Storm of Love

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Double Penetration

London, England


Storm stared at Skye as she slowly descended down the staircase. She had managed to surprise him again, this time in tight breeches, boots and a tight shirt that molded her full breasts. Her hair was long, loose and tied back.

“What is the point of your choice of dress, sweetie?” Storm asked, admiring her shapely body.

“I can hardly practice dressed in a skirt, can I? Breeches allow me comfort and freedom of movement. They also make it easier for you to pretend I am a man.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Why the devil would I want to pretend that you are a man?”

“So you won’t treat me like a female and coddle me as a weakling.”

She was mistaken if she thought for one instant that he could ever think of her as a man. Those clothes only called attention to the lithe, feminine curves of her legs, hips, and the gentle swells of her breasts.

“You are just doing it to distract me. Maybe even start a scandal,” Storm told her.

She gave a low, delighted laugh. “I confess that you are right. You don’t want a woman who is not independent, who wears dresses all the time. Maybe be scandalous at the same time.”

Storm shook his head. Skye’s scandalous attire didn’t bother him in the least. In fact, he enjoyed it. Finding a woman who was more rebellious in nature than he was, was the best thing that could have happened to him. “You will find that I’m more broadminded than most people. I don’t mind at all at the way you dress and I will not dictate your wardrobe when we are married.”

“I will not wed you, but I’m willing to be your mistress. If I’ll be your mistress, then I have more freedom to leave whenever you grow tired of me, or me growing tired of you. Society would then brand me a Jezebel.”

“I don’t really care about society. You will marry me, Skye. And when we are married, you’ll most likely be called an eccentric. As my wife, you will enjoy much more freedom than you are permitted now as a gorgeous, unmarried young lady. And I can assure you, life with me would not be dull.”

He followed her into the living room, admiring the gentle sway of her derriere. She led him into a large room. The floor was clear of any furniture. The carpet was rolled up.

“Will this do for my lesson?” Skye asked.

“It will do just fine.”

Storm shut the door behind him, turned the key in the lock. This was a rare opportunity to be alone with his unwilling future wife, and he wanted no interruptions. He intended to give her much more than a fencing lesson. For all her passionate nature, she was sexually inexperienced and needed an awakening. Since she was against marrying him in fear that he would turn out like her father, teaching her about pleasure, he thought, would soften her defenses and make her more willing to wed him.

He withdrew a long, slim foil, and let her examine the fencing instrument. Then he showed her the proper position; right arm extended, foil raised, left arm bent upward. Next he demonstrated the basic elements; thrust and parry, feint, riposte, recovery, counter-parry, lunge, and had her practice each technique.

Storm enjoyed touching her frequently. He admired Skye for catching on quickly because of her agility and natural athleticism.

Lastly, he stood opposite her and taught her how to advance and retreat.

“You engage and disengage and try to score a hit while keeping up your defense,” Storm commented.

“I can see that,” Skye replied a little breathlessly. “Your skill is amazing.”

“A little more practice and you will be ready to take me on.”

Skye laughed. “It will take me a long time to be a good match for you.”

She was a match for him already. Not with a foil, of course. But her zest for living, her endearing high spirits, delighted him immensely. It was remarkable, the bond he felt with her after such a short acquaintance.

If she were his wife, he would be able to spar with her regularly, to laugh with her, to tease her and provoke her and challenge her as he was doing now. And he could have her in his bed. It was a highly pleasurable to imagine awakening with her beside him every morning, making love to her slowly and thoroughly. He wanted to take her right now, he thought, gazing down into her beautiful eyes. She was so desirable, he wanted to bury his hands in her waist length hair and back her against the wall and just kiss her until she gave into his demands.

But he would not allow himself. He didn’t want an affair. He wanted her as his wife. No, he intended to leave her a virgin until she was his bride. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t use passion to persuade her to accept his hand in marriage. He wanted more than her surrender, however.

Storm didn’t realize he had gone still until Skye looked up at him. “Is something güvenilir bahis siteleri wrong?” she asked questionably.

“Not at all. But it is time for your next lesson.”

“What lesson?” she asked, her expression a bit wary.

Not replying right away, Storm stepped toward her and took her foil from her, then set both rapiers down on a table. When he turned to stand before her, the need to take her in his arms was almost unbearable.

“I mean to teach you about passion,” he said as he drew Skye against him.

Her breathing catching, she raised her hands to push against his shoulders, but Storm refused to release her.

“Have I mentioned that seeing you in those breeches makes my imagination run wild?”

“What effect has it had?” she asked, her voice nervous and uneven.

“You have aroused me quite painfully,” he said, his gaze locking with hers.

“I most certainly don’t mean to.”

“And you can’t deny that I arouse you.”

Skye opened her mouth to deny it, but closed it again. “Of course you arouse me. You are a renowned lover who can seduce anybody you want.”

His hands moved to her waist and held her flush against him, enjoying the tremors that went through her body. “You are a passionate woman. You are too hot-blooded and intense.”

Her chin lifted. “I think passion is highly overrated.”

“I know you do. But after tonight you won’t.”

Lowering his hands to her hips, he slipped one knee between hers, parting her legs. With a gasp, Skye tried to pull back, but he tightened his grip and pressed her abdomen into his loins.

Deliberately rubbing his thigh against her woman’s mound, he lifted her slightly to make her slide against him. She moaned just before he bent his head and captured her lips.

Skye went rigid at his bold assault, but Storm went on teasing, coaxing, playing, exploring, showing her that he found her mouth special.

After a long moment, he was rewarded when she began to respond ardently, as if she couldn’t help herself. He let himself get swept away by her eagerness, feeling the effects of the kiss. He was breathless as he forcibly drew back.

She stared at him, looking dazed and beautiful, her hair tousled, her cheeks flushed, her eyes bright.

Pulling her with him, he backed toward a chair that was against the wall and sat down. Then he eased Skye down to straddle his knee.

Her eyes widened, as he opened his shirt to bare his chest, and caught her wrists and placed her palms against his warm flesh.


“What, my love?”

His gaze dropped to her breasts. He parted the front of her shirt. She wore a camisole beneath, and her nipples were clearly outlined beneath the fine silk.

“You have to stop.”

“We have barely begun.”

Tugging down the edge of the undergarment, he freed the beautiful mounds to his use. Then slowly he brushed his fingertips across the rise of her breasts. The rose-hued crests were erect and tight, begging for his attention, yet he ignored them.

Skye quivered, muscles tensing, and when he cupped her fullness, cradling the weight in his palms, she drew a shuddering breath.

Her heated softness was a sensual delight. He began gently kneading, molding. He loved the feel of her, the enchanting contrast of feminine firmness and softness against his harder flesh.

Her breathing was shallow by the time he circled her nipples with his thumbs. They were highly sensitive. He lifted his fingers and lightly stroked. He lingered on the engorged crests, then plucked at the straining buds, caressing and teasing.

Skye inhaled sharply as his tongue began to lick one nipple. It was hard and tight, and it went even stiffer as he slowly circled it with his tongue, laving it with tender care.

“I have dreamed about doing this for weeks,” he murmured, finally moving his mouth to her other nipple. “Tasting you, suckling you…”

To his delight, Skye was growing hot and restless at his erotic suckling. Evidently wanting more, she twined her fingers into his hair and pulled his mouth even closer.

Giving her nipples a final kiss, Storm drew back to meet her gaze.

She looked at him with longing. “Is that it?” she asked breathlessly.

“No, there is more.” Reaching up, he loosened her hair that was tied at the nape of her neck, letting it cascade over her shoulders. “You look ravishing in your breeches, and the thought of peeling them off you is quite tempting, but regrettably we must do with making love fully clothed.”

“Is that possible?” she asked doubtfully.

“Yes. I will show you.”

He brought his hands to her hips and shifted beneath her, lifting her up and raising his knee so that she slid toward him.

Skye sucked in a shaky breath at the friction, while her canlı bahis siteleri hips instinctively rocked against him.

“That’s right, love… ride me.”

Her mouth parted in surprise when she realized what he wanted of her. He drew her even closer so that her naked breasts rubbed against his bare chest.

His hands guiding her, he moved her lower body in a slow deliberate rhythm. She caught on quickly and began to rock on her own accord. She writhed against the hard flesh of his thigh, arching in his arms, which made Storm grip her hips harder.

He wanted her. To drive himself into her, plunging hard and deep. She would be slick and swollen and so incredibly hot.

His chest tightened at the image, while his erection throbbed painfully.

His arms shifted to wrap around her, he found her lips again, his thrusting tongue tangling with hers. Her response was urgent and needy. She opened to him fully, letting him ravish her mouth while he rocked her faster, grinding her woman’s cleft against him.

Skye felt as if her body was on fire. As his thigh moved powerfully against her aching core, her hips surged forward, seeking some unknown relief. She was panting, flushed, feverish with the heat building inside her. The sudden, intense rush of sensation was overwhelming. So much so that the crotch of her pants became wet. She arched convulsively, sinking her nails into Storm’s shoulders. The tide of feeling surged and crashed through her, letting a wild cry burst forth.

When the last shudders quivered through her, Skye collapsed limply against her soon to be lover, her face buried in the curve of his shoulder. Her breasts rose and fell against his naked chest as she tried to make sense of the sensual explosion she had just experienced.

She was amazed by the pleasure. Stunned. Her whole body feeling gloriously hot and exhausted.

She was very wet between her legs. And she was certain Storm knew it. He was holding her in his arms, one hand tenderly stroking her hair. “That was something I will not forget,” she said weakly.

He pressed his lips to her temple and kissed her. “I am more painfully aroused now than I’ve ever been in my life.” He lifted her and sat her down on a chair next to him.

A moment later, he shocked her by unbuttoning his breeches. Skye’s breath faltered when he freed his erect member to her shocked gaze.

“Have I robbed you of speech, my love?”

Skye swallowed. “You are shameless,” she said hoarsely.

“I can be. You will find that I am a virile man.”

Her eyes widened as he cradled the rigid shaft in his palm. She guessed that he was greatly aroused from the way it jutted out, thick, long and swollen.

She had never seen a man’s naked loins before. She could only stare as he lightly stroked himself.

“I would rather you do this for me,” he said, standing to place his chair in front of her.

She remained speechless, as he reached for her ankle, pulled off her boots and peeled off her socks. Lifting her feet onto his lap, then drew it closer to contact his naked flesh.

She sat transfixed, unable to look away. The hot thickness of his manhood felt strangely erotic against her feet.

“Skye,” he said softly. “Come closer.” He pulled his chair closer to her.

She lifted her gaze to his, understanding that he wanted her to tend to him. “You want me to caress you?”

“Yes, very much.” He smiled. “You know how pleasurable it feels when I aroused you, so you can imagine how pleasurable it can be for me when you arouse me. I can see that your crotch is wet from your arousal.”

Her heart started to pound. Without waiting for her, Storm reached for her palm and guided it to his manhood. Skye inhaled a sharp breath as her fingers closed around his hardness, feeling him pulse and leap at her touch.

Keeping a grasp on her hand, he coaxed her to fondle him, letting her cup the sac beneath his manhood, tracing the blunt, velvety head. Demonstrating how to give him pleasure, he began moving her hand slowly up and down, stroking.

“Harder, my sweet. You will not hurt me.”

A thrill raced through her, kindling her senses, igniting a heat inside her. She was inflamed by the feel of him. The moment before his climax, he released her hand and cupped his hand to spurt his seed into it.

He wiped his hand clean with a handkerchief, then rearranged his clothing, covering himself and redoing his breeches.

“Is that it?” she asked.

“Did you want more?”

“Well… yes.” She wanted him to make love to her. He left her aching and hot, her senses on fire.

“You did that on purpose,” she accused him.

“Yes. Now you know what it feels like to be painfully aroused with no hope of fulfillment. Which is the state you leave me in constantly.”

He bahis firmaları had deliberately aroused her, only to keep her frustrated and hungry and craving for more. “That is hardly fair,” she muttered. “Rather mean, in fact.”

“You have the power to change all that. All you have to do is say you will marry me, and I will be more than happy to satisfy your needs at anytime you wish. Until that time, your virtue is safe with me.”

She didn’t want to remain a virgin. Not after experiencing the stunning passion. She wanted to be his lover. Even if she didn’t want marriage, which she didn’t, she’d rather be his mistress.

“I don’t want marriage. I want you, Storm,” she stated in a low voice. “And I know you want me, too.”

“Yes,” he said simply.

Realizing she might not give in to his proposal, he undressed her, intending to tease her again and leave her unfulfilled. When he had stripped away all her clothes, he stepped back to take in her nakedness. “I have imagined this countless times. How perfect your body would be, how exquisite. How it would feel to make love to you with nothing between us.”

He stepped back to remove his own clothing. Her breath caught as she saw his fully naked body for the first time. Everything about him was perfect. His arousal thrust out thick and swollen.

Skye sucked in a sharp breath as their bodies touched. He felt wonderful. Her senses came alive. His erection pulsed and strained against her abdomen. She pressed her body against him, wanting to be closer.

“No, keep still and let me pleasure you,” Storm murmured. “Lay down.”

She lay on the bed and let him have his way, but it wasn’t easy to remain still as he stroked her, his hands lightly wandering over her skin. Her nipples hardened and when his palms barely brushed over the pouting buds, a fire kindled inside her and flowed downward to her female center.

His hands left her breasts and tangled in her hair, holding her head as his lips kiss the underside of her throat before moving over her jaw to her cheekbone. Then, slowly settled his lips over hers.

She was grateful when his hand returned to her breasts. Her nipples were aching and throbbing, when he rolled one between his thumb and forefinger, fiery sensations pulsed inside her, throbbing through her belly.

Then he cupped her smooth mound in one hand. One hand stayed at her breast and took the peak into his mouth, suckling, laving with his hot tongue. Then he trailed his mouth down to her abdomen.

Skye burned where his lips pressed, but she went rigid when his hands gently held her legs apart, exposing her to his touch.

“Easy,” Storm murmured. “I won’t hurt you.” Then he set his lips on her soft flesh, kissing her feminine center, making Skye gasp.

Storm lapped at her slowly, teasing the folds of her cleft in deep strokes, sending lashes of heat to the very core of her. He savored her, first long and slow, then more intense. His tongue alternately delicate and butterfly light, then firm, rough and urgent.

Her breathing grew increasingly ragged, racing with her heart at the erotic stimulation. Her body getting increasingly aroused, the pleasure sharp. Storm prolonged the delicious torture until Skye was faint with bliss. By then her clit was so distended and engorged, that it resembled a mini version of a man’s erection. Thrashing beneath his mouth, she gave in with fierce abandon. It was too much… to hot, too intense, too overwhelming. She bucked and cried out, reeling from the intense orgasm.

When the sensations finally receded, she became aware that he had stretched out beside her again and was watching her. Then he reached out to pull her closer, fitting her body to his. He held her like that for a while, his lips tenderly kissing her face. She felt his erection pressing against her belly, yet he made no move to seek his own release.

“Don’t you… intend to do more?” Skye asked, wanting him to continue.

“Not now,” he murmured. “I want to, believe me. I want nothing more than to stay here with you and make love to you all night long, to show you that lovemaking can be even better when it is fully consummated. But I won’t until you agree to marry me.”

“I can attend to you… if you wish,” she asked shyly.

“No. I would rather wait for the real thing, Skye.

“But I’m not satisfied, Storm. I feel… incomplete somehow.”

“I am satisfied for now. I wanted you to know passion, sweetheart, so you will know what you are missing by not marrying me.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. I still don’t plan on marrying you.”

“Damn it, Skye. Why are you so set against marrying me?”

“I told you why.”

“Because of your parents’ hostile marriage. That doesn’t mean ours will be.”

When his hand slid lower, Skye pulled away. She quickly got dressed and left, leaving him to think about his courtship with her.

He will not give up on her. He will show her that he was not like her father, or any other man who mistreated and abused women.

To be continued…

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