduling tool on the computer accessible only by thegroup members. It’s that easy. You sign in and seewho’s available and when. Some people are alreadyscheduled a couple of week in advance but at themonthly party, none of the women are reserved. Thewomen put their panties in a jar. We men get to pull apair of panties out of the jar. Whoever is the owner ofthe panties is who we get that night. Anything goesthat the two of you agree upon. Any other questions?”“I don’t think so. At least not for now. I might havesome more questions later.”“Fine, don’t hesitate to ask me or my wife, Tiffany.She might even give you a sample of her lovely charmsif you are sitting on the fence about joining. Iguarantee that once you have tasted my wife, you’ll beback for more. Besides there are plenty of other greatlooking wives available for the group as well.”“How do I convince my wife to join? We’ve never eventalked about swinging before.” Chris had his doubtsthat Jennifer would ever agree to any such thing. Wouldshe allow him to sleep with another woman? What aboutJennifer? Would Chris allow another man to fuck her? Hewasn’t sure of the outcome, but his dick had alreadymade the decision for him.“Your wife had a lot to do with you being where you arenow. She’s a foxy little MILF that ol’ Man Thompsonreally took a liking to at the last office party.”“A MILF?” questioned Chris.“Yea, you know, ‘A Mother I’d Like to Fuck.’ Haven’tyou heard that term before, eh, Chris?”“Ahh, no, I haven’t, Sir,” stuttered Chris.“Ever since your lovely little wife had a baby lastyear, Mr. Thompson started to notice her, especiallysince she lost all of her excess weight from beingpregnant. Mr. Thompson likes his women tall butshapely, just like your pretty wife. He wants you andher to join our little group. Of course, if you didn’tjoin us, you could still stay with the company but youwould probably have limited assignments and seen thelast of your promotions and pay raises. There are manyother perks available to group members as well. We buyyour wife a new BMW convertible; she gets to pick thecolor. You get a big BMW SUV. The Firm will pick up allthe car expenses, even gas, maintenance and insurance.”“You and your wife,” Bill continued. “Will need to moveinto a bigger house. The Firm provides you a no-interest loan. You can get up to three hundred thousandwith no money down. Put fifty thousand down and theFirm will loan you up to seven hundred fifty thousanddollars. What do you think, Chris? Can you put downfifty thousand on a house? Hell, I’ll personally loanyou the fifty thousand down payment. We want you andyour pretty blonde wife in the group so much.”Chris was still dumb-founded. He couldn’t believe hisown ears. Here his boss was talking about the owner ofthe Firm where he worked wanting to have sex with hiswife, Jennifer. Chris had never before thought aboutwife-swapping but he had always heard that variety isthe spice of life and, lately, his sex life withJennifer had become a little stale.Chris had to smile to himself. Just thinking about theother executive’s good-looking wives made his own dickstir in his pants. Now here he was talking aboutfinancial incentives that could add up to over eighthundred thousand dollars. This is an offer that wouldbe hard to turn down.“Oh, one other thing, Chris, the Firm will pay for anyof your c***dren’s college tuition or expenses. Theycan even go to Harvard or Yale if they can get in. It’sa scholarship that worth well over one hundred thousanddollars if they go to a private university.”“Gee, Bill,” Chris hesitated before answering. “I’m notso sure that Jennifer will go along with this. I’m theonly man that she’s ever been with.”“Don’t worry about that,” Bill said. “You know my wife,Tiffany, don’t you?”“Sure, I do. You have a very attractive wife, Bill.”Chris pictured Bill’s pretty blonde wife in his head.Chris would give his left nut just to spend a nightalone with her.“Tiffany is very persuasive. We want you in the groupand she’ll get Jennifer to agree to the two of youjoining. You do want to join our little club, don’t youChris?”“Of course, I do. It’s just that I don’t think Tiffanywill be able to convince my wife to be with another manor canlı bahis even let me be with another woman,” Chris replied.“If Tiffany can talk your wife into joining our littleclub, Chris, do you think you can handle being with oneof our wives for the evening to do anything you want?”“My gosh, Bill,” Chris responded with a smile. “All ofthe executive’s wives are drop dead gorgeous. Whowouldn’t want to spend a night with one of them?”“They’re all very pretty, aren’t they, Chris? Your wifewill fit into the group very nicely. Even Ol’ ManThompson’s wife is a real looker. She was Miss Alabamajust twenty years ago. Evelyn Thomas is still a veryattractive woman even after turning forty this pastyear.”Chris thought that Evelyn Thomas was a true beauty. Hewas just ten years old when she won the Miss AlabamaPageant. Chris remembered watching the TV program andhe had thought about her a lot since then. Evelyn washis first of many wet dreams when he was an adolescent.While he was a young teenage boy, he jacked off atnight to her picture from a Playboy photo shoot. Chrisjust about wore out Evelyn’s centerfold picture.“The real question is, Chris,” Bill continued. “Can youhandle your wife being with another man?”Chris had been oscillating between feeling guilty bythinking about being with other women and theexcitement of sleeping with the wife of one of theother executives. He also had feelings about his ownwife being with another man. Chris was jealous on onehand but was aroused thinking about his wife gettingfucked by someone else. It was all kind of strange tohim.“Bill, I’m kinda embarrassed to admit this but I’veactually thought about my wife being with another manbefore. It kinda turned me on but I’m sure thatJennifer would ever hear of it.”“Chris, you would be surprised what runs through ourwives’ pretty little heads. I think that Tiffany willget your wife to go along with it. My wife and yourwife are playing tennis at the country club tomorrowmorning. I’ll have Tiffany talk to Jennifer. Besides,joining our club will do you good. Not only will youget some great pussy but it will be even better foryour career here at Thomas Insurance. Why don’t youjust plan on being there Saturday night? Okay?”“Thanks, Bill. I hope that I won’t disappoint you.”“Don’t worry, Chris. I don’t think that either you oryour wife will disappoint us. See you Saturday night.”“Good-bye, Bill.”That was all there was to it. Chris couldn’t believethat he had just been invited to join the executiveswing club. He thought of Evelyn Thomas and all of theother executives’ wives. His dick just plain hurt.Saturday morning came and Chris went off to the countryclub in his new black BMW X-5 SUV to play a round ofgolf with Bill Tyndall and one of his new clients.After golf, Bill and Chris were in the showerstogether. Chris couldn’t help but see what his boss haddangling between his legs. Now Chris knew why BillTyndall was called “Billy Boy” behind his back. It wasthe smallest penis that Chris had ever seen on a grownman.Most of the boys had a dick bigger than Bill’s by thetime they were in sixth grade. While Chris wasn’t hugeby any means, he certainly had a lot more manhood thanhis boss. That’s probably why Bill’s wife had been soeager to join the club when they were invited to do soseveral years ago.Jennifer drove her new white Bimmer convertible to thecountry club to play tennis with Tiffany Tyndall.Both of the pretty blonde wives played a nice game oftennis. During one of the breaks between sets, Tiffanycast the bait and set the hook.“Jennifer, there’s a special club that Bill and Ibelong to that would like to extend an invitation toyou and Chris to join. You know it’s not your typicalorganization. We dress up and get together for somereal fun. Have you ever thought about being withanother man before other than your husband?”“I don’t know about that. Chris asked me a couple oftimes to do that sort of thing but I refused. I don’tthink that I could do something like that in front ofmy husband. What would he think? Remember now, I’mmarried”“Jennifer, of course you’re married. Bill and I arealso married but that doesn’t keep us from having funwith somebody else. We are all married. You are stillliving in the nineties. They even have a TV show nowcalled “Trading Spouses.” Believe me, it’s not like itused to be. It used to be that the guys got to cataround at night while we wives stayed home and slavedall day at home cooking, cleaning and taking care ofthe house.“Now that we are sexually liberated, it’s time for usto have some fun ourselves. You’ll have a lot of fun,too. All the guys in the club treat us really, reallyspecial. Think of it this way. By joining our speciallittle club, you’ll be helping your husband’s careerand having a load of fun at the same time. There are alot more perks to joining than just what meets theeye.”Jennifer was very reluctant at first but before thegals finished showering in the dressing room, the dealwas done. Jennifer saw how lovely Tiffany looked nakedand figured that if one of the VP’s wives would dosomething as risqu as this, then maybe it wouldn’t sobad after all for her after all.Tiffany saw Jennifer’s trim, lithe body. She knew thatthe pretty blonde wife would be withering under someonereal soon.There was something very convincing about Tiffanybecause Jennifer found herself saying, “Okay, we’lljoin.”Chris was even more excited than his wife. He couldn’tbelieve that Jennifer had agreed to go the swing partywith him tonight. Chris had to smile to himself as hewatched his wife get ready. She had taken a long bubblebath as she drank a glass of her favorite white wine torelax.While he was taking a shower he could see her throughthe misty glass as she shaved her legs and underarms.He even spied on her as she trimmed her curly blondepussy hair into a tiny triangle pointing down towardsher love opening.“Wow,” he thought to himself. “Jennifer is reallybeautiful tonight. Will I get jealous when she isgetting fucked by another man?”Chris didn’t think so. His own dick got hard justthinking about his wife being with another man. Besideshe would have his own chance to be with one of theother executives’ lovely wives.Jennifer and Tiffany had gone shopping for some newoutfits after their tennis match that morning. Thatevening, Jennifer put on a slinky new black dress thatfit perfectly in all the right places. Between herboobs, her butt, her legs and her face, her husbandthought that there wasn’t one thing that he didn’t likeabout his wife. She hadn’t looked this sexy for quitesome time.They arrived at the Thomas Mansion a little before theappointed hour. Chris’ new BMW SUV fit in with theother executives’ cars. His boss, Bill, drove aMercedes SUV, one drove a Porsche SUV and yet anotherdrove a new Land Rover. This could turn into anotherPeyton Place or possibly even the Stepford Wives, butthen that’s another story.Dinner was absolutely fabulous. Chris couldn’t remembera meal as good.There were a total of six couples with Chris andJennifer being the youngest ones there. The other menwere in their late forties and fifties but looked veryfit and distinguished. Their wives were all younger,beautiful blondes.“I certainly wouldn’t kick any of them out of my bed,”thought Chris.The host, Tommy Thompson, had quite a reputation. Hehad been known as “Tommy Gun” or “The ThompsonSubmachine Gun” when he was younger.Tommy Gun could still give even Hugh Hefner a run forthe money in the lovemaking department. It was rumoredthat he could still stay hard all night long drivingall the women crazy.Tommy Gun cleared his throat before he spoke.“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he began. “As we do everySaturday night, my wife and the other girls will gonext door and take off their panties. They’ll put themin this jar. bahis siteleri The guys get to select their partner forthe night by pulling a pair of panties out of the jar.It’s really only a cookie jar but I call it my “LittlePussy” jar. See the little kitty cat on the side? Comeon now, Ladies, step right next door and take off thosepretty little panties for us. Don’t be long now, yahear?”“Oh,” Ol’ Man Thompson continued. “One last thing. Wehave a special guest tonight to take my place. It wastough for me to sit this one out tonight especiallywith some fresh meat, I mean Chris and Jennifer.”Everybody chuckled, even Chris and Jennifer. Mr.Thompson was always such a riot!“Please welcome a good friend of mine and our newestclient, Jefferson Taylor.”Everybody applauded as a well-dressed, muscular blackman entered the room. Chris recognized the black manfrom the football field. Jefferson played professionalfootball for the local professional football team. ToJennifer, he was just another big black guy.Jefferson shook hands with all the guys and kissed theladies. When he came up to Jennifer, he held her handfor a little too long for her liking. She immediatelybegan to feel uncomfortable about being around thisterrifying black man. Jennifer didn’t consider herselfprejudiced but she hadn’t grown up with any Negroes.Her daddy still called them “Darkies.”The large black man leaned over and kissed Jennifer onthe cheek. When he straightened back up, he asked thepretty blonde wife, “What perfume are you wearingtonight, my Dear?”“It’s White Shoulders,” Jennifer replied.“You smell very nice,” the black pro football playersaid as he stroked her smooth, bare white shoulder.“Very nice!”“Thank you,” was all that Jennifer could murmur. Atingle went up and down her spine.“I prefer that my women wear White Shoulders andnothing else. Will you do that for me tonight?”The pretty blonde wife blushed. She felt like a youngschool girl on a date with an older, more experiencedlover.The ladies went into the parlor while the men stayed inthe den smoking their i*****l Cuban cigars and talkingsports with Jefferson. There was so much testosteronein the room that one could even cut it with a knife.In the next room, Evelyn Thomas started off by saying,“Come on, ladies. Let’s get those little panties off.”The former Miss Alabama started it off by lifting thehem of her own dress and slipping off a pair of lacy,black thong silk panties and stuffing them into thejar.The others followed suit so Jennifer took off her new,little black bikini panties. The area that should havebeen hiding her sex was so sheer that her blonde pussyhair would have even shown through. Jennifer also puther panties into the jar. Now all the wives werepantiless.The ladies came back into the den.Tommy Gun started again, “Oh how much I would pay toget into any of these panties when I was younger. Now Ireally prefer watching all the lovely ladies in actionand getting my jollies off that way. I’ve being calleda “pervert” on more than one occasion. Tonight, I’ll bemanning the video camera to capture all of the hotaction.“In honor of our newest members,” Bill continued.“Chris gets to pull the first panties out of the pussyjar.”Chris reached in and moved his hand around in the sexylingerie. He found a frilly pair of black thong pantiesand pulled them out of the jar. Chris smiled whenEvelyn shouted, “Those are mine!”Chris knew that he would really enjoy fucking theformer Miss Alabama. While older than the rest of thewives and a maybe a little tarnished, Evelyn Thompsonwas still considered a trophy wife even by today’s highstandards.Several of the other men pulled panties out of the jar.It was then that Jennifer realized that only one manand only one pair of panties remained.The new black man and her panties!The last man to pick a mate for the evening wasJefferson Taylor, the black football player. Jennifergasped out loud and looked over at her husband who wasstanding next to the beautiful Evelyn Thompson. Shecouldn’t believe her own eyes when the black manreached into the jar and pulled out the remaining pairof black bikini panties with the see-through panel inthe front.The Negro brought Jennifer’s little panties up to hisbroad black nose and took a good, long whiff. He lovedthe fragrance of white women especially if he was aboutto introduce them to their first taste of big blackcock.“Uhh,” said the startled blonde wife. “I think thatthose are mine.”Jefferson grinned at his next conquest.Having a black man pull Jennifer’s panties out of thepussy jar had taken her husband by surprise as well.Chris never imagined that his lovely blonde wife wouldbe subjected to and fucked by a black man. He thoughtto himself, “Would Jennifer be ruined forever by hisgigantic black cock?”Jefferson took the startled blonde wife by the hand andled her to the Thompson’s “special” play room.The other guests went to a specially designed room nextto the main bedroom. The room adjoining the playroomwas built into a special viewing room with severalsofas spread out all facing some curtains in the centerof the wall. Mr. Thompson opened the curtains revealinga window looking directly into the bedroom next door.Chris saw his wife enter with the big black footballplayer.“Can they see us?” Chris anxiously asked Mr. Thompson’sformer Miss Alabama wife snuggling closely.“Of course not, Silly.” She replied. “That’s a two-waymirror. We can see them but they can’t see us. To them,it’s just a mirror on the wall. Jefferson knows that wewill be watching them but your pretty little wifedoesn’t have a clue. My husband will be at the videocamera in here but he won’t miss any close ups becausethere are seven other video cameras automaticallytrained at any movement on the bed.Because the Thompson’s loved the movie, “Behind theGreen Door,” so much, they had the door to the“Special” bedroom painted green. Just like the movie,the pretty blonde wife was gonna get all the big blackcock that she could handle and then some. Jeffersonlocked the behind him after he entered.Although Mr. Thompson had several bodyguards at theready just in case any of the guests got out of hand,Jefferson didn’t want to be disturbed by her stupidturd of a husband if the hubby bastard decided tochange his mind about his pretty little wife gettingfucked by a black man. He was gonna fuck this hotlittle white bitch like she had never been fuckedbefore. Hell, he was even gonna wear out her littleblonde pussy!Jefferson maneuvered the lovely blonde wife to the edgeof the king-sized bed. He laid her on the edge and thengot down on his knees between her lovely bare legs.He ran his black fingers up her smooth legs and pushedthe hem of her dress up in the same motion. Jeffersonspread apart her shapely legs and kissed the inside ofher firm thigh. The closer he got to her honeypot thebetter the aroma. He had to have the bitch and have hernow but he also knew that he had to warm her up firstor he wouldn’t be able to get his huge black cock intoher sweet, little tight blonde pussy.The extra dose of aphrodisiac that was put into herdrink at dinner would allow him to enter without toomuch of a fight, although Jefferson liked it when hiswomen struggled with his giant black cock for the veryfirst time. The pretty blonde wife was going to climbthe walls after he stuck it to her.Jennifer gasped when the black man’s tongue flicked ather aroused clitoris. Her own husband had wanted to dothis to her but she had never let him go down on her.Now here she was in Seventh Heaven because of theNegro’s expert ministrations.The pretty blonde wife laid back on the bed and let thesudden warmth flood over her. Before she closed hereyes in ecstasy, she noticed that there were mirrors onthe ceiling. She wondered why anyone would put mirrorson bahis şirketleri the ceiling then she realized why. It was like shewas watching an erotic porno movie with herself as themain attraction.Actually, Jennifer was going to be the newest pornoqueen. While she was getting fucked by Jefferson’s bigblack cock, she would also be video taped by Mr.Thompson. The new video would make it to a vastunderground interracial video market that was supportedby thousands of white husbands.It was phenomenal how so many husbands like to seepretty white women furthering interracial relations bygetting the shit fucked out of them. Many white menwould imagine that it was their own lovely wife with awell-hung Nigger buried deeply between her wide spreadlegs.Jefferson worked on the lovely young wife with his longprobing tongue as she came several times. The prettywhite wife would be ready for almost anything now, evenhim.Jefferson stood up and undid his pants. He wasn’twearing any underwear so his big black cock sprung outof his pants like a killer King Cobra striking at itsdefenseless prey.Jennifer’s eyes flew open wide when she saw the giantblack monster swinging between Jefferson’s muscularlegs. She had heard that black men were big but shenever before dreamed that they were this big. He was somuch larger than her own husband. If her own husbandwere a size medium, then this black man was an XXXL.There was no way that that monstrous black thing wouldfit into her tight blonde pussy easily but she had anitch between her legs and Jefferson was going toscratch it. She would almost feel like a virgin againgetting fucked for the very first time. Jennifer woulddefinitely remember this evening, her first of manyblack cocks.“It’s your turn to do me now, Baby,” the black man saidto the aroused blonde wife as he guided her prettyblonde head towards his swollen black manhood.Jennifer couldn’t believe that she was just about toput a stranger’s penis in her sweet virgin mouth. Thiswasn’t any just old little penis but a whooper of a bigblack cock. Any big stud bull would be mighty proud ofwhat Jefferson had between his muscular legs.The pretty young blonde wife took his cock in her lefthand and she was normally left-handed and stroked thelong ebony shaft exposing the darkish head of his cock.The diamond in her wedding ring glistened in the light.The contrast of her small white hand with its red-lacquered fingernails against the jet black color ofhis huge cock was stirring. His balls hung down betweenhis legs and looked like the size of ping pong ballsexcept they were black in color instead of white likethe ping pong balls.Jefferson guided her head towards his cock as sheopened her mouth to accept it. Once again her ownhusband had tried in vain to get a blow job from hissweet, little wife but she refused his every advancesbecause she claimed that it was just too dirty of athing for a lady to do. Now this prim and proper littleblonde Southern Belle of a wife was about to experienceinterracial relations at their best.She was about to pay reparations with her own body tomany well-hung blacks for hundreds of years of forcedslavery. Previously, these same Negroes would be hungwell if they were caught even looking at the prizedwhite woman. Now this black man was gonna make up forall the lost time by fucking as many white women as hecould and impregnating them with his bastard blackc***d.Jennifer couldn’t believe that she was doing this nastysucking thing. Furthermore, she couldn’t believe thatshe was actually enjoying it. The huge black cockseemed to even grow larger as her tongue swirled aboutthe bulbous black tip.The black man was about to spew his heavy load in herbelly but he wanted to deposit his dark seed deepelsewhere into her tight, little baby maker. He wantedthis blonde wife knocked up with a little black boy.Every time the black baby suckled on his mother’screamy, white tits, she would have a future black mansucking on her milky, white tits.The black football player lifted the pretty blonde wifeto a standing position. He reached his muscular armsbehind her and unzipped her dress letting it slip ontothe floor around her trim ankles. All she was wearingnow was her high heels and her perfume. Jefferson wasready to fuck this little bitch right now!The Negro laid his white prey back on the bed. Jenniferlooked up into the mirror and watched in real time asthe video was being filmed. The black player crawled upon the bed between her widespread legs.Jefferson grabbed his hard black cock and guided ittowards her sweet, defenseless love opening. He lovedbeing the first big black cock that many white womenwould know.“Put it in for me, Honey,” the black man commanded.The lovely blonde wife reached between her bare legsand guided his huge dark manhood towards herunprotected maidenhood.Jennifer asked him, “Please put on a condom. I’mmarried. I might get pregnant.” She pleaded in vain.“Bitch,” he spit back. “I don’t wear no condom fornobody. I’m gonna ride you bareback just like you needto be ridden. I’m your stud and you’re my little fillywho needs to be broken. I’m gonna break you in realgood. You’re gonna get a bellyful of big black horsecock.”Jennifer shivered as the huge black organ began toenter her maidenhood. The pretty blonde wife was moistbut she wasn’t completely ready for anything his size.After only a few inches of his thick manhood, it wasrough on the naive young wife. The black man pulledjust about all the way out of her tight little openingand then rammed forward like a giant piledriver.Jennifer screamed in agony as she was being torn apart.Jennifer passed out but the black man kept sawing inand out of her tender pussy. This was only the thirdthat a white woman had passed out because of his hugeblack cock. She would soon awaken like Sleeping Beautywhen she was kissed by the prince. Only this time,however, it wouldn’t be a kiss that awakened the BlondeBeauty.Chris watched his wife take her first big black cock.At first he felt that he should break in there and saveher from her own destruction. But that all changed whenthe company owner’s beautiful wife began strokingChris’ rigid penis. All Chris could do now was to watchhis wife with the black pro football player and theirsordid interracial coupling.Jefferson was right again. Jennifer awoke to the roughfucking but instead of struggling, she began to fuckhim back to the beat of the African jungle rhythm.Chris watched in awe as his lovely wife’s armsencircled Jefferson’s broad black back. Her redfingertips were digging into his muscular shouldersleaving purplish welts in their wake. Jennifer’s legscame up to enclose his firm hips. Chris could see thathis wife was trying to pull the Negro even deeper intoher already stretched womb. The blonde wife’s red lipssearched for his thick dark lips. They kissed eachother like there was no tomorrow.After what seemed like hours, Jennifer screamed out herorgasm as the huge Negro slammed repeatedly into herabused pussy. Jefferson rose up with a bellow of hisown as he continued to buck into his little filly. Hisdark, hot seed spewed deep into her womb like anerupting volcano.Chris had watched as his wife took all of the blackfootball player’s impossible girth. Now he was fuckingthe former Miss Alabama as he continued to watch hisown wife’s debasement. Jennifer was being broken inright as far as The Firm was concerned. The newestassociate of The Firm would do anything he was told orelse his pretty little wife would be splayed all overthe internet for all to see.Jennifer was very popular at The Firm. She was used toescort several of The Firm’s newest black clients toall sorts of parties. Chris hardly got to see his wifeanymore but he didn’t really care. Jennifer got morethan her share of big black cock and Chris got hiscrack at the other executive’s pretty wives. Jennifer’spussy didn’t wear out.And everything seemed to work out for the best. Chrishad plenty of money and Jennifer had a steady stream ofblack clients to entertain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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