Story: First Meeting

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Story: First MeetingHere’s a story I wrote upon the request of a Domme I was corresponding with.The Taking-Arrival-I arrive at your hotel room as instructed at 7:30pm precisely. I knock twice on the door and wait for you to open it. You are as prompt as. You command me to the center of the room with a silent gesture. You then speak to me but in a friendly tone. Making sure I am really ready to go through with submitting to you. Of course, I am. I have wanted this so badly for so long.-Inspection-You order me to disrobe and neatly fold my clothes and place them on a chair. Then you command me to stand at attention for your inspection. You tell me to stand with my legs spread three feet apart with my fingers interlaced and hands behind my head in the middle of the room so that you may inspect me from any angle at your whim. You circle me inspecting your new toy.You enjoy the lines of my biceps and triceps created by the tension of holding my hands behind my head as commanded. You trace my arm muscles with your finger appraising me as you do so. You circle around and inspect my the curves of my ass patting and poking to check it’s firmness and muscularity. Then it’s on to my thighs and calves which are straining from having my legs spread so far apart. I am wondering when you are going to inspect my cock, but I know you are purposefully ignoring it right now. You have all the time you want to inspect me, so why rush it?I am enjoying the surrender of being naked in your presence while you are fully clothed. You have yet to speak to me so I wonder what your appraisal of my body is so far. I do so hope it pleases you. You are behind me and I can feel your hot breath on my neck just before you reach between my legs to grab my balls. First, you pull them down and away from my body in a good stretch, which causes me to moan. Then you hold them in your hand as if you are weighing them.You finally speak and say “My balls sure seem full of cum. When was the last time you orgasmed, slave?” I respond “Mistress, it has been two weeks as you instructed.” I need not tell you that my cock is at full attention and has been for some time. Now you also comment on how you like how I shaved my ass crack from top to bottom leaving my asshole hairless for you to play with as you like. Hearing your commanding voice excites me even move. I think my cock is starting to drip pre-cum already.You toy with my asshole as you continue to gently stretch my balls. I am moaning from your dual attentions and your hot breath still on my neck. You are doing a great job of playing my body like an instrument. After several minutes of fingering my asshole and massaging and stretching my balls, you walk back in front of me and begin to really evaluate my cock. You lightly bat it around to see how it bounces as you inspect the length, weight and thickness of it. You scoop the pre-cum that is dripping from the head up with your index finger before bringing it to your lips for a taste. You only taste a little and have me clean ümraniye escort the rest from your finger.You grab a leather ball stretcher and place it on my shaved scrotum with 8 ounces of weights on it. Then you are going to pay some serious attention to that cock you have been fantasizing about. You begin to stroke it slowly with a loose grip to tease me as you watch my reactions to your touch. You begin to tell me how much you like my cock and all the things you want to do to it as you increase the tempo and firmness of your stroking. I am getting hornier and hornier as you toy with my cock and tell me all the things you are going to do to me, all the things you are going to do to my cock, balls, ass and nipples and all the things you are going to make me do to myself and you. The combination of your handling of my cock and your erotic descriptions are bring me closer and closer to orgasm.You sense this and stop stroking my cock. You retreat a few feet from me to you can take me and my cock in from a distance as I cool down. You tell me how much you like the look and feel of my shaved balls. After a few minutes of cooling down and observation, you come over and take my cock into your mouth. Your excellent skill at fellatio immediately has an effect upon me. I am putty in your mouth. You can get me to do anything you want, if you only promise to give me the orgasm I so desperately need. You suck and stroke my cock for what seem like hours to me in my heighten state of sexual arousal, but it’s really only been another 25 minutes. You know I am close to cuming, so you stop your fellation so I can cool down again.You circle around my body again to have one last inspection. You poke, prod and pinch as you see fit to assess your new slave. Finally after you satisfied with your inspection of me. You inform me that you are going to prepare me to serve you. You walk behind me and get something off the dresser. Next you tell me to turn my feet inwards and to bend at the waist until my upper body is parallel with the floor. You lube my asshole with what feel like very cold lube. You tell me to relax grab the weights hanging from the ball stretcher and begin to insert a medium sized butt plug into my tight ass. I know this will help prepare me for what is to come later. You tell me how much you are looking forward to fucking my ass with your strap-on and this plug is small compared to what awaits me.You order to to re-assume the inspection position. Now you attach some mild nipple clamps linked together with a chain to my erect little nipples. I groan as you tighten them. I know they will start to go slightly numb soon, but right now even the mild ones are intense. Lastly you add some leather restraints to my ankles and wrists. You tell me you want me to remember my place and hope it won’t be necessary to use them, but in any case you like the look of them upon my body.-Worship-You tell me it is time to show my devotion to you. You order me to kneel down in front kadıköy escort of your clothed body and begin worshiping your feet. First, I kiss your tall black heels, then the black fishnets encasing your ankles. I kiss back down over the top of your foot and begin kissing each toe through the stockings. After 15 minutes of this service, you remove your heels and have me lick and kiss the soles of your feet through the dark stockings.You removed one then the other stockings as you have me lick and suck each toe to your satisfaction. I spend an imperceivable amount of time attending to each and every book and cranny of your feet, toes and ankles. You tell me how wet my service is making you. You tell me to stroke my cock for you without cuming the entire rest of the time I am worshiping you.I feel like there is a puddle of precum forming on the floor beneath my drooling cock. You have me lick and suck your beautifully shaved pussy and asshole next with my head under your hiked-up skirt. I am completely devoted to pleasing you through my oral ministrations upon your beautiful ass, clitoris and labia. You tell me what a good job I am doing and how aroused you are by my attentions. I really don’t know how long my face has been between your legs or cheeks. I do know I am incredibly horny.You tell me that I have done an excellent job and you would like me to continue for much longer, but you and I have more to do together. You tell me you have to take me and make me yours.-The Taking-You have me lay back on the bed with my legs spread and pulled back toward my chest so you can remove the butt plug I have been wearing the whole time I was worshiping you. As you are pulling firmly on the ballstretcher, you move the plug in and out teasing my ass, fucking it, right before you pull it out leaving my hole gapping and begging for some of your attention. You supply it starting with one finger which doesn’t fill the void left by the plug.You know I want more because you can see the desire in my face. You grant me more as you work a second finger in and out of my asshole. That feels almost as filling as the plug, but you don’t stop there as you work in a third finger. I try to squirm away, but your firm grip on the ball stretcher only gets firmer and your pulling and pushing leaves me no escape. This third finger is stretching me more than the plug was. I am trying to adjust to the additional intrusion, but I am enjoying it nonetheless. You tell me I will be glad to be stretched like this before you take me with your strap-on and make me yours. Once you feel like my ass has relaxed to fully accept your three lovely fingers, you toy with me for a few more minutes before telling me you are going to get ready to fuck me. You command me to finger my ass for you to keep it ready and relaxed, while you change and put on your strap-on.You tell me what a little anal slut I am as I finger my ass with three of my fingers as you ordered. I am your total anal slut. My fingers are bostancı escort a little larger than yours, so I am getting stretched a bit more. I don’t mind. I want to please you. I want to take everything you are going to give me. You begin to disrobe. I am finally going to get to see you naked. My cock twitches and leaks pre-cum over my stomach as I pump my ass for you. You are gorgeous. I want you to take me so badly. You are naked and begin putting on the harness and strap-on. I have been waiting to be taken like this for so long. I am some what intimidated by the size of the strap-on you choose.You rub some lube on the strap-on, as you tell me that you choose this particular one since it was a close in length and girth to my own as you could find with out going smaller. You tell me all the those girls I’ve fucked in the ass took my cock, so I should have no problem taking something about the same size as my own. You are so deliciously evil. My cock is drooling precum as you approach me stroking the lube over the length of your silicone shaft. You tell me to stop being such a slut and stop fingering my ass. I do.You begin to rub the thick head of your silicone cock against my asshole. You’re teasing me with it. You tease me and tell me what the rest of the night will entail. You say that you are going to fuck me in the ass until I have cum so many times that I have nothing left to shoot. When you have milked all the cum from my balls with your strap-on, I will know that I am your slave and belong to you. You are intending to fuck with your strap-on me until I empty my balls all over myself. I almost cum there between your manual and verbal teasing. You are still teasing my hole with the head working it in a half inch and them back out. I want it so bad.You tell me there is one thing for me to do before you fuck me. I have to beg you to fuck my ass with your strap-on until my balls are empty and I belong to you as your new personal slave. I beg and beg. You make me beg for five minutes, teasing my ass the whole time. Once satisfied you hold the ballstretcher and work the strap-on all the way into my ass and let me get accommodated to it. It’s stretching me with it’s length and girth.You work my ass and tease my cock and balls until I have cum five times all over myself. You can see the amount of cum I am producing is diminishing significantly now. You generously remove my nipple clamps and fuck me to one more dry orgasm with my nipples screaming in pain the entire way from the fresh blood flow to them. My stomach and chest are covered with my cum. You are glistening from the exertion. You scoop as much of the cum as you can and shovel it into my ass with your fingers. You own my ass now. It is gaping wide open for you.-Conclusion-After I am completely spent from your incredible strap-on fucking I need to rest. You put a good sized trailer hitch type butt plug in my tender ass to hold my cum in there, remove the weights from the ballstretcher and tell me it is time for sleep and that you will show me what it means to be an owned slave for the rest of the weekend starting in the morning. You connect each wrist restraint to the other, as well as the two ankle restraints. I drift off to sleep thinking of how you are going to use me, your new slave.

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