Spanking and Torture in an Ancient Chinese Court

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Spanking and Torture in an Ancient Chinese CourtOnce upon a time, in ancient China, a 20-year-old young woman was taken to the magistrate’s court to be interrogated. The night before, while she was in detention, the warden had all her pubic hair shaved, and forced her to drink a lot of water without allowing her to pee. The next morning, she was brought to the magistrate’s court for interrogation. Her bladder was already full and she was told that if she should pee during the interrogation, she will receive horrifying punishments. She knelt down on the floor, bowing to the magistrate. There were four male guards lining up on each side of the court, each with a heavy paddle in their hands. Hanging on the walls were other torture implements such as bull-whips, and also thick incense sticks. There were also pokers being burnt to a white hot in a furnace.The young lady was accused of having sex affairs with another young man and plotted the death of her husband by poisoning him.The magistrate interrogated her, “Tell me: who’s the young bahis firmaları man you had sex with, and how did you kill your husband?”The young lady denied, “No, Sir, I am innocent, I did not have affairs and I did not kill my husband!”Little did she know that the magistrate had received a bribe to accuse her falsely. He roared, “It looks you must be punished before you will confess your crimes!” He then ordered the four male guards to give her 100 swats with their paddles on her bare bottom.Two of the guards came forward to hold her down on the floor. One stripped her of her skirt as well as underwear. A round creamy white bottom immediately exposed in the air. She felt so shocked and embarrassed that she tried to run away, but she was so firmly gripped that she could only wriggle her body, which exhilarated the magistrate even more. She was completely helpless but still holding on to the hope that she will receive the magistrate’s mercy, she yelped, “My magistrate, I am innocent!!”However, the paddles rained down on her kaçak iddaa bum-cheeks ruthlessly, leaving ugly marks on her white creamy behind. She jerked and squirmed, yelping “ouch” with every smack and pleading for mercy the whole time.As the paddling went on, she gasped and felt like being scorched by a line of fire on her backside. She wriggled helplessly, clenched her fists and tensed her buttocks, and the swats went faster and harder with every strike. The young woman could hardly take a breath in between the merciless smacks. Her round bottom was swollen with rippled bruises and she passed out several times during the punishment. Eventually it was over and the young woman’s face was stained with tears. One of the guards took a close inspection of her bruised bottom, It was then that he noticed the floor around her was wet, and so he plied open the woman’s bum-cheeks, which confirmed it was her pee that wetted the floor. He immediately reported it to the magistrate. The magistrate was very angry at hearing that, and he ordered kaçak bahis the guards to turn her around, hold her down in diaper position, and drive 3 thick burning incense sticks into her asshole at the same time. The pain was so intense that the woman squirted right in front of everybody in reaction. Such insolence needs further punishment of course, and another 3 thick burning incense sticks immediately landed on her cunt, which had no pubic hair to hide it from public view or to protect it. The woman screamed and passed out again.Cold water was poured over her head to revive her. But what awaited her was more punishment – 100 lashes on my already bruised bottom with the bull-whip. By the end of the 100 lashes, her bum-cheeks were a bloody mess, and her raw behind was totally ravaged,Once again the magistrate ordered her to confess, and once again the woman denied and pleaded for mercy.The magistrate decided to intensify her torture to the max. He waved the guards over, and ordered them to take out two red hot pokers from the furnace, and to slowly drive one into her asshole and another one into her cunt at the same time …While the woman screamed with indescribable pain, the magistrate said, “the torture will go on until you confess!”

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