Susie Ch. 31

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What a Spring Break! My first spring break at USC. I had spent it at home and at memorial services for Brittany Reynolds, an old high school friend, on my 21st birthday no less! Then I returned to an almost empty dorm and campus only to spend much of my time discussing my sexual transgressions with Father Ray, a priest at the campus Catholic center.

Josh Westerly had been a frequent overnight visitor in my dorm room. My roommate, Rachael spent many of her nights fucking his roommate in their room so he came to our room. He and I had been intimate a couple of times but for some reason I always felt guilty afterwards. And now Father Ray had been working on me to avoid sex with Josh altogether. As a result, when Josh returned from spring break I told him, once again that we were good friends but that sex was out for now.

And then, the unexpected happened — he asked me out. First to a movie, then to dinner and a movie, then to a party, … You get the picture. Before, we never really went out on anything like a date. Maybe we would decide to get something to eat, but usually we just studied or practiced at sex in my dorm room.

Anyway, now I really felt like we were a couple. Not only did we do things together but he was still easy to talk to about everything. I stopped undressing in front of him, knowing where that might lead. In the evenings, especially when he was still there in Rachael’s bed, I would reminisce about our previous two sessions of lovemaking, especially the second when he had been comforting me over Brittany’s death. I yearned to do it again.

I managed to hold back the temptations, often due to a half hour or so spent with Father Ray. I wondered if Josh had the same temptations and what he did to hold them back. I was sure he didn’t go with other women, he spent too much time with me. I sometimes imagined him stroking himself off in the shower. I had never really thought about it before — where do guys do that? I could do myself in my bed but then I didn’t finish with a gooey, smelly ejaculation squirting everywhere — a towel was enough to take care of any of my excess dampness. I got up the nerve to ask him how he stayed celibate and his first answer was, “I’ve been celibate most of my life, mostly too embarrassed to show myself to any women.” I knew he was talking about his small cock, 4 inches long when erect. I hugged him and he added, “I’ve always masturbated too, I guess that helps.”

I took advantage of the opening, “You must keep from making a mess somehow. You don’t always use a condom do you?”

“Oh. No, I seldom use a condom. I usually do it into the toilet.”

I found that slightly disturbing and tried to picture it. I decided to continue my fantasy of him jacking off in the shower.

I changed the subject by asking whether he wanted to make love to me.

“Of course I do,” he said, adding, “I know you don’t want to, so I don’t pressure you. I assume that if you want to, you’ll tell me. You’re not shy about that kind of thing. I think that any direct request might turn you away from me so I just make subtle hints.”

“Subtle hints?” I asked, confused since I never remembered any hints. Perhaps they were too subtle.

“Yeah, well like, I sleep nude now. In the room with you.”

“Oh?” I tried to suppress saying it like a question. I hadn’t really noticed. I guess he got undressed while I was changing in the common bathroom and then he got under the covers. Thatwas subtle!

“And I touch you on the breasts and butt and kind of in front when we kiss.”

“Yeah,” I said smiling. “That’s nice.” I guess I was so used to it with Corey, my ex-fiance, and Henry, a man I had sex with to get over Corey, that I no longer recognized it as a signal that the guy wanted sex.

“I do all kinds of stuff to please you.”

I don’t know exactly why but the way he said it rubbed me the wrong way. “You’re nice to me only because you’re hoping to get in my pants?” I almost yelled at him.

“No!” he responded defensively. “No, I don’t mean that. I’m nice because I like you.”

“Then why mention it when telling me about how you let me know you want sex.”

“I’m not saying I want sex.”

“It sure sounded like it to me!”

“I’m only saying that I’m letting you know I would be willing to have sex.”

“Oh, yeah,” I said and mimicked him in my most sarcastic tone: ‘I’m willing to have sex but I don’t really want sex!’ Give me a break and assume I havesome intelligence.”

“Susie!” he pleaded, “Come on, I just mean that I’m nice to you because I like you and I think that if you want sex it will because I’m nice to you.”

“I defy anyone to make sense of what you just said!”


“Men!” I turned my back on him in feigned disgust but he didn’t realize I was putting on a show and had gone when I turned around.

“Men!” I thought to myself.

He didn’t come by for the rest of the week, even though Rachael spent two nights in his room.

Hand Job

We had a date Friday night. I was worried he wouldn’t show up, but he did.

I jumped Bostancı Escort him with a big hug, “I’m so glad you came. I missed you.”

I missed you too, Susie but thought you were mad at me.”

“Not really, I just felt, … well, I want sex too you know.”

“OH?” his face brightened considerably.

“But I’m not sure we should do it.”

“Oh,” his face fell.

“Can we just be together and enjoy each others company?” I asked. “Without requiring sex?”

“Sure,” he said, like he wasn’t sure at all. Neither was I.

That night, Rachael was away so he stayed in the room. I dressed in the bathroom and came in. Josh was in Rachael’s bed under the covers. As I lay in bed I began to think about how he said he had been sleeping naked. I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind so I crept over to his bed and carefully pulled the covers down. There he was, in the dim light from the window, in his birthday suit. I reached for his balls and stroked them lightly, his tiny cock responded by peeking out of its hiding place.

He stirred and woke, “Susie! What are you doing?”

“Just checking you and your little fellow out,” I said, continuing to stroke his penis to life. “I hope you don’t mind.”

He hesitated before agreeing, “sure. Do you want me to do anything?”

“Just relax,” I told him as his cock reached its full four inches.

I continued to stroke, wrapping two fingers of my my hand entirely around it, pulling the foreskin up over the tip and then back down and licking at the tip as it popped out. he began swaying his hips and moaning, “Susie,” he whispered, “I’m going to cum.”

“Good,” I told him, grabbing harder and stroking faster.

He squealed and his cock leapt in my fingers. A white wad squirted out and landed on my shoulder. Another jerk, a weaker squeal and another wad flew straight up and landed in his pubic hair. I laughed lightly and kept stroking. He moaned in pleasure as the white liquid kept shooting out in random directions. Each time less came out with less force until semen was just oozing out. I put my mouth around the shrinking organ and sucked out as much as I could. I didn’t care for the taste but doing it sent tingles of pleasure through my tightened crotch.

I lifted my head and looked at his face. He was smiling at me with a glassy look in his eyes. “I think I made a mess,” I told him and went to get a damp towel to clean up. Cleaning it up was no fun, not only did it seem to seep into everything, it stuck and wanted to stay stuck. The musty odor remained in the room and Rachael commented on it the next morning.

Masturbation Fantasies

I visualized his ejaculation as I lay in bed. I tightened my thigh and crotch muscles as a feeling of sexual desire filled my genitals. I had to rub myself to orgasm before I could sleep.

The next two days I had trouble studying because I kept thinking about Josh. I had never really watched a penis pump out its semen. Sure, there had been instances in the shower or other places where a guy came in my sight but I had never really been looking at the action. I had been involved with other activities, like kissing. I decided I liked watching wads of the stuff squirt out, usually trailing a thread behind, and then sticking where it landed.

Looking back I can’t believe how obsessed I became over seeing Josh cum. I didn’t go to Father Ray because I didn’t want to be talked out of it.

The next time Josh came to my room I asked him about masturbating and said I’d like to watch. I thought I’d be able to observe better if he was doing all the work. He hesitated and I told him I’d masturbate for him if he wanted. I had to tell him I’d allow him to finger me to orgasm before he agreed.

Then he wanted to wear a condom so his semen wouldn’t go everywhere and “mess things up”. Of course that would eliminate what I wanted to see. I’m not proud of it but I got angry, resulting in an argument over it and he lay in bed with his clothes on, pretending to sleep. I tried to do some homework, finally gave up and went down the hall to change into a nightgown feeling simultaneously guilty and angry (as much at myself as at him).

I couldn’t sleep. Rather than trying to get over my obsession, I instead tried to think of ways I could get him to masturbate for me without a condom. “Maybe I could have him do it in the bathroom,” I thought. There would be plenty of room in a handicapped stall. For some reason, that was a turn-off for me. “Maybe in a shower stall?” was my next thought but I realized that getting a guy into the women’s showers would be a problem. There were some women who would freak out and report us.

“What about the men’s room?” I thought. There wouldn’t be a lot of problem with any of the guys who were on our floor after hours complaining about a woman going in, “Especially if I’m naked.” The men’s room was a bigger turn-off than the women’s room and there were no showers in the men’s room. “But there are showers on the men’s floor upstairs! That will be great!” Then I remembered a rumor I had heard that Erenköy Escort there were no shower stalls in the men’s showers. The rumor was that the shower area was completely open. That wouldn’t work to have Josh masturbating when other guys might come in for a shower. “Maybe they would masturbate for me too!” That was a stray thought generated by my obsession. I knew I couldn’t count on that. At the same time I reveled in the fantasy which blossomed into a half dozen or more guys all spewing semen at once.

I shook my head in an attempt to clear it. This wasn’t solving my problem. “I need to concentrate on Josh,” I thought, “I can work on getting those other guys later.” I knew where I could get the answer and went to Rachael’s bed. “Josh,” I said quietly. I guessed he was really asleep and not just faking it so I shook him gently and said, “Josh,” a little louder.

He stirred and turned to look at me, “Susie,” he mumbled. “What is it?”

“Josh,” I asked, “is it true that the men’s showers upstairs are all in one common room.”

“Huh?” he asked back.

“Are they all in one common room, or are there separate showers separated by partitions?”

“Partitions?” He was clearly not completely awake.

“The women’s showers on this floor have partitions between the showers for privacy. Are the men’s showers like that?”

“Privacy partitions?” he mumbled, “No, there are no partitions. Is it important?” I sensed a bit of frustration that he’d been awakened for the question.

“I just wondered,” I responded. “I’ve heard there were no partitions and just wondered.”

He was looking at the clock. “You were wondering? After 2 in the morning? And couldn’t wait for a more reasonable hour?”

I felt embarrassed but angry that he couldn’t just answer the question. “Yes!” I said in my firmest voice, “I needed to know at 2 in the morning!”

He sensed my frustration and anger. I watched as he began to frame an angry or sarcastic response. But suddenly his expression changed. I was beginning to feel furious, a furiousity brought on by my frustration and embarrassment at my ejaculation obsession. he smiled a gentle smile and said with a similarly gentle voice, “Susie, what’s wrong?”

He wrapped me in his arms and stroked my back. Tears came to my eyes as I wondered if I should raise the masturbation issue again. I didn’t. Instead I revealed my obsession. “Remember the hand job I gave you last week?”

“Not something I’m likely to forget anytime soon, if ever”

“Well, the sight of the semen squirting out has fascinated me ever since. I can’t get it out of my mind. I want to see it again, … and again and again. Disgusting isn’t it?”

He ignored my editorial comment. “Oh! Hence the masturbation request.”

“Yes, pretty bad, huh?”

“And the no-condom demand.”


He squeezed me tightly and laughed contentedly, “I don’t know that it’s disgusting. Unusual maybe, not disgusting. It’s nice to know the reason for the requests. But what’s with the men’s showers?”

“I thought maybe I could watch in the shower, … but not unless it’s private.”

“Didn’t you say the women’s showers have privacy partitions?”

“Too much risk getting caught.”

“Same risk in the men’s shower.”

“The men are less likely to tattle.”

There was twinkle in his eye, “Youare thinking of everything. What’s wrong with a toilet stall?”

“It’s a turn-off, I don’t like the idea.”

“So your obsession has its limits.”

Something occurred to me. “Josh you must be able to control where you’re, … uhhh, … shooting.”

“Not really, why do you say that?”

“You said you masturbate into the toilet. You must aim or something.”

“The toilet is a restricted space.” He looked at me and my quizzical look made him add, “I do it seated, not standing. It’s not like peeing. Maybe I could hold myself steady enough to keep the jizz in one area. Somehow I have the feeling you want to see it flying everywhere.”

I had to agree. I wanted it spurting here and there, everywhere at random.

“I tell you what,” he told me. “I’ll ponder the problem too. With both of us thinking about it maybe we’ll come up with a solution. We’ll tell each other our ideas and maybe that will spark a solution.”

I smiled, “That’s good! Thanks for being so understanding.”

“Is there anything else I can do?”

“Can we cuddle?” I asked. “Naked? I want to feel you against me.”

“Anytime, Susie,” he said and began taking off his clothes.

I pulled off my nightgown and went to my bed.

He got in behind me, his small but hard cock in my butt crack, his arms around me, one hand cupping a breast, the other holding my crotch. A finger entered me, rubbing both clit and G-spot.

Lying there feeling his finger inside me and his cock at my butt I began thinking of him jacking off into the toilet but that quelled my fantasy imaginings a bit so I went back to imagining him doing it in the shower.

Masturbation Observation

The next day he called me, “Susie, I have an idea. We Göztepe Escort can get one of those plastic sheets. They’re only a couple dollars. We can put it over everything.”

I thought it sounded great and decided to get one for the next time he came over. But, I thought of some difficulties and called him back. “Josh, there’s a lot of stuff in the room to cover, desks, bookcases. Some of your semen even got on the wall. Those beds are so small.”

“I think we can get everything covered. And I can do it standing in the middle of the room to spare the walls.”

It sounded okay, but I was still a bit worried.

In the afternoon I had a brainstorm and called him back. “Josh, how about we get a motel room. We can use the shower or we can get a king-sized bed and throw the plastic over that, maybe both.” My crotch muscles tightened at the thought of both.

“Isn’t that expensive? And how many times do you think I can ejaculate any reasonable amount of semen in one evening?”

“I can afford fifty or a hundred dollars. And we can find out how many times.” I smiled to myself at the thought and a tingle from the smile shot to my crotch and up my vagina.

I thought I heard a gulp at the other end of the line. “We’re not going to get an even halfway decent motel room for a hundred dollars near campus. We’ll need a car.”

I thought of my car miles away at home and then realized how we could easily get a car. “John has a car.”


“Your roommate. Ask to borrow it the next time Rachael spends the night with him. Ask around about good motels too.”

And so, a couple of nights later Josh and I were alone in a simple, but clean motel room with a king bed. Both a little unsure about what to do.

“Undress,” I suggested. “I’ll put the plastic sheet on the bed.”

He was naked before I had the sheet unfolded. He helped me put it on and then lay in the middle. His cock was swollen but nowhere near hard. “If you undress too …” he suggested. I did and his cock grew.

I lay with my eyes only a few inches from his cock, “Go ahead,” I said. “Do it!” and he began slowly stroking his member. As he did my hand slipped to my crotch and began rubbing my labia. I slipped a finger inside to my clit.

He rubbed himself faster and faster and then grunted, “Now, Susie!” Semen squirted out and I had to dodge it on its downward flight, just as another wad flew out. I laughed lightly at the sight, rubbing hard on my clit. Three, four, five, six, seven times wads of semen spewed forth. The seventh went only a few inches and number eight just squeezed out of the tip. Josh squeezed more out by pushing from the base of his shrinking cock to the tip. Then he lay back and small amounts of semen oozed out of the now almost invisible penis and down over his balls.

I was giggling like a little girl. “That’s what I wanted! Let’s try the shower!”

“Don’t I get my turn at you.” he said. Remember the deal.”

“Oh! Sure! Let’s clean up a bit first. Do we just throw out this plastic?”

“Are we going to use it again?”

“Maybe …” I was thinking of having him do it again. “I’ll just fold it in half. Look, The semen is only here between your legs and just a bit outside. Most of it’s on you.” I dabbed at a big blob in his pubic hair and stuck it in my mouth. The salty, slightly astringent, musty taste was starting to grow on me. “Maybe you should get in the shower to wash it off.”

I followed him to the shower and as he washed I poked my head in and said, “As long as you’re here you might as well do it again.”

He gave me a look that implied I was manipulating him and said, “You’ll need to get in.”

Finger Fuck

As soon as I got in he said, “It’s my turn,” and pulled me to him. He gave me a big kiss and I felt his cock hardening against me.

“No love-making tonight,” I said. “I thought we agreed.”

“No intercourse,” he agreed. “But, I get to finger fuck you, remember.”

“In the shower?”

“Sure, then I’ll masturbate for you in here.”

“Okay!” I smiled and spread my legs.

He soaped up his hands and began rubbing me all over, starting with my neck and then my breasts, abdomen, butt and thighs before moving to my crotch. It wasn’t finger fucking but he knew what he was doing and he was doing it well. The slippery feel of his hands on me quickly brought me to a heightened state of sexual tension. The “deal” was that he would bring me to orgasm and he had learned to take it slowly and start with less sensual actions. By the time his soap lubricated fingers entered me I was really ready and gasped as his fingers slid over my clit and up my vagina. I thrust my head back in pleasure and almost lost my balance.

His hands at my crotch and butt kept me erect and the added pressure of his holding me up by my vulva gave me a sudden orgasmic tingle. A loud moan “Ahh!” escaped from my mouth. He quickened his strokes pressing hard on my clit and G-spot. “Ahh!” “Ahh!” “Ahh!” escaped with each stroke then I lost control. He continued to hold me upright by my crotch as intense spasms of pleasure spread through my body. My vagina and abdomen throbbed in ecstasy. I heard my screams of pleasure. They were involuntary and it seemed like someone else was making the sound. My conscious mind wondered if I was disturbing others in the motel.

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