Sorority Ch. 02

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Chapter 2


Dawson woke up Monday morning and threw the covers off herself, revealing her short, light-blue t-shirt and black panties. She looked over at Alison who was getting out of her bed as well, wearing a sleek pink nightie. They looked at each other and gave a nod.

“Well, here we go. This is gonna be one hell of a week,” Dawson yawned as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

Alison gathered her towel and shampoo accessories and headed out for the showers. But as she opened the door, she found that there were two outfits on hangers, hanging from the doorknob. Alison took them off and brought them inside to show to Dawson.

“Well, it looks like it’s already started,” Alison said, showing her the outfits, “At least we’ve got our wardrobe picked out for us today.”

Dawson looked to see that the girls of Sigma Delta had left two sexy nurses uniforms for them to wear for the day. She dropped her head down and sighed.

* * *

Dawson and Alison walked across the campus lawn wearing their nurse uniforms. It was hard for them not to feel self-conscious in the tight-fitting, red and white, leather corsets, pushing up their tits so as to show ample cleavage. The one-piece suit also ran over their shapely hips to make a very short, tight skirt. The outfits also had two white, lacey garters on their thighs, connected with the rest of the ensemble with white, leather straps. They also had the small, white and red, folded nurses caps on their heads.

Almost everyone who walked past them stared, and many of the guys called out and whistled.

“Just keep walking, keep walking,” Dawson whispered to Alison and to herself, “Let’s just get to class.”

Alison eventually had to split up from Dawson to go to her class, but luckily Dawson ran into Anne, who was wearing the same thing, with two long, blonde ponytails running out from under the dorky cap, and her large breasts spilling out of the medical corset.

“Anne!” Dawson called to her, “You don’t happen to have Geography right now, do you?”

“Um, yeah, actually,” she answered shyly.

“Thank goodness. We can sit together. It won’t look so bad if we’re wearing these together I suppose.”

“Alright,” Anne nodded, obviously still uncomfortable with the whole thing.

It didn’t make things that much better in the class. They still got a number of cat calls for higher up in the lecture theater, and even the prof made a few interesting comments about their new dress code. Dawson just kept reminding herself that this was pledge week, and this kind of thinking was probably not that uncommon here during this week.

* * *

After classes that day, Alison and Dawson, still wearing their nurse uniforms, met the other girls at the Sigma house. They saw Anne already there, and Jordan, wearing her own nurse outfit, but with less cleavage out the top than the other girls, arrived shortly after.

They walked into the living room, where the couches were pushed to the walls and a large plastic sheet was laid out on the floor. Brandi was there wearing a black, leather corset, standing with her hands on her hips.

“Alright pledges, last week we girls were nice to you, we were friendly, hospitable. But no longer. Strip to your underwear and kneel on the floor. Now!”

Brandi ordered with such force. The four girls immediately began striping off their uniforms down to their bras and panties. Alison was wearing a lacy pink set while the other three were wearing plain white, with the only exception being Anne who still had a white bra but black, sexy panties to go with it.

All four of them knelt on the floor in front of Brandi. The other girls of the sorority were standing behind them.

“Eyes here!” Brandi demanded and they all knelt at attention.

“Alright pledges, listen up! From now on, you are to do what we say without question! You are our slaves, and we are your superiors. Anything we want from you we get. Do you understand?!”

“Yes!” all four of them responded in unison.

“Yes ma’am,” Brandi corrected them.

“Yes Ma’am!”

“We will be putting you through a serious of tests all this week. If you make it through each one, you will be accepted into the sorority. But make no mistake, even when you are accepted you will still be the bottom rung, and each of us other girls will still hold power over you. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“And as your head girl, I get anything I want from any of you, no questions asked. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Good. Now, sit up straight no your knees, all of you.”

Dawson and the other girls each raised themselves up higher. Then the girls behind them each wrapped a blindfold around their eyes. Once all four girls were blindfolded and sitting up on their knees in their underwear, Eileen, Faith, Raven and Nikki all came up from behind and began dumping stuff all over the girls. Dawson and the other three gasped as they felt the cold, sticky feel of chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce, and other sauces being poured all altyazılı porno other their bodies. The four older girls smiled in glee as they emptied the bottles all over the pledges’ bare skin, and all in their hair.

As a big glop of chocolate sauce landed in Jordan’s hair, she let out an “Oh yuck!” and Brandi walked up to her said, “Just for that you lose your bra.”

Eileen knelt down and removed Jordan’s bra and began pouring chocolate sauce all over her small, perky tits.

Once the older girls were finished with their fun, they put the bottles down and the younger girls shivered, covered head to toe in sauces.

“Alright, well, the seven of us are hungry. So why don’t the four of you get us some pizzas? We have an order waiting for us at the pizza shop on the other end of campus. I want the four of you to run over there and get it. Go!”

The four girls got up and ran out the door, sauces dripping off of their almost naked bodies. They avoided the stares of the onlookers as they ran across campus, over the lawns and past the buildings, making their way to the pizza place. The guy behind the counter seemed to know what was going on as he flashed as big smile as the came in, shivering cold.

The pizza guy took a quick look at Jordan’s breasts, dripping in chocolate sauce, and said “Uh oh, you talked, didn’t you.”

Jordan just sent him and angry stare and the girls each grabbed the pizzas and ran back towards the house. They came back into the house where Brandi and Kate took the pizzas from them.

“Good. We’re hungry. Now, while we eat this, you four can go wash yourselves off.”

* * *

Dawson had to scrub hard to get all the sauces off, especially in her hair. She had the shower on full blast, shaking out her long, light brown locks, digging her fingers in deep with the shampoo. The soap suds dripped down her body, rolling off her bouncy, glistening breasts.

When she had finally gotten as clean as she could, she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a white towel to dry off. She wrapped the towel around her chest and opened the door to see if there was anyone around.

“Dawson,” a whispered call came from down the hall on the second floor.

Dawson looked to see Faith sticking her head out of her room. Faith was waving Dawson over secretly.


“Are you hungry?” she asked in her sultry British accent.

“Um…” Dawson paused, not sure how she should answer.

“Don’t worry about the pledge stuff right now,” Faith assured her, “I did it last year, I know what its like. But I’ve got some of the pizza still in my room, if you want some.”

“Sure,” Dawson agreed, feeling the emptiness in her stomach.

* * *

Alison was a floor above and seemed to have been able to get all the goop out of her luscious blonde hair. Her firm tits bounced up and down as she stepped out of the shower, and just as she was about to wrap the towel around herself, Lana came through the door.

“Oh, sorry,” she apologized awkwardly, “I thought you were done.”

“It’s okay,” Alison said as she folded the towel over the top of her breasts.

“Hey look, I have some leftover pizza still if you want some,” Lana offered, “I’m pretty sure Brandi is done with you girls tonight.”

“Yeah, okay, thanks” Alison replied with her big, glowing smile.

* * *

Dawson was still wrapped in her towel as she sat on Faith’s bed eating pizza with her. Faith’s room was covered in pink frilly furnishings, with a large flag of England on the one wall. Faith and Dawson were spending a lot of time with just girl talk, which Dawson found really nice. Faith seemed to be really friendly and Dawson was happy to make another friend.

“So you’ve got a boyfriend?” Faith asked.

“Yeah, Chris. That’s not going to be a problem, is it?”

“No,” Faith assured her, “I mean, Brandi doesn’t like it when we have boyfriends, but she’s not going to stop you. I mean, Eileen has one too. And Nikki, well, she kind of does I guess. So how long have you been with him?”

“A year now, since start of grade 12 last year.”

“So was he, you know, you’re first?”

Dawson giggled a little bit, her adorable cheeks turning pink. “No, he thinks he is though. He gets way to jealous. But there were actually three guys before him.”

“Other boyfriends, or just one night stands?” Faith asked intriguingly.

“Well, I guess just one night stands. One was in the guy’s car, the other two at parties,” Dawson told her. For some reason, she found that talking about this stuff was really easy with Faith.

“So,” Faith’s gorgeous eyes leered at Dawson as she gave a mischievous grin, “Did you do anything really crazy with them?”

Dawson’s innocent face really turned red now as she laughed a little and smiled in response.

* * *

Meanwhile, Alison and Lana were having a very similar conversation, and bonding in much the same way, sitting on Lana’s bed, finishing off the last of the pizza.

Alison sighed as she took the last piece in the box. “Well, zenci porno too be honest, I never had a lot of sex in high school, just those few times. But there was one time I’m really not proud of. But don’t worry about that.”

“What happened?” Lana’ asked sympathetically, “You can tell me.”

Alison looked into Lana’s wide, deep blue eyes and knew that she could tell her.

“Well,” she started, “I was with this one guy, and he was really hot. I was in a bad place at the time, and I was willing to do whatever he wanted as long as he’d be with me. I was really stupid back then.

“Well, he wanted to do me doggy style, so that what we did. And the next thing I knew, he took it out and started doing me in the ass.”

“Really? Did you slap him?”

“No, should of. Well, he started putting it in. I mean, he lubed and everything, but still, didn’t ask at all. But I just let him, even though it hurt so bad. Anyways, afterwards he pulled out and asked me to turn around. So I did. And then he asked me to bark like a dog as he came in my face, and I did that too.”

Alison was starting to break into tears as she told her story.

“I can’t even believe I’m telling you this now. I’m so ashamed. I hated myself for letting him degrade me like that.”

Lana put a gentle hand on her knee and said, “Its okay. I won’t tell anyone.”

Alison wiped the tears from her round cheeks and sniffled “Thanks.”

* * *

The next morning, Dawson woke up and reluctantly opened the door to their dorm, only to find yet another two suits hanging from the knob. She sighed as she grabbed them both and pulled them inside.

Dawson and Alison walked across campus this Tuesday morning very much the same as they did the morning before, only now they wore cheerleader uniforms, with red, ruffled skirts which ran about halfway down their thighs. They had tight-fitting red and white sweaters and their hair was both done up in double ponytails held by pom-pom scrunchies. They were both wearing sneakers with red-striped socks almost up to their knees.

Dawson was getting used to the comments and catcalls by the time her Psychology class rolled around. She was sitting in the lecture theater by herself, feeling a little less insecure about her new outfit, only reminding herself that there was probably going to be three more of them by the time the week was over.

However, just as she was starting to feel comfortable with everything, she saw Brandi come into the classroom. The Prof hadn’t arrived yet, even though it was past the time for class to start. Instead, Brandi was taking the prof’s place at the front of the room.

“What is she doing?” Dawson said to herself very nervously.

“Hello everyone, I need your attention for a second before your prof gets here,” she called out over the buzzing the students finding their seats.

“Alright everyone, I don’t know if you’ve met our little cheerleader friend Dawson over there,” she pointed over to Dawson, causing her she slink down in her chair, “But you will all get to know a little bit about her right now.”

Dawson just shook her head, wondering what was going on and trying to ignore all the faces staring at her at that moment.

“Well, it appears that Dawson has slept with three different guys before hooking up with her grade 12 boyfriend, bringing her sex partner grand total to four,” Brandi announced as Dawson stared at her in shock as the rest of the class whooped and hollered. She couldn’t believe it, everything she had told Faith the night before had been told to Brandi. It was all nothing but more hazing!

“And, boys, it appears that our friend Ms. Dawson loves to give blowjobs.”

This comment got a big response as the girls in the class laughed their asses off and they guys started cheering. Brandi simply looked up at Dawson and smiled. Dawson just sat there in her cheerleader uniform and took it, like she knew Brandi was expecting her to do.

“It appears that she let one of the lucky guys she was with before her boyfriend give her a facial. Yet she has not allowed her current boyfriend to try out that particular activity with her yet.”

More cheered and catcalls erupted.

“And it seems as though they also got into a little role playing,” Brandi said with a sly smile on her face as she looked down at her note pad, on which it seemed was written Dawson’s entire sexual history thus far. Dawson’s adorable cheeks had turned bright red, and she ran her hand through her soft ponytails, shaking her head in embarrassment as the entire class listened to the escapades of her and Chris.

* * *

Raven smiled at the class before her and gave a little wave to Anne, who sat on the end of the third row in her cheerleading outfit, blushing like crazy and trying to hide her face with her long, luscious blonde ponytails.

“And it appears that lovely Anne over there actually prefers it from behind,” Raven said wickedly as Ann’s English class erupted in laughter, “And I mean in the true sense. You see, she aldatma porno was a good catholic girl in the tenth grade, and so vaginal sex was out of the questions. Wasn’t it Anne?”

Anne tried to hide in her chair, but couldn’t escape the judging eyes and laughing faces.

“Look how innocent and cute she looks,” Raven continued, “You’d never think she’s had anal sex with six different guys over her high school run.”

Anne looked at Raven in shock. Everything she had told Eileen in confidence last night was being spilled out now in front of everyone.

* * *

“Yes, little Jordan there took part in her very first threesome in the back of the limo her date had rented for prom,” Nikki said as she stood at the front of the classroom, the same as Raven and Brandi were also doing right then.

Jordan stared at the gorgeous, curly-haired Nikki with a look of utter shock. Her small pig-tails waggled behind her head as she leaned forwarding her chair, wearing her cheerleader uniform, with her mouth open and her eyes wide.

“Oh come on!” she cried out, receiving only a short glare from Nikki as she continued on with her story.

“Jordan’s date had invited his best friend along for the limo ride. Things got a little hot and heavy as they downed their champagne, and before she knew it she had one dick in her mouth and another in her cunt.”

“Shut up!” Jordan started freaking out as her classmates howled in laughter.

* * *

“And also, after a party in her twelfth year, her and one of her girlfriends talked about what it would be like to kiss another girl, and so they decided to try it,” Kate spoke in front of Alison’s class, telling everything that she had told to Lana, “They tried it and tried it again, until they went into a full on make out. That was all they ever did together, but Alison says that she had masturbated thinking about that many times afterwards.”

Alison sat in fear. She knew what was going on, that this was probably happening to all the pledges, but she was still scared to death. She did not want her doggy style, facial story getting out to anyone. She knew it was coming up. She just gripped the arms of her chair, staring in horror.

“And that,” Kate unexpectedly concluded, “Is the sexual story of our friend Alison.”

The class started cheering and laughing as Alison simply let out a sigh of relief and sank back into her seat. Lana didn’t tell Kate the story. She had kept it a secret just as Alison had asked her to. Alison let out a small smile as Kate sunk out and the Prof came into the class, wondering what all the ruckus was about.

“Alright, alright, settle down,” the old, bearded professor boomed, “What’s gotten into you all?”

* * *

Later that day, all four of the girls met up at the sorority house, each of them looking thoroughly embarrassed and red-faced in their red-and-white cheerleader outfits. Brandi let them into the house, and they were made to kneel before her again in the common room.

“Well, there were two purposes for what happened today,” she told them as she marched in a line before them, “One, to teach you all humiliation. Which I’m sure we have. And also, because we here are a sorority, a sisterhood, and there should be no secrets between us. Now, we have a very simple task for you girls tonight.”

As Brandi said this, the third years came up behind the pledges and strapped eye masks around their faces. The masks were like raccoon masks, but red and white so that they matched the cheerleader uniforms.

“You four will be going on a flashing run, down Taylor Street, flashing all of the major restaurants. However, one of you will not be flashing, but will be streaking down the whole street.”

As Brandi said this she planted herself in front of Jordan.

“It appears that Jordan here did not want to keep her mouth shut while Nikki was telling her story. For that, she goes fully naked again.”

Jordan looked up at Brandi and realized that she was to strip right there. She took off her cheerleader uniform, exposing her petite, skinny body and her small, perky tits.

“Oh and one more thing, to ensure that the lesson of humiliation reaches you.”

At this cue, Nikki, Raven and Kate stood around her with black sharpies and drew the words ‘slut’, ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’ over her body. Jordan looked like she was about to cry, but didn’t say a word.

“Good, let’s go. Eileen will be driving you to the one end of the street, and Lana’s waiting at the other to pick you up.”

* * *

Eileen dropped them off and Dawson, Alison and Anne got out and started running down the streets. Dawson took the left side with Anne and Alison took the right side. Taylor Street was full of restaurants, and at each one they passed, the girls would pull down their cheerleading blouses to expose their tits to the innocent bystanders. The restaurant customers were definitely in for a treat, as each of the three girls had nice, large, round breasts to look at.

As they reached about halfway down the street, they heard a screaming and saw Jordan, fully nude and covered in black marker, running down the sidewalk on Dawson’s side of the street, dodging all of the shocked onlookers on the walkway, who craned their necks so see this crazy girl bolting full onto reach Lana’s car at the other end.

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