SSBBW Stacey and I get together for a morning fuck

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SSBBW Stacey and I get together for a morning fuckSo if you read my story at the SSBBW at the Hotel in Denver, you’ll know that it turns out that Stacy lives near me. After our week long fuckfest in Denver I didn’t hear from Stacy for a few weeks. I sent her a message one day just saying hi. She respondedalmost instantly. Her reply: “I’ve been so fucking horny since Denver, can I see you soon? How’s tomorrow morning?”I let her know that I was free the next morning and could meet her at a fast food place, that just happened to be down the road from a short stay motel. So I rearranged my schedule to open my morning and I was in the parking lot at 9am sharp. Stacy wasn’t there yet, but arrived a few minutes later. She parked next to me and got into my car. She didn’t close the door, just leaned over and kissed my, her tongue exploring my mouth as she put her arms around my neck. I love how soft she feels against me. I grab a big handful of her ass and she reaches for my cock, rubbing me through my pants. I broke off the kiss and said “lets get a room, I’ll drive.” She smiled and I started the car. It was only a 3 minute drive to the motel, but I played with Stacy’s tits the whole way there and she was rubbing my cock and balls as I drove. I got out of the car with my hardon making a tent in my pants as we both went to the lobby. I got us a room and off we went.Once inside the room, Stacy was all over me. Kissing me passionately, both arms around me, pulling my face into hers. I was rubbing her giant ass cheeks pulling her skirt up as I did so. She broke off the kiss and said, “I can’t stop thinking about what we did in Denver. I love fucking you and doing all the things that we do together bahis firmaları and I want to do so much more. I’ve been masturbating 5 and 6 times a day! My husband doesn’t really care, so I keep getting myself off and when I do, I imagine it’s you fucking me or eating my cunt as I get off. Now I want the real thing, again!”I didn’t want to upset her, so I said, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot too, and have been jacking off thinking about you. I’m so happy we are here now, we need to do this at least once or twice a week.” With that, I removed my shirt and undid my belt, Stacy knelt in front of me and began to undo my pants. She was ravenous! She pulled my pants and boxers down in one motion and her mouth was on my cock, sucking the head into her mouth. I knew how horny she was, so I grabbed her head and began to fuck her face. “That’s it you fat cunt, suck that cock! It’s all your good for, you filthy fuck pig!” She moaned when I said it! She was loving it.I was ramming my cock in and out of her mouth, she gagged a few times and that just made things even wetter. A few minutes of this and I was getting close. I took my cock from her mouth and had her stand up. I undid her blouse and bra, exposing her big tits with her already hard nipples. I took them in my hands, they feel heavy, but warm and soft. I pinched her nipples a few times and then I pushed her skirt to floor, leaving her in just her thong.Pointing to the bed, I ordered her: “Get on the bed you fucking slut! Now!” She obeyed. I got up and straddled her face and as I grabbed a handful of her hair, I pushed my cock past her lips, until my balls were on her chin. She tried not to gag, so I pulled out partially and continued to fuck her face.After a good 5 minutes of face fucking kaçak iddaa her, I needed a little break. I laid next to her on the bed and told her “Sit your fat cunt on my cock and ride me, like the greedy cum whore you know you are!” She smiled and got up, squatting over my cock. I told her to turn around so I can “play with your fat ass while we fuck!” She’s a very obedient slut!Her cunt was practically dripping she was so wet. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock and when I was completely inside her, she gyrated her hips, then while holding on to my knees, she began to bounce up and down, slowly at first on my throbbing cock. I reached to the floor and pulled the small bottle of lube out of my pocket and proceeded to get my hand lubed up. I circled her anus with my index finger and she moaned loudly, saying “oooh, fill my ass, sir!”I pushed my finger inside her and began to slide it in and out at the pace my cock was going in and out of her cunt. Soon I added a second finger, then a thrid, fucking her ass with my hand as she rode my cock. I felt her cunt gripping my cock as she said “FUCK ME HARD!!! USE MY FAT ASS!!!” then “FUck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me!!!!! I’m going to cuummmmmm!!!! She slammed down onto my cock as her whole body began to convulse with her orgasm. Her cunt was squeezing my cock and I thought my fingers might break as her asshole was squeezing so hard. She kept cumming for almost 30 seconds, then she just sat there. I smacked her ass with my other hand and said “Keep fucking, pig! I need to cum too!””Oh yessss” she cooed as she began riding me again. I pulled my fingers from her ass and told her turn around so I could play with tits. OF course she did. She continued riding my cock as I was pulling and twisting her nipples. kaçak bahis Every now and then I’d call her a cunt or a pig or a whore and she would just ride me harder. I reached out for her big thighs and began thrusting into her, I was getting close!She was going to cum again and began moaning, then almost yelling “Fuck me, fuck my fat cunt, make me your cunt to use as you wish! Just give me your cum!!!” Then she began to convulse again as another orgasm hit her, this set me off and I unloaded a HUGE load of cum inside her sopping cunt. I pushed her off of me and she laid by my side, both of us panting, in the afterglow.A few minutes of rest and I told her, “You are such a good slut, I’m going to reward you.” I got between her legs and spread them apart, her cunt looked puffy and was very wet, some of my cum was leaking out of her. I lowered my face between her thighs and put my tongue inside her. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her saying “Yes, sir, please lick my cunt, savor our juices!” I did just that. First I tasted her sweet cunt juice, then the sweet/salty flavor of my cum was present for a bit, I must have eaten all of my cum from her because after a few minutes I couldn’t taste my seed anymore. I kept my tongue action up on her pussy and would lick and suck her clit. As she was getting close, I lifted her legs higher and put 3 fingers inside her cunt, I moved my tongue to her pink asshole and began rimming her as I finger fucked her cunt. I put a fourth finger inside her, then I worked my thumb in, slowly making a fist as my tongue was probing her anus.Once the first was made, I began going in and out slowly at first, then harder and faster. A few minutes later she began screaming that she was going to cum, I continued fisting her. A few seconds later she pulled my fist from inside her and squirted all over me as she came. It was fantastic!!!!!We’ve had all kinds of fun together. If you like to read more Stacy storys let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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