Succubus Stalker

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It’s impossible to understand how incredibly life-altering a divorce can be without experiencing it yourself. Unfortunately for Gavin Bentley, he’s experiencing it firsthand. He never would have guessed he’d be in this situation, but then, he never would have guessed he’d ever cheat on his wife.~~~It started out as a friendly, platonic relationship with a married woman at the company. Joking back and forth to add a little sunshine to their otherwise boring workday evolved into sprinkling generic sexual innuendos here and there.It happened the night of the company’s annual awards banquet when neither of their spouses was able to attend. Sitting together for convenience’s sake, they talked at length instead of their usual thirty second encounters at work.To make a long story short, they left early to hook up at a motel. Neither of them had ever cheated on their spouse, and neither of them ever intended to. It would be a one-time affair, just for the experience of having done it. No one besides the two of them would ever know about it.And no ever one did, except for the close friend she confided in, because after all, she could keep a secret. Her friend told another friend who could also keep a secret, who told another friend, then another and another. You get the picture. Pretty soon, the whole company knew about their one night stand, although it was only whispered about in ‘secret.’When word got around to Gavin’s wife, there was no understanding, no forgiveness, no mercy. A speedy trip to the attorney, a date with the judge, a divorce granted, another marriage down the tubes.~~~On this particular Saturday morning, Gavin stumbles out of bed and goes through the motions as he does everyday. His small, one-bedroom apartment is a far cry from the from the beautiful home he and Susan bought ten years ago, but now that home is just a collection memories from happier days.The Santa Barbara area is an expensive place to live, and Gavin considers himself lucky to have found an apartment in his meager price range within walking distance to the beach. He spends a lot of time at the beach, walking alone, sulking about his new situation, thinking ‘if only I hadn’t’ a million times.It’s no different on this day, except that he’s too depressed for his regular morning masturbation session with himself. Jacking off is no substitute for a warm female body, but it’s his only option now. Horny as he is, he knows he’s in no mental state to look for another partner, so he doesn’t even try.After another depressing morning cleaning the apartment and catching up the laundry, Gavin heads out after lunch for another lonely walk on the beach. The morning cloud cover has lingered into the afternoon, making for a chilly walk under overcast skies.There’s a coffee shop just across the street from the beach, and a hot chocolate would taste pretty good right now. There’s a line at the express counter when he enters the crowded Lava Java Cafe, but it doesn’t bother Gavin. He’s got all day, he’s got nothing better to do. He patiently gets in line, daydreaming about the beach and the solitary peace he finds there.~~~Little does he know, someone is watching him. A woman. A very attractive woman, the kind you’d never expect to be into this sort of thing. She’s stunningly attractive and turns men’s heads everywhere she goes.She’s petite and beautiful. Standing at five-feet-four, her slightly larger than b-cup breasts seem bigger than they are against her thin, hourglass figure. Her ass is probably her best feature, the way it’s accentuated by her thin waist. And her pretty face, framed by straight blonde hair falling far past her shoulders, makes her a trophy any man would chase after.She’s never had a problem getting asked out for dates, but she’s never been able to hold a man once she’s told them about her secret. She has something other women don’t have, and it’s always been a curse with men.She was surfing the sex-story internet sites about two years ago, when she ran across a word she’d never seen before. Succubus… a strange word that immediately caught her interest.After a quick Google search, she learned that a succubus is a mythical female demon who supposedly descends upon and seduces a man, then has sex with him while he sleeps and steals his soul.The thought of having sex with sleeping men didn’t appeal to her, but descending on them for the sole purpose of deceiving and having sex with them certainly did.She started reading succubus stories on all the sites. She fantasized about them. She fantasized about being Ankara escort one herself. She fantasized until she figured out how she could be a succubus in real life, without the implications of Satanism, of course. She certainly wasn’t out to steal anyone’s soul.After being rejected by every man she’s ever wanted to fall in love with, playing this erotic, succubus-inspired game is her way of extracting revenge. She loves sex, and getting it like this makes it thrilling. It’s become her fetish, her obsession even.~~~Gavin’s forlorn and sullen facial expression catches her eye the moment he walks in the door. He looks like an easy mark for what she’s after.He’s better looking than most of the guys she usually gets. She likes his longer-than-average hair, his clean upper lip, and what looks like a lean, non-muscular body under his short pants and t-shirt. Just the body-type she’s most attracted to. If everything goes according to her plan, today will be his lucky day… or not.Getting him up to the apartment will be the hardest part. It always is when she’s out stalking. Picking a random guy out of a crowd, then using her crafty wit and intuition to charm him into doing anything she wants is a major turn-on for her.She’ll use her body to attract him, then rely on her ability to read into his mind to identify weaknesses she can use to manipulate him later. She’s already done it a dozen times, and she’s getting pretty good at it.Keeping her eye on Gavin after making sure he’s by himself, she approaches him from behind as he’s picking up his order. She gets excited when she sees the waitress bringing a large, styrofoam cup of hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream.’This should be easy,’ she thinks. She stalks towards him, ready to pounce.He picks up his order in a depressed state of mind, not paying attention to anything around him. As he’s turning to walk away, she lunges forward, making sure they smack right into each other, spilling hot chocolate everywhere. He was too lost in his thoughts to notice how she caused the mishap and created quite a scene.”Jesus Christ…!” she yells loud enough everyone in the place can hear her. “Why the fuck didn’t you watch where you’re going…? Fuck…! Look at me!” She acts like she’s gonna cry.”Oh, no…! I’m so sorry,” Gavin panics, looking down at her whipped cream-covered feet.He immediately turns around to grab a handful of napkins from the counter before he even dares to look at her. When he turns around he freezes, finding himself face-to-face with a steely-eyed stranger whose feet are covered with what he’s just spilled.Caught completely off-guard, Gavin just stands there for what seems like an hour with his mouth hanging open.”Well… don’t you think you should at least hand me some napkins?” she angrily asks. “I wasn’t fucking planning on wearing whipped cream on my feet all day!”Taken aback by her obvious anger, Gavin hands her half of the napkins as he struggles with the realization of what just happened.”I’m so sorry, ma’am,” he apologizes, “I guess I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice you standing behind me.”Seeing the embarrassing look his face, she plays her game with a piercing stare into his eyes.’Throw a little more shit on him to see how he reacts,’ she tells herself.She deliberately pauses before she responds, taking pleasure in the discomfort she’s causing him as he anxiously awaits her response.”Yeah, no shit, mister,” she hisses. “I fuckin’ figured that out when you practically knocked me over. Is this your perverted way to grab a girl’s attention?”Startled by her angry response, Gavin starts to mumble, “Uh… no, actually, I…””Wait… wait,” she cuts him off.Now that she’s got him all freaked out, she skillfully takes pity on him and changes her tone. She bends down to help him clean up the mess.”Look…” she says, “I’m sorry I got so mad. It guess was an honest mistake, and I’m probably just overreacting. Let’s back this up and start over. I’m sure you’re the perfect gentleman,” then she throws him a playful curve, “that is… when you’re not being the hot chocolate attacker!”Her last comment gets a chuckle out of him. Realizing she’s not totally pissed-off at him, his face lightens up a little. It’s the perfect moment to introduce herself.”I’m Cassandra, by the way, everyone calls me Cassie. And your name is…?””Oh… Ummm… I’m Gavin. I was about to head over to the beach,” he tells her. “I guess I was just lost in my thoughts when I ran into you. Can I buy you a coffee or do Ankara escort bayan something to make it up to you?””Awe… that’s awfully nice of you, Gavin,” she turns on the charm, now that she’s got him thinking he owes her for his ‘mistake’. “Look… don’t worry about the coffee, but there is something you can do for me.””Sure, I’ll do whatever I can.””Well, I was just thinking… you said you were going to the beach?””Yeah, I spend a lot of time there.””What a coincidence… I’m headed there myself, and I was hoping… you’d maybe do me a little favor?””What kind of favor?”She pauses, putting him on edge…”Well… now my hands are all sticky with whipped cream and chocolate… and… since you’re going to the beach anyway… would mind you carrying my purse and beach bag for me so I don’t get those all sticky too? I’ll understand if you don’t want to, but you do owe me a favor, you know.””Yeah, I guess I do,” he nervously replies, not too excited about carrying a woman’s purse in public. “Its only fair, I guess, considering it was my clumsiness that caused it.””Thanks, Gavin, it’ll really help me out.”She takes a silent pleasure in his obvious embarrassment, knowing it’s because she manipulated him into carrying her purse.~~~Once outside, Gavin’s getting a better look at the hot babe he’s run into by accident. He gazes on her flimsy beach dress clinging to her body in the breeze, prominently advertising her bra-less boobs and heart-shaped ass.He can’t stop staring at her tits bouncing with every step she takes. She’s doing it on purpose, of course, and it’s giving him a hard-on. Cassie makes a mental note of how easy her body’s drawing him to her.When they get to the beach, Cassie gets him to follow her down to the waters edge and help her clean up.”Sure, Cassie, anything I can do to help,” Gavin swoons, thinking he might actually have a chance with this babe.There’s a wicked-looking smile on her face and a mischievous twinkle in her eye when he squats down to rinse her feet. Raising each foot so he can wash it, she lifts her dress high up her thigh, knowing he’s getting off having her feet in his hands.He feasts on her silky smooth calves and perfectly shaped thighs. He can only imagine how the rest of her looks. ‘Probably tight as fuck, just like her legs,’ he thinks to himself.”That feels great, babe,” Cassie steps out of the water. “If you don’t mind, could you just give my legs a quick dry…? So my dress doesn’t get wet?””No problem,” Gavin eagerly eagerly obliges. She just called him ‘babe’, she’s really getting him going.He feels up and down her legs as much as he dares. As if she’s reading his mind, she lifts her dress higher, noting his reaction with a mischievous smirk on her face.”Thanks, baby,” she says with another self-satisfying smirk. Before she lets her dress down, she lifts it higher still, pretending to adjust it around her belt. She intentionally gives Gavin a couple quick, flirtatious flashes of the hot-pink panties she’s wearing underneath.He’s not quite sure what it is, but something about her smile and the look in her eyes is making him nervous. But then again, his cock definitely likes her, and she just flashed her panties at him. After of months of jacking off by himself, he’s desperate for female affection.Cassie’s subtle charm already has him wrapped around her finger. His quivering cock is clouding his judgement.He works up the nerve to attempt a conversation.”Umm… we’re you planning on sticking around the beach for a while?””Well, yeah… why else would I have my beach bag with me?”She then cleverly gets him nervous again, implying the idiocy of his question. “Why…? Did my feet turn you on that much? Hmmm…?””No, of course not,” Gavin’s flustered and stumbling on his words, “I just meant…””Geez-Louise, Gavin…” Cassie cuts him off with an eery laugh. “What’s got you all wound up? I meant that as a joke. I wasn’t implying anything.”His growing infatuation is exposing a weakness she intends to exploit later. She’s excited about where this is going. She already knows her next move.”I’m sorry,” Gavin goes into a sulking mood, “I’m usually pretty laid back, but my life’s going through a rough patch, and it’s got me on edge.””Yeah, well… we’ve all been there, babe,” Cassie acts like she’s concerned about his grief. “Are you having girl troubles?””Yeah, but it’s a long story,” his answer is evasive.”I thought so. You’re acting like you’ve got girl problems,” Cassie gives him another smirk and captures him with Escort Ankara that piercing stare again. “You wanna take a walk on the beach? Maybe you just need someone to listen. I’ll be that someone, if you need someone to talk to.”Her steely-eyed-stare is much more direct than it’s been so far. She’s cutting right through him as she ramps up the heat. She’s making him nervous, while at the same time drawing him closer to her. She’s doing it with the same relentless, piercing stare she’s used on him all day.”Sure,” he says to this girl with the hypnotic stare, “I was planning on doing that anyways, before I ran into you.””Yeah,” she giggles, “you ran into me alright. Maybe it was an omen. I kinda like you, in a weird sort of way.””Weird…? How so?””Oh… I dunno. I’ve always had trouble getting to know someone. That’s what’s weird about it. I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone I just met. Especially the way we met.””Well,” he gets all flustered, “I kinda like you, too.””You do…? After I was so bitchy at the coffee shop?””Let’s just forget about that,” he says as she takes his hand to begin their walk.He spills his soul to her as they spend the afternoon walking along the beach. She’s silently amused as he tells her about Susan and how he caused the divorce that ruined their marriage and his life. She acts concerned as he confesses his sins, never realizing he’s revealing so many weaknesses she’ll be using to manipulate him later.Cassie’s impressed with herself, the way she’s got him opening up to her. As she suspected, he’s horny as hell and it won’t take much more to trap him.His mood lightens up after Cassie gets all the ammunition she needs and switches the conversation to more pleasant subjects. Pretty soon they’re laughing and reminiscing like old friends. Before they know it, the sun is setting over the ocean and they’re walking back arm-in-arm.”Well, babe,” Cassie stretches her arms over her head, pressing her tits against her dress to wet Gavin’s appetite, “I enjoyed our walk, but maybe we should call it a day?””Yeah,” Gavin has to agree, wondering how he can keep this going, “its gonna be dark soon.”Cassie knows he’s thinking about making a move on her, but she’s not confident he’ll work up the nerve. She doesn’t have much more time to make this happen, so she makes the move before he does.”Can I ask you something?” she gives him that piercing stare again.”Of course.””Well, I’m kinda scared to say this, I’ve never asked a man this after knowing him less than a day.” Cassie sets her snare.”But… would you like to join me for a drink…? I don’t know where it’ll lead, but it’s Saturday night, and I’m willing to find out, if you’re interested.””You know what…?” Gavin’s eyes light up. “I’ll take you up on that. A drink sounds like a great way to end the day.””Oh good…! I was hoping that would be your answer.” She grabs his hand and leads him away from the beach.Gavin feels a bit of apprehension with the way Cassie’s leading him away. She’s acting so different from how she was earlier. She was a constant tease on the beach, never missing an opportunity to sprinkle subtle sexual innuendos into her clever mix of words. There’s something about her he finds incredibly erotic, and terrifying at the same time.”So where to?” Gavin asks. “I know a nice place about eight blocks from here, if you’re up for a walk.””I know a better place,” Cassie replies with an evil grin, her grip tightening on his hand. “I don’t live far from here, and I’ve got some booze laying around. You wanna just go over to my place? It might be fun.””Uh… yeah… sure,” Gavin agrees with a little apprehension.His heart races at the notion of going home with this gorgeous girl. He’d been completely at ease with her a few minutes ago, but now, as they walk towards her place, her personality seems to be changing. She’s acting more aggressive and it’s making him nervous.At the same time, he’s been thinking about fucking her all afternoon. He’s afraid of doing anything to sabotage his chances of getting laid, so against his better judgement, he resigns himself to whatever fate has in store for him. He’ll go with the flow.”We’re here, babe,” Cassie snaps Gavin out of his thoughts.As they walk up the steps to the four-story apartment building, Gavin takes a deep breath. With an unexpected reluctance, he follows Cassie up the stairs, admiring her beautiful ass as she purposely sways it back and forth with each step.~~~”Welcome to my humble abode.” she kicks off her sandals. “Make yourself at home while I take care of a few things in the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”Her living room looks a lot like anyone else’s, with a nice-sized TV and a few generic pictures on the wall. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for all sorts of knik knaks one wouldn’t normally associate with someone as young as her.

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