Stubble Trouble

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Lee had been looking for new digs as he moved town for his new job as a handyman at a local business. He found a quiet flat off the main road which belonged to the owner who also lived there and also a second tenant.

When he met the owner, Ria, he found her funny with a slightly flirtatious manner. At about 30ish, she was a few years older than him and her style, if you could call it that, was definitely dressed down. No glamour there for sure!

Ria was about 5 foot eight with a fairly slender figure, rather flat-chested and relatively short auburn hair. Given it was late in the season and the weather seasonably cool she was always well covered up in the three or four weeks he’d been living there. Her style seemed to be dominated by leggings with a skirt along with baggy tops. Though she wasn’t conventionally pretty there was something about her- an aura; a sense of confidence. She seemed to eschew cosmetics, perfumes and nail polish.

Lee hadn’t met the third member of the household, whom Ria said would be back in a couple of weeks time, a teaching assistant called Jan.

Sometimes in the evening Ria would join Lee in the lounge watching TV and they would engage in some small talk, enquiring how he was settling into the new job and if he was happy with everything in the house. Whenever she spoke she seemed to have a twinkle in her eye and maybe it was wishful thinking on Lee’s part, but he got the opinion she was sizing him up. He didn’t have a girlfriend since moving to the town and in the couple of weeks or so since he moved in he hadn’t seen any other visitors come into the place.

Though Ria had always been covered up, the only parts of her he had seen other than her face were her fore-arms. With her being fairly slender in build these were of a similar nature but what stood out was they were literally carpeted behind her wrists with silky long dark hairs, the hairs longest closest to the elbow. Lee couldn’t remember seeing such an amount of hair on a woman’s arms before, though he’d seen a few fairly hairy, but not this much. Despite the quantity of hair on view there was nothing unruly about them and they seemed all slick running in the same direction.

For reasons Lee couldn’t fathom he found Lee’s hairy arms quite erotic and titillating. When they were chatting in the lounge Ria would sometimes subconsciously start stroking her arm hair with her opposite hand-hirsute silky strands!

A few days later Ria came out of the bathroom donning her dressing gown while Lee was half reading the evening newspaper and half watching some inane soap that happened to be on. This was the first time he’d seen Ria in a dressing gown which stretched down below her knees.

She sat down in an arm chair and put her feet up. As Lee glanced round he was suddenly mesmerised!

Lee was trying so hard not to stare but his eyes kept returning to what had captivated his attention. Ria’s legs were slender but still shapely and her skin very pale but what stole Lee’s attention was the state of them. Contrasting with the pasty skin was the dense covering of dark, somewhat fierce looking bristles that covered her calves from the top of her feet to as far as he could see, which was a couple of inches below the knees, where the gown rested.

If Ria had noticed Lee staring she wasn’t letting on yet and returned to where she had reached in her novel. Lee was transfixed. For sure he’d never seen such dense stubble on a woman’s legs before. Yes, he’d had encounters with young women who had let their legs go a bit, but none had such dense bristles looking like an armour coating like this.

Lee could feel his heart race a bit and felt a little hot. His mind started racing too with a myriad thoughts. To his surprise he wasn’t repelled by the prickly coat that covered Ria’s slim calves. The bristles were a few millimetres long and he wondered how many days since she last shaved them? He pondered how hairy they would be if they were allowed to grow out? Probably a dense fur coat! Perhaps she’d be attacking them with a razor in the next few days or possibly let them grow out a bit to have them waxed?

His thoughts then moved on from her stubbly legs to how hairy she might be elsewhere. If her legs had this potential (and of course the very hairy arms too that he’d admired earlier) then her pubes must be like an Amazonian rain forest if unmanaged? And her pits-would they too have a dense cactus head of bristles or would they have luxuriant trusses like a hanging garden?

Though Ria may have been demure in many ways regarding her appearance, Lee was intrigued and increasingly aroused by her body. He wanted to know and see more!

At this point Ria said her goodnights and retired to her bedroom leaving Lee feeling aroused and needing to release his pent-up excitement. There was nothing more to do but for Lee to return to his room. He hadn’t noticed before but such was his preoccupation with the dense stubble on Ria’s legs that he hadn’t seen the soiled stain bahis siteleri at the front of his pants. As he removed them his dick was certainly wet and sticky but still bulging with anticipation. Laying on the bed he grabbed his erect dick and started jerking it off as he thought of Ria’s silky hairy arms and the thick leg stubble. He loved the thought of massaging his hungry penis against those furry arms and perhaps jerking off on those intimidating bristles before rubbing it in.

After his dick rapidly shot its load he again wondered about what her bush would be like? How far would the growth run down her thighs if unpruned? He started to visualise her in the bath with a really dense furry bush and started to imagine her soaping her legs and then running a razor through the dense dark stubble leaving smooth pale skin in its wake before getting a great lather on her pubic jungle.

Lee had a restless night, his thoughts with Ria’s hairy body and several more sessions with his right hand to dampen down his sexual energies!

At breakfast Ria was already up and back in her thick leggings and fleece and smiled at Lee, who initially felt a bit sheepish given his erotic thoughts regarding Ria. She seemed not to have noticed Lee’s stares the previous night (or perhaps chose to overlook them?).

The whole day while Lee was at work he was somewhat distracted with his thoughts frequently returning to Ria. Would he be able to get off with her? He wanted to explore her slender hairy body!

Unusually Ria was home before Lee and as he entered the flat the music was quite loud. It soon transpired that Ria was in the bathroom finishing her ablutions and had the bathroom door open while listening to her favourite music. Ria hadn’t heard Lee come in and as he realised why the music was turned up he tried to sneak a view without being seen.

The light wasn’t great and to be honest he couldn’t see her legs well enough to see whether she had finally shaved them? But what he could see blew his mind and cue instant hard-on!

As Ria was drying herself with the towel and she raised an arm to dry her pit he could see a real thicket of dense, long dark hair in the first one. Hirsute was definitely the word! Repeating with the opposite arm to her second pit he was open-mouthed at the wonderfully fully furred forest in her axillae.

Eyes dropping southwards it was no shock to see another hirsute show of hairy exuberance.

Realising Ria would soon come out of the bathroom he quickly headed up to his room where masturbation was the only option for him, so highly aroused did he feel. Lee was so incredibly turned-on and wanted to share Ria’s furry body with his own.

Later on as Lee was watching the evening news on the TV, Ria reappeared and to his surprise was still wearing her dressing gown. This time she avoided the arm chair and sat down on the sofa close to him.

What was now only too apparent was any leg grooming was still on hold as her slender calves still had a dense coating of bristles, now perceptibly slightly longer than the previous day.

Again Lee kept staring at her impressive stubble while trying (but failing) to be discreet!

Ria had a smile on her face.

“You seem fascinated by my legs?” she hinted.

“Umm, err, sorry didn’t mean to stare. Your legs are so…..” stuttered Lee before Ria interjected.

“… hairy?” you mean. “Does that bother you then? Do you think I’m some sort of hairy werewolf?” she chuckled.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed Lee apologetically replied, “No not at all. It’s just that…..well… um.. I guess I’ve never seen such thick stubble on a woman’s legs before! Guess it sort of fascinates me?”

Ria burst out laughing.

“I think it’s more than fascinating you looking at that bulge in your pants!”

“Sorry, ” meekly responded Lee. “I’m intrigued- I can see you must shave them sometimes but have you ever let them grow out fully? Guessing them would be REALLY hairy?”

Ria was enjoying Lee’s discomfort but was also warming to him, feeling an attraction to him.

“I think we better let your little boy come out. I can see he’s trapped in there below your zip!” chuckled Ria.

Releasing his zip she confidently handled his by now not so little boy. In fact it sprang out like a pent up coil, standing proud to attention as though a soldier on parade.

“He is rather handsome. Love the way he stands so proud and so nice and thick too. Now we’ve released him I guess you’d like to feel my bristly legs?” smiled Ria.

Tentatively Lee bent forwards and began to stroke the dense stubble while Ria gently fondled his appreciative dick.

While Lee was exploring this novel sensation running his fingers up the bristles Ria responded to his question from a few minutes earlier.

“Yes some years back just before I left college I decided to grow out my leg hair fully. My skin is a bit sensitive so doesn’t like to be shaved too often and as the evidence shows, I’m naturally somewhat canlı bahis siteleri hairy! At the time quite a few of the girls decided to ditch their razors and there was a community type feeling with all the natural hairy women with furry pits, wild untrimmed bushes and rampant leg hair! Mind you I was hairier than most- the original Hairy Mary with sasquatch leg!. Don’t think I shaved my very furry legs for four, maybe five years and despite what some might say, the leg hair didn’t act as a contraceptive keeping guys at bay. Having furry legs was no deterrent to getting fucked on a regular basis by different guys. Some of them found it sort of exotic as well as erotic, loved stroking it, rubbing their weeping dicks amongst the thick dark hair. It was also really nice not to have to shave!”

Ria then raised her legs and placed them on his Lee’s lap and directed his dick up against the stubble. She then began to grasp it more firmly before gently thrusting with some relish. She slowly picked up the rhythm with her confident thrusts before directing the warm stream of milky semen onto her growth before rubbing it in.

Lee, somewhat breathlessly, asked, ” So if you were happy with your legs fully natural and shaving wasn’t good for your skin, why did you start shaving them again?”

Laughing, Ria responded, “It wasn’t that straightforward! In fact to be honest I never did start to think about shaving them again.”

Somewhat mystified, Lee was curious about Ria’s answer.

“So what happened then?”

“You know what it’s like! You fall for someone. There was this guy I really had the hots for. Strong looking, handsome, intelligent and an impressive hairy chest, which I love. One day at a bar we got chatting and after a couple of drinks we started to get a little cosy. He gently held my hand and with with my sleeves half way up my arms he started to stroke the long wispy hairs on them. I could see he really liked the silky hair. Seeing how he appreciated my hairy arms I joked that was he a fan of the hairy woman. He didn’t say no and said he was a fan of body hair on women. That gave me a good feeling as a hairy woman!”

Still mystified Lee asked, “So if he was a fan of hairy women why shave the legs then?”

“I guess there’s hairy and then there’s hairy, ” smiled Ria. “He loved my thick bush-he’d spend ages caressing the long hairs and he loved the way they grew down my inner thighs. He’d often stroke the inner thigh hair while we were kissing. Equally my hairy pits really aroused him. He would caress them, he’d nuzzle them, lick them. He was so aroused if I’d been for for jog and they were really sweaty-reeking of fresh sweat. Sometimes he’d ask for me to not wash for for a couple of days and would really get off on them. I already knew he liked my dense silky arm hairs but it transpired he was less enthusiastic about my thick leg pelt!

At first he didn’t say much, but then dropped some hints, which got louder. He sort of said yes he loved a hairy woman but I was like a hairy beast with my thick leg hair. Maybe I should have just told him to fuck off he if didn’t like it?”

“Lee said, “Why didn’t you then?”

Laughing, Ria replied, “Boy I was tempted. But other than this niggle we really hit it off. He was funny, rough but tender in equal measure and he was awesome in bed, a real prize fuck! At first I just played deaf to his suggestions that I’d be sexier with smooth legs and keep everything else nice and furry. In the end I said I’d do it to get him off my back but then I didn’t shave them. These false promises happened a couple of times and then IT happened!”

Totally fascinated, “What happened?”

“Well I’d promised I’d shave my legs for his birthday, but then the evening before I just couldn’t face the hassle of removing all the thick hair from my calves, so hairy they remained! Went round his place on his birthday promising a special time! We kissed passionately, he nibbled my nipples and enjoyed nuzzling in the moist thick fur under my arms. By now we’d had a couple of drinks and he started to remove my dark leggings. For the first time I saw him get annoyed when he saw my legs were still covered in dense dark hair and said I’d broken my promise to him to shave them for him on his big day.

Then he picked me up in his strong muscular arms, carried me across the room and sat down on a hard back chair with me over his lap. He then pulled down my undies and began spanking me. Think he spanked me a dozen or so times. Boy did my arse sting!”

“Horrified Lee said so what next?”

Ria responded, “Maybe I should have told him where to go but even though my cheeks were throbbing I was also pretty aroused by it. Secretly I’d fantasised about a guy spanking me like that. He also could tell I was turned on and I just pulled down his flies and began greedily sucking on his erect knob. We had a frantic fuck, hands all over each other before he got up and placed me on the seat and then tied me to it. I guess I had a sense canlı bahis of what was to come!”

“What? ” enquired Lee.

Answering, Ria said, “Defoliation!! He left the room and came back with his battery razor which had a long hair trimmer attached to it. Buzzing, he raised one of my legs and started to wield it up my calf and the fur certainly started to fly! Large clumps of long dark hair cascading to the floor. He was pretty skilful and only took a few minutes and there was enough hair on the floor to make a wig while my legs looked maybe slightly less bristly than they are now. Repeat second leg.

He then left me stubbly and left the room. Returning to the room he was now armed with a long straight razor. Carefully he started at my ankle and slid the blade upwards slicing through the stubble leaving smooth white skin in the wake until he reached my knee. He then worked his way around my stubbly leg shaving until all the bristles had been removed. Now much to my surprise it was so very different to shaving them myself, which was always a messy chore. I actually really enjoyed the process- his dominating of me yet so gently and sensually shaving them. He then did the same obviously with the other leg. By contrast to my calves, my thighs are effectively hairless ignoring the abundant growth on my inner thighs apart from the backs of them, where there’s some patchy long hairs that grow horizontally, but not not thick like the lower legs. Anyway he unleashed me, put me over his knees again and I wondered whether he was going to smack my sore arse again. But no, he then picked up the razor and removed the long hairs on the backs of my thighs-first time they’d ever been shaved!”

Lee looked as though the wind had blown through his sails!

“Blimey! That’s a tail and a half! ” was all he could muster.

“After he shaved me he was so sweet and lovely, saying I was the perfect hairy princess as his eyes moved up from my smooth now hair-free legs, pausing at the thick inner hair growth as it merges with my bush and my happy trail as his eyes headed north. Knowing what he liked I raised my arms to expose my densely bushy pits. No longer an untamed hairy beast but a feminine natural hairy woman. He started to suck my toes before lingering on my unusually smooth calves, gently kissing them, licking them and caressing them before burying his head in my dense undergrowth and giving me an awesome orgasm.

I was worried he’d expect my calves to stay perfectly smooth. Though I appreciated their new smoother appearance I knew my legs would hate near daily shaving to keep them like that. I didn’t say anything at the time but waited to see how he’d react as they started getting bristly, which doesn’t take long! Surprisingly he seemed to really like stroking my stubbly legs which made me relaxed. It was only when the stubble started getting quite long that he’d suggest a shave. We soon settled into a quite a sexy routine where every couple of weeks or so we’d have a quiet night in, some sexy music playing, candles in the bathroom and he would sensually soap and shave my calves free of the bristles. The funniest part was moving round so he could do the backs of my thighs!”

Ria started giggling thinking about the last part.

“So why did you split up?” enquired Lee.

“Guess we were slowly drifting apart, but then work took him a long way from here, so in the end it was the finish!”

Lee responded, “So you carried on shaving them yourself?”

With a big grin, Ria cheekily replied, “Not if I can help it! I like to be passive regarding shaving, so happy to lay back and have them shaved for me- but not too often!”

Feeling somewhat aroused by Ria’s amazing shaving exploits Lee, suggested,

“I guess it must be approaching shave time again then?”

Teasing, Ria responded, “Maybe? Sounds like you’d like to be round for the next big shave? Seriously probably going to happen next week. Jan is back at the weekend, so probably a couple of days after that?”

Lee was getting more intrigued but guessed he’d have to wait until then. Ria cuddled up to Lee giving him a big hug and played with his hair. Nearly time for bed but before retiring Ria shocked him again by discarding her robe, letting Lee experience her furry pits before handling his erect dick and bouncing up and down on it as it thrust in her moist hole, nestling amongst her thick pubic hair.

It all seemed so surreal and as swiftly as she got him off, it was a kiss and she was off to bed.

Ria had been busy the following few days but by the weekend Jan came home, Lee meeting her for the first time. She was of a moderate build with a mop of wild strawberry blonde hair and when he met her had a long skirt on, socks with sandals and a colourful jersey.

Later in the evening she slouched on the sofa animatedly chatting to Ria and to Lee. Though she had on a fairly long skirt on it gradually started to rise up exposing her socks which were slightly longer than ankle songs. It also revealed a little bit of leg too and Lee wasn’t slow to notice. In contrast to Ria’s legs, Jan had no stubble, but had some long light brown hairs showing. Nowhere as hairy as Ria’s would be, but still moderately hairy.

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