step mummy and me camping part duex

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step mummy and me camping part duexI had been tired from the previous night’s exertions and the vodka schnapps on top had ensured I’d slept like the dead. I came too slowly. Someone was whispering in my ear. “Now shush little one I’ll look after you. Please don’t struggle your perfectly safe”. I recognised the voice as my step mum. It all came back to me the diaper the sixty nine and the butt plug. I could feel restraints on my legs. Somehow I had been tied up with my knees drawn up to my arm pits. I could feel my vagina lips separating under my diaper. My anus also felt stretched and I had to clench my buttocks to retain the plug. My breasts also felt strange. I recognised the smooth but slightly scratchy sensation of my tights. My breasts had been bound tightly and the gusset had been wrapped around my neck. I knew that if I arched my neck the pressure would set of the milk in tits. I felt powerless but at the same time absolutely safe. I felt hot breath on my ear as step mum whispered “she loved me and wanted me to be close as possible and share each other completely”. I so wanted her and to give everything I had, to be her soul mate.I heard a rustling and I felt a hot moistness on my face. In the half dark I could see the diaper lowering towards me. She pulled the gusset to one side and squatted just over my mouth. I was thirsty anyway and licked my lips. I could feel the warm clamminess of her groin, smelling of cream and last night’s come. I wriggled my tongue through her crusty hairy mop seeking the hotness of her inner vagina. As I entered her secret it felt scalding hot on my tongue. The diaper had insulated her crotch and it felt like sticking my tongue in hot tea. The intimate feeling of her body heat coupled with the rich musky smell of vaginal mucus piss and cream assailed my senses. She slowly lowered herself onto my mouth. I felt a slow trickle and my swallow reflex kicked in. The stream of urine got stronger and she squashed her fanny hole over my mouth making sure her pee hole had a direct line down my throat. I quenched my thirst on the hot salty by product. I imagined it in her bladder getting hotter and hotter part of her being, but now she was part of me I was now the owner of her bodily fluids. She removed herself from my face and I sensed more than saw her remove her diaper. She lowered it over my breasts and wrung it out I could feel the urine rolling down between my bound breasts over my pendik escort belly and trickling down my hips and back. She gave a low chuckle as she saw me shiver with pleasure and being tickled by the urine. I wanted her so bad. The memory of her coming on my face last night and her sharing her toilet habits made me feel like I wanted to be as dirty as possible to do anything and everything for her. I tried to touch myself under my diaper. I felt my step mums hands secure my wrists and I felt the smooth cotton of my knickers tie my hands in a prayer sign and placed above my head. I’ll be your hands she said a she kissed me on the mouth I felt her tongue on my lips and I sent mine out to meet hers and we swapped tongues in each other’s mouths. I felt her saliva dribble into my mouth. I swallowed this and pushed saliva into her mouth. She sucked my tongue and I heard her swallow me. Again she pulled away. I felt her move down my body. Running her hands over my now purple breasts down my slightly wobbly stomach and I felt her caress my inner thighs. “Have you got a present for step mummy” I heard her question. She undid my diaper and I felt the slight coldness hit my vagina and buttocks. I wanted the warmth of the diaper back on my skin and the hot moistness within. “Oh you’ve been a good girl she offered you done lots of wee wee’s”. I lifted my bottom and the diaper was removed fully. The diaper appeared by my face. Can you smell yourself she said. Doesn’t it smell delicious? She gently placed the diaper over my mouth. Again she got close and whispered in my ear “suck it all up just for me”. I complied my hot smelly piss tasted of barrier cream and an after taste of the vodka. I felt slightly light headed as the pressure round my neck and the obstruction over my mouth left me gasping for breath. I could feel a tension in me that I’d never felt before. I felt a love and a neediness for my step mum I had felt for no other human being. I sucked the diaper till I could get no more from it. My step mum released me from my duty for now. Once again I could not see her or feel her. Then I had a tugging sensation on my butt plug. It was gently eased out and I felt my anus pucker as the tension was released.My used diaper was placed under my buttocks. I felt her start to knead my stomach and pull my buttocks apart. Her finger entered my anus and she spiralled it in and out. I could feel a bowel kartal escort movement coming on. I clenched my anus on her finger and said “no it’ll be too messy”. “Come on she said give me your present I want you to share every bit of yourself with me. I’ll keep you clean and it’ll go into the diaper”. I said no again I really felt embarrassed at pooing myself in front of her. It was humiliating and sharing this most private of processes needed real trust. I heard her reach into her suitcase and she showed me a thick dildo. “Let’s see if you can be persuaded young lady”. She covered it in lubricant and I felt my anus being coated with a cold slippery liquid. She then turned me onto my front. With my legs tied up and my breasts restrained I could do nothing go nowhere. I felt my anus exposed and totally at her mercy. The dildo was placed against my bowel opening and she eased it past my buttocks into my outer anus. She pushed it back and forth in shallow plunges. Softening me up for the real plunge past my sphincter. I felt my bowel stretch to accommodate it but not a lot of pain. My cheeks felt numb the cream must have aesthetic qualities I thought. “Clever kind step mum” I groaned. I felt it stretch me and my bowel cavity was full of dldo which as pushing my shit around and playing havoc with my body. I want to push I breathed as my stomach clenched. “Well come on then my precious give your present to mummy”. I groaned as the dildo was extracted almost immediately followed by a number two. It felt gorgeous to shit freely knowing I was being watched. It made me achieve that dirtiness and recklessness I had always wanted in sex. I felt the diaper being placed to catch my mess and I forced all the messy shit out of me into step mummy’s covered hands. I felt absolutely at one with her I had pleased her and done as she wanted.The diaper vanished and I felt a wet wipe around my anus freshening me up. I then felt her tongue on my anus and her lips sucked and kissed me moving in and out and up and down. I wriggled my bottom and squeezed my anus around her tongue. I felt her fingers on my clitoris. I began to tingle all over. My breath struggled past my restraints and my pulse felt laboured but in a nice way. The tension racked up in me I could feel my vagina start to leak come and vaginal lubricant. Oh god I thought this is going to be the hardest filthiest orgasm I have ever had. My maltepe escort brain switched to over drive as I saw stars before my eyes and I struggled to catch my breath. I gave out a small scream and then uhhhh as my stomach and vaginal muscles involuntarily contracted. A hot squirt of come soaked my step mums hand and arm landing on her naked breasts and belly. She frigged my lips to continue the squirt as long as she could, frigging my clitoris roughly and methodically. I screamed again and breathed “please no more I can’t take it I can’t breathe oh god please make it last forever”. I felt myself spasm as wave after wave coursed through me. I felt a hand being offered into my mouth and a finger was inserted down my throat I gagged and felt my anus contract and separate as my gag reflex spewed saliva and my squirt fluid into my mouth and it dribbled down my chin. It felt my contractions go off again and a smaller anal orgasm sent my anus puckering . Finally I caught my breath. I was a spent force I lay on my front my legs spread wide open covered in cream, piss and come. My breasts had leaked all over the tent floor my breast milk exuded through the tight bonds. My step mum undid my legs and untied my breasts. All the while stroking me and telling me what a good girl I was. I snuggled into her breasts and lowered my head towards her vagina again. I wanted to feel her womanly pubic hair smell it taste it rub my face on it. She lay back in submission and I pulled her clitoris hood up and released her swollen clitoris. I rubbed my thumb over it and she responded by moving her hips in time. I picked up the discarded dildo and eased it into her vagina watching as it vanished past her hair and swollen lips. It stretched her and made her clit even more pronounced. Her fingers dug into my arms as I continued to masturbate and fuck her. She tensed cried out and bucked her hips in time to her own orgasm. I kept going until she pleaded “no more please let me rest” and “oh that was the fucking best ever”. We laughed at each other giggling at our naughty secrets that we now had and could never tell anyone.Where’s the diapers I asked. She reached into the packet and produced two clean pristine dry nappies. I rubbed barrier cream over her genitals stomach anus and buttocks and put her into her fresh nappy I put a clean pair of knickers on her and placed her bra on her breasts before dressing her in a dress and tights. She remained passive throughout letting me do all the work. I lay back legs wide open and let her do the same for me. Good morning we finally said to each other as a new day dawned.The characters in my story are adults and consenting and a figment of my fetish filled imagination. Please enjoy.

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