Substitute Teacher part 2

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Substitute Teacher part 2I stood there with the door covering the right side of my wet nearly naked body. The thin satin fabric clinging to my wet skin. The light breeze was just cool enough to cause my nipples to stiffen. Jerome’s eyes were still fixated on my breast. Again I said Jerome is there something I can do for you. Trying to focus on my face now he said yes ma’am Ms Fields. One of your neighbors called and said they had heard screaming or yelling coming from your home. So I came to see if you were alright. Well I don’t have any idea of what they’re talking about I said. ( of course they must have heard me earlier). Jerome there is nothing wrong I’m just fine. In fact as you can tell I was just taking a nice hot bath. Jerome leaned in as if to see inside and quietly asked again are you sure everything is okay. I kind of giggled. Yes everything is good but if you’d like to come in and check everything out by all means come inside. With that I backed up and gestured for him to come in. Once he was inside I closed the door and locked it. I adjusted my satin covering a little and said follow me. Feel free to check out anything you want to. The see through fabric was clinging to every inch of my body. It barely came to mid thigh on me. My ample ass was is full view of my guest and I’m positive it left nothing to unseen. I was getting so fucking wet from this little show I was putting on for Jerome. I just wished I was wearing some real slutty heels to complete my total whore look. I stopped at the thermostat and purposely stood on my tiptoes so that my calves would tighten up to accent my legs. I’m kinda chilled and pretended to adjust it. Jerome remarked that he was just a little warm. I bet he was getting a little hot if you know what I mean. Down the the hall to my bedroom I made sure that my ass was really putting on a top shelf performance. As I turned to go into the bedroom my focused on a large black dildo laying on the floor next to the bed. Shit, how am I going to explain that. Then I just said fuck it I’ll just pretend it’s not there. Come on in Jerome there’s no need to stand in the hallway. Besides I’m sure you want to check out my bedroom. Yes ma’am Ms Fields. Please Jerome just call me Karen. Ok Karen hey this is really nice. Thank you have a seat if you like. I’m just gonna put on something else. Don’t go to any trouble changing on my account Karen. I smiled to myself. I thought to myself maybe I’ll just slip this flimsy robe off and slip into my red cum fuck me pumps and see if he likes that better. No I’m not going to go that far but my pussy is so wet. Instead I slipped on a fairly tight fitting long tee shirt and pair of 2” red mules that I like to lounge güvenilir bahis around in. I stepped out of my very large closet back into the bedroom only to catch Jerome quietly staring at the rather large black cock laying on the floor. His eyes focused on me again and said Karen what do we have here while pointing to the floor. I started to blush. But then a rush of I don’t give a fuck ran through my head. So I just prissed right over to the dildo and with my ass right in Jeromes face I bent over at the waist keeping my legs straight and picked up that giant black dick. I stood up and spun around to face Jerome while holding the monster cock with both of my tiny white hands. My t shirt looked more like a tight mini skirt and my red heels were just enough to shape my legs. I said Jerome just how well did you know my husband. Well Karen he was always real nice to me and always took time to talk to me. I bet he did I said. My husband had a little secret. Jerome I gonna confess something to you. After all I must feel Very comfortable around you. I’ve been going around here practically naked in front of you for the last half hour. So I must trust you. He interrupted me and said and I want you to know how much I appreciate that Karen. Well I’m sure that’s true. But about my husband, Jerome. Let me see how I can say this. My husband was a ….my husband was cross dressing sissy whore that loved big black dick. There I said it. Now understand that I loved my husband very much and still do. The divorce was all him. I supported him and his preferences. I even helped him with perfecting his look and all that went with his lifestyle. Now that that is said this black monster was his. And as for why it was on the floor. The screaming the neighbors reported was in fact me.( I’m sure Jerome was painting a really clear picture in his mind of me screaming and that black dick being the cause of it. I know because he was starting to move around quite a bit due to the fact that his own magnificent black monster had started to harden and make sitting for him uncomfortable)I continued with my explanation all the while knowing that I was torturing Jerome. I explained that I was on the phone with my ex and he was telling me that he was going to get married to a black man in Las Vegas which is where he lives now. And that I had gotten very angry with that news and had pulled his favorite toy out of the nightstand where he left it and was screaming profanities at my ex all the while slapping that black monster on the bed. I was telling my ex that I was going to fuck the shit out of Jerome Every day and every night from now on. Now that’s probably what the neighbors heard. I said what I said on purpose. güvenilir bahis siteleri Jeromes eyes widened in anticipation of fucking my little sweet white pussy. Then I burst his bubble. Now before you get the wrong idea when I said fuck Jerome I meant this big black cock I’m holding in my little hands. You see Jerome this was my husband’s favorite and I used to jam it up his sissy ass every night. He named it Jerome because he had the hots for you. He used to say that he was sure you were easily that big if not bigger. ( now we all know that this was my dildo and that I had in fact named it but Jerome didn’t know that) Anyway I’m Sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you tonight. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you. Well Karen since you mentioned it. With that he stood up and adjusted his very large hard cock. I’m really in quite a bit of pain right now. Do you think you could help me out with this stiffness. Acting like a dumb redhead I said where are you hurting. Is it an old injury or something like that. No it just came up tonight. With That he grabbed my hand and placed it on his rock hard cock. I jerked my hand away and said JEROME with some indignation. Not really meaning it. What do you think your doing. A little surprised at my actions he tried to explain that with all that had went on this evening my proactive attire and the story about my husband and the way I had held on to that dildo. Well he just got the impression that……we’ll anyway he started to apologize. I stopped him. Jerome I’m sorry that I led you down that path. It’s my fault you got the wrong idea. And believe me if I was going to make it with someone you’d be one I would like to pick. But I’m not there at this point in my life. ( what a load of bullshit). I feel bad for your current condition. With that I reached out and gently rubbed that monstrous black cock of his through his pants. God my husband was right you may be bigger than his toy. Do you mind and with that I started to undo his pants. His eyes widened. I was so wet it was starting run down my leg. I’ve just got to check this out. I jerked his pants and boxers down at the same time. That fucking Black Dick almost hit me in the stomach when it broke free. I immediately grabbed it and gave it a couple of good long strokes. Oh my god Jerome that fucking thing is a monster. He just laughed and proudly announced 11”. I let it fall and turned to pick up the dildo. I took the dildo and placed it next to the real Jerome. He was definitely bigger around and longer. Jerome I’ve got to take a picture of this and send it to my ex. It’ll piss him off so bad. Can I pleaseeeeeee. Karen do anything you want. ( now Jerome thinks iddaa siteleri he gonna get to fuck me. But that ain’t happening. I mean I want it so bad I can taste it but the teasing and taunting has me on a much higher plane right now)great hold this while I get my phone. I left him holding his cock and the dildo. I was sending so many mixed messages I’m sure his head was about to explode. Both of them. I returned with my phone. Hold em side by side while I take the picture. Click. You know what he’ll think I got that off the internet. Let me hold them and you take the picture. I made sure I stroked his a couple of times before he took the shot. Hmmmm. He probably will still say it not real. I know. With that I dropped to my knees. I brought both cocks up so that my face and they would clearly be in the picture. Now make sure you get a good shot of both dicks and my face so he can’t deny it’s reality. Click click click. That’s enough I said. I this your beginning to enjoy this too much. I stood up and grabbed my phone and that rubber imposter. Turned and placed both on my nightstand as if nothing had happened. Thank you so much Jerome but it is getting late. He looks at me and said are you seriously going to leave me like this. What do you want me to do Jerome. I’m sorry but I’m not ready to be with anyone. But Karen I’m in a bad way here. Okay. I’ll let you see my titties and you can do yourself. But then you have to go. But I’ve already seen your tits. I’m gonna need a little extra. Okay I have an idea. You rub on it and I’ll be right back. I rushed to the closet. I slipped on some nylons and my red ankle strap pumps and came back out. He was stroking that magnificent black monster of a cock. I walked toward him. See if this does it I said. With I slipped my t shirt off. Nothing but heels and hose. My tits were free. No panties. I could see he was ready to blow his load. Jerome I said. Let me do that for you. After all you served our country and you are still here protecting me. I dropped to my knees. Reached for my phone and handed it to him. Please take plenty of pictures. I grabbed that cock and slowly began stroking it with both hands. Balls to tip tip to balls. Over and over. I just kept telling him how big it was. My breathing was getting rapid and I Maas losing control but he was too. I brought my lips up close to the head and said be sure to get this shot and he started to erupt all over my mouth and face. I let stream after stream bathe my face and tits. I just kept pumping that cock until it was drained and limp. Then I bounced up and asked do you feel better now. Just like nothing had happened. He looked so confused as I lead him to the door. I pulled him down a little and stretched up to give him a peck on the cheek. See you in the morning. Thanks for checking on me. As I locked the door. I peeked out the peep hole to watch him scratch his head in disbelief and confusion. I’m so baddd. And so horny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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