Sunita Tells Of Her Night Before

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“Where have you been?” I asked her. Weekends are terrible. Karan loves to drink. And when he is drunk, he does things to her which extend his normal ten minute fuck to a one hour fuck. I cant handle that. I am jealous of Karan’s ability to take my Sunita at will.

And sometimes when Karan fucks her in that state, he gets adventurous. She had never known an orgasm before I fucked her in her life. She was alien to the idea that a man could rest his head for tens of minutes between the legs of a woman, using his tongue with more suppleness than a cock allows.

When I gave her that experience I wanted it to be unique – I wanted her sexual experience to be of an intensity she wouldn’t find anywhere and would keep coming back to me for that, if nothing else.

And I keep checking with her on how he fucked her – to know if he crossed into my zone. Though, of late, I have started to wonder: how would I know if she didn’t really tell me what happened.

They had had a fight. Good I thought. That could not lead to sex. But I was wrong. When she headed off to sleep he grabbed her wrist, “Where are you going?”. With that he pulled her to the bed, switching off the lights as he did so.

“Then what happened?,” I asked.

“His hands slid under my top and he caressed my breasts. My nipples perked up and I started to squirm,” she said, shyly. “We then undressed.”

That’s them. Sex means no clothes anywhere.

“He was in a violent mood. He lifted one leg over his shoulder and held my cunt open to his assault. He thrust in hard. ‘Take hat and that and that’. He thrust in and out. Taking out the anger of our fight in an assault by his cock,” she said, reflecting on the mood he had been in.

“What did you do?” I asked, feeling the excitement and jealousy both rising simultaneously.

“I held on to his shoulder to keep control of the situation. He had this physical need. I moved back against him, fucking his cock when he least expected an upward thrust,” she explained, talking of şişli escort the physical relationship in her usual matter of fact way. As if it didn’t matter.

“Why did you do that?” I asked. It was almost as if I was complaining that she was taking an interest in the fucking.

“It brings him to a quick finish. He hadn’t had a drink tonight and I knew I could complete this quickly,” she replied, still sounding very matter-of-fact.

Was she lying? Why doesn’t she tell me if she had pleasure happening…… “Did he go down on you?” I asked jealously.

“Yes. I resisted, but he did go down. And he stayed there, longer than he ever has. And Shyam, its uncanny, he slid in his fingers the way you do. And he hissed: ‘can you feel that bitch? Take this!'” she confessed.

“Did you feel anything?” I queried further my heart thumping at thought of his head between those delicious thighs.

“I don’t know. I was fighting. Resisting. Trying to stop him. But yes, there were sensations,” she sounded hesitant to acknowledge what had happened.

“I don’t want him to take you there, where only you and I go together. That is our special space!” I begged with her.

“I don’t know why it matters,” she mumbled.

“So did he make you come…?” I asked nervously.

Long pause.

“I don’t know,” she replied tentatively.

How could she not know? It means he took her close to a high and she doesn’t want to tell me. She knows it affects me.

“Then what happened?” I asked, curious as ever.

“Then he came on top of me. And we made love,” she said, her voice getting heavy.

“Were you on top at any time?” I wondered aloud, imagining her breasts rising and falling with her every thrust. How delicious they look when she rides. I have never been able to resist reaching up and holding them. Or crane upward to tease them with my lips and teeth.

“No,” she said blandly.

” How did he finish?” I asked, wanting to know what all she did to him. How could escort bayan merter I possibly not be jealous?

” I dug my nails into his ass and wiggled my hips. And he came.” Her reply was hesitant, with a confused mix of lust at the memory, and reluctance to tell me all.

“Was it passionate?” I asked, worrying more about whether he got more of her than he ever deserved.

“For him, yes,” she replied. She would never give more than I asked, and she would make me ask every single thing.

“For you?” I ploughed on.

“There can never be the intensity that you and I feel together Shyam,” she sighed. It sounded as if there was that need for me.

“What happened after that?” I queried.

“He slept in his room. I checked on the kids and I came away to my room to sleep. And thought I would phone you before sleeping off,” she said, sounding eager to cuddle up to me before sleeping.

“I have a hardon at the thought of him touching you. And I want to fuck you and complete you like no one else can,” I whispered. Would she be shocked and hang up?

“Then take me…….. let me pleasure you from where I am. That thickness, do you remember how my hand doesn’t go around fully? How small my hand is compared to you. Now imagine that my thumb goes around the head making you shudder,” she whispered, leaving me in no doubt that she was not quite satiated.

I now had my cock in my hand stroking. Imagining exactly what she was saying: her hand sliding up and down up my thick cock.

“Now imagine that you are ever so hard and you need to feel my wetness slide down on that hardness. Do you now recall how you fill me up right up to my stomach. When I sit upright on you, how deep up inside me you reach.? And then I ride you. Up and down. Sliding and dropping on and off. My breasts jiggling. You have never been able to resist reaching up and grabbing my tits when I am on top of you,” she urged me on. She knew she wanted to be splurge and empty out. Then maybe I would istanbul escort bayan sleep as well as she would.

My hand was now working feverishly on my cock.

“Do you recall the manner in which when you clutch my tits like that and let me ride you, my face contorts in shock. I cum and pour down on you flooding us and the squelching sounds that then rise from our union?” she continued, knowing that I would not be able to resist cumming.

“Yes sunitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Here it comes. My god. Its splattering …..uh……….ha….here…………. and more……….. and oh my gaaaawwwwwwwd!” I blabbered.

“Yes, baby! Come! All that is for me. I am riding you. Milking you. Sucking every drop of you up out and then our mixed fluids flooding down on you…….!” she urged me on and on, and I was really wondering whether she was on the phone or here with me in person.

“Sunita! Yes.. baby….. for you…. All of this …….oh!…… take. Its all yours….. my love, my sweetness…….” I sobbed as I came.

“Did you touch yourself?” I asked her after that long while that it took for the breathing to subside and some semblance of composure to return.

“No,” she replied. “You know I don’t do that.”

“You should. When I am there next we must progress to that,” I sighed, thinking of how luscious she would look with her hands between her legs.

“When you are here, I don’t think either of us can do anything else than be animal and full with each other……. Do you remember that once you held my hand and took it between my legs stroking me? You told me you found it exciting. And I put my hand on your raging hardon… and told you plainly I found more excitement there…. And then I took you in my mouth and fucked you…. Though I have to stretch my mouth impossibly wide for your thickness……. And then we fucked like animals….. and your sweat coated me so fully. As full as your cum was inside me,” she said, slowly, savoring every word with the memory of every sexual gesture we had made to each other.

“Karan is not any of this. Let me put my head on your shoulder now and sleep my love,” she sighed and click! The phone went silent. I drifted off into sleep in the stupor of my massive orgasm and memories of my Sunita.

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