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Stacey didn’t make a habit out of cleaning in the nude, but as she was intending to take a shower she figured it would only take a couple of minutes to give the bath tub a quick scrub while she was there. The small frosted window in the bathroom was open and a cold breeze brushed against her bare skin, causing her nipples to harden.

Resting on hand on the edge of the enamel tub, she turned on the tap and dampened a small j-cloth with the water before running it around the edge of the bath. There were a small amount of black pubic hairs around the silver plug hole which she scooped up with the cloth. She tutted playfully at the thought of her son Tom grooming himself in the shower, it was by no means the first time that she had thought of him naked and with the pictures she had on her phone of him, she didn’t have to use much imagination.

The photos only showed a torso and a hard cock with a hand around them, but Stacey had been assured by her sister Kate that they were indeed of her son. Posing online Kate had managed to convince Tom to send the pictures, although apparently it hadn’t been that difficult at all, the small price of sending her own lurid images.

‘And to think,’ Stacey pondered, ‘That figure is laying just metres away in his bedroom, under the quilt.’ She had spent hours talking with her sister about how they would both love to have some personal time with Tom and it was only through an anonymous dating site that Kate had acquired the pictures. She hummed to herself as she wiped up the remaining dust and hairs on the side of the tub and disposed of the cloth in the small bin next to the toilet.

The mirror above the sink was squeaky clean and Stacey took a rare moment to admire her reflection. Her breasts sagged a little without the support of her bra but were still firm, as was her abdomen. A light grazing of pubic hair covered her crotch, a soft hazelnut colour, Stacey smiled at herself, she still had it. Running kept her slim and fit and her figure even in her late forties showed it, if only she had someone to help her take advantage of it.

It was only when she bent back over to use the lever which diverted water to the shower head that Stacey heard a small creak as the bathroom door opened. She turned just in time to see her son’s eyes – wider than ever – look away from her in embarrassment.

“S-Sorry mum!” Tom said, “I didn’t realise you were in here!” Stacey stood up and quickly caught the door before he could close it and opened it wider. Tom was also fake agents porno naked but had a towel around his waist. His strong chest and visible abs caught her attention.

“That’s okay,” Stacey said smiling, making no effort to hide her body, “It looks like we both had the same idea, why don’t you join me? It’ll save on water.” She winked and hooked her finger around Tom’s towel. Tom wasn’t about to protest and didn’t have time to hesitate as Stacey pulled him inside of the bathroom and closed the door. The towel fell to the ground and Stacey smiled as she saw the hardening cock between her sons legs. The water was warm as Stacey climbed into the tub and watched Tom get in beside her.

Picking up a bar of soap from between the taps Stacey pressed it into Tom’s hand and brought it up to her chest. Without any further instruction Tom began to gently lather her breasts while placing one hand on her waist to keep her steady. Stacey’s nipples hardened as Tom repeatedly brushed his thumbs and fingers over them, she kept her own hands on his waist to keep her steady as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Her breasts were well lathered by now and Stacey felt her son draw the soap further down her body and between her legs; for a few moments she felt the hard bar against her pubic bone and briefly brush up against her clitoris. There was a small bang as the soap hit the enamel floor of the tub and within seconds the soap had been replaced with Tom’s fingers, Stacey felt his breath against her briefly before he pressed his lips to hers. Her breathing became staggered as his finger tips briefly flicked against her clitoris before slipping inside of her.

“Oooh, yes Tom. That’s right…” The words seem to float out of her mouth as Stacey no longer felt in control of her body. Her body was pressed against her son and she could feel his engorged member pressing up against her. Stacey trusted her son and allowed him to manipulate her body, he gently turned her away from him and instinctively she bent over and gripped the chrome taps with her hand, presenting herself to Tom. A few seconds later she felt him enter her, swiftly sliding his entire length inside of her willing cunt.

“Come on baby, fuck your mummy,” She whispered as he began to thrust in and out of her, his hands rested on her hips, holding her securely.

“Goddamn mum, I’ve wanted this for a while.” Tom muttered in disbelief, he couldn’t believe that this was happening. He had seen his mum’s fake angets porno naked figure many times before, especially in recent months and weeks, but had never thought it had been a display for him. At night he had on occasion heard moans from her room as she masturbated and had lay in his bed, stroking his cock at the thought of her.

As far as he had remembered Tom had always preferred the experienced women, whether it be his mum, his aunt, his neighbour or school teacher. Since he was sixteen he had ventured online and met up anonymously with various women who wanted to play out their own fantasies of incest and of youth, and it only encouraged his own desire for his mum.

Stacey was in heaven as she pushed back with every thrust Tom gave her, his entire length filled her up. He wasn’t by any means the biggest cock she had ever taken but boy did he know what he was doing. This was six and a half inches of cock she would be revisiting. No longer would she have to resort to discussing her fantasies with her sister and masturbating in the evenings. At some point soon she knew that Kate would want a turn with Tom, but she wanted to make sure she had her fun first.

It wasn’t long before Stacey felt a heat roll over her body and her legs seemed to turn to jelly. Her cunt gripped at the cock inside of her as she moaned loudly.

“I’m going to cum, Tom!” she moaned and felt him continue his swift thrusts inside of her. As the orgasm rolled over her she heard her son pant as his own orgasm approached; inside of her his cock swelled up for a few moments before his semen shot out of him and inside of her. For a few seconds he continued to thrust and his cock twitched as it gave up everything he had. Carefully he slid out of his mother and enjoyed the sensation of the shower water cleaning him up. Stacey stood up and took a sponge, allowing it to soak for a few seconds before wiping between her legs. She kept her eyes on Tom as she did so, wiping up both of their cum before squeezing it out to drain down the plug. She tenderly wiped the sponge around Tom’s crotch as she kissed him.

“Mum, that was… incredible…” Tom whispered as the kiss broke, his hands had returned to her waist. Stacey smiled at her handsome son, her body still glowing from her orgasm.

“You’re so cute,” She smiled, “And you’ll be happy to know that won’t be the last time that happens.” Stacey reached for the shampoo while Tom grabbed the shower gel as they began a slightly more fake cop porno normal shower routine. The smell of sex and cum was replaced by aloe vera and soap as they washed themselves and each other.

Stacey turned the shower off nearly precisely half an hour after she had first turned it on and the two of them got out of the tub. Tom grabbed a towel and stepped towards her, wrapping it around his mum. Stacey hadn’t failed to notice that his cock was once again hard.

“Ready to go again already?” She raised an eyebrow, “Someone is eager.” Tom smiled and shrugged.

“I’m blaming you,” he smirked, “Having a naked, beautiful lady in front of me is hardly my fault.”

Normally she would be able to go again but unfortunately a desperate meeting with her sister was needed. Instead she led him to her room and placed a towel on the end of her bed and instructed Tom to sit down.

Kneeling between his legs Stacey was able to get a better look at his cock. He had been circumcised at an early age due to medical reasons and his large purple crown stood ontop of his swollen member. She placed her hand on his shaft and began to stroke it.

“Why don’t you tell mummy how she can make you feel better?” Stacey asked with an innocent look on her face, “How can I make my son feel good?”. Tom’s cock twitched with excitement as his mum spoke, he had never imagined this side of her. He place his hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer to his cock.

“I have a few ideas,” He started, “But for now you can suck my cock…”

Stacey needed no further encouragement and opened her mouth, sliding her lips over Tom’s member and down his shaft. Her hand continued to stroke the bottom part of his cock as she bobbed her head up and down the top part. Tom placed his hands on the duvet behind him and leant back. His head was dizzy and his breath was short, his mother had obviously done this before.

“Oh fuck yes, mum…” he gasped as she continued to work at his member. Stacey was used to using her tongue in situations like this and flicked it over the head of the cock, feeling it twitch with excitement and ooze a salty precum. She moved her hand and took his entire length in her mouth. This apparently took Tom offguard because he immediately moaned, tensed up and shot his load into the back of her throat. Stacey waited until he was empty before removing her lips from his cock. She stood up and kissed him, Tom could taste his own cum on her lips.

Once he had recovered Tom stood up and immediately felt his mum give him a playful slap on his bum.

“Now there’s a good boy,” she winked at him. “Mummy has some things to do today, but tonight I think you can return the favour.”

Tom could wait to get between his mothers legs again. He kissed her again briefly and left her room.

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