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Subject: Squirt and Skunky Part 4 SQUIRT AND SKUNKY part 4 by ail M/M, brother/brother, wet. You know the routine. No one was even touched during the creation of this totally fictional fantasy. Read it, seed it, then get on with your life. Until the next chapter that is. Look but don’t touch. Whack Temptation over the head until he cries “Uncle Skunkle!” Why would Temptation say such a thing? Would you? I digress. You undress and enjoy. Oh, my most sincere thanks to Zach (again) and to my new friend/encourager/ fellow skidolgist MARK. What you guys do with words is nothing but pure perspirinspiration. And don’t forget to contribute to Nifty; what would your life be without it??? HMMMMM? Taylor unclamped his little mouth from Brian’s protruding nipple, a long string of drool dangling from his chin and dribbling down Brian’s chest. “I couldn’t get any milkies from your titty, Bwi’, he whimpered, sticking out his lower lip and batting his long lashes at his big brother. Brian grinned and ruffled Taylor’s soft blondish hair. “You get plenty of my milk from between my legs, Squirt. You always make my big bag produce plenty of white juice when you suck on my bull dick. Mooooo!” His deep teen voice imitated a bull and Taylor giggled. “Ma-a-a-a-a!” he bleated. “You’re the bull and I’m your calf! Just like the ones we saw on Uncle Jim’s farm last summer!” They smiled at each other, remembering how they had watched through in amazment as a bull had repeatedly mounted a young heifer and bred her. Brian had to hold onto the fence hard when he felt himself lose control and spontaneously shot his load right into his jeans. And how, when no one was looking, they had pretended that they were bulls in the barn. Boys down on the farm, letting nature take its course. Taylor’s hand slid inside his underpants and frantically began jerking up and down. Straddling Brian’s lap, he started thrusting his hips, then tugged down the front of his new briefs, releasing his swollen cocklet. His little acorn knob was deep red and shiny, his little peehole flaring wide open. Hugging his big brother tightly, he started jabbing his boyjunk at Brian’s deep hairy navel. “Look, Bwi, I’m making fucks in your belly button!” He rapidly bunnyhumped Brian’s tummy, huffing and puffing as his 3 incher stabbed back and forth. Brian grabbed Taylor’s bottom and pulled him closer, his fingers probing deep into the little kid’s sticky asscrack as Taylor pretended to mate with his belly. Taylor’s face slid under Brian’s arm and began sniffing and licking the thick tuft of black hairs in Brian’s unwashed pit. His mouth began sucking on the wet matted fur, slurping down all the teenage wrestler sweat. His thrusting slowed as his fingers tugged on Brian’s armpit furze. Brian lifted his arm high. “Whatcha doing in there Squirt?” he asked, rubbing his stink pit on his little brother’s nose. “I’m counting your big boy hairs Bri,” Taylor answered matter-of-factly, intently examining each of the long black hairs. “1, 2,3, 4….” Brian laughed. “Gee, little buddy, you’ll be in there all day if you count them all! You might as well be counting my pubes or or the hairs on my butt!” Taylor’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Can I?! Can I?!” He bounced up and down on Brian’s lap, causing Brian’s throbbing cock to spit out more thick wads of precum into his briefs. “OK, OK, but another time, my arm is getting tired!” He lowered his arm, picked izmit escort bayan up his little brother, set him on the floor, and stood up. The whole pouch of his undies was soaked from the steady stream of pre he had been leaking. ” “OK, I just wish I had hairs like you do. When do you think I’ll get my big boy hairs? Taylor’s hand continued to diddle his dinky inside his kiddy briefs. Pressing his adorable face against Brian’s protruding pouch he inhaled deeply and his little tongue flicked out to taste the slimey stain. “Well, buddy, I started getting little fuzzies around my weiner just before I turned 12, and a few hairs under my arms a few weeks after that. I kept checking myself in the mirror every morning when I woke up to see how many new hairs I’d grown in the night. And I started making real nutjuice about the same time that my voice dropped into my scrote. I’d been having drygasms for years but didn’t start spitting sticky stuff until I was 11. The first time I made I thought balljuice I thought my pee had something wrong with it because it made thick puddles on my belly. When one of my buddies told me that he was making the same kind of stuff, I knew I was growing up! From then on I was jerking and shooting a couple times a day. I even shot off in my pants while sitting at my desk in school!” Taylor’s big brown eyes grew even bigger. “Wow, didn’t anyone see you?!” “Yeah, my buddy Jason was watching, and he started rubbing his own crotch. I could see when he dumped his own load in his shorts cuz his face went real red and then there was a big wet spot on his pants. From then on we would have jackoff races at our desks to see who could shoot first. I’d let him win so I could see him cum and then I’d shoot off in my own undewear. After class we would go the the boy’s bathroom and try to clean up with paper towels. He might have cum first, but I always made more juice and it was a bitch wiping my spunk out of my briefs.” Taylor continued to snufflenuzzle the distended pouch of Brian’s briefs as his precum stain kept spreading across the white cotton from the steady river of precum flowing from his open pisshole. Holding his kid brother’s head in his hands, Brian ground his groin hard into Taylor’s cute little face, releasing his lubejuice as the heat of Taylor’s young boy mouth bathed his throbbing knob through his teen undies. His next batch of babymakers was churning up in his heavy sac as he fed little Taytay his slimey cockslop. Taylor was franctically whacking his little weasel as he suckled on Brian’s prestain. Taylor stopped to catch his breath. “Gee Bri, I wish I could shoot in my pants like that! All I can do at school with my friends is do our pee races!” Brian felt his cock pulsate and grow harder at the thought of a bunch of 9 year olds playing peepee games together. “How do you race that way, Tay?” “Well, when I get to school, me and 4 of my buddies drink lots of water before class. Then, during lunch break, we all go into the boy’s bathroom together. By then we all have to pee like crazy! We get into “our’ stall, pull out our peckers, count to 3 and start peeing. The first one done is the loser and has to sit on the toilet while the rest of us pee on his balls and weiner! The guy who pees the most and finishes last is the winner! I ALWAYS win cuz I I get a boner when I see their peeners and I can’t pee as fast. Plus I drink LOTS of water and REALLY have to pee a LOT like YOU do!” “Like you izmit eve gelen escort just did all over me our bathroom! You’re my super pisser Taytay! Is the that only game you play with your buddies?” Brian knelt down in front of Taylor, his hands sliding all over nearly the naked little boy, watching his brother jacking his junior beanstalk inside his boy briefs. Taylor’s face was flushed red and he was panting hard as he pulled on his prepube pole. “Sometimes after we get done making pee we tug on our bingos until we get our shakes and shivers. Last week Timmy cummed so hard he farted! Like this!” Scrunching up his face, Taylor pushed and strained and let a wet queeeef escape his bottom. The juices that Brian had bred into his boy ass gushed out into the seat of his briefs, making a tan and white jellysmear on the once pristine white undies. Brian quickly tugged them down and off Taylor’s legs, sniffing and tasting the sloppy deposit Taylor had just made with his baby pooper. Now bareass naked, little Taytay’s rock hard 3 inch cocklet stabbed up stiff from his bald crotch. His immature scrotum had gone flatsac, his little acorn nuts drawn up tight against his smooth pink mound so his nutbag was shrunk up tight under his erect peepee. His cock knob was swollen and angry red, his stiff shaft quivering and only a few strokes away from blasting blanks. Taylor grabbed Brian’s hair and shoved his face into his little kid crotch. “Make me get my shakes Bri! Make my gun go pop!” He thrust his 9 year old penis hard into his big brother’s mouth and began humping and bucking, ramming his bald pud against Brian’s nose. With his mouth eagerly sucking in his hornpup’s boy bone, Brian blowjobbed his baby brother. Little Taylor fucked his mouth like a pro, huffenpuffing and squeaking as the sensations built up in his immature organs. “Oh fucky fucky fuckysuck BWI BWI SUCK YOUR BABYYYYYYYYY!!!” Ramming his finger deep into Taytay’s tiny sticky rosebud, Brian pressed hard on his undeveloped cumnutt just as Taylor pushed up to his peak. With a high pitched screech, Taylor shot absolutely nothing into his big brother’s mouth, his prepube pecker pulsing and palpitating with each dryjaculation. Taylor’s tingles took over his whole naked body, shaking and shivering and shooting imaginary semen. Brian held him tight as the intense waves of boygasm slowly receded. Brian could feel the rapid beating of Taylor pulse through the shaft of his cock as his aftertrembles gradually slowed down. He continued to slurp and suck on the little peepee stuffed in his mouth, keeping it the rubbery stalk hard and the little mushroom head swollen to its full size. Taylor slid to the floor against his big brother, his hard weiner sticking up between his little smooth legs. Brain cradeled him in his arms and they grinned at each other. goofy, naughty boy fuckbuddy grins. “I put a dry baby in your belly Bri!” Taylor giggled. “You sure did buddy! And someday you’ll be able to put a wet baby in me!” Taylor thought for a minute, then got that ‘I got an idea” look on his face. “Oh I can do that now, just give me LOTS to drink!!” He quickly jumped up, went to the kitchen sink and gulped down a big glass of water. His little jigglestick bobbed up and down over his marblebag as he walked across the room. Brian was sliding his soggy briefs off his hairy jock legs, then got on all fours, his stinky ass in the air and his thick teen cock fully extended izmit otele gelen escort under his belly. “I’ll give you something to drink,” he growled. “Milk me, cowboy!” Snorting like a bull, he humped the air with his red rager, spitting streams of pre all over the floor. Taylor wasted no time kneeling down next to him and, grabbing his heavy hose, his little hand stroked the bloated pole. Brian’s big danglesac swung back and forth as he bucked and grunted. “Drink your milk, baby boy, suck it out of my bull dick!” Taylor leaned in and latched his little mouth onto his big brother’s swollen helmet, sucking like a hungry calf. His little hand massaged Brian’s distended nutbag, coaxing the tanks inside to give up their milky fluid. In seconds he felt the two stones slide up tight against the root of Brian’s throbbing cock. Sucking as hard as he could, he flicked his young tongue across the trigger bump under Brian’s knob. With a mighty GRUNNNT Brian rammed hard into his throat and released his breeding juices. Seven rapid fire streams of teenbull cum gushed through his shaft and sprayed into Taylor’s hungry gullet. Brian’s hips humped as his cock pumped, mating with his little brother’s mouth. Little Taytay gurgled and drank down all the big boy ballmilk his brother fed him. As he suckled out the last thick drops, his hand slid up to Brian’s ass and poked around in the deep sweaty trench. Brian instinctively arched his back, his crack spreading open as Taylor’s fingers flicked over his wet ass lips, then probed inside his greasy chute. Lost in his after-gasm spasms, he never saw Taylor sniff and lick the dirty juices he extracted from Brian’s rectum from his little fingers. Suddenly Taylor was behind his brother, clambering onto his back, driving his stiff 3 incher into his brother’s nasty asshole. He leaned over, and with a husky prepubescent growl, whispered “This baby is gonna FUCK the hole you SHIT through!” Wrapping his arms around his unsuspecting brother, he banged his bald crotch hard and fast against Brian’s hairy rump, his rock hard cocklet stabbing in and out of Brian’s poopchute. Brian held still, letting his kid brother fuck him in the ass, feeling the tiny tool ramming his rectum, then twitch and tremble as Taylor squeaked out another dry baby load. He grinned proudly, knowing he was turning this kid into a real fuck pup. He looked back over his shoulder. “You got me, Squirt, you put another dry baby in me. Great job!” Taylor slapped his little boy hand hard against Brian’s bare ass. “Shut up fucker! Wait for it!” Brian glared at him, astonished at this show of kid aggression. Then he felt it. A dribble. Then a squirt. Then a full-force stream. Spraying his ass walls. Deep up into his colon. Filling his guts. Little Taylor flooding his guts. “You little shit!” Brian yelling. “Shut up I’m not done!” Taylor still going pee inside his big brother. Another minute goes by. A few quick spurts, then all done. Taylor yanking his peener out, dismounting, wiping his dirty cock and crotch on Brian’s face. Making him taste his own assjuices and boy piss. “NOW you got my wet baby in you!” Hands on his little hips, naked as the day he was born, Taylor stuck out his tongue, then stuck his ass into Brian’s face, wiped his crack on his nose, then strutted off to his room. Still on the floor, stunned, Brian called after him. “Mom was right you WERE born horny!” Taylor looked back, puzzled. “What does THAT mean?” Brian turned red, suddenly remembering a promise he had made long ago. “Uhhhh, nothing, forget it.” Taylor came back and gave him the full sad puppydog treatment. “TELL ME!” “I can’t, Squirt, it’s a secret.” Always leave them hanging………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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