Sweet As Candy

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Paul Marrs walked through the door to the apartment he shared with his identical twin brother, Peter. “Hey, Bro,” he called out as he put down his briefcase and went to the fridge for a cold beer.Peter yelled back, “Hey, man. You broke out early today.”Walking down the hallway with a beer in hand, Paul replied, “Yeah, the slave master opened the cell doors a little early today. Since it’s Friday, I was glad to have an early reprieve. What the hell are you doing?”“Just cleaning up my bedroom a bit. I have a date tonight and expect to end up here,” Peter answered. “Are you going out tonight?”“I’ve had a long week,” Paul said after a long pull on the bottle. “I thought I’d just stay in and watch the hockey game on the boob tube.”Scowling at his brother, Peter said, “Oh, that won’t work at all. I’ve got a date with Joy Box tonight. I can’t have an announcer yelling, ‘He shoots…he scores,’ sounds from the TV turning off her mood. Tonight I’m the one who’s scoring.”“Joy Box?” Paul asked with wide eyes and a little drool at the corner of his mouth. “That blonde babe with the incredible body?”“That’s the one,” Peter responded, puffing out his chest. “And I plan to fuck her stupid. So having you around would be a problem.”“Peter,” Paull huffed. “You can’t fuck that woman stupid. She’s already dumber than a bag of rocks.”“That’s true. But Joy loves sex. Any kind of sex. The more sex, the better. That woman has an orgasm about every five minutes. She’s hornier than a rabbit on ecstasy. I’m not taking any chances.”Paul laughed. “When did you ever last five minutes? When you see her naked, you’ll probably cum in your pants.”“I’ll take care of it,” Peter replied. “You just find someplace to go. Watch hockey with Heath and Henry. They’re hockey fans.”“Can’t do that,” Paul said as he emptied the bottle. “They teamed up with Reese, like three musketeers, with plans for checking out the new Kit Kat Club on 5th Avenue. I’ve already turned them down. But don’t worry, I’ll find someplace to go so that you can have Joy all for yourself, selfish bastard. That’s how good a brother I am. I will sacrifice my own comfort so that you can get laid by a beautiful, if not too smart, blonde.” Grinning, he added, “I’m getting another beer. You want one?”“I’ll join you in a minute,” Peter muttered. “I just need to finish this up.”A few minutes later, Peter joined his brother in the kitchen and took a beer bottle from the fridge. He sat at the table across from Paul, tapping the bottle’s neck against his brother’s. “Cheers,” he said.“You bet, bro. Here’s to getting laid. If that gorgeous babe is too much for you, just give me a call.”Peter looked up with a grin. “Do you remember that time in high school when we switched dates after about an hour?”“Sure,” Paul replied, grinning from ear to ear. “That was a great night. We both got stink finger and kaçak iddaa the girls never knew the difference. That was like having an extra pay day.”“I was just thinking about you saying that I wouldn’t last five minutes with Joy’s hot body. And the truth is, you’re probably right.” Peter took a drink. “What do you think about pulling off a switch tonight with Joy?”Paul cocked an eyebrow. “There’s an interesting idea. What did you have in mind?”“I don’t know that I have it all worked out, but I was thinking that once I get her naked and fuck her, I could leave the room and you could go in. The room would be dark and she wouldn’t know the difference.”“Except my cock is a lot bigger than yours,” Paul laughed.“Bull shit!” Peter said with a smile. “We are so much the same no one can tell the difference. Last time we checked, we almost had to use a micrometer to measure the difference.”“I have to admit,” Paul said. “It’s a damned interesting idea. If we have a tag team, we could keep that little hottie cumming all night. She would think you are the best lover ever.”“I probably am,” Peter said with a grin.“So, you’ve had sex with Joy before?” Paul asked.“Twice,” Peter admitted. “We were at a party together, but not as dates. I flirted with her and she responded. So, I took her back to a bedroom and bent her over a chair. That woman has a fantastic ass.”“What about the second time?”“About a week later, she invited me to her place for dinner. Before we ever got around to eating, she had me back in her bedroom. I told you, Joy loves sex. She wasted no time getting us both naked and into the bed. I can tell you that her sweet pussy tastes like candy orange slices. We could have gone on all night, but her roommate came home with friends and made a lot of noise. That was the end of that. It killed the mood.”“Tell me what she likes in bed,” Paul asked.“She likes to get into different positions, you’d swear she was double-jointed, but she really gets worked up in ‘doggie.’ I can tell you that she doesn’t like jizz in her pussy. Well, it’s not that she doesn’t like it, but she loves to watch her man cum. The woman just really gets off watching you spray your spunk all over her big tits.”“Does she swallow?”“I don’t know. We never did oral long enough to reach that point.”Paul grinned. “Does she like cock in her ass?”“I have to admit that I never got that far, but she sorta suggested that she did when I started playing with her pucker. When I pushed my finger into the first knuckle, she made a hell of a racket. To tell the truth, I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t enjoy it. She’s just a sex-hungry woman.”“How do you see this working out,” Paul asked.“Hell, I don’t know,” Peter said with a laugh. “I don’t know that we need a big plan. I’ll fuck her, then you take her and I’ll go third and so on.”“That a good basic plan, Bro, but we kaçak bahis need to discuss how we’re going to pull off the old switch-a-roo. Are you taking her out to dinner?”“Oh, sure. Joy likes Italian, so I’m taking her to that place by the Star Bar. After dinner, we’ll be coming here. Probably get here by 8:00.”“Send me a text message when you leave the restaurant,” Paul suggested. “Then when you get here, I’ll be in my room with the door closed. Make certain you leave the door to your room open so that I can watch and be ready when it’s time to swap.”Getting an idea, Peter said, “When it’s your turn, I’ll go to the kitchen to get us a glass of wine. You can be there waiting and take the glasses into the bedroom. Joy wears glasses. I’ll make sure she has them off and won’t be able to see any difference.”“That’s a good plan,” Paul told his brother. “We should be able to keep her occupied for quite a while. She’ll be telling her friends you are a sex god. I can just see it now. You’ll have a street rep as ‘Peter – the all night fucking god!’ That will have women clawing at our front door.”“And, of course, if a horny woman says she’s looking for Peter, you’ll say, ‘That’s me!’ and share my crown.”Paul laughed. “A reputation like that could keep us in pussy for at least six months. I might have to quit my job to satisfy all those needy women.” Shortly before 8:00, Peter put his arm around Joy’s waist and guided her out of the restaurant. After tucking her into the passenger seat of his car, he moved in beside her. He leaned over for a kiss. Joy was more than ready and eager for a passionate kiss. When Peter moved away, she whispered, “What’s next?”Peter put his hand on the inside of her thigh, pushing it upward. “I thought we’d go to my place and chill with Netflix.”“Will we be dressed?” she asked breathlessly, feeling his hand nearing her sex.“I see that as an option,” he replied as he pecked her lips. “I have some wine and my roommate will be gone.”“I hope we’ll be alone,” Joy said. “I know how we got interrupted the last time we were together.”Peter turned to start the car saying, “I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.” He sent a text message to Paul, “Be there in ten.”As soon as Joy was inside the door to the Marrs’ apartment, she turned to wrap her arms around Paul’s neck. “I’m excited to be alone with you, Peter. The last time we were together, you showed me what a wonderful lover you are.”Peter filled both of his hands with her ass cheeks, pulling her against his hardening rod. “I think tonight we’ll have a chance to fill in some of the blanks from our last night together. I found out that you like cum on your big, beautiful tits, but I didn’t find out if you like it in your mouth or on your ass.”“You don’t waste any time, do you?” she said in her whispery voice. “I’ll bet you could do anything you want and illegal bahis I’ll enjoy it. I remember how much I enjoyed your stiff cock and just hope to get more of it tonight.”At that moment, a male-sounding voice said, “Come on, baby. Give us a kiss.”Joy spun around expecting to see a man but was surprised to see a parrot sitting on a unique perch. “Who is that?” she laughed.“That’s Snickers. He’s my African Gray Parrot. I’m afraid he’s a little chatty.”“He’s adorable,” Joy cooed.As he was talking, Peter pulled Joy back against him and slipped his hands underneath her skirt. “Living with men, these birds don’t always learn the most polite language,” he explained as he pushed his fingers under the elastic of her panties. “Let’s just get these off now. You aren’t going to need them.”Peter pushed her panties down, letting them drop around her ankles. He unzipped her skirt and let it drop. “You won’t need the skirt either.” Peter looked down the hall and saw Paul stick out his hand with a ‘thumbs up’ motion.“What else won’t I need?” Joy cooed in her ‘little girl breathless voice.Leaning back, Peter unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside. “That won’t be needed,” he told her as his hands found the clasp on her bra. He had it unhooked and off of her in seconds. “There now,” he said as he looked down on her amazing body. “Don’t you feel better?”“Great ass!” Snickers called out.“It does feel better,” she whispered while dropping to her knees. “And I’m going to feel much better as soon as I get your cock in my mouth.” Looking up at Peter as she clawed at his trousers, she said, “I’m so horny, Peter. Maybe we can just skip the wine.”Peter looked down at Joy, drooling and moaning while she tried to get all of his cock into her mouth. He looked down the hall again with a big smile on his face and almost laughed when he saw Paul’s finger come out of the darkness.Snickers called out, “Suck it, baby. Suck it!”“I guess I should just do what your bird says,” she said, looking up at him.Peter undressed while Joy made love to his stiff shaft. When he was naked, he pulled Joy to her feet. “Aren’t you ready to get comfortable in my bed?”“I am,” she gasped. “I’m so ready, Peter. I’m really needy.”“Hot pussy!” the parrot shouted.Peter took Joy’s glasses off, setting them on the kitchen countertop. “You won’t need these either. You’ll want to feel more than see.” He picked her up and carried her down the hall to his bedroom, stopping long enough to put her bare ass just inches from his brother’s nose.He dropped her on the bed before pulling the covers back and out of the way.“Are you going to close the door?” Joy asked.“I don’t think so,” he replied as he moved down on the bed beside her. “If by chance my roommate came home, I’d want to be able to hear him open the front door. It’s better to leave this one open.” He pulled the naked woman into a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. While their lips and tongues collided, his hand wandered all over her silky skin, quickly touching her breasts, ass cheeks and settling on her mound.

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