Splashing in Puddles

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Please note: This story will deal heavily with piss play and foot fetish themes. If that subject matter doesn’t interest you, I would advise against reading further. This story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental. Thank you and enjoy.


“Time to chug!” Ellie said with a playful grin as she placed a tray of beverages on the polished hardwood surface of the coffee table.

Beyond the glass enclosure of the sunroom, the world was a dark, depthless abyss. Clouds had rolled in earlier that evening, blotting out any light that might have otherwise filtered down from the starry sky above. The only illumination to be seen from the outside came from scattered swarms of fireflies in the distance as they flickered their chartreuse glow, glittering in the background against the glare of the dozen-or-so candles that reflected off the glass. At the peak of summer, the blazing sun had been heating the interior of the space throughout the day, and though it was long gone by now, its warmth remained. The atmosphere inside the room was nearly tropical; the heat and humidity an oppressive presence even this late into the night.

Leaning forward to lift a beer bottle from the tray, Aiden returned his wife’s smile as he clinked his bottle against hers and lifted it to his lips. The cold, crisp liquid cut through the hot phlegm that coated his mouth, refreshing and cooling him as he swilled it down. Looking past his bottle, he watched Ellie standing before him guzzling her own beer.

By any measure, Aiden’s wife was strikingly attractive. In her early thirties, she could easily pass as a much younger woman with her flawless skin, long, sandy brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and an adorable little upturned nose. She was braless under a tight-fitting white tank top that hugged her slender frame exquisitely, translating the curves of her substantial, perfectly rounded breasts through the thin material. White boyfriend briefs showed off her shapely hips, taut little ass, and long, toned legs, providing only the faintest illusion of modesty and mystery. Ellie had chosen a cute pair of matching ankle socks to complete the ensemble, knowing they would speak to her husband’s love of her feet.

Aiden had always thought that his wife was out of his league, but if he was being honest with himself, he knew he was no slouch either. Tall and powerfully built, he was muscular and well proportioned, with chiseled features and thick, dark brown hair. Ellie had once told him he was the textbook example of tall, dark, and handsome.

“Done!” Ellie exclaimed triumphantly, slamming her empty bottle down on the table just before her husband had swallowed the last gulp of his.

Aiden smiled and shook his head, amused by the not-so-subtle display of his wife’s competitive nature. Each of them reached for a glass of water, promptly chasing down the beer as they proceeded, once again, to chug.

The marriage was young, but the relationship was certainly not. Over a decade the couple had been together before they decided to tie the knot, and like any mature relationship, there had been ebbs and flows over the years. Not so long ago, they had decided to make an effort to spice up their somewhat stagnating sex life. The pair had read books, tried out new positions, bought toys, and experimented with different kinks and fetishes. Some things had stuck, and others had not.

As an example, Aiden’s foot fetish had come as an unexpected discovery one night while giving Ellie a sensual massage. He had been rubbing his wife down with scented oil and found himself surprised at how turned on he had gotten as he worked his way up her slender calves and began to massage her cute little feet. How it had taken him so long to realize this attraction he would never know, but there he was. It took him a few days after the fact to work up the courage to tell Ellie about the effect the experience had had on him, but to his delight, she embraced the new interest with open arms. That was one that stuck, and it had opened up a world of new and exciting sexual adventures for the couple.

Similarly, the pair’s mutual love of watersports had been a completely accidental revelation. Ellie had been taking too long on the toilet one day, and Aiden had come into the bathroom needing to relieve himself. He pulled his dick out through his fly and told his wife to spread her legs; that he was going to aim for the gap between her thighs and the toilet seat. She protested, and instead leaned forward and took his flaccid cock into her mouth. Thinking that she had been duly warned of his intentions, he took the gesture as a dare and released a small portion of the contents of his bladder into her mouth. When the stream hit Ellie’s tongue, she made a muffled sound of surprise, hesitating for a moment before she pulled away sputtering, droplets of urine running down her chin and dripping onto her chest.

“What the fuck, Anadolu Yakası Escort Aiden!?” She had exclaimed, spitting into the bathtub next to the toilet. Aiden apologized awkwardly, suddenly embarrassed by his wife’s reaction. Had he misread a signal? And what of that sound she made? It had seemed to carry a tone of pleasant surprise, rather than one of revulsion… Had he misread that as well? He slinked out of the bathroom and sat on the edge of their bed, waiting for his wife to finish her business so he could explain himself and apologize. But to his surprise, when Ellie emerged from the bathroom, she insisted that she needed his cock and she needed it right then and there. Hot, desperate, and passionate, it was some of the best sex they had ever had. Afterward, it was Ellie who apologized to him; she explained that she had reacted out of shock and it wasn’t until after he left that she realized how turned on she felt when he pissed in her mouth.

Just like that, the pair had a new and exhilarating facet to their sex life. From that day on, whenever Ellie was in the mood to get doused in her husband’s hot piss, she would bring him a bottle of beer and a large glass of water, winking and flashing him sultry looks while she watched him chug down the beverages. So total was their love of their newly realized fetish, the very sunroom in which they found themselves now –a recent addition to the house– had been constructed with that mutual passion in mind; complete with a stone tile floor and furnished with waterproof outdoor chairs, ottomans, and a couch.

Once the pair had finished their glasses of water, there was one more bottle of beer left on the tray for each of them. That was the plan; chug a beer, chug a glass of water, and finally, nurse another beer while they waited for nature to take its course. Ellie took a seat next to her husband on the couch, leaning back into the armrest as she lifted her cute, socked feet into his lap and took a sip of her beer. She waited until she knew he was watching before making a point of licking the neck of the bottle, slowly running her tongue along the length of the glass while she gazed seductively into his eyes.

While they waited, this was how the time would be passed; husband and wife flirting and teasing each other, letting their desire build along with the pressure in their bladders until neither could be contained any longer. Aiden chuckled at the display and took a sip from his bottle, reaching for his wife’s feet and massaging her through her socks, feeling the soft material slide and shift against her smooth skin underneath. Ellie moaned softly at his touch, running her hand over her ample breasts and kneading them enticingly through her tank top.

“God, it’s so hot…” Ellie shifted in her seat, stretching alluringly, “I can’t wait to get drenched in your stream.”

Indeed, it was uncomfortably warm in the room. The humidity made their clothes cling to their bodies, lightly dampened with the fine misting of perspiration that seeped from their flesh in a vain attempt to cool them. The candles were no help, but then that was part of the fun. Heat and sweat, desire and passion, lust and love, finally climaxing in a spray of hot fluids that would fuel their need and cool them as it evaporated from their skin.

While they sat and nursed their drinks, Aiden could sense Ellie’s growing arousal and he wished he could see into her mind, to witness whatever mental images she was conjuring that were getting her so worked up. He watched as she touched herself, sliding her hands over her tits, down her stomach, and over her slender thighs, drawing ever closer to the panty-clad mound between her legs.

Eventually, Ellie bent her knees and spread her legs wide, flashing a sultry grin as she placed one foot over the bulge in his underwear and pressed into him with her toes. She let a hand drift down to her crotch, lightly caressing herself over the subtle impression of her slit through the tight material as her pretty mouth fell open in a silent gasp. Aiden felt his cock shift and begin to engorge under the ministrations of his wife’s dainty little foot while she touched herself with steadily increasing fervor.

After some time, a wet spot had begun to form at the bottom of Ellie’s mound where her juices had seeped into the fabric. Aiden could smell her excitement as she grew wetter and wetter, filling the air with the divine scent of her sex and driving him wild with lust. She slipped her hand inside her white cotton panties and he could tell by the impression through the material that she had plunged her fingers into her depths, moaning as her eyes fluttered.

“You are such a tease.” Aiden grinned.

“You must have a pretty high opinion of yourself, thinking this is for your benefit,” Ellie muttered while she fingered herself.

Aiden watched as she withdrew her hand from her panties, a thin film of her juices stretching between her two middle fingers. Avrupa Yakası Escort His cock throbbed at the sight of his wife’s fluids; he wanted so badly to taste her, and he knew that she knew it as well. Ellie watched him watching her, staring into his eyes lustfully while she lifted her hand to her lips and sucked her fingers into her mouth, moaning with delight as she made an erotic display of cleaning her fingers. She licked and sucked until every trace of her essence had vanished, finally slipping her fingers from her mouth with a soft pop.

“Mmm…” Aiden groaned, “Come here.”

With that, he reached out and pulled her close, drawing her in by the back of her neck until their lips met. He moaned softly as their tongues entwined, reveling in the taste of his wife’s pussy on her mouth as his cock twitched and throbbed, straining against the confines of his underwear. When he finally broke off the kiss, he ran his tongue over Ellie’s upper lip sensually, enjoying the lingering expression of arousal on her beautiful face.

More time passed while the couple played with each other, their need and anticipation building slowly while they drank their beer. Ellie was beginning to show signs that she would soon have to relieve herself; squirming and tensing subtly as the pressure mounted. Suddenly, a distant clap of thunder rumbled through the air, reverberating through the heavy atmosphere as it rolled across the sky. Seconds later, the soft pitter-patter of raindrops colliding against the glass walls of the sunroom announced themselves.

“Ha-ha!” Aiden exclaimed, flashing a grin at his wife, “Perfect!”

“Well,” Ellie returned his grin, “That will certainly push things along, won’t it?”

It wasn’t long before the rain had grown from a light shower to a full-on downpour. The sound of the droplets impacting against the glass and trickling down to the ground where they collected, gurgling and gushing, insinuated itself on the environment and drowned out nearly all other sounds from the outside. The occasional boom of thunder was the only noise loud enough to supersede the din of the falling, flowing, rushing water.

Ellie’s distress grew more and more apparent as the rainstorm raged on, showing no signs of abating anytime soon. Her demeanor had shifted from aroused to distracted and she crossed her legs over Aiden’s lap, squirming once more as she sought a comfort that would not be found. Her husband smiled at her unease, chuckling softly before draining his bottle with a final swig.

“I’m empty baby,” He said with a devilish smile, “Why don’t you grab us a couple more?”

“Uggggh!” She groaned dramatically, narrowing her eyes at him.

“What? You’re not giving up that easily, are you?” He taunted playfully.

Ellie said nothing as she stared at him defiantly and guzzled down the remainder of her beer. With that, she stood up and took the empties back into the house. Moments later she was back with two fresh bottles in hand.

“Here’s your fucking beer.” She grumbled as she handed him a bottle.

“Hey, now. Let me remind you that this little contest was your idea.”

“I’m beginning to regret that.”

“That’s just because you’re losing.” Aiden laughed.

He knew he was pushing her buttons, but that was the point. Ellie wouldn’t back down from a challenge, and the harder she tried to compete, the sooner this would all be over. To wit, she stared daggers at him –she was so damn cute when she was angry– and chugged down half of her new bottle in one long draught. Not to be outdone, Aiden lifted his beer and matched her gulp for gulp. He needed relief just as badly as she did, but he concealed it well behind a stone-faced facade.

Ellie wandered about the room for a few minutes, pacing in that unmistakable way that could only mean she was hanging on by the very tips of her fingers. Her legs crossed one over the other with each step, tensing and squirming when she stopped in front of the wall. Leaning to the side, she braced herself with one hand as though the effort to stand were too much for her to handle while she stared out into the darkness through the waterfall that cascaded down the glass.

“Ellie, come here, baby,” Aiden coaxed softly.

She turned and stared at him dubiously for a moment, taking another sip of her drink before resuming her awkward stride back to where he sat on the couch. Standing before him, she buried her hand in her crotch and crossed her legs, clamping down tight as though she might somehow dam the impending floodwaters. Twisting slightly from side to side, she shifted her weight back and forth between her feet, whimpering quietly as her desperation mounted. Aiden thought that she looked adorable. The sight of his wife about to burst at the seams was oddly, though inescapably, arousing and he looked her up and down, drinking her in as his thirst for her swelled. Finally, he reached out and pulled her down, guiding her onto his lap as she straddled İstanbul Escort him.

“I can end this for you right now,” Aiden whispered, reaching up to caress her cheek.

“You have to go?” Ellie asked hopefully, a manic flame of urgency burning behind her hazel irises.

“Not quite.” He said with a mischievous grin.

Ellie’s pretty face took on a puzzled expression as he ran his hands over her sides sensually, slid up under her arms, and hesitated for just a moment before he attacked her with tickles.

“Ah!” She shrieked, even as she laughed uncontrollably, “Aiden! No!”

Ellie tried to squirm away, but she was no match for her husband’s strength. He wrestled her arms behind her back and seized both her slender wrists in one hand, pinning them in place. Continuing his assault, he tickled her armpits and down her sides mercilessly, delighting in the happy sounds she made as she fought against him. Letting his hand travel down over her hip, Aiden found the sole of Ellie’s foot and feathered his fingers over the soft cotton of her socks.

“Aiden, stop! Stop!” Ellie pleaded between fits of laughter.

Her pleas sounded sincere, but unless he heard their safe word, Aiden would not relent. Ellie writhed and squirmed against him; her body jacking and bucking with involuntary spasms, arousing him terribly as her crotch ground against his stiff cock through the layers of underwear that separated them. The sense of excitement Aiden experienced as his wife struggled helplessly in his arms paled in comparison to the rush he felt when the sensation of warm wetness began to spread across his groin.

“Ohhh…” Ellie groaned, an odd lilt to her voice that seemed a combination of disappointment and relief.

When she got herself under control and pinched off her stream, they looked up at each other, both smiling amusedly. Aiden took the opportunity to pull her closer, feeling her soft breasts flatten against his chest as he kissed her passionately. He felt her body respond to his touch, melting against him as she shuddered with pleasure, expressing her desire as she returned his kiss. When their lips parted, Ellie looked down at the wet spot across the front of Aiden’s boxer briefs, turning the material dark where it had absorbed her urine. She had released only a small portion of the contents of her bladder, but it was enough to dampen her husband’s entire crotch –and to lower the pressure inside her to containable levels.

“That’s not fair,” Ellie grinned, “You cheated.”

“There was no stipulation about cheating. The only rule was whoever broke the seal first loses. You lost.” Aiden replied with a wry smile.

“Fine,” Ellie affected a tone of resignation as she sighed dramatically, “What’s my punishment?”

The subtle grin pulling at her lips and the playful gleam in her eyes betrayed her performance.

“Nice try,” Aiden laughed, “You’re going first, that was the deal.”

“But, baby…” Ellie’s tone had grown sultry and she bit her lower lip alluringly, “You’ve got me all fired up. You’re not about to deprive your wife, now are you?”

Slowly and deliberately, she humped against Aiden’s throbbing erection as she stared hungrily into his eyes. He held her gaze, watching as she backed off from his lap, slid down to her knees between his legs, and leaned forward to kiss his dick through the wet material before licking the moisture from her lips.

“Please, baby? I need it…”

The edge of desperation in her voice as she begged for his piss thrilled Aiden beyond measure, robbing him of any last remaining shred of self-control. He stood up from the couch while Ellie giggled excitedly, reaching up to hook her finger into the waistband of his underwear and pulling the garment down slowly. The damp material peeled away from his skin, exposing more and more of his rigid cock until it sprang free, leaping up with a slight bounce before settling into stillness. Standing firm and proud, Aiden’s cock pointed straight at Ellie’s face as she slid his boxer briefs down his legs.

Befitting of his stature, her husband’s member was long and girthy; a throbbing monument to his masculinity. Taking his big, weighty balls in her hand, Ellie delighted in their warmth and heft as she leaned in and gingerly lapped a clear bead of precum from his slit, moaning softly at his flavor. She settled back low on her knees, gazing up at Aiden eagerly as she licked her lips and waited to receive his golden nectar.

“Give it to me, Aiden. I need your piss so bad…” Ellie pleaded, an earnest, thirsty tone to her voice.

“Mmm, you got it, baby,” Aiden growled in response.

Trying to work up a stream with a raging erection took a bit longer than usual, but soon enough a few drops dripped from his cock, preceding a lazy flow that very quickly grew into a full-pressure surge. Ellie gasped when that first blast of hot urine splashed against her face, giggling as her husband’s water dripped from her chin and cascaded down her elegant neck. Hydrated as he was, Aiden’s piss was nearly colorless, but still, it tinged the white material of his wife’s tank top a pale shade of yellow while it turned the fabric transparent, giving a tantalizing view of her glorious tits as it plastered to the curves of her body.

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