Sweet Desire

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Hey guys, this is something different I tried… and I hope you’ll like it… Well I had someone in my mind when I wrote this and I wonder if he’ll ever realize… But apart from that, I hope you have fun reading it… please feel free to rate vote and comment… My super-editor Uriziel actually got this edited overnight… I know he’s awesome.. ?



* * *

You’re off in a business trip and I hate the loneliness. I’ve been waiting all day for you to get home, the anticipation clearly visible between my thighs. I lay on our bed in the lingerie I purchased yesterday, knowing very well that you’d love to see me in it; a halter black teddy made of see-through net and low cut front showing off my cleavage, yet hiding the parts you, love tantalizing you. I lay there, staring at the clock impatient for your arrival so that you can quench my week long thirst. Finally, I hear your car door slam but I realize you’ve straightaway walked into your study downstairs.

I get up, wrap a robe around me and silently come downstairs to find you talking to some client on the phone. I hate it when you get so busy that you forget me. You have your back to me so you don’t know I’m in the room. So I slowly take my robe off and fling it on a chair. Then I walk towards you, barefoot and slowly encircle your waist with my arms. You pull me in front of yourself and I love the expression on your face when you see me so scantily clad. I am more than a foot shorter than bahçeşehir escort you so I stretch myself to undo the buttons on your shirt, and then run my hands along your toned chest. I can see you trying to stifle a groan because you’re still talking on the phone. I lean forward and start nibbling along your shoulders as my hands roam around your back scratching your skin with my nails every now and then. I can feel the bulge inside your pants against me and I like it. I feel it through the cotton of your trousers and wink at you, letting you know that I have something naughty in my mind. I look into your eyes as I undo your belt and then your zip. I can see the longing in your eyes as I kneel in front of you and grasp your throbbing shaft. I keep looking into your eyes as I lick the whole length.

You hurriedly say to the person on the other end that you’ll him that you’ll call back the next morning and my heart speeds up. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for and my patience has finally paid off. I take the tip of the head into my mouth and start sucking on it, my hands going up and down the length of your delicious manhood. I try fitting it all into my small mouth, knowing I could never succeed but also knowing how you love it when I try to. Every now and then I trail down towards your sac, sucking slowly on each, relishing the taste. But then you hold my hair, guiding me back to the tip, urging me bakırköy escort to keep sucking on it. I moan as my fingers travel downwards and feel the moisture seeping through the thin material.

You get me and pick me up easily, kissing me with pent up passion as we head upstairs. I am so busy relishing your taste and smell; I don’t realize we’re inside until you dump me on the bed. I gasp as you tear the material off my body, and your hands travel all over me, feeling every inch of my wanting skin. I bite at my lips as your fingers reach the sweet spot between by legs, pinching and rolling the nub. I squirm around, unable to do anything else as your mouth replaces your fingers and you get on with getting me to the brink. I am panting uncontrollably as two fingers invade me, taking me higher up. Your mouth is all over my nether regions but I am growing desperate for the release. You sense it so you give my clit a small nip which sends me over tumbling over and screaming out your name as I get washed over and over by the sensations. It is so intense; I can see colorful spots dancing around my eyes.

I feel you crawl over me as I lay there in the aftermath, unable to move a single muscle. You kiss me as your mischievous hands still roam about me, massaging all of my muscles. You know very well, I haven’t had enough and neither have you. I open my eyes and look at you; my heart melts at the love I see in your başakşehir escort eyes. I take your throbbing erection and guide it inside me, savoring the way it filled me up, loving the way it made me feel complete.

“Do you want it hard and rough or gentle and soft?” you growl at my ears sending shivers down my body.

“Hard and rough-” I manage to say but am cut off at mid sentence as you thrust deep inside me in one motion. My fingers find your hair as your mouth latches on to one of my nipples, while you slide in and out with ferocity. I moan and wail as you move in and out and you teeth pull at my nipples.

You suddenly flip me over on my hands and knees and resume pounding deep inside me. I am still moaning incoherently, the pleasure building up again. Your bit my shoulders and neck as your hand encircles my waist, increasing the speed. I am so close, so reach down. All I need a little flick on my clit and I would be there but you hold my hands and I whimper.

“You’re going to cum with me…” you whisper.

Your hands move to my nipples as you pinch and tug on them. I can sense with the urgency of your thrusts that you’re getting close as well so I move my hand over yours, playing with my nipples along with you, silently begging for the release. Finally you comply and we reach downwards together, to the place where we’re joined. You moisten your fingers with my juices and roll my clit over and over. I scream once again in sweet bliss and my walls clamp on you making you cum with me.

“God, I love you…” you growl as you fill me up completely.

We fall on the bed in a tangle of limbs, out of breath and still joined. You move the hair from my face and place sweet kisses on my throat as we lay there, blissful in each other’s embrace.

“I love you too…” I finally manage to say after a while.

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